Joy Behar just launched a racist attack against Clarence Thomas that will make you sick


Of all of the anti-Trump hosts on The View, none are more rabid in their hatred of Trump than Joy Behar.

There is no line she won’t cross to attack President Trump and his allies.

And she just proved that by launching a racist attack against Clarence Thomas that will make you sick.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should be a figure to revere for those who care about civil rights, as he is a black Supreme Court Justice.

But to the Left, he is an enemy because he actually cares about the Constitution.

And his race becomes nothing more than something to attack him over.

Joy Behar proved that in her comments relating to the recent Supreme Court decision, which states that employers who fire workers for being gay or transgender violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Of course, Thomas has good reasons to dissent to this ruling, as it has wide ranging complications.

But to Behar, he did it because he hates gay and transgender people.

She began by praising Neil Gorsuch, who wrote the favoring opinion.

“I was shocked, and I say bravo Neil Gorsuch, and there’s hope for America. I feel much better today about the whole situation. You know, what a disappointment this must be for the Trump base. I mean, they overlooked Stormy Daniels. They overlooked the ‘grab them by the genitals’ remark. They overlooked making fun of the handicapped. They overlooked locking children up all for the Supreme Court. This is the thanks they get.”

But she then shamed Thomas, and his colleagues Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh who dissented.

That’s when she blasted into a racist tirade about how Thomas should “hang his head in shame” because he is married to a white woman while making this decision.

“Alito and Kavanaugh and particularly Judge Thomas should hang his head in shame. This is a man who is, in fact, married to a Caucasian woman, which was illegal until 1967 when the Supreme Court voted in favor of Loving v. Virginia. They voted for integrated marriage in 1967. That was, again, decided by the Supreme Court, which is where he sits. So, he should know better. The other two are lost causes.”

Behar’s comments should offend every black American.

She is comparing being gay or transgender to being black, when in reality, someone can’t choose their race, but they can choose to be gay or transgender.

Do you think Joy Behar should apologize to Clarence Thomas and his wife?

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