Jussie Smollett just got bad news that could put him behind bars


Jussie Smollett was caught red-handed committing a felony to frame Trump supporters for a hate crime.

He thought he got away with it too.

But Smollett was blindsided by the news he least expected when a Judge issued this order.

But Smollett was blindsided by the news he least expected when a Judge issued this order.

He claimed that two Trump supporters assaulted him, called him racial slurs, and yelled, “This is MAGA country!” as they beat him.

It was soon discovered that he hired two actors to carry out the attack.

He was attempting to throw all Trump supporters under the bus and frame them as racists.

Smollett even filed a false police report and caused a national scene, but he hasn’t paid the price.

The city of Chicago let him go without convicting him.

But a Cook County Judge is appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the decision and find out why he was given such special treatment.

Breitbart reports:

A judge decided to appoint a special prosecutor Friday to investigate the decision by Cook County prosecutors to dismiss all charges against actor Jussie Smollett, who was accused of lying to the police by claiming he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack in downtown Chicago in January.

Cook County Judge Michael Toomin suggested that the county’s state’s attorney, Kim Foxx, mishandled the Smollett case by appointing a top aide to oversee it after she recused herself.

Foxx had been in contact with a relative of the actor and had been approached by former first lady Michelle Obama’s one-time chief of staff on behalf of Smollett’s family, and she explained at the time that she was recusing herself to avoid “even the perception of a conflict” of interest.

In his ruling, Toomin said he had no problem with Foxx’s February recusal, but that it should have included a request for a special prosecutor to take over the case…

It turns out, the actor’s family, and even a former Michelle Obama staffer, contacted the State’s Attorney regarding the case.

Now we all know why Smollett was let go.

Smollett’s staged “hate crime” appears to have ended his career in Hollywood — for now — but he must accept legal responsibility for his actions.

If this Cook County Judge decides to reopen to the case, it could be bad news for Smollett.

What do you think?

Should Jussie Smollett face the legal ramifications for filing a false police report? Or even face jail time?

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  2. Jussie Smollett is a Democrat scumbag who committed several Crimes , and Faking a Hate crime for political gain is unacceptable . Nobody is above the Law and we have the right of Equal Treatment under the laws. Maybe he needs to be charged under Federal Law if possible and take it out of the hands of crooked prosecutors , who are kissing the butts of politicians, that should have brought this case to Justice. When there is no Justice , then we have a compromised Justice System !

  3. I really dispise that lowlife piece of s**t! I have nothing against gay people, so it’s not because I am homophobic in any way that I want this bastard hung high after soaking his dumb ass in bleach. I hate the fact he breaths air & I hate his smirking ugly face!


  5. Purely a demo thing with miss Michelle pushing the button. Why can’t x politicians and spouses just leave when out of office instead of HANGING ( no pun ) around for more “ Fame & Disgrace ? ????????‍♂️????????????????????????

  6. The only way to get back at this scumbag is to hit his wallet. What ever the Chicago PD spent in time and overtime investigating this case, Smollett should reimburse the City. He needs too feel the pain of his screwing up. How many other deaths in Chicago could have been prevented wasting precious resources of the Chicago Pd. Working on this high profile case. I would hope hundreds of hours in community service and millions in reparations.

  7. He’ll slip free and get off. And someone in Hollywood will give him a job doing something. They take care of their own. With his morals and ethics, he could be a Senator …. or Speaker of the House !


  9. Dewey had the more logical approach to Smollett’s deception: make him pay back for all the man power hours the police, the D A and anyone else handling his case put in. Because folks, he will never see a jail cell.Too many powerful forces covering his sickening , lying butt.He could have also started another race war within our country, for no reason ! Do you even think he gave a damn? No!!! Just another second rate actor looking for publicity, at the cost of others… Disgusting!!!

  10. The Law must not be thwarted with impunity, as Foxx did in this case. Both Foxx and Smollett deserve Justice for what they did wrong.

  11. smollett should be put in jail different nationalities have been getting along fine untill this as+hole=dumb-a-rats smollett tried to turn us against each other led by dumb-a-rats=as+holes.

  12. Put him in jail where he belongs if he was white he would already be in jail this country has a double standard for who gets away with racist acts

  13. The time has arrived to start holding ALL accountable for their actions. Smollett LIED and Tried to spread hate and discontent. He acted criminally and should be tried for his crimes. And, This is a message for all liberal hate mongers and Libel/slander initiators. FALSE ACCUSATIONS to start riots and violence are a product of liberals and media. HEED the warning signs, you have about Pissed off everybody. Poke any creature enough and it WILL defend itself.
    STUPIDITY: Knowing the truth, Reading the truth, But still believing the lie. God Bless Texas, God Bless America and God Bless President and First Lady Trump. hooyah

  14. People dont forget he is a democrap faggot and above the law seems to be.
    Is not about this or that or the other.
    John you hit the nail on the head

  15. A hate crime is a Hate Crime there some people that think you stay the course with hate and it will serve there needs.
    Smollett is a racist we as Americans must stop this or were still living in the past over 200 years ago that was a bad time in our county and it needs to STOP NOW. It does not matter what you color is or where your from it has to stop.
    Smollett needs to be prosecuted like any one else and due some firing in the Chicago law system.

  16. Smollett has already lost his job, reputation, and more than likely will never act again and normally I would think that was enough. But when he walked out still acting like it really happened the way he said and gave out the stupid story about his mothers child would never do such a thing AND stated he was going to sue, I now think this moron needs to go to prison for what he has done. If he had only fessed up to his crime and said he was sorry, maybe that would have been enough. But nobody ever said Smollett was smart.

  17. He should be charged under federal law for mail fraud for one. All those 16 charges plus additional ones should apply plus a repayment of all the time and resources needed to investigate his false claim. This man could have started a race riot and the murdering of many white people. He is a disgrace and if not punished under the full extent of the law, then justice will not be served. The MSM and the 2020 dim candidates all jumped on it and trashed MAGA supporters as racist. Well the real racists lie with the dims. Who in their right mind would elect any of these lying commies. Harris, Warren, Spartacus, Beto, Bugsy.All these lying fake corrupt politicians saying it was a lynching and proof that MAGA supporters were racist. When will these people learn that facts matter. I hope that Smullet hangs. He will be the poster boy for the lying two faced Dims going forward. Gives Trump more ammunition in defining these commie anti American hucksters.

  18. A DA monetarily supported by George Soros. He is doing this all over the country. Financing these corrupt social Saul alynsky types running for DA in all our major cities. You are correct she and her asst. should be prosecuted and disbarred. That aide to Michael also should be legally charged. The Obamas had their hands in on it from the beginning.

  19. Why isn’t BLM declared a domestic terrorist organization and why isn’t George Soros prosecuted under the Ricoh act. Why? Me thinks the FBI is still infiltrated with left wing leaders and agents. Just look at Wray . An empty suit trying to protect Comey, Brennan and the rest of the traitors. Trump should fire him and the AG should charge him with obstruction.

  20. I don’t think so, I did comment here & there to you, let me look & see if I missed something.
    BTW: Good morning dearest Linda????

  21. Smollette needs to face a jury, state & federal. He is accused of committing various crimes. He needs to face the consequences of a jury. As stated above, K.Foxx and whomever orchestrated this Hoax should be made to face the consequences even more harshly.

  22. Good morning my dear friend!: Just read certain the comments( between me and Gun) under the story about Christian rejoicing… It’s about the cross being allowed to stand.

  23. Hmmm…should Smollette do time for a “faked” hate crime? Well, considering that the Chicago PD has nothing much to do, what with the low crime rate and excess staff, it didn’t really affect other investigations. So I guess we can let this guy slide.
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Of course he should serve jail time for this Hate Crime Hoax!!

  24. Smollette deserves to live in a prison cell for a long, long time for lying with a FAKE HATE CRIME which the LEFTISTS are GREAT AT DOING.

    All these clowns, liars, crooks HYPOCRITES need to be in a VERY LARGE PRISON CELL TOGETHER!!!!!!

  25. Too much time has already been spent discussing Smollette’s crime. This two bit actor has created a false activity that has the police and other officials demanding that this case be retried to correct injustice. Foxx needs to be fired for her incompetence.

  26. Dem’s have been yelling [NO BODY ABOVE THE LAW], so yes lets give them their no body Smollett who planned and funded the hate crime. If he is innocent hes free, keep politics out, but if hes guilty by a court of law show him the bar hotel, he broke several laws, both deserve long jail term. Had his hate crime been successful he would place blame on innocent people of a hate crime that he conjured up to do. We can’t allow Politics to over rule Law and Order by favors to others .Let it be a Lesson to others

  27. Dem’s have been yelling [NO BODY ABOVE THE LAW], so yes lets give them their no body Smollett who planned and funded the hate crime. If he is innocent hes free, keep politics out, but if hes guilty by a court of law show him the bar hotel, he broke several laws, both deserve long jail term. Had his hate crime been successful he would place blame on innocent people of a hate crime that he conjured up to do. We can’t allow Politics to over rule Law and Order by favors to others .Let it be a Lesson to others.,FOXX NEEDS TO BE FIRED

  28. Jussie Smollett should face the legal ramifications for filing a false police report including facing jail time!

  29. Jussie Smollett could of easily started a racial war and especially with Democrats and Republicans battling it out like they are today . the truth is already bad enough on The Democrats , Kamala Harris was quick to call it a QUOTE ” A Modern Day Lynching ” unquote , doesn’t look good for her as a Presidential Candidate in 20/20. Smollett should be charged like anyone else would be charged , simply as that 1 Michelle Obama should be charged with getting involved as well with her part it it . You think our First Lady Ms TRUMP would do anything like this ? NO of course NOT ! She has class

  30. They don’t call it Crook County for nothing. I want to see this racist queer go to jail but even more I want to see the ex-affirmative action president and the drag queen ex-first lady behind bars, the fix has their fingerprints all over it. And hopefully the George Soros idiot Foxx will see a jail cell.

  31. President Trump needs to sign an executive order legalizing the MOONING of Jussie Smollett! Once the order is signed, it will be illegal to arrest, detain, cite or constrain someone for the MOONING of Jussie Smollett! Those who want to MOON him in the USA will be able to do so! Smollett will also be required to go on MOON tours so those who want to MOON him will be able to do so! Vendors will be able to sell MOON Jussie Smollett t-shirts at these venues! This order will expire on Jan. 20, 2021 at noon and the president who will be inaugurated that day (whoever it is) will have the power to renew this executive order for four more years if he or she chooses to do so!

  32. have you noticed how the world has changed since we had a lying Gay Muslim as acting president,
    I say acting because Obama was a weak child easily led by Valarie Jarrett an Iranian who controlled
    Obama, told him what to say, how to say it and not to talk on his own but to read what she had
    prepared for him to read off a teleprompter, which he did effectively even when he went to a 6yh
    grade class he could not speak his own words for he would stutter, lose track of what he was supposed
    to say and look like what he was, a bumbling idiot which is the Democrats loved him, he was just
    like them, idiots. Now besides being an idiot he was also GAY, everyone knew but the media never
    reported it because they were idiots ad liars also. Now Obama used his influence in the gay and Lesbian
    Hollywood faggot country and then we had more and more gay TV shows, more gay couples, lesbians
    coming out from under the rocks and had starring roles in the movies, the LGBT queers started telling
    320 million STRAIGHT PEOPLE what we could and could not say or do, we had to keep in line or they would
    take us to court as they now had liberal judges protecting their asses and condemning ours, they attacked
    business who would not make them a cake but 14 other LGBT bakers would, they did this on purpose, to
    show their strength by lying corrupting and flouting their being gay lesbian and queer. I would say that
    they suck but they would enjoy that because they do suck. Jussie Smollett is just another queer whose
    talent disappeared and he needed something to make him stand out and this is what he did.

  33. Now really!! Can you EVEN IMAGINEthe marches, the cries for a lynching that these useless turds, and I mean that literally, would be concocting if a honky perpetrated a hoax HATE CRIME like this??? The rev jackson and the other phony reverand of hate idoit would be marshalling their Hate Honky Brigade and blame EVERY white person as HATE MONGERS!! Sure trained the moronic sheeple WELL!! well!!!

  34. He should be prosecuted! Also the D/A should also face disbarment and face other charges!

  35. WHY is this tolerated when a black makes false accusations of supposedly being attacked by whites. If a white had been this stupid & racist, they’d be sitting in jail without bail awaiting trial! Why the double standards? The law is the law!

  36. EXACTLY! Every single racist involved in this should be fully prosecuted! If whites had pulled this stunt they sure would be! Tell me again about WHITE privilege?! Try again and get it right!

  37. Of course he should be prosecuted; no matter race he is! “Equality” means the same for all, despite race. Too bad many people will never see that creating and spreading hate, not matter what group you belong to, NEVER makes things better, it just makes it worse.

  38. What he did was horrendous but let’s not equate this one travesty to nullify all the hate crimes against folks of color that occurred numerous times in history. Smollette wanted to spread anger and hate. Seems to me it’s working whether he’s retried or not.
    Past numerous hate crimes that whites got away with, look it all up, is now causing reverse retribution. The reason Smollette thought he could get away with such a heinous act is because of reverse retribution. Now, due to guilt of past events in history, is causing folks today to overlook the obvious trying to make up for past negative acts.
    I say forgive and forget. History is the past. Let’s learn from it and move on to a more positive future inclusive of all without judgement.
    To call folks of color ‘turds’ shows your ignorance. Please don’t pass that in to your children. We are ALL Gods children and worthy of respect.

  39. Oh, Smollette should be prosecuted federally. Others should be dissuaded from ever pulling a heinous act. Now, when others regardless of race, suffer discrimination they won’t none believed because of Smollettes lie. Even most Black folks didn’t and font believe him.

  40. What takes the judicial system so long to see the corruption with Obama’s signature under it. No white privilege and also no black privilege either. A crime was committed a crime should get time. No buts about it.

  41. Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Smollett Truly Needs To Follow The Rule Of US Law And Start Paying For What He Likes To Do, Which Is The Very Same Thing That The Whole Progressive Liberal Democratic Party Likes To Do!

  42. Hate filled fraudsters should spend some tie behind bars. A little justice once in a while works for me.

  43. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party,RINOs,Fake News! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  44. He committed a crime and tried to blame republicans as racist and bullies, and filed a false report. He wasted the policemen time and taxpayers money while they investigated his FALSE REPORT. He should be tried and if convicted he should be sent to prison. I’d have to be excused as a juror because there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s guilty.

  45. Yes Jussie Smolsett, should be prosecuted for his actions which could have started another civil war. We have enough problems in this country without having some idiot trying to start a civil war between the American people, and he should be prosecuted to the full extent.

  46. Smollett should be locked up for the one reason he could have started a civil war between blacks and whites so he deserves a long Jail term that will be publicly known so no more of this kind of crap happens!

  47. To answer your question, yes he should face the music. But I also believe it will never happen. This country only goes after the small, the poor and most of all the “Right Wingers”. Trump Supporters if you will.
    Let me put up a Trump sign or hang the Betsy Ross flag, and watch how fast they, ( Left wingers) will force me to take it down. That’s our Law right now. Am I cynical? maybe!
    Am I disenchanted with our Laws? You bet!

  48. I agree with you 100%. But unfortunately he will never see the inside of a Jail, and we will never see Justice done in this case. He is a puppet for the Hollywood Elite and that’s it.

  49. We can only hope they get charged and pay their dues, not just for the lie and for mrs. Odumbas for giving her two cents worth, she isn’t anyone special!! How can she not get involved, she put him in touch with one of her people?! OMG these dumbass Dems just keep costing taxpayers over and over, I am so sick of them!!

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