John Wayne is in Democrats’ sights as the Left goes fully unhinged with these attacks on the “Duke”


As “cancel culture” leftist radicals attempt to tear down or rename anything they don’t like, they’ve now set their sites on America’s all-time favorite actor.

But the people of Orange County, California are drawing a line in the sand onthis one.

Because now John Wayne is in Democrats’ sights as the Left goes fully unhinged with these attacks on the “Duke.”

As recently as 2016, the most popular film actor of the 20th century, John Wayne, remained in the top five on The Harris Poll’s annual list of “America’s Favorite Movie Stars” (he dropped to number 7 in 2017) but remains in the top 10.

Not bad for a man who passed away in 1979.

More than 40 years after his death, Wayne is the only late actor in the top 10 who has never fallen out in over well two decades.

“John Wayne was more than just a movie star, he was an American icon,” said Ethan Wayne, son of John Wayne and President of John Wayne Enterprises.

“His personality on and off screen embodied honorable virtues that continue to resonate with the American people today. We are proud that he remains an emblem of all that it means to be not only a good citizen but a good person.”

While he is most famous for his Western roles, Wayne in fact starred in just about every genre of film. In all he appeared in more than 175 films during a 5-decade acting career.

His breakout role came in the John Ford classic Stagecoach in 1939 and Wayne appeared in more than 20 of Ford’s films throughout his career including The Quiet Man and The Searchers, which fans continue to argue were two of his finest performances.

Over his career, Wayne starred alongside some of the biggest name in Hollywood including Maureen O’Hara, Jimmy Stewart, Dean Martin, and Natalie Wood. He was nominated three times for the Academy Award, winning the Oscar for Best Actor in 1969 for True Grit.

Wayne was also well-known for his strong patriotic and conservative views and counted Ronald Reagan as a close friend.

While his name lives on through his life’s work in Hollywood, he continues to make an impact through The John Wayne Cancer Foundation, whose mission is to bring courage, strength, and grit to the fight against cancer.

Ethan Wayne continued, “It means so much to us that the world continues to hold the John Wayne name in such high regard.Our hope is that his legacy will be used to help those in need. At the heart of everything my father did, he understood that the most important part of the fame he was given was to find ways to help others.”

But now, the Democrat Party of Orange County wants to send the “Duke” packing.

Party leaders are demanding the removal of his name from the John Wayne Orange County Airport due to “racist and bigoted statements” that the Hollywood legend allegedly made in a 1971 magazine interview.

Last week, in a strongly worded resolution, Democrat leaders called for John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana to scrap the John Wayne moniker and revert back to its original name, Orange County Airport.

“Orange County is now a diverse region far different from the time when JohnWayne was chosen as namesake for the airport,” the Democrats said in their resolution.

While there have been several failed attempts to rename the airport, never before have racial tensions and cancel culture hysteria been so high.

It seems renaming syrup and pancakes, rice, and tearing down statues of Catholic saints and U.S. presidents isn’t enough for these “heroes” of the revolution.

The party said the removal of racist symbols “provides a necessary process for communities to remember historic acts of violence and recognize victims of oppression.”

John Wayne Airport was given its current name in 1979 in honor of the True Grit actor who died that year just after his final movie The Shootist. He was along-time local resident with a home in Newport Beach.

Wayne’s children are working with thousands of fans to stop the renaming efforts, but this may be a battle already lost.

Orange County was once a conservative Republican stronghold but has turned drastically to the Left in the last two election cycles.

That, combined with the rush to tear down and rename anything not approved by the Antifa mobs, could spell the end to John Wayne Airport.

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  2. I’ll say it Again..Every day I think this world Can’t get any more Freaking Crazy..Every day I’m Wrong

  3. satan is waging war and the dems are in his army. They have truly gone insane and we will be well rid of them when Jesus comes

  4. Of course they are going after Duke. He is Americana, and the Left HATES America and all she stands for. With their thinking, they would tear down every statue and naming for every celebrity, President, politician, and notable American. When you hate everything America stands for, then they want to sweep away absolutely EVERYTHING. When do they go after Jimmy Stewart? Katherine Hepburn? Jimmy Durante? WC Fields? Charlie Chaplin? Michael Landon? Mickey Mantle? Babe Ruth? Vince Lombardi? Bobby Orr? Gordie Howe? Bill Russell? Wilt Chamberlin? Jerry West? Jim Valvano? Chris Evert? Bobby Jones? Arnold Palmer? Jack Nicholas? When do they target the Statue of Liberty? When do they take down the PGA because it isn’t BLACK enough? Haven’t seen them go after Muslims or Mosques. You know why? They would slit their throats in a heartbeat. When do we realize these terrorist animals are in a “kill or be killed” war with us?

  5. Insectman…I am not a veteran, but I am totally with you. If the left/dems/satan win this next election, we are finished. satan’s rule will have begun. Our worst enemies are within and it is way past time to take them out if we are to survive. They have declared war on this country and us and either we fight back or we lose everything our founding fathers gave us. You cannot appease these sick insane traitors. They, and the whole dem party want complete and total control over the government and every aspect of our lives. Either we understand that they are evil and fight them or they will take over. satan may rule for a time (it’s in the Bible) but that in no way means we should just sit back and let him

  6. Remember this: more you take away from the American Heritage the first party that will go is the Democrats, then if the Republicans Don’t do their job then they too will go away
    Then it is left to “We the People” will have to take charge
    We must to preserve this Nation
    However there I’d always room for improvements IF we all step forward….boldly, without FEAR!

  7. Remember:
    more you take away from the American Heritage the first party that will go is the Democrats, then if the Republicans Don’t do their job then they too will go away
    Then it is left to “We the People” will have to take charge
    We must to preserve this Nation
    However there I’d always room for improvements IF we all step forward….boldly, without FEAR!


  9. We need to fight em as the Duke taught us I his movies, stomp out evil evil un americans…….

  10. I have 4 beautiful pieces of artwork in our billiards room depicting John Wayne. Always thought he would have made a great President of the United States. I carried my two granddaughters in that room every morning when they spent the night. They learned very quickly how to say “John Wayne”. One of my all time favorite actors and patriots. When will it stop?

  11. The left is driving us closer and closer to civil war and trust me you WILL NOT WIN if it comes to that.

  12. The Democratic Party…and the fact that a-n-y-o-n-e will vote for these incredibly egotistical non-humans is amazing.

  13. These lunatics are eventually going to run afoul of some state militias. Then some people are really going to get hurt when they get taken behind the woodshed and bruised up severely. They need the beating that their daddy never gave them to straighten them out. Otherwise, they can become lifetime criminals.

  14. I agree that satan is waging war against us but soon enough he will be voted out of office. All of his followers cannot or will not see that he is tearing the country down. His army just can’t understand that if we all unite, the country will be so much better off, both parties need to step back and try to understand what the other party is saying. the dems and republicans need to say, I see what you’re saying, let’s work together and see what we can come up with. “The left wing and the right wing are on the same bird”

  15. Mr insectman. I’m a former marine. Give me a time and place and I will be there locked and loaded!!!! I’m over this BS. Time to take this country back!!

  16. The democrats are Trying to start a another Civil War. I say let’s give them one and get rid of the SOBs

  17. way to go its time to see what the dems are made off if we have a few good guys that would like to paint or put fire on i have had it with the stupid

  18. LT…you are extremely sick and part of the problem. Pres. Trump is FAR from satan. He is doing only good for this country. Your hate comes from satan. Please give ONE EXAMPLE of him tearing it down. You CAN’T!!!! And it is the LEFT/DEMS who are with satan and waging war against us. They have thrown God out and their goal is total control of this country and us. You have no clue. Wake up and see the truth that you deny. If the dems win the election this country is finished. We cannot work together when the dems refuse to have anything to do with truth and freedom. They want nothing of what our founding fathers left us. Either we defeat satan and his dem army or we will cease to exist

  19. LT: Hardly. Maybe this was true 50 years ago….but TODAY? Democrats are fully sold out to evil. Anyone who high fives to celebrate the right to kill a baby who has already been born…as New York Democrats did not too long ago…is EVIL. Think about it…if laughing about killing a baby does not make you evil, WHAT DOES? Today’s Democrats are about one thing….a bunch of white people who want to feel morally superior to their white neighbors…thus, they have to keep trying to OUTDO one another….that’s why the ideas get increasingly unhinged…because it’s not about being right…it’s about being MORE right than your white peers…

  20. CA is full of terrorists. So, why are we complying to terrorist demands? Arm yourselves CA. Stand your ground.

  21. BJ, if recommending working together is sick, man, you missed the train, that is just being mature. What some of you Deplorables” don’t know is that the Red states, comes from the color of they’re/your necks.

    Gregory Scott Garner, the separating of families and putting kids/babies in cages cannot sit well with anyone with morals, telling cops not to be careful with people being arrested is anything BUT a leader. I would still hope that the two sides could/would come together and work something out. That may not sit well with you guys commenting in this section.

  22. OK BJ, pay attention now. Evil is attempting to take away health insurance from 23 million, OK? Sometime age there was a chart about how many lies this guy tells per day, I think they stopped counting at something over 10 million, anyone can lie to you guys and you’ll believe it, even if he said hello, he would be lying. And the groper-in-chief does not have the decency to treat women with respect. Respect is for those who earn it, not for those who demand it.
    Gregory Scott Garner – contrary to your belief NO race of people is morally superior to another. It’s those kinds
    of thoughts that got us into this situation in the first place. Your turn.

  23. LT. 23 million? Don’t be ridiculous. However there are a large number of illegals who are getting health insurance that they certainly don’t deserve.
    You say he tells 10 million lies. Can’t name any tho, right? Idiot!
    You call him a groper and says he doesn’t treat women with respect over incidents over 20 or 30 years ago. But the headlines are filled with your dear democrats starting with ex president Clinton, Ex VP Biden and you know all of the rest.
    It is true that no race is superior, then why do the terrorist, blm, think they are. Conservatives are not the ones running around saying black lives are the only lives that matter?
    Search for the truth and you won’t be misled by their lies and propaganda. Stop talking about stuff you don’t even know about. Otherwise you just sound stupid.

  24. Changing the name is absurd! Keep the John Wayne name! The left has really gone too far on this one!

  25. I would love to know if all this believers of abortion were aborted by their mother we would not have all these tax paying clinics, just think what these person, yes I mean person would be if Alive today one of them may have been the person to find a vaccine to cure all illnesses or be president. We have jails that house people that have committed murder the way I see it they should tried the same , murders is murders, After all they were human,

  26. LT….As I said the DEMS WILL NOT work with us. Their goal is total control of every aspect of your life. TRUTH. We cannot work together. The dems have thrown God out and embrace satan. Most conservatives are Christians and the dems want nothing to do with Jesus. But just keep denying the truth. Putting kids in cages is what OBAMA did. But again, just ignore the truth. You talk about morals, but dems have no morals. You attack Pres. Trump for lying but it is fine with you that Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth. Muslim traitor Obama lied his way into our White House but you don’t care about that. Red states come from the color of their necks??????? Are you for real???? Your ignorance is profound!!!!!! It is very obvious that you have never even been to a red state. Taking away health insurance??? You are insane. But the illegals SHOULD have it taken away. They have no business being here. What part of illegal do you not understand?? Either come here legally or don’t come at all. You attack Pres. Trump for groping. Really? What about Bill Clinton who has done something much worse? But he gets a free pass with you. It is YOU who has fallen for the sick lies of your dem leaders and believe them without question. It is time for you to find the truth that you deny. It is clear that you don’t want to work with us, just accuse us of things that are not true

  27. LT…Guess your idea of working together is that everyone must agree with the dems’ sick agenda. Well, that is never going to happen. The dems hate this country and want to take away all that our founding fathers gave us. The dems follow satan. Most conservatives follow Jesus. Jesus wins. They lose

  28. LT: Trump is hardly separating families. (and if he IS, he’s doing no more than Obama did, who used similar tactics, and the exact same cages). No, these families are not being separated. If being together means so much to them, let them all stay together…DOWN THERE!!!!! You people make it sound as if Trump is going down there with a big net and taking hostages…if you will recall, THEY are coming to US… We have laws. These people decided to defy our laws, and to challenge our sovereignty. They bring their fate on themselves. And this is all beside the point, anyway…we have a system of LEGAL immigration that is MORE than generous. We do our part…and THEN some.

  29. The left has only hate and lies. They know nothing of our history. They just hate everything this country stands for. If they hate it so much, our founding fathers gave them the freedom to leave. They are free to go and live somewhere else that is much more to their liking, such as Venezuela or North Korea. I would help pay for one-way tickets

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