Jussie Smollett just got terrible news that could finally put him in prison for his crime


When Jussie Smollett’s charges were dropped, the failed actor ran out of town immediately knowing what he had gotten way with.

Now, it appears the case may not be over with.

And Smollett just received what could end up being the worst news of his entire life.

Things keep getting worse for the failed actor.

Once everyone discovered that he filed a false police report by creating a fake hate crime, his reputation and career were ruined.

He did manage to sneak away without any charges, but he was disgraced.

Now, a special prosecutor is investigating why the charges were mysteriously dropped, and it could put Smollett behind bars.

Fox News reports:

A high-profile former U.S. Attorney was appointed special prosecutor Friday morning to re-examine the Jussie Smollett case and why charges were abruptly dropped against him.

Dan Webb was picked to lead the second look at the notorious false report case — including whether new charges should be brought against the “Empire” actor — by Judge Michael Toomin during a hearing in a Chicago criminal court.

Toomin ruled back in June the case was rife with “unprecedented irregularities” and needed a special prosecutor to restore the public’s faith in the justice system.

Smollett, who is black and openly gay, claimed earlier this year he was the victim of a racist and homophobic hate crime. But his story quickly fell apart after police determined he’d paid two brothers to stage the attack.

The investigation is taking place because of “unprecedented irregularities” in the case.

Even though Smollett had a mountain of evidence stacked against him, the city of Chicago gave him a free pass.

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see that Jussie Smollett was given preferential treatment for his status as a Left-wing celebrity.

But while he may have gotten away scot free so far, he may be in for a rude awakening.

If the special prosecutor is able to reopen the case and prove the ruling was wrong, Jussie Smollett could face new charges.

And with all the evidence that’s been discovered around the case, he would likely end up in prison.

What do you think?

Should Jussie Smollett pay the consequences for filing a false police report?


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  2. the POS belongs in jail. if it was any other person he or she would be in jail. but the leftist think their above the law. what he did is a hate crime in my book so why should he not go to jail. he’s just another demorat a-hole .

  3. Colleen: Very colorful my friend. Very colorful!! But seriously, just because he is black, gay and a Leftist, DOES NOT give him a get out of jail free card. It’s about time he faces the same consequences for the crime(s) committed, as any of us would.
    How are you doing my friend?

  4. I agree Linda, but sometimes I just don’t think any of these liberal criminals will ever be convinced & sentenced for their crimes, no matter how unfair it is.

  5. Yes, he belongs in prison. What he did was a hate crime and should be prosecuted for it like anyone else would. This favoring because of double standards must stop.

  6. If the perpetrator were you or me, we’d be doing hard time already. Why is this fraud out walking around???

  7. Ha, “to restore the public’s faith in the justice system.” Here is one person who will NEVER again have faith in the justice “system.” FUSA.

  8. Damn right this racist guy should go to jail. All America sees he got off and should not have. He elaborated such a lie and a racist one at that. Time for Him to go down. What an ass. He had a good job and did this for what? A raise. Pretty stupid. Crime does not pay.

  9. Of course he should . Its a fake race accusation of black gay on white man. Simple. Hes a scumbag and that’s that. Unless you are all stupid of course. Geeeeez

  10. He should be in jail. If this had been a regular citizen and not a Hollywood celebrity and an Obama friend that person would have gone right to jail. Jessie should pay for his crime and be in jail.

  11. I don’t care who he is….what he did was perpetuate the hate and anger so prevalent in our country today and he should be held accountable. Anyone else would have already been sitting in jail/prison for doing such a insane and horrible crime. Paying for the cost of the investigation from the police isn’t enough. There needs to be repercussions for his actions, not a hand slapped or minimal fine.

  12. True. Dumb ass white people gave America to low class, low IQ thugs. Thanks Trump. But, it may be too late. Time to fight for our country.

  13. He Absolutely Belongs In Jail For The Hoax He Created. Just Because He Wanted More Money Or A Bigger Part In The TV Show He Created A Big Lie And Cost The Police Time And Money To Investigate It. This Sounds Like A Racist Attack Against White People When The Whole Thing Was False. He Got Some Help And Influence From The Obamas And The Prosecutor. He Should Have To Pay For What He Did.

  14. I hate all of this for Negro or Black Americans. I do not and some(Blacks) I know do not say they are African Americans. You are an African American if you were born in Africa and came to USA alive. In a very strange way many of the black folks would not be in USA had it not been for slavery. Slavery was terrible for all that suffered. But this was almost 200 years ago. Also the slaves were sold into slavery by their own tribes. Decades later now after the slaves were long gone and slave owners also dead and gone the black folks are now here and as American as I am as a white person. I think anyone should just say I am an American. It is obvious if you are black or white. This young man did alot to hurt the race relations. And the black woman that was in charge of smollett case was so wrong. Be proud to be AMERICAN PERIOD. Many black folks think this also. But the insert of Africa that did zero for the slaves is not needed. Be proud and not a hyphen American! God Loves us all equally. P.S. Check out April Ellison, slave owner. The Chickasaw Indians (Native Americans) owned slaves black and white as did the Chinese and whites. Whites owned other whites as slaves or indentured to work for years before their freedom. Thank you.

  15. What a “TURD”.
    Looks like one, Smells like one and Acts like one.
    The untouchable TURD.
    PRISON should be a Disneyland for him

    As Harold and Kumar were made to do the “CockMeat Sandwich’. He’ll be into that real quick just like his uncle “O” bie one Canobie & uncle Michael.

    Black Lives don’t matter when they lie and commit crimes!!!

  16. With all the evidence, from him leaving his room with noose already around his neck, video of the guys buying the masks red maga hat and not letting go of his sub. He have no doubt he is guilty of filing a false report and just like the rest of the demented liberals, causing false accusations. Oh and no doubt Mrs. Obama had something to do with his release,



  19. There are many comments that I can make about the low life. However the others preceding me have said it best. The major point of the perpetrated hoax could have created a national race riot. Smollett must pay the consequences for his crime. And, Kim Fox must be removed from office and disbarred. #CorruptionMustStop!

  20. We haven’t yet arrested any of those liberals high up in the deep state…and someone like Jessie thinks he is in with them and can be let off the hook. No way, we are making absolute progress in revealing the evil and hateful things that have been done to this country and to Trump. Jessie needs to go to jail . We need to stop this double standard for any person who commits a felon. Starting at the bottom (with Jessie) should be the stepping stone to higher ups getting their investigations done to send them to jail. (Hillary, Comey, Brennan, etc. etc. We all know who they are they have committed Treason and lied. Jessie lied, committed a hate crime. Jail begins with him.

  21. He should go to jail, He broke the Law. This case needs to be opened and justice done. People can,t belive that the case was thrown out by one DA. The Da should be checked into also. There was some under the table law done. Some people with the right connections get involved with this case.

  22. Of course he belongs in jail and so do the crooked prosecutors that dismissed it. The Chicago Police chief is black, so please don’t play the race card, but he’ll have a lot of fun in prison. Good luck Jussie.

  23. Smollet thinks that because he was(is) actor he doesn’t have anything to worry about. I am so sick of hearing that a celebrity, actor of some well-known person gets off because of who they are. It is TIME that if you do the crime, you do the time. No more paying off a judge or whoever to go free. I would like to see us every day Americans pull the crap that these people are doing. We would serve time and you know it. Time for all to do the time if you are caught doing something wrong. It’s time for JUSTICE to go back to the way it was. No more slaps on the hand……

  24. The Answer For This Reports Question IS A DEFINITE YYYEEESSS!!! And To Whomever Helped Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Jussie Smollett (Including All Of Those Background Players) Who Threw The Political Weight Around And Behind Mr. Or Ms. Or Mrs. Jussie Smollett, In Trying To ILLEGALLY Protect Him/Her!!!

  25. There is no justice in the justice system, the democrooks prove that every day. they continue to cheat the system daily.

  26. If I were a Vet I too would be grumpy. I am firm believer if one commits the crime then one should do the time.

  27. The saddest part of this is he did it to Prove other people i.e. Trump supporters were the Racists and Homophobes because he has a pathological need to prove “he” is a victim instead of the privileged Hollywood actor he was. He sent himself some ground-up aspirin in a letter to the set a month earlier, but apparently that did not garner the attention and sympathy he desperately needed to fulfill his need for attention and to validate his bias, to show he really is a victim of those ever so evil conservatives and white people who all work to keep him and those like him down. This guy is actually very sad and rather than send him to prison (where he may end up) he needs to be put into a mental institution with some serious long term therapy.

  28. And lets not forget he said he “hit” one of them lol, if either of these dudes actually hit him, he would not just walk away with a tiny scratch, they apparently, at 2 am are standing outside in a polar vortex notice him from across a dark street and just happen to have a noose and bleach in hand who shout this is Maga country (seriously Chicago?) and they run across the street to gently attack him, while he stays on the phone with his agent – after the attack he still has his Cellphone and Sandwich intact! Sorry, where was the Clorox stains on his clothes, by the time the cops got there 45 min later they would show on a dark color- right- he also took time to eat his sandwich, did not remove the noose but was ready to cry about it when the cops arrived. Seriously this guy is not even a good actor. If two huge guys were real racists mega homophobes who just happen to be patrolling the 2 am streets of Chicago looking for black gays to assault were real he would not have gotten off so easy and a small scratch on the cheek would have accompanied many other injuries! Give us a break he got off by pulling strings with elitist liberals.

  29. Even if they convict him for just one of the 16 crimes, it should be a felony, and a HATE Crime.

  30. Put him in a women’s prison. He’d have too much fun in a men’s.


  31. “their”? How did he get help from the Obamas? That makes no sense.Demo-rat s hole no be guot engleesh. uh ned tuf giy uoself somu of dat eddycashun. What is a hamberder? I fly Trump airlines! Do you!??? THE BEST!!! YAY!!! Volcanoes erupt from Ivanka’s butt when daddy fondles her! Oreo cookies are good with buttermilk pancakes . Whatt ARE HAMBERDERS?????…………………..TEL !! YOU WIL TEL TELL ME!!

  32. I guess he’s proving to folks he’s got “Black Privilege!” (By playing the system to its fullest) I am sick and tired of Blacks telling the world how all white folks have “White Privilege!” I grew up poor, lower middle class and have had to work for everything I’ve achieved throughout my life. I NEVER had ANY privilege of any sort. In and of itself, that kind of statement, “White Privilege” is disturbingly racist! But, nobody calls out ANY Black folks for lumping ALL of us White people into one huge group of privileged people. That is wrong and just plain insipid. Just as we are all thrown in the barrel of privileged white folk, perhaps we should look upon all Blacks as criminals. That is just as wrong as being called a white privleger! I hope he gets what is coming to him…and it couldn’t happen to a finer excuse for a human being. … a long stint in prison. P.S. YOU CANNOT TELL ME THAT MICHELE OBAMA DIDN’T KNOW THE DETAILS OF THIS FAMILY-AFTER ALL HIS FAMILY IS SEEN IN PHOTO OPS WITH THE OBAMAS AT THE White House. Now, I ask???

  33. This pervert should be in prison, who does he think he is? Illinois is the most corrupt state in the union and California is next! I say “Sock it to him!”

  34. According to rumor control,,,,,,,,,,, foxx got a phone call from micheal (the second man) and that’s when the charges were dropped..

  35. Smollett and his attorneys were arrogant fools. At this point, it will be hard for a prosecutor to enter into a deal that doesn’t include some jail time. Smollett hasn’t faced legal jeopardy, so there is no bar to prosecution. Smollett gave up nothing in his “deal”, so he can’t claim that he is harmed in any way by renewed prosecution. The Jessie Jackson “community service” was performed before the “deal” was agreed to. The relinquishment of the claim to the bond can easily be reinstated. There simply is nothing which will prevent Smollett from being prosecuted. If Smollett or his attorneys had acted with a little humility and been just a little contrite, he might have skated. Now, I don’t think so.

  36. The important issue here is not directly Jussie Smollett. The important issue is who used the undue influence to get his charges dropped, and why. This illegal application of influence in a court proceeding could extend to some very famous people. If properly pursued, some very famous people should end up in jail. This is collusion to avoid the law, exactly what Democrats have been trying to pin on President Trump; now it is Democrats doing it to save one of their own.

  37. This whole case is a joke. He should be locked up, like anyone else would be. This isn’t the 1st time he provided false information to police. It has nothing to do with race, as the DA put it. I’m tired of the race card being played for everything. The reason for all the outrage is blatant favoritism, plain and simple.

  38. “long term therapy?” by the same leftist-psych-trained that promote “victim-hood-can-be-YOURS?” Gestalt Therapy [Personal Responsibility] is now FORBIDDEN therapy!

  39. jim garcia: Leftists generally AREN’T stupid; Sneaky, Lying, Immoral, Untrustworthy, dishonorable POSs, yes. But not generally-Stupid, Sneaky, Lying, Immoral, Untrustworthy, Dishonorable PiecesOS.

  40. So you believe the Judge, the DA, the Mayor (now retired), and whatever persons who obstructed the “investigation,” will face the same non-action that Democrats in a Democrat-run City/ County/ State/ Federal jurisdiction are almost always given? [“If properly pursued” … again is the HUGE qualifier here]

  41. When did it become the case in this country that high profile elites never pay the price for their crimes?
    Doesn’t seem to matter which side of the aisle either. Money talks…rich folks walks. I only hope the DOJ eventually nails the rotten Clintons

  42. You’re correct. So many politically-correct dumb ass white people gave Obama and his low-class, low-IQ thugs. Thank God for President Trump.

  43. Alan: So do the rest of us ,Alan. But , as much as I respect Barr and believe he is brilliant, I am losing hope anything will be done to bring “any” of them to justice. Especially with ” the squad”. They have done everything in their power, by words and actions, to show the world what traitors they are and yet they still are in our government. So what hope to we have the really big fish will be held accountable? But we can still hope, can’t we?

  44. This POS belongs in jail, and I’d like to see the politician(s) that cut him loose go with him. Maybe someday they will take another look at Hilary too.

  45. It doesn’t take a mental heavyweight to see WHY this idiot was not prosecuted!! First, just take a look at Chicago…and EVERY LAST ONE OF IT’S POLITICIANS!!! All the ties to not only Obummer but to the Clinton’s as well……this guy got a pass ONLY because the prosecutor is corrupt and she disregarded prosecuting him because she was told NOT to do so……This stinks of Mrs. Obummer as well!! I don’t believe anything that comes out of the mouths of any of these people!!! They should ALL be in jail…

  46. In a word…..Yes! No one is above the law. Not you or me….or even the most famous lawyers, judges and cops that are seen on TV & have become kinda famous for it. I still don’t understand exactly why he did what he did. Maybe Jesse thought he would get away with it but it looks like it was only a matter of time b4 he was brought to justice. As they say time will only tell…..& it seems to have been told to the public now. I bet he wishes he hadn’t even thought up a fake plan for assault to being with.

  47. I am so disgusted with gays, blacks an all others crying and whining about about the rest of us being racist,homepohic, and every other stinkin title they can throw at us, when the truth is they are a pitiful bunch of lying, whining, cry babies. O Smelliest lie “I’m telling the truth, truth I wouldn’t be my mother’s son”. What a lie, that sicken fool.

  48. I am so disgusted with gays, blacks an all others crying and whining about about the rest of us being racist,homepohic, and every other stinkin title they can throw at us, when the truth is they are a pitiful bunch of lying, whining, cry back bies. O Smelliest lie “I’m telling the truth, truth I wouldn’t be my mother’s son”. What a lie, that sicken fool.

  49. O he’s special. No wonder we all think the rule of laws nowadays don’t mean crape. So many people in the government just do what they think.They think there so powerful they can make there own rules

  50. The reason Smollett was acquitted of attempting to incite his fellow crazies by filing a false hate crime report is because of the influence of the illegal alien Kenyan “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama” and his Transsexual partner Michael.

  51. Time to shine behind the bars…as any normal person who breaks the law…Smollett is not above the law either…nor is Obammie

  52. NOW is the Time to shine behind the bars…as any normal person who breaks the law…Smollett is not above the law either…nor is Obammie

  53. If he was White he would never have gotten special treatment. This case has affirmative action obama’s fingerprints on it, so he and his drag queen wife should also face jail time.

  54. Yes he should be put away like anyone else who did what he did thinking he would get away with it. There are people who are hateful of others for reasons that he portrayed and to use that scheme to better his own career is pathetic. Now every time someone is charged with a hate crime the question could be asked is this another Smollett case where someone is crying wolf? Smollett is a very selfish person who thought of only himself in this scheme he made up. The men he hired he turned on, the show he was a part of he let down the people he worked with, his fans who respected and trusted him are seeing his selfish side, and even the city of Chicago have seen a whole new side to this man. He went in for himself he needs to stand by himself.

  55. He’s guilty. Obama’s are ones that stepped in and pulled some strings. Chase that down and if they did, link those two dirt bags into the mix. He needs to pay for it.

  56. I agree with you Paul, as for Stephen I just the idiotcy of his s00pid words. WAM(what a m0r0n) he is. Now everyone knows it too. LMMFAO! !

  57. Yes. Why are Democrats destroying the lives of people who were respectable and honorable? They are subpoening innocent people and leaking information on the president William Barr, Kavanagh, Michael Flynn ranting and raving when there was nothing proven ? If Democrats dont sue for slander, it will get worse.

  58. If there was ever a pure case of providing a “False Police Report” and an “Act Of A Hate Crime” these both fit the bill to a tee.. The D.A. made a fool of herself and her office over stopping this case going to trial.. Now, I hope, this will be taken through proper channels and Juccie Smollett, will be able to spend with people like himself in prison garb.. He should enjoy himself everyday at shower time..

  59. Yet the racist, criminal and treasonous fool is still trying to convince people that he was attacked by White Trump supporters, as for how Jussie had all charges dropped against him you need to think no harder than his friendship with the illegal alien Kenyan “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama ” and his Transsexual partner with male genitalia partner Michael.

  60. So everyone is aware, they just love gay-black-cute guys in prison. If he goes and he’s not in PC protective custody, he’s going to become someone’s best friend, like it or not.


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