Joy Behar claimed that Antifa doesn’t exist even as Antifa continues to cause havoc in cities across America


Antifa is by far the biggest domestic terrorist group in the United States.

But very little happens to Antifa and its members since they do the dirty work for the Left.

And now Joy Behar claimed that Antifa doesn’t exist even as Antifa continues to cause havoc in cities across America.

Few groups in American history have caused more damage and chaos in our streets than Antifa.

In Oregon alone, Antifa has so far caused over two million dollars of damage to just federal buildings.

And during the Black Lives Matter riots, which Antifa played a significant part in, over two billion dollars in insurance claims were made just from last summer.

You would think such a devastating force in our nation would get some backlash from politicians and the media.

But the media could care less and would rather just blame all problems on conservatives.

And leftists are doing everything they can to cover up the path of destruction Antifa leaves behind.

Who can forget when President Joe Biden claimed that Antifa was just an “idea” during the Presidential debates.

Whether Biden actually meant to say that or if it was another example of his fading mental capacity is up for debate.

But Joy Behar should know better than to claim that Antifa isn’t real.

The panel on The View went out of their way to criticize Senator Ron Johnson for calling out the violence and destruction caused by Antifa.

And during their segment Joy Behar claimed “He’s scared of this fictitious idea of Antifa, a thing that doesn’t even exist. He needs to go. He needs to go, and soon.”

You can see Behar’s full unhinged rant below:

Now it’s understandable for leftists wanting to ignore the militant wing of their political movement that does the dirty work for them of terrorizing Americans.

But claiming that Antifa doesn’t “exist” as they actively attack people in the streets and burn down buildings is asinine.

Hopefully more people take a stand against Antifa before it’s too late.