Jussie Smollett just got the worst news of his life


Jussie Smollett may have gotten away with his crime in Chicago.

But his career is going down the drain.

And Smollett just received the worst news possible that he didn’t see coming.

Producers of the show Empire had already decided they would not ask Jussie Smollett to return to the show.

Allegedly, the few fans he has left have pleaded with the network to bring him back.

But FOX just made a big announcement that will make that impossible.

The show is being cancelled after all of the negative media attention from Jussie Smollett.

Breitbart reports:

The FOX drama Empire is slated to end after season six as producers for the embattled program say there are still “no plans” for actor Jussie Smollett to return, according to a report.

“We are turning the final season into a large TV event, we are trying to go out guns a blazing,” Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier said during Fox’s Upfront conference call on Monday, per Deadline. “You allow fans to lean in and have the ending they deserve.”

When pressed on whether Smollet would return to the show, Collier replied vaguely that while there’s an option for the embattled star to return, “we have no plans for that,” adding that Empire’s writers haven’t begun sketching out the show’s final season yet.

Last month, Fox Entertainment announced Smollett would not return to the series next season in the wake of allegations by Chicago officials the actor lied about a supposed racially motivated attack.

Not only did Jussie Smollett lose his role on Empire . . . but Fox was forced to cancel the show altogether.

Smollett is now too toxic for any movie or television show to employ.

His publicity stunt backfired so much so that now others will lose their jobs because of his staged attack.

Had Smollett not staged a fake hate crime, he would still be on the show and it would’ve likely continued for another season.

It could be a very long time before the actor finds another job in Hollywood.


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  2. Way to go Jussie…you selfish piece of ahit….I don’t care that that you screwed over your own career….but now you also messed over your fellow cast mates….the crew and all the sopport people too! I hope Soros and his friends paid you enough to appease your conscience…..oh sorry….you don’t have one.

  3. Just another typical dumbocrat imploding, so common nowadays. None of them ever seem to get prosecuted but they get nailed in so many other ways it is laughable. Maybe he can go bunk up with Chelsea Manning….oh wait, that freak is already in a cell…she/he/it will keep the light on for ya wacko.

  4. It could not have happened to a more deserving person. I do regret that so many will bee put out of work because of his stunt.

  5. Them saying “they have no plans for that” is like a definite “maybe” !!!!!! These money hungry people will do whatever it takes to make more money.

  6. The cast of the show ought to sue him for lost wages because he caused the show to be cancelled. He still needs to be prosecuted for fraudulent hate claims that the authorities had to investigate and waste their time.

  7. YEAH, finally a dumbocrat has been taken down. Too bad so many others had to lose their jobs because of this POS. Don’t you wish you had your old paycheck back Jussie????? Love it.

  8. He ought to be brought up for charges,,,and since the courts will not charge him, his cast ought to.
    He is a liar and a trouble maker…He is SICK.

  9. Took down the entire cast and crew to satisfy his own greed.

    If I were you Jussie I’d keep a close eye on my surroundings!

  10. Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY…NO more Empire, NO more Jussie Smollett….There will be NEW shows in the FUTURE and that WITHOUT smollett….!!! This is what ONE gets when THAT ONE ISN’T all that BRIGHT up there……!!!!

  11. Think of it this way…Smollett’s Freedoms–Does he represent what all of the Armed Force Veterans fought for??? What kind of Pride does Smollett represent?!!!

  12. Not only has he totally screwed up his life, but now everyone involved has lost their jobs, Smollett tried to pull a stunt involving Trump and trying to make it look like all Republicans are racist just to get attention but got caught. The charges were dropped and that has started a whole new uprising and to top it off, Smollett walks out saying he is still innocent and acting like he might sue everyone. Thats just throwing gas on a fire. This moron will be lucky to find a job at McDonalds. Good job moron, being a liberal just not working out for him.

  13. Help me understand this, is the show cancelled or is there a next and final season. This article is too vague for me and they also are vague on Smollett returning. I’ve never watched it but might out of curiosity but only if Jussie is not on it!!

  14. This piece of crap is just part of thr story. Id like to know what kind of prosecutor would let this guy go. I have a feeling pressure came from somewhere above, heard the Obummers were involved. Wouldnt be surprised

  15. And I would like to just thank EVERYONE who supported seeing this guy ROT IN HELL????????????????????????????????

  16. Never saw more then 30 seconds of “Empire!”

    It is unlikely to be a rewind series, but if it does I have no interest in watching it then either.

  17. Kim Foxx was the corrupt prosecutor. Of course the Obamas were involved, as they are in any dirty dealing.

  18. Boo hoo. Gee, I wonder if DVD sets will increase in value? Never had any interest in watching it, still none.
    MAGA/KAG †

  19. Margaret,
    I agree totally.. but then again his co-workers begged to have him back.. they thought they had enough power to get him back on the set working.. So maybe if they had not done that they would still have their jobs.. He is nothing but a horrible person who (as others from whorely-wood thinks he can get away with anything..

  20. catherine,
    true he should have “accepted his paycheck like a ?man?” (Boy wouldn’t that be difficult) but now instead of not having that income he also has to pay for his expensive lawyer.. I’m loving this.. They THINK they are worth more $$$ when all along he wasn’t even needed on that set… The guy is a loser from day one on this earth..

  21. Helga Miller,
    From what the story says, this seasons finale will be the end of the show.. UNLESS Fox decides to come back with it again next year.. but as of right now, they aren’t supposed to come back.. I also never heard of either smollett of the show until all this started so I can’t even tell you what it was about..

  22. FOX is wrapping up this season with a finale that will tie all the story lines up. There will be no more “Empire” after the finale.

  23. I love it when Karma strikes quickly. Hope he is happy now. His career has totally sunk. Only because he chose to jump in the water with lies but expected to gain more $$$ from it. Now how do you feel?

  24. Totally agree but how many times has this happened on College Campuses and other arenas that this stunt has been used to get attention. What is also an off shoot of this is the SAFE SPACES that our snowflakes seem to need/want. It turns my stomach when I see how simple minded our generations has allowed these young adults to feel so harmed by a word OR A THOUGHT PROVOKING STATEMENT. For Christ sakes that what I learned in College-USE MY MIND TO THINK OF THINGS OURSIDE THE BOX so I would grow as a person and see things from another persons point of view.

  25. This miserable lying POS deserves all the misfortune that should come his way. He needs to be dressed in orange sent to a very stationary residence!!!

  26. He needs to be forced to reimburse the Chicago PD for all the cost incurred due to his FAKE stunt. That will be the icing in the cake. No salary AND having to pay out of pocket! Make the POS go BROKE!

  27. Boy that’s sad how horrible people can be maybe he was wrong but that’s not anyone else call the one’s that say horrible things they aren’t any better than the one they call horrible only the devil can see or recanise another remember as you say karma that goes both ways Good luck in the near future hold ur head up for u God knows best

  28. If Mr. Smollett comes to a fork in the road he should take it! What an absolutely useless POS!

  29. Totally agree ! But then, was Empire really any good? I never watched it. I heard it referred to as a “reprise of Dynasty but darker”.

  30. There were rumors that “Barack the Blowhard” also from Chicago, ad his fingers in the issue that got Smell It off.

  31. You don’t really think he will pay the bills. All he needs to do is “file for bankruptcy” and walk away. Goes on in the liberal world all the time.

  32. I can’t believe that the States Attorney that dropped all charges got away with it. She needs to be fired as well. Possible Obama interference? He does love the entertainment industry.

  33. Self-centered lying racist bigot cost himself and his cast mates and all the crew their jobs. Pay up the fines and cost you owe the Chicago Police!

  34. of course Odumbo had a hand in it. he is also a Hollywood actor, He “acted” as president for 8 long years

  35. of course Odumbo had a hand in it. he is also a Hollywood actor, He “acted” as president for 8 long years

  36. 6 months and a “CNN NEWS ANCHOR POSITION” will magically appear to be filled by none other than…..

    Any bet?

  37. if everyone ignores trash like him they will go away. there are so many good people out there you should not waste your life even thinking about the scum


  39. From this point forward,lets make sure Foxx can Never allow anyone to be let go when charged with a Crime,until justice has been served.Who is this Foxx Character?Lets have Justice with her.

  40. Lol, the corruption abounds and now it is catching up with them. Juicy ruined his career over his hatred of Trump but Trump gets to go on enjoying his life.

  41. OK Queenie,
    We can get you a job as an under water basket weaver! You’ll fit right in, with the fishes!

  42. If JussieSmollett is convicted then All the cops that invade a wrong home should also be convicted of domestic terrorism,
    Emanuel also condemned the justice system at large, saying the decision “sends a clear message that if you’re in a position of influence and power you’ll get treated one way, other people will get treated another way. There is no accountability, then, in the system. It is wrong. Full stop.”
    Chicago Police Viciously Raid Young Boy’s Birthday Party …
    Authorities at the Chicago Police Department falsely raided a birthday party in search of a man responsible for carrying ecstasy. … they received the wrong address. Reportedly, the man lived at another address five years ago.

  43. It “could be a long time before he finds another job in Hollyweird!!!… One can only hope!!

  44. President Trump needs to sign an executive order legalizing the MOONING of Jussie Smollett! Once the order is signed, it will be illegal to arrest, detain, cite or constrain someone for the MOONING of Jussie Smollett! Those who want to MOON him in the USA will be able to do so! Smollett will also be required to go on MOON tours so those who want to MOON him will be able to do so! Vendors will be able to sell MOON Jussie Smollett t-shirts at these venues! This order will expire on Jan. 20, 2021 at noon and the president who will be inaugurated that day (whoever it is) will have the power to renew this executive order for four more years if he or she chooses to do so!

  45. Bingo!! What is it with gays always needing to be THE center of attention? Even if it’s BAD attention! The lying, bigoted LOSER is getting PART of what he deserves! If a white guy had pulled this idiocy, he’d be sitting in jail for a hate crime! I am sick to death of the double standards! I hope the POS *never* gets another acting job!

  46. Well they earned their loss of good jobs by defending this lunatic and demanding he be kept on the show. I have zero sympathy for ANY of the fools!

  47. A white idiot WOULD be prosecuted fully for a fake hate crime AND trying to incite racial wars! The rest of the cast made the decision to cancel easy when they backed this POS and defended his crap! They made their own bed on this! No sympathy for ANY of them. Back a lying jerk, live with the consequences!

  48. She should definitely be fired! Talk about unwilling to perform her job OR uphold the laws she swore to uphold! Fire her and get somebody who WILL do the job!

  49. Grow up. Smollet is the singular cause of his current problems. NOBODY else did this to him. HE blew himself up. You reap what you sow!

  50. I don’t understand why everybody is so upset Smollett did nothing different than the FBI . Sure the FBI lost their jobs too but they all retire with a golden retirement income for life .

  51. Oh, but he thinks he is Extra Special and deserves much more than everyone else! This episode, entirely of his making, may make him think twice about any other idiotic ideas he may be entertaining. Its NOT all about you, JS!

  52. Now, who is the real racist?
    Look at the suit(s) that his man is wearing. They aren’t the cheap one hanging at Sears or J.C. Penny. I wonder which snowflake purchased them for this RACIST. Hey, in jail, he’ll be little man on campus and will “loved” by so many!


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