Joy Behar just launched a racist attack against Clarence Thomas that will make you sick


Of all of the anti-Trump hosts on The View, none are more rabid in their hatred of Trump than Joy Behar.

There is no line she won’t cross to attack President Trump and his allies.

And she just proved that by launching a racist attack against Clarence Thomas that will make you sick.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should be a figure to revere for those who care about civil rights, as he is a black Supreme Court Justice.

But to the Left, he is an enemy because he actually cares about the Constitution.

And his race becomes nothing more than something to attack him over.

Joy Behar proved that in her comments relating to the recent Supreme Court decision, which states that employers who fire workers for being gay or transgender violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Of course, Thomas has good reasons to dissent to this ruling, as it has wide ranging complications.

But to Behar, he did it because he hates gay and transgender people.

She began by praising Neil Gorsuch, who wrote the favoring opinion.

“I was shocked, and I say bravo Neil Gorsuch, and there’s hope for America. I feel much better today about the whole situation. You know, what a disappointment this must be for the Trump base. I mean, they overlooked Stormy Daniels. They overlooked the ‘grab them by the genitals’ remark. They overlooked making fun of the handicapped. They overlooked locking children up all for the Supreme Court. This is the thanks they get.”

But she then shamed Thomas, and his colleagues Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh who dissented.

That’s when she blasted into a racist tirade about how Thomas should “hang his head in shame” because he is married to a white woman while making this decision.

“Alito and Kavanaugh and particularly Judge Thomas should hang his head in shame. This is a man who is, in fact, married to a Caucasian woman, which was illegal until 1967 when the Supreme Court voted in favor of Loving v. Virginia. They voted for integrated marriage in 1967. That was, again, decided by the Supreme Court, which is where he sits. So, he should know better. The other two are lost causes.”

Behar’s comments should offend every black American.

She is comparing being gay or transgender to being black, when in reality, someone can’t choose their race, but they can choose to be gay or transgender.

Do you think Joy Behar should apologize to Clarence Thomas and his wife?

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  2. So she says something negative about a black person, and that makes her a racist? No one on this site better ever say anything negative about Obama again because now we all know what that makes you.

  3. Behar thinks just like Biden, and just like all democrats. If blacks don’t do what democrats say then they ain’t black. Biden told blacks if they don’t vote for him then they ain’t black. Democrats still have that plantation slave owner mentality. Why blacks still vote democrat stupefies me.

  4. “Behar’s comments should offend every black American. She is comparing being gay or transgender to being black, when in reality, someone can’t choose their race, but they can choose to be gay or transgender.”

    Is sexual orientation a “choice” ? LGBTs face real discrimination. Wouldn’t an identical argument apply to us heterosexuals as well? How many of us straights think our sexual orientation (as opposed to “sexual preference”) is of our choosing? And that we would freely abandon it at whim, risking rejection, disease, or even death, just to satisfy some “wanton desire”?

    Throughout history, LGBT’s have found themselves oppressed, persecuted and treated as pariahs. My friend Greg (who first told me he was gay in September 1988) related to me in the early ’80s, that his former college roommate, James, at UCLA, once argued along these lines, saying, “Of course, we’re born gay. Do you think we would choose to be this way?” After what happened to Matthew Shepard (hate crimes against LGBTs), you’d think James’ words would give conservatives cause to wonder.

    The reincarnationist position is that sexual orientation, like height or skin color, is determined by one’s karma from previous lives. Conversion therapy is psychologically damaging. A lovely devotee of Krishna, Lalita dasi (Leona Oster) is only 4′ 8″ tall, and she’s commented that it’s her karma in this life to be short. There’s no conversation therapy that could make her 5′ 4″, without damaging her body or killing her. Similarly, one’s skin color can’t be changed, either: bleaching a black person’s skin to appear white would only damage the individual.

    “Conversion” therapy only makes sense if you presume homosexuality, like fornication, is a choice. I Corinthians 6:9-11 says, “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you.” I’ve never heard Christians cite “three times…” to excuse homosexuality nor abortion, but since Paul wrote that some of his followers *were* homosexuals, the implication is that they can be changed. Paul condemns fornication alongside homosexuality in the very same verse. Paul’s words in I Corinthians 6:9-11 indicate that coming to Christ means giving up fornication, too.

  5. BJ, since you provided absolutely NO specifics about what was wrong with what I said, my ignorance IS profound, because I have no idea what you’re referring to.

  6. THE VIEW is for sure a program that needs to be canceled! Behar and the rest of her crew are narrow minded, spiteful, and hateful. We all have opinions about issues however a person with some intelligence can react and communicate their “VIEW” with some dignity and class. I think programs like this one and late night talk shows fuel hatred and most of the time have baseless content.

  7. No one cares what this evil WITCH has to say , and anyone still watching the View , needs to do some real self evaluation .

  8. Normally I would agree it is raciest but the truth is it was nothing more than her opinion VS theirs. I do believe that the race you are born as is not your choice but the sexual preference is so being black or white is not the same as being gay or trans. Is it racist to think it is? No but it shows a lack of intelligence when you can not differentiate a choice from a act of nature.

  9. I am so tired of all the racist talk. I have no problem with hard working people of any color, but if I am racists because I don’t believe in reparations or agree with blm/antifa, then I am racists. Let’s just get it off the table!!! Vasu, nobody reads you posts because every time you it’s a damn book you MORON!!!

  10. No, she shouldn’t apologize. It would be just as hollow and meaningless as every other “apology” by her or any other leftist who says something outrageous, hatefilled, and/or untrue, and it would change nothing.

  11. it is too bad that “dunking the witch” is no longer used, SHE NEEDS SOME UNDER-WATER TIME ,very bad.

  12. How much more does Behar have to say before you finally decide to fire her? If you think her remarks are boosting the ratings, you are very wrong! People are sick of her and sick of people like her and they have stopped watching this despicable waste of a TV show!


  13. “Time out of Mind”. Can Democrats ever say anything without dredging up the past? This is a symptom loosely connected to PTSD. The problem is people like Behar treat these subterfuges or symptoms as if they are progressive. Obama was supposed to have bridged in some small way a National taboo “racism” and allow that this is a discussion Americans are mature enough to handle. MLK called it America’s “schizophrenia” in reality more like a communal PTSD getting swept under the carpet and leaving politics and culture in a quagmire of inert stagnation.

  14. I don’t watch the view because of Behard. I never liked her and she is not funny. She is a cruel person and has a big mouth. She disrespects everyone and she is racist against everyone.

  15. Justice Thomas was correct ( along with the other two Justices) that the Supreme Court doesn’t write laws it finds them Constitutionally correct or not. The original law protected gender and race against being fired. It was based on science of the two sexes. This new bill talks of gender identity which isn’t based on science but what a person feels he or she is. Justice Thomas is also correct that this will have huge social consequences in the future. Now no matter what you identify as , man , woman, cow, tree, cloud, scumocrat you can’t be fired for any reason even if you sit and do nothing! This idiocy has gone to far and people need to fight back! Why the officer (who is now wrongly blamed in murder of the guy fell asleep in line at Wendy’s who resisted arrest, fought two cops, punched one in the face, took his taser ( which in Georgia it’s a lethal weapon) and shot it at the cop), his mother was fired because of being his mother! So why should she be? But if some f::ken freak thinks he’s a her or a car tire he can’t be fired? Wake up America! We are losing our rights under the disguise of fighting for them! Nuff said!

  16. the other tom…we can say the truth that you have no clue about. Obama is a muslim traitor. We can say that because it is the truth. Obama is racist and hates whites. We can say that because it is the truth. We can say that Obama lied his way into our White House because it is the truth. So we can say negative things about Obama because they are true. And, YES, Behar is a racist. That is also the truth. You can deny truth but that makes you a fool

  17. Vasu: Child molesters use the same logic. The fact is, having an impulse or preference does not mean that you have to indulge that urge. And if you choose to do so, it should be treated as it always was….a perversion, or, at best, a VICE. The former governor of Texas tried to make this case, but he lacked the acumen to follow it through, so they drove him to his knees within a half hour or so. If a man driving himself deep into another man’s rectum does not qualify as a pervert, I’m really not sure what DOES. Of course, so long as it only happens between consenting adults, it is acceptable from a purely legal point of view. That being said, others have their own beliefs about this conduct. The three primary Western religions all condemn it. But beyond that, there is simple, visceral DISTASTE. You are perfectly free to eat from the commode, but I would harbor serious reservations about hiring such a person. The odd thing-and the revealing thing-about all of this is that modern Christians had really come to a more enlightened place regarding homosexuals prior to this. We had come to see that our own sins are naturally more palatable to us, but no less sins, just because they’re the sins that we happen to prefer. Many of us had come to feel that homosexuals had been unfairly singled out because their particular sin of choice gave us the creeps, so we had begun to take more of an understanding stance towards this conduct….still a sin, of course, but perceived as more of a vice, like almost all of us have, in one way or another. I truly believe that this is why the issue of gay marriage was contrived in the first place….because WITHOUT it, the queers and the Christians really don’t have a whole lot to fight about. But once you understand the agenda, you realize that this was the point, all along….gay marriage offers one more way to drive Christians to their collective knees. The cowards will go along quietly….the others will be marginalized, if not worse. And liberals get exactly what they want…a Church that is, for all practical purposes, culturally impotent.

  18. Gregory Scott Garner, you commented: “If a man driving himself deep into another man’s rectum does not qualify as a pervert, I’m really not sure what DOES.” What about “a man driving himself deep into a WOMAN’S rectum” ?

  19. We all know that Thomas and Alito are by FAR the best justices on the Supreme Court, no matter what anyone else says

  20. Mikey: Clarence “Uncle” Thomas can’t stand in the shoes of Thurgood “Brown v Board of Education” Marshall.

  21. Mark: Why are Alito and Thomas the best justices? Because they’re right wing ideologues like you. I’ll take Ruth, Sonya and Elena over them any day.

  22. “Alito and Kavanaugh and particularly Judge Thomas should hang his head in shame. This is a man who is, in fact, married to a Caucasian woman, which was illegal until 1967 when the Supreme Court voted in favor of Loving v. Virginia. They voted for integrated marriage in 1967. That was, again, decided by the Supreme Court, which is where he sits. So, he should know better. The other two are lost causes.”

    Behar’s comments should offend every black American.”

    Why, what did she say that is wrong? Marriage between black and white was ILLEGAL in VA until 1967.

    Justice Thomas and his wife would have been put in jail for being married.

  23. Wish they would keep their BS to themselves and stop wasting air and ink. sick of them. The problem is they keep calling up history instead of dealing with the situation today. They can not change it and move forward now.
    Who cares about 1967 as it no longer applies

  24. jc…There is one truth – God’s. It is in that Book He gave us. You can deny truth, but that just makes you a fool

  25. jc, so what is your truth?? The lies of the left? They have thrown God out and embrace satan and his evil

  26. Behar and Whoopi share a theme song with Pelosi, Cortes, Schiff, Omar and a few others. It is from the Wizard of OZ and is called “I wish that I had a brain.” i dont have to read anything about her because she keeps outdoing herself on her level of ignorance and stupidity.

  27. If, Justice Thomas can be attacked, the issue is not race! Rather, projected faux racism, political correctness, to sustain dysfunctional mass victimization. Former liberal David Horowitz just authored a new book “Blitz” asserting a landslide victory for Trump. Finally, sanity to be restored. Stand for the Flag, kneel for God, vote Trump!

  28. jc, then it is obvious that you hate this country and our Constitution, as Ruth, Sonya, and Elena do not care about what the Constitution says. They want to rewrite it to say what they want as do all leftists. So you hate our founding fathers and what they left us. Very sad that you hate our freedom. The goal of the left is total control over every aspect of your life. They do not care about the Constitution and hate our founding fathers because they were Christians

  29. All she has to do is open her mouth to make me sick.
    She is a disgusting fool with diarrhea of the mouth.
    Behar never learns and just opens her mouth again
    and sticks her whole leg in it. Dumb is as dumb does.

  30. Otis-such true comments. Alot of people don’t know what the democrats put Judge Clarence Thomas thru and in spite of all their nastiness-this great man of ethics and faith-prevailed.

  31. Thomas is anything but someone to be revered. He is a suspected and likely rapist much like his colleague Kavanaugh. Just as bad, he is a corporate shill and cares not one iota about the Constitution. His rulings are consistently anti-worker, pro- corporation, and racist (he’s an Oreo). Behar’s comments are only “racist” to those who want to establish the USA as a white supremacist nation.

  32. HCB crawl back to your gutter where the rest of you slime live. you and your kind don’t add anything to society but false truths, lies, false info, nothing to support your stupid ideology


  34. Vasu and JC if you had as many sticking out of you as you have had stuck in you.. you would look like a porcupine.

  35. I am so tired of that RADICAL LIBERAL , Behar . I wish she would bend over in front of an Australian mule and be accepted for about 14 minutes . That would be an interesting story on the view !!!!

  36. When you assume that people “choose” to be gay, that can only mean that you “chose” to be heterosexual. When did you make that choice? and why? That must have been a tough decision, because when you chose to come out as heterosexual, lots of people must have given you strange looks; some even probably shunned you, and you may have been afraid that there were a lot of people out there who might even abuse you for that choice. Did your parents try to give you correctional therapy? I’m really impressed with your bravery. You deserve some kind of special medal. A true hero. On the other hand, that guy who chose to be gay had such an easy time of it. I mean, everybody wants to be gay. It’s the best way to win a public school popularity contest.

  37. Edward-how many heterosexuals have parades that say “look at me.” A person’s sexual preferance is their own personal business. But when you push the limits about equality and equality is equal not more rights, then you have put yourself out there by choice. I have a gay Godson-we figured he was gay before he even realized it. When he did let the family know-yes-his grandparents wanted him to get counciling. The rest of the family backed him with love and accepted him and do still. His partner is a “look at me” person and is constantly making enemies but our Godson- you sit and talk to him about all issues and do not have a problem. Personalities always come into play. So don’t paint all with your bias brush.

  38. This witch is a mouth without a brain. Why do we listen to this trash? She has no morals, character, or integrity. What authority gives her the right to constantly judge and criticize people? She has no credentials and rarely speaks facts. God will judge harshly – no defense against his ruling.

  39. behar is a vile satanic shrew full of hatred for everyone not in satan’s camp. Clarence Thomas is a good man and his wife’s skin color is immaterial. Thomas, Alito, and Kavanaugh uphold the Word of God and the Constitution, that’s why they are hated and vilified by the left.

  40. “And this pig is still on TV because?”

    In April, the show (Fox and Friends) celebrated 210 months in the top cable spot averaging 1.5 million viewers and 289,000 with the 25-54 demo, according to Nielsen data.

    Who are the 2.5-to-3 million viewers taking in the show (The View) As with most daytime TV, the audience definitely skews older. And a quick dive into the ratings shows how few viewers under 50 watch the show.

    Obviously because they have almost twice as many viewers.

  41. Sharon: Thank you for that well-thought out post. I am curious about one thing.. You said that, as a family, you had figured that your Godson was gay even before he realized it himself. How then could his preference have been a choice, which was the basic point of my post? The choice only lies in his ability to confront his own reality and “come out” to himself and to his family. You are obviously very proud of your Godson, and I honor you for giving him the love and freedom to be himself, but his partner may also be “just being himself” in his own unique way, just as a lot of macho young (and not-so-young) men parade their masculinity in obnoxious ways “Over-the-top” gay and lesbians have no monopoly on being obnoxious. The heterosexual ones, however, are protected by society’s norms and, unless they actually start physically fighting, don’t endanger their own well-being by their obnoxious macho displays.

  42. Her fat butt should be FIRED!!! How many conservatives have been canned or had their show cancelled for way less than what this pea brain said? How long are we the people going to put up with this crap? We should be sending tons of letters to the FCC demanding that the fake news media license be revoked for lying to tg the public !!!!!!!

  43. @Ken, I hate to break this to you, but that show is listed as an ‘entertainment’ show, similar to how Fox is an ‘Entertainment Network’ and not a news channel.

  44. BJ,
    Have you ever actually read the constitution? Until you do, I’d hold off on throwing accusations… Conspiracy theory blaming and fantasy oxy-moron scenarios. But they do say, when you repeat a lie enough, it becomes truth to the liar and if YOU truly believed in the Constitution and what the words mean and what it stands for, YOU would NOT BE a supporter of Trump’s narcissistic faux reality.

  45. As the Roman Governor asked Jesus in the movie The Passion of The Christ, “what is truth”? The truth is Gods word and it will never change and “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. We are all sinners and one day will be judged for it. The big difference is whether or not we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and have repented of our sin/sins. If we have repented of our sins then through the acceptance of Christ as our Savior then we should prove that by trying to be more Christ like every day which is what God wants. This is not to say that we will cease to sin, but that we will now honestly try to keep from sinning and do this not for our salvation, but because of my salvation. I would also like to leave one more thing here the time is getting short and the age of grace is coming to an end so seek the Lord while He maystill be found.

  46. There is a prayer that religious Jews say in their morning prayers. The men say thank you God for making me a man. The women say thank you God for making me a woman. I say thank you God for making me Caucasian.


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