Judge Judy just jumped into the 2020 election with a move that made Trump’s blood boil


Judge Judy is known for telling it like it is.

So you would think she’d have President Trump’s back.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In a recent op-ed in USA Today, Judge Judy chose to make her opinions known about the 2020 election.

And in a shock statement, she threw her support behind the anti-gun former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is not in the race, but there has been a lot of speculation that he would run.

He has gotten heavily involved in politics in recent years, funneling tens of millions of dollars into anti-gun Democrat causes.

Judge Judy wrote:

I said our American family has been fractured in recent years. We’re hopelessly divided, and a bitterly divided family cannot thrive. The only way we can begin to come together again, I said, is if Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, becomes our next president.

I realize I am taking a personal and a career risk in making such a statement. I have carefully stayed away from politics for 50 years, except to vote. But times have changed in our country, and I believe the moment has come for me to step out from behind the curtain. I want to speak honestly and from the heart — regardless of the consequences.

I realize Michael Bloomberg said in March that he will not run for president in 2020 (though he might be reconsidering that position, according to anonymous sources). I respect his comment — but our political landscape has changed profoundly since he made it. There is ferment on the left and the right, candidacies are rising and falling, and this has created an opportunity for Bloomberg, a man of the center, to change his mind.

At one time, Bloomberg was a Republican, only for him to change his party affiliation to Independent.

But in 2018, the billionaire changed his party affiliation to Democrat, adding speculation that he would run for President.

If he did run, he could fund a massive campaign, considering he is the 12th richest person in the world.

But his rabidly anti-gun record could very likely sink his chances against Trump.

Do you think Michael Bloomberg could beat President Trump?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. No! Bloomberg is a blooming loser! Judge Judy is a leftist shill. She is full of bologna! Bloomberg is bat crap crazy!

  3. I am greatly disappointed in Judge Judy. She has certainly picked the wrong horse if you will. NO Democrat should ‘ever’ be President again or hold ‘any’ office in our government on ‘any’ level. Unfortunately, there are people who, like Judge Judy, will vote for the Democrats – or should I say Communists who have infiltrated and corrupted the government of our great Republic. They are not going away and their useful idiots will blindly continue to give them the votes they seek.

  4. Leeann Springer: Bloomberg is a very inapt politician, which I have personally witnessed ,and he certainly is not presidential material. But he is VERY wealthy and with the Leftists, money talks. But of course the haters will claim Trump fits in this category too. Which anyone with common sense know that’s not the case at all. After all the Leftists have put Trump through, he is still trying to do what’s best for our country. It’s going to be very interesting to see who the Demon party finally chooses to be their candidate…

  5. Lee Sullivan — I agree with you. I love Judge Judy in the court room because she makes a lot of sense and nails it most of the time. There was one case about open range laws that she got totally totally wrong but then her knowledge of agriculture, like far to many others these days, is extremely limited. She should have stayed out of politics.

  6. Bloomberg has already stepped out of the presidential race, so this endorsement is an exercise in futility. Still, as long as it made Trump’s blood boil, it’s good.

  7. I would gladly vote for any communist over Donald Trump. But then, if the Devil himself were running against Donald Trump, I’d vote for the Devil. As for no Democrat not hold any office anywhere in government, that ain’t gonna happen. Democrats are here to stay, so get used to is.

  8. There are many people, Republican and Democrat, who would make fine Presidents. Lil dee trump is NOT one of them. He is a traitor to America.

  9. I guess now that she has “…opened her mouth, she has removed all doubt that she she is STUPID.” Bloomberg cannot ever be a better President than Trump. I hope her credibility sinks her down so low, that she drowns in her tears.

  10. I like Judge Judy, and most of her rulings I agree with. But, there are times she is inconsistent, and this is one time she is inconsistent. Being from New York, she probably knows Bloomberg well, and is loyal to him. She has made a change in her appearance this past year, so I am watching her to see if she changes rulings, too.


  12. She is a great jurist for sure. I loved it when she came out and loudly criticized the way Schiff and the Dems have behaved regarding Kavanaugh and Trump. Oh, she didn’t. My bad. I guess she is not such a great jurist after all. Another phony hypocrite.

  13. My aren’t we just a fun filled lollipop tripled dipped in psychosis. Show us the facts of his being a traitor before your paper ahole gets chewed up by your alligator mouth dimweed.

  14. She’s then a fool. Bloomberg is as bad ass Obozo and the liberal commies who started the division of the country. She’s either senile or a poser.

  15. Judge Judy is an actor just like in Hollywood, see would not know the truth if she fell face sown in it. She is probably having an affair with Bloomberg , IN MY OPINION

  16. judge Judy is a personality same as in Hollywood .who cares about her support for Bloomberg . She was always a nasty person on her court show with the fast willingness to shut people down. to hell with her and her support. Bloomberg gets too much praise for his time in nyc. He did nothing and followed what was set up by mayor guiliani.oh i’m sorry he did dictate what you can drink .the judge and Bloomberg are 2 peas in a rotten pod.

  17. Kenneth Sloan: Well, if you’re voting Democratic then you ARE voting for communism and the Devil so even though it’s very bad for the USA but it’s great for you, huh?

  18. Judge Judi is starting to lose it in the courtroom. Her impatience is starting to show which is what happens as you get older.

  19. Lost any respect possible for this phony “judge” ; to side with America’s enemies shows a total lack of integrity , honor & conscience !

  20. Not only is she on the same side of America’s & Israel’s muslim terrorist enemies , that makes her against Israel & so her own Jewish religion – what a double traitor to America & Israel !

  21. I’m very disappointed with her myself. It Looks like she is not in touch with America sad to say. While I respect her opinions, she is dead wrong here.

  22. Larry, you have no clue at all what you are talking about. Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a LOT for it. He has NO allegiance to Russia. Period. You need to stop believing the sick lies of the dem party and see the truth.

  23. Kenneth, the dems have thrown God out and satan has taken over the party. They have only hatred and lies, which satan thrives on. NO, they are NOT here to stay!!!!! There is a battle between God and His people and satan and his people and GOD WINS!!!!! satan and all who follow him will spend eternity in hell. You are a fool.

  24. So, how would you characterize the taking down of the HEAD OF ISSIS? Did Trump have nothing to do with that? You need to go to another country if you don’t like America. I say this without putting all in CAPS. What have you contributed?

  25. Kenneth, It is the goal of the dems to take over ALL of our government and every aspect of our lives. NO FREEDOM. But guess that is just fine with you. You are very sick

  26. Larry Roberts, what are you talking about? What he can gain? REALLY? The man donates his paychecks! When was the last time YOU or any other president did that? He’s LOST Billions of dollars of his own money running this country. What have you contributed to our booming economy? No honest politicians? You’re right about that. They know how to do nothing but steal money. Trump is not a politician. He is a true Patriot that cares about this nation and her people. Maybe you like rat snakes for president like the one who slithered around OUR HOUSE for 8 years doing his best to decimate this country.

  27. Kenneth, this country was founded by Christians who left us with their Christian values, which have kept this country great. One of them is your freedom. Since you hate this country so much and want communism, you are FREE to move to any communist country of your choice where there is no freedom. You have no clue what you are wishing for. Please leave and you will find out how foolish you are.

  28. gandolf, hmmm…so you get impatient as you get older??? Do you know this from personal experience? I know lots of old people who are very patient and a lot of young people who are not. Sad to say, I have never had very much patience so I sure hope I don’t get even more impatient.

  29. Eric, your extreme ignorance is showing. Please tell us ONE THING that Pres. Trump has done that makes him a traitor. YOU CAN’T!!!! He has done nothing wrong. But muslim traitor Obama, the REAL traitor, is just fine with you. You are a fool. Obama lied his way into our White House and did his best to destroy this country.

  30. John, So if you don’t like her, don’t watch her. See how simple that is? There are a lot of people who do not share your opinion.

  31. Don, I enjoy watching her show, but I am beginning to wonder about the senile part. I am noticing things that she says that she would not have said before. I thought she was going to retire?

  32. Judge,
    You said,
    “I want to speak honestly and from the heart — regardless of the consequences.”
    You need to stay out of politics because your problem is purely emotional. That’s what Democrats do on all issues!!
    I pretty much thought you to be logical in most of your legal opinions. The ones I disagreed with were those I felt you were too emotional. Now I see you admitting to using emotion proving my thoughts.
    Sorry, I won’t be watching your Judge Judy shows any more.

  33. I won,t watch her show anymore,thats for SURE. I am just sorry that I wasted the time watching her. Talk about being DUPED. She certainly had a lot of people fooled.SORRY,SORRY Individual.Delete her show off TV.

  34. Man, she is BEYOND STUPID! . . . Who would ever make an endorsement THAT DUMB?!? She is a MAJOR waste of time! She DOESN’T know WHAT she is talking about. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  35. Judge Judy is an entertainer and, as such, her mind lives on Mars and her body lives in Tinsel Town. So be it.

    Her political opinions belong in Hollyweird and up the backside of her judicial robe.

  36. My wife & I bought tickets to go listen to the Judge in Lafayette La. about 5 years ago . She encouraged all of us to go buy a gun if we didn’t own one . I wonder what happened to make her change her mind . Of course being from the Bayou State we already owned 5 of them . My darling wife would be very disappointed in Judge Judy if she was still alive .

  37. It’s been said many times in many different ways that it is in times of turmoil and confusion that you find out who your friends truly are and who are not. Judge Judy has been found out to be not a friend.

    Have you noticed like I have that this scenario has been occurring repeatedly ever since President Trump got into office? Hollyweird actors that I used to revere and follow are now gone from my Admiration List forever. Bette Midler, Tom Arnald, Meryl Streep, …heck, I even read a quote from Kevin Costner saying that he’d love to see Michelle Obama as president because he thinks she’d do a great job! Robert DeNiro wants to punch out the president and wants someone to take him out. Madonna wants to blow up the White House.

    My heroes and icons are falling to the wayside FAST today because I am seeing them for what they ARE and not what I want them to be.

    With age comes wisdom and, in this time of Liberal hate and violence, this age has offered me wisdom I had not known until now.

  38. JohnP; The hate and disrespect that President Trump has had to endure has been astounding! NEVER in my life have I seen such disgusting behavior from any political party than how the Democratic party have conducted themselves! And still are. Which should really frighten all of us. Because all this is not just because Clinton was not elected. It goes much, much deeper than that. They are really ticked off their plans of TOTAL control of this country has been derailed and they will get even!! Trying to rewrite history. Trying to abolish the Constitution. Pushing the LBGT/Transgender absurdity rights upon us. Forcing us to accept their lifestyle as normal. The lunacy abortion rights. That us Christians KNOW this is murder and an abomination in GOD’s eyes. I could go on and on. But you get my point. They are the party of hate and destruction.
    We have all admired a certain actress or actor because of certain roles they have played. We convince ourselves this is who these people truly are. But , as you can plainly see, it is not. It’s all fake. Just like that scene from the Wizard of Oz when they finally met the Wizard and pull back the curtain. Showing them who he truly is. This is the truth we are left with. The real truth. I have stopped going to the movies or concerts. I am very selective of what shows I watch on TV now. I Stopped Netflix . Because I must stand behind our great country and will fight for it, if need be. More than anything I want a future for my children. Not the NWO the Demon party wants !! Be well John and I wish you luck…..

  39. Oh Kenny.
    Sounds like you need to move to a communist country.
    Go ahead.
    Check it out.
    You will have an experience of a lifetime.
    Enjoy your stay.
    By the way, you have already voted for the devil.

  40. Oh Linda, how I agree 100% with your comments! I will no longer watch Judy. Besides….most of the time, her nasty name calling of the defendant(?) rises to shock and shame for judy. Their is no need for her nasty put downs. Only comments I liked from her, is when she scolds the welfare queens & government check people for not working, and/or having out of wedlock children. With those views, I didn’t realize, she was a Demoncrap. The Party that froths at the mouth & has seizures if one gets in the way of their infanticide. Goodbye judy. Old fool.

  41. AbortThySelf: Thank you for your very kind words. I have stopped watching Judge Judy myself, for several reasons. But there is one saying she used to say to some of the women that was very into themselves and thought they were just the most beautiful creatures GOD ever created. And it made me smile when she would look at them and say:” Beauty fades , but stupid is forever”. That is to her credit, as are the ones you mentioned. But she’s gone on my on my viewing list. Thank you again and be well!

  42. Our country is divided because the Dems are sore losers and are classless. We kept our thoughts to ourselves and didn’t protest everything and suffered through 8 years…they can’t do that.

  43. The Wizard of Oz! Great example. And Democrats are the Flying Monkeys working for the evil Witch of the West (Nancy Pelosi).
    There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home,……

    The way for us to get back to Kansas is to MAGA by re-electing President Donald J. Trump and VP Mike Pence back into office for 2020.

  44. No ken you are wrong! The democrats are forcing themselves out of office, not us.
    You can sit back and watch the show. The democrats have lost
    40% of America since 2016.
    Want more democratic information? Go to California, that’s democratic know how.

  45. That’s right. Kalifornia is a great instructor of self-sex. If you want to do it to yourself then watch Kalifornians. They are experienced in the field of self-flatulation and enjoying it.

  46. Judge judy, really! I don’t think so.
    The very second she decided to comment politically, she ended her trusted fallowing.
    Everyone has grown tired of hoaxes, and want-a-bees.
    Anyway, when you are well to do financially, you Think differently, especially when the democratic party are at a desperate level fearing the worst outcome.

  47. Linda: You are so right. Bloomberg is just another Liberal Democrat, lacking a brain & common sense. Judge Judy, has always thought she was right about everything. I have seen some of her shows in the past, & in my opinion, she was wrong about 50% of the time, but liked telling people that she was the boss of her kangaroo court.

  48. Agree on all points. Your financial status can very often screw up your worldview of reality. Judge Judy is a victim of her own success. Guilty as charged!
    Best to keep your mouth shut and let the world think you’re a fool than to open it and confirm it. – paraphrasing Abraham Lincoln’s quote.

  49. Judge Judy and Bloomburg….two names which are hilarious…who the heck would ever listen to either one of those goobers…move on she has been screaming and bossing people around for years….her opinion means nothing…

  50. I haven’t voted Democrat since Kennedy and probably never will again. Can’t figure out what has happened to the leftist party of today. I’m not a particular fan of Trump but he is way ahead of anything the liberals have to offer. He will win by a landslide against liberal who runs.

  51. Michael Bloomberg showed how much of a statist Democrat he was with his lack of support for the right of the people to keep and bear arms along with his forceful opposition to the right of restaurants to serve soft drinks in any amount per customer per day as they would see fit.

  52. With her looks I understand Judge Jerry playing footsie with the waitress in Naples Florida a few years back

  53. No never vote Democrates again, They are a bunch of crooked money grabbing Hippocrates. What I’ve seen them represent is the lowest of evil.

  54. Christ is here to stay for sure! He’s got the reigns. No matter what anyone thinks. God will decide all of it because he is capable and we are not! Simple really. One Nation under God. When that’s gone then you can make all the calls you want.

  55. I used to respect Judge Judy but not now! Won’t be watching her show any more!
    Bloomberg is not a center but a rabid anti-constitutionalist leftist so it is telling that Judge Judy thinks he is in the center? He supports post birth abortion too who thought female employees should have abortions to avoid getting raises! Wow!

  56. I am amazed at the level of Trump hatred I see by many of your replies. First, he’s NO communist, Sanders is the communist. If you don’t really know what a communist is should look it up. Trump created a very hot “capitalist” growth engine that has improved the great economy we are now experiencing. An economy that is historically the best economy this country has ever experienced. An economy that has raised the living standard for Blacks, Latins, and Asians. Those of you that believe in “re-distributing the wealth” are either communists (that is the definition of communism), or you are uneducated lazy “entitled” little fxxks too lazy to work hard. Don’t call people something you don’t yourself know what it means.

  57. First, people seem forget one of the keystones of Trumps promises….DRAIN THE SWAMP.
    He’s an outsider. A threat to the career politicians that have been lining their pockets from special interest groups and lobbyists for decades. That is NOT who the founders wanted in Washington.
    It seems as though the opposition will never be intellectually honest as long as the outsider is inside.
    Let us vote for 4 more years. One, maybe two new Supreme Court judges and countless number of appellate and circuit court judges. That is where the real effect takes place.
    Never has their been such a disgusting and dishonest onslaught of lies, hoaxes, and coup attempts in our American history.against our President.
    We must vote to protect our constitution. This is still the Beacon of freedom in this world.
    Ever notice people aren’t dying to leave the U.S.A.?
    ALL of us legal Americans of all colors, religions, creeds, genders must love each other and allow all to thrive for our families, our states, and our country.
    Shun the divisive people.
    Embrace the helpers of unity for ALL. people.
    Please vote wisely. Be intellectually honest.


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