John Malkovich is dropping a bomb on “Cancel Culture” liberals and what he said will make your jaw drop


The rise of “Cancel Culture” has ended the careers of great comedians and actors and attempted to sabotage dozens of others.

Now, actor John Malkovich is finally calling the Left out for trying to silence comedians and free speech . . . and what he said could cause him to never work again in Hollywood.

That’s because Malkovich dropped a massive truth bomb on “Cancel Culture” liberals that is making them furious.

Cancel Culture is a movement led by social justice warriors, the LGBT movement, and radical leftists to silence anything in the media that may disagree with the LGBT agenda or left-wing ideology.

Some comedians, like Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock, have even stated they will not perform at college campuses because the students can be easily “triggered” and try to silence them.

Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock are committed left-wing celebrities . . . that’s how sensitive and outrageous Cancel Culture has become.

That’s why John Malkovich is finally calling out the Left for what they’ve done to the comedy world and America’s culture in general.

“What’s funny yesterday becomes illegal today and the person uttering it must be canceled… Part of what makes [comedy] difficult is also the tidal wave of idiocy that can be created on social media in a day … the outrage mob,” said Malkovich.

Comedians like Kevin Hart and Roseanne Barr have lost jobs due to political correctness or a decade old Tweet the outrage mob dug up to destroy their reputation.

Essentially, the outrage mob attempts to find a quote, spreads the quote out of context or even lies about it, and demands the comedian apologize or give up their role on a TV show, movie, etc.

Steve Carell, known for his role as Michael Scott in The Office, recently stated he doesn’t think the show would be a success in today’s climate.

What do you think?

Is the Left destroying the comedy world like John Malkovich claims?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Well, if they insist on living in a culture they do approve of, it’s an easy fix.


    After all, it is OUR CULTURE, and they have no ‘right’ to force others to change to make them feel better about being extremely stupid.

    Their search for a happy culture is THEIR SEARCH, and we bear no burden to help.

    News is leaking out from Hollywood executives in-the-know that the Obama White House had been leaning on, pressuring executives at NBC for years to replace Jay Leno because the comedian was criticizing Obama every night Obama didn’t like it and considered it a racist attack on him.

    After data came to light that $100’s of millions had been spent on First Family vacations during a recession, Mrs. Obama’s unpopular new laws that changed food in America’s schools and other negative news including the disastrous Obamacare roll-out & website mess, Jay Leno took his comedy to a new level and his ratings skyrocketed — none of the other comics were so bold.

    NBC couldn’t stomach the fact that Leno’s jokes about Obama were always right on target about the first black president.. And left-leaning Democrat executives at NBC were being harassed by Obama himself who thought the comedy was a racist attack on him.

    “I was going to start off tonight with an Obama joke, but I don’t want to get audited by the IRS.”

    On NSA surveillance: “We wanted a president who listens to all Americans — now we have one.”

    On a new IRS commissioner: “He’s called ‘acting commissioner’ because he has to act like the scandal doesn’t involve the White House.”

    On closing the Guantanamo prison for terrorists: “If he really wants to close it, turn it into a government-funded solar power company. The doors will be shut in a month.”

    Concerning the Benghazi, Associated Press, and IRS scandals: “Remember in the old days when President Obama’s biggest embarrassment was Joe Biden?”

    On saying he didn’t know about the IRS scandal: “He was too busy not knowing anything about Benghazi to not know anything about the IRS”

    “The White House has a new slogan about Benghazi : Hope and change the subject.”

    “It’s casual Friday, which means that at the White House, they’re casually going through everybody’s phone calls and records.”

    “It is not looking good for President Obama. Today his teleprompter took the fifth.”

    “Fox News has changed its slogan from ‘Fair and Balanced’ to ‘See, I told you so!'”

    On commencement address: “He told the young graduates their future is bright unless, of course, they want jobs.”

    On a Chicago man who set a record for riding a Ferris wheel: “The only other way to go around and around in a circle that many times is to read the official report on Benghazi”

    On White House claims of ignorance on the scandals: “They took ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ out of the Pentagon and moved it into the White House.”

    Now the last and I think best…..

    “These White House scandals are not going away anytime soon. It’s gotten so bad that people in Kenya are now saying he’s 100 percent American.”

  4. The left is changing America from the inside out. I don’t know what they are changing it into but its not pretty.
    If enough people don’t start fighting this change, and pushing back they will lose the country they used to know.
    You would think all these left wing comedians would wake up to their own leftism, and reject it after seeing what it has brought upon us, but they don’t.

  5. Left wing liberalism , Antifa, Isis and more like them are all just a group of mostly young and many time spoiled by irresponsible parents who think they know it all about how the world and society should operate and they WILL COMMIT VIOLENCE AND UNSPEAKABLE ACTS TO IMPOSE THEIR TWISTED AND DERANGED GOALS.
    It is time for the majority of a civilized society to totally reject and ostracize these groups and individuals or FACT: A CIVIL AND REASONABLE SOCIETY WILL GO DOWN IN FLAMES AND THE WHOLE WORLD WILL BECOME A LIVING HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. To Ruby,
    I had the very same message with my response on QUORA. I guess if an answer is different than their narrative, “it was too quick” and it gets lost in the air somewhere. Its not the first time that has occurred. I never directly criticize anyone, so I don’t really understand it either.


  8. Fluffy pillow five,
    I so agree with you. What’s happening to our beloved country Is heartbreaking. The political correctness they’ve thrust into our culture has served to isolate us from each other. We are actually afraid to talk for fear our words will be misunderstood. We are called racist if we say anything the left has deemed racist, and they set all the rules. It doesn’t matter what color skin we wear. Blacks are also subject to being labeled if they don’t follow the left wing agenda. I have black family members who share the fear of being labeled by the left. They have drained us of our values, our communication and our viewpoints. They tell us what’s acceptable to say, to think and to feel.
    This beautiful country is in a downward spiral and it will take great strength and force to change it.

  9. Posting on sites like this is great to let your voices be heard. Voting at the polls in Nov. is even
    greater. We need to get rid of all of the left’s progressive agendas. Vote for Trump and all TRUE

  10. The whiny left act more like grade school children than anything else. i can only take that to mean their parents were failures.

  11. Great comments, above, from George Wilson, Shecky Neuberger, FluffyPillowFive, James, Weary, Byron, and Don ; with probably more to come. “AMEN” to these !!! OUR COUNTRY needs to be RESTORED to the ideals and declarations set forth by our forefathers. The “leftists” are only helping those who would put the United States of America BACK UNDER THE TYRANNIES OF PAST NATIONS, from whom many of our forefathers ESCAPED !!! “Those who fail to learn the LESSONS of history – ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT THEM !!!” As George said, these people HARMING OUR COUNTRY should simply LEAVE ; and I would say, they should STAY AWAY from this nation which has TRUE freedoms, free from tyrannies !!!

  12. To Wolf and Ruby. Copy your responses when you finish them before clicking “Post Comment” so when you get that message and your comment goes away, just paste it in a new comment box and post again.

  13. Bullying is a manipulative tool, using political correctness, censorship, racism, stereotypes, shaming, judgment, gender orientation. STOP THE BULLYING. STOP THE VICTIMIZATION. STOP COMMUNIST CHINA.

  14. It’s pretty plane and simple, the so called political correctness, is killing this country and you can thank the gay and black community, stop being offended by ever little thing that is said. In other words GET A LIFE.

  15. Calling the left whinny,children, accurate however the real comparison is much worse. These people are Deadly! We have to fight back in ways that I fear will become a reality.It very well may come to that.


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