John Legend is blaming Trump for a horrific act of violence and what he said next will make you furious


After every public tragedy, Hollywood loves to find creative ways to blame President Trump.

This time they went too far.

John Legend is blaming Trump for a mass shooting and what he said will make you angrier at Hollywood than you’ve ever been before.

Legend is a vocal Hollywood elitist and opponent of Donald Trump.

He regularly accuses the President of promoting racism.

But what he just said takes the cake.

John Legend posted on social media “the racist venom coming from the President’s mouth regularly inspires killers. He is a part of the problem.”

Breitbart reports:

Grammy-winning singer John Legend appeared to place blame for the string of deadly mass shootings across the country in the past 24 hours at the feet of President Donald Trump, saying Sunday “he is a part of the problem.”

Legend made his claim on Twitter, taking a broad brush to his claims against the president, pointing to “the racist venom coming from the President’s mouth” before claiming Trump, ” regularly inspires killers. He is a part of the problem.”

Legend made his attack after two mass shootings claimed 29 lives within 24 hours and left dozens of others injured and hospitalized for treatment.

The first occurred in El Paso, Texas, where 20 people died in a shooting at an area Walmart store on a busy Saturday morning.

John Legend is essentially blaming Trump for the deaths of the 29 people killed in the recent mass shootings.

The media is doing everything they can to blame this on Trump and his supporters.

But they are ignoring the fact that the second shooter in Ohio was an avowed socialist and also politically motivated.

The truth is, that the media will never release this information because it does not fit their narrative.

So John Legend and other celebrities are attempting to use this tragedy to push their radical Left-wing agenda.

What do you think?

Is it wrong for celebrities to use these tragedies for their political benefit?


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  2. This is just another uninformed Radical Left Liberal talking about things they know nothing about! The Liberals are so far to the left that they are literally going in circles with their nonsense! I could not care less what John Legend thinks!

  3. Are any of Radical Leftists awake when their party’s reps. speak? Like AOC, Cortez, Tlaib, Pelosi and Walters? Or are they just so brainwashed they are incapable of facing and hearing the truth? Trump is in no way is to blame for these shootings. Nor did promote violence! Their party has done NOTHING but spew hate, violence, cause trouble, and make treasonous comments, daily ! They are the ones to blame! Not to mention they have disrupted our government since Trump took office! I wish I could have gotten away with not doing my job, like all of them have, and have gotten paid for it!! On second thought, no I don’t . I took pride in my jobs and did the very best I could and EARNED every penny I made. Legend is just another attention seeker that will jump on the band wagon to make himself appear important. What will these cretins do when Trump is re-elected in 2020?? I pray to GOD this will happen. Because if it does not, say good-bye to this great nation. What it will become is part of the NWO….. Then what????

  4. John Legend is a self-satisfied fool who thinks what comes out of his foolish mouth will mean anything to rational people!

  5. John Legend, i did not even know who he was until he was a toy JUDGE on agt. I did not like him then (WHO IS HE) i do not like him now , just another liberal hollywood black IDIOT!!!!!!

  6. Legend is a fool on a fools errand. I guess he did not read that one of the killers was a Democrat.

  7. If we are going down that road, then Sanders is responsible for the shooting on the baseball field that got Scalise, Warren is responsible for Dayton, and AOC is responsible for the attempted fire-bombing of the detention center.
    I think we should all boycott “The Voice”, if he is on it this season, and the comedy show”Bring the Funny” that has his no talent wife, Chrissy Teigen.

  8. Legend is not getting too much support from the readers of this column. His wife, Crissy is even dumber then he is

  9. Glad we turned our TVs off three years ago. Dishonesty became the new norm in the entertainment industry. I don’t trust any journalists, reporters or entertainers anymore, let alone politicians.

  10. John Legend is just another liberal lunatic and an actor that never went anywhere. Trying to now get attention and another lying piece of crap.

  11. John legend is just another piece of Hollywood trash that the liberals idiots of this country support. I am all for extermination of these maggots.

  12. Well said Linda. John Legend is an insignificant idiot. His wife is a total whacko and it must be wearing off on him. These celebrities will do anything to make waves and try to make themselves relevant when they’re not. I mean his big thing now is he’s a judge in the Voice. How noble.

  13. Legend?
    You believe you’re that important?
    Honestly, you’re Not!!
    Never heard of you.
    Try swallowing some Honey, Sugar & a Banana.
    You might be sweeter afterwards.
    A political pundit, you’re Not.

    Stay out of Washington.

  14. Legend needs to stick with his mediocre singing, and check his useless brain at the door when it comes to anything else. A jerk….a punk….another whacked out liberal toad with his head up his _ss. WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK YOU LOW-IQ MORON!!


  16. Like this. Heard of a Legend but have no idea who they are. Guess I am better off that I don’t.

  17. what an imbecile this guy is but what can you expect from these hoolywierd morons LETS BOYCOTT EVERYTHING THESE IDIOTS DO THEIR MUSIC MOVIES TV SHOWS AND NEVER LISTEN TO ANYTHING THEY SAY THEY ARE ALL USELESS POS

  18. john legend has no political influence, he is an idiot, a fool, he knows nothing about nothing, especially about politics… he wants to blame Trump, for whatever his inadequacies are, he never advocated for the rights of black people, his wife gave 30000.00 to ACLU so that they can continue to let illegals from where her family originate from. there have been mass shootings for years, way before Trump, and will continue after Trump leaves office, did he say anything when unarm black men were getting shot down by police which escalated under Obama

  19. Does Legend even read what he posts or just blindly post garbage?
    “The racist venom coming from Legend’s mouth regularly inspires killers. He is a part of the problem.”
    Okay, we all know your treasonist candidate in pant-suit lost. I agree with you. Trump did not win. Hillary lost. Hillary lost because she was the most horrible candidate the democrats could have possibly come up with, except for possibly Jeffrey Epstein.

  20. There is no cure for stupid and John Legend proves it!! Too many drugs and too much marijuana have depleted his brain cells!!
    I will delete immediately any future articles with his name and not waste time reading about his anti American, obnoxious, racist, uneducated opinion!
    Trump 2020. Our only hope!!

  21. Just more hate showing from the left; actually never heard of this idiot before.
    “It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”.


  23. Legend is a sad excuse of a man. He wasn’t willing to apply himself and learn any job skill, so he was forced to sing for his supper. What good does that provide society?

  24. Well Mr. Legend you better do your research. Try the movie The Hunt. Oh that’s right it promotes killing conservatives. Should really stoke a few mentally ill people with guns. How about what the media and twitters is doing to Mcconnell, guess that’s from the conservatives, oh no it’s not it’s coming from you democrats. You poor innocent nice people that have caused more deaths and beatings, and getting people thrown out of restaurants. You innocent aholes that have blood all over your hands. The El Paso shooter was because the democrats would not do anything about illegals and the Ohio shooter got all his information from Harris. Get your stories straight before you condemn innocent people. The democrats have done nothing for years now except cause murders and protests and bloodied the United States.

  25. Come on now, James. The color of an idiots skin is irrelevant. He could even be a rainbow and be an idiot. Oh, wait, they are!!

  26. Maybe your jealous because all your name calling can’t take away that he has accomplished more in two years then Obama did in eight. You may not like his rhetoric but beneath it is a very American President that tries to do for the American people not for the Muslim countries. Go do some research. And by the way buffoons are very intelligent so at least you know Trump is very smart.

  27. I don’t have any respect for John Legend. What he’s saying is a lie. He and people like him, who also lie, are the problem. The reason Trump was elected is because people are sick and tired of left wing politically correct hypocrisy.

  28. Donald B Valentine
    Since you are so opinionated kindly enlighten us exactly how has President Trump been divisive to America

  29. Gerald Ladd
    It will be funny (to me anyways) when this (if he has the balls to go there) fool is standing in front of a gun being wielded by one of his own kind…. wonder if he thinks he’ll be able to sing his way out of that.

  30. John Legend is the real racist, spouting his lies and hate. He makes people who can be easily influenced become murders on both side of the fence. Why doesn’t he use his so called celebrity status to help people make better decisions?

  31. These liberal idiot actors and singers need to stick to what they know best acting or singing and keep there idiot asses out of politics trump didn’t have a damnd thing to do with those shootings the one in Ohio was a backer of Pocahontas

  32. What about the machete attack? Media and dumb down Hollyweedies cannot blame Trump on that one. Besides that attack was gang related…

  33. Legend exposed himself as a race baiting
    bigot! His corrosive and disgusting attacks
    against this President are truly unhinged!
    Typical Hollywood Elitist Imbecile! ????????

  34. I’ve never even heard of John legend until I saw something about his wife, who I have no more respect for, on TV! He is a big nothing for me! Someone wrote that he was a singer, so what songs does he sing? He looks like a rip-off artist to me!

  35. Why do these Hollyweird so called elitists, I think that must be another word for useless piece of guano, think that we could possibly be interested in the crap that comes out of their mouths. When I want your opinion I’ll ask for it and sieve me that won’t be anytime soon.

  36. 99 out of 100 people in Hollyweird are far-left liberals They are so far-left, they should live in Hawaii. Who the hell cares what this moron has to say ????

  37. It’s my opinion that John boy is yet another rabid commie that needs to be monitored. This worm is nothing more than a useful idiot for the NWO. I couldn’t believe it when this arrogant idiot appeared as a judge on AGT alongside another fine America hater, Adam Levine. While John boy will never really be a legend outside his own mind, Donald Trump has a really good chance at accomplishing “HUGE” legendary status.

  38. Well whatever bait he used to lure her in must have been good enough to ensnare her goofy self, so I’m thinking she likes his baiting ????????

  39. Typical of Libs, if the baby is born ugly Libs blame the midwife but, if the baby is born stupid the blame Trump, Johnny Leggo is not different.

  40. They are in his case, Obama’s Fast & Furious Fiasco, Obama gave the mexicans those illegal guns and they reappeared at the Paris Massacre, Same gun, same Serial Numbers; not to mention the Clinton’s trail of death and Johnny leggo looked the other way.

    TRUMP 2020

  41. RoseAnn Posch: Do you know why he doesn’t do those honorable acts you mentioned? Because so many Vets know what the Leftists stand for and he would not be welcomed..The Democratic party is so corrupt all they know how to do is ruin our great country. And all the Leftists are just so ignorant that can’t see what their party is actually doing! I no longer watch regular TV. Watch the fake news channels and , as crazy as it sounds, I will not go to any movie or buy someone’s music if they support the Nazi party. I will not support these crazies !!

  42. Mr. John Legend, the problem isn’t the President it’s ignorant rude people like you. Every time you call someone a RACIST you are in reality saying that YOU are RACIST and we understand that your using these childish outbursts to keep you name in print. Guess what there are a lot of people that don’t like your rhetoric and we are getting tired enough to boycott anything that you do professionally. Recently like a week a go another of you Hollywood know it alls advised that members of Antifa purchase weapons and defend themselves. Now we have these two mass killings, could his nasty recommendation have been the cause? There is an old saw that goes like this “If you can’t say something nice Don’t say anything” Your Mother never taught you any manners.

  43. Enough…… I read these comments from great big nobodies and my stomach turns…..
    People complain about the leadership, yet all the people in the world would probably give their right arm to live here. Unfortunately the way things are going they might as well stay where they are….

    And President Trump, he makes comments that are sometimes not a great choice of words, but the sentiment is spot on!!!!!! I thank God that he is our President and not the other person…..

  44. John “A Legend In His Own Mind” Legend is your typical less than worthless individual whose Synaptic pathways are completely scrambled and is afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it, fact Oscars, Grammys, and Tonys mean nothing as in the people are judged by those in the industry and not the public and being that the vast majority of the public are as mentally deviant as any remotely sane person could possibly imagine their opinions mean less than nothing, so you cannot even rely on the people who cast their votes in the Peoples Choice Awards.

  45. Never heard of him or recognize him but he needs to realize any republican president would be getting this constant blaming from democrats…God picked Trump because anyone else would have quit by now and let socislizm and its extreme taxation and slavery take over…Trump 2020…

  46. The biggest gap that I see in accusations against Pres. Trump never state the specific nouns or sentences that support their adjectives and pronouns negatively decrying Pres. Trump. It would be a God Send if substance were a requirement whether positive or negative.

  47. I’ve heard of him but that is about all, so I’d say he is trying to raise his career. I have no clue who his wife is and don’t really care. All I know is he is on my do not list. Do nut buy, do not hear/listen, do not see, do not care if the career goes belly.

  48. The Illuminati demands these people under contract with them, badmouth President Trump! It’s Obama they want, but America is unlike other Countries because our Citizenry Dictates who runs this Country! We can run any Politician out of office, like we did Obama! He wanted to stay, and would have if we hadn’t voted President Trump in! HRC was to be a false storefront for an Obama third term!

  49. We must get to the bottom of the Vegas shooting, because it was a hit job to gain support for gun confiscation, and eyewitnesses that spoke out were murdered!

  50. Multiple shooters in the Vegas shooting, CIA, ATF, FBI did the investigation, corrupt FBI! The witnesses who stated they saw 4, or 5, different shooters, were killed! Do not give up your guns or you will be a slave!

  51. Lots of venom Johnny Boy considering you write such pretty lyrics. Guess you’r starting to buy into the trash talk of your ugly wife..

  52. What has he done to the Country Valentine? We are still here and will continue to be. The economy is up and stable. We are still free. What do you have to offer?

  53. Simple: Tired of entemrtainersacting like they know everything and then forcing it on those of use who do know more than they do. He apparently has a degree in politics and experience – right ? I don’t force my
    opinions on him – so why do I have to read about his “august options” as if he were an expert ! How much of
    his wealth does he share / give to the peons who pay to see him perform ? The the homeless – the poor – had
    he volunteered to “adopt” an illegal family and take care of all of their costs ? Always throw the responsibility
    on the taxpayers and talk “big” ! Phoney efforts without substance !

  54. Maybe if we would boycott all of the Hollywood “elite” and their paychecks were substantially smaller they would figure out that EVERYONE doesn’t agree with them and they would start keeping their opinions to themselves!

  55. I challenge anyone to locate even one live human being that gives a crap what this imbecile Legend thinks, says or does. Who in their right mind would print something so stupid that even an idiot would not agree with it. It is obvious that the wheels have fallen completely off !!

  56. I believe HI would want them as their leaders are heavy on Dem and Lib presence-what a way to ruin yet another beautiful state!!

  57. I agree 100%. What will we do when they put that sick movie out here in a couple of weeks. It is calle4d HUNT and it shows people hunting people who they claim are deplorables like animals. I hope no reasonable person will go see it.

  58. He just a legend in his own mind. All of those idiots on the liberal side is not happy unless they spew words out of their mouth. They are the ones that are racist and giving out hate speech. It has been going on ever since the president has been in office actually before then. The liberals has always been talking about impeaching the president way before Trump came along. They aren’t happy unless the democrats are running Congress and president where they have full control of everything.

  59. From your lips to God’s ear, Marie! He’s the right man at the right time to save our amazing Republic! ???????????????????????????????????? God Bless Him!!!

  60. So, John Legend is the Sage I am supposed to listen to?
    He went to the University of PA. where he studied English with an emphasis on African-American literature.

    NOT History, Economics, Political Science- Science of any kind, Psychology, etc but English with an emphasis on a specific Race- That seems rather Racist to me to only want to study a topic with a narrow focus based on skin color. And then his ignorant wife yes, did graduate from HighSchool got famous for showing her body modeling (very sexist field) and such intellectual shows as Lip Sync Battle and as co-host on the daytime talk show FabLife! Of course, these are the Geniuses I want telling me what to Think!

    They are not in any way Racist against white people, and are totally tolerant of everyone who does not share their politics Right?!

    You know as a “Hollywood Power Couple” (self-important in their own little world) they are going to tell us who to support and not to support, who to boycott because they Dared to Support the President- without any concern for the thousands of employees of the gym they want to close down, or all those little people who just want to go and take a cycling class…they are acceptable casualties as Johny and Chrissy have spoken!

    Like all Hollywood cosmopolitan elitist liberal filthy rich fools who say ridiculous things to get their brainwashing agenda through! You know, like Bill Maher who has said he hopes and wishes for an Economic Recession so the Dems can win the election in 2020. No worries about those millions who will suffer (many of them Dems) these little people should feel fortunate to be able to contribute via losing their jobs, homes, 401ks etc this is acceptable collateral damage, a sacrifice Bill and his rich elitist ilk are willing to make as long as their liberal agenda is fulfilled and they have the WH! Don’t you all feel fortunate to be able to be the sacrificial lambs (sheep) for the far left? Homelessness, poverty, eating cat food in your 80s- just a small price to pay for the Glory of the Democratic vision of Eutopia where all people do, think and say exactly what the Elite Sages of the Far-Left tell you to. NO Need to think, just do as they say (not as they do) and your life will be filled with joyful diversity, no laws (except PC edicts from above) to follow, no money worries because living on the streets is Free and you can always ask and Illegal Alien if you can barrow their free healthcare card when you are in need of healthcare. All will be well as long as the Leftwing Agenda is enacted. (oh and don’t pay attention to that rich Liberal behind the curtain- he is there to protect you from all your Inplicient subconscious bias and Racism!

    And just to make it clear who they really care about, lol the liberals in Ca. are now trying to prevent the killing of Rats as Inhumane!

    I wonder how they will feel when the Plague makes its way over their gated guarded walls and they and their kids who are probably immune to antibiotics because as elitists their doctors gave it to them at any small sniffle…btw penicillin kills plague- being rich will not help you. The airborne form of Plague kills 70-80% of those who got it in the middle-ages, are you willing to roll the dice and assume you’re not one of those with a lessened immunity to antibiotics? so little people when the rich have corned the market on antibiotics hope you appreciate how humane they were to the Rats.

    Lord save us from the consequences of short-sighted ignorant liberal compassion!

  61. Izib
    Your comment hits the nail on the head!! This is a great comment because it is precise & absolutely correct!

  62. John Legend is a idiot. He is from Springfield Ohio, it is a short distance from Dayton….For him to run his mouth that shows how stupid he really is..He should have empathy for the injured….

  63. Hollywood the land of Drugs and Booze these people talk to hear them selves they need to stay in the limelight first off the reason for all the shooting is Gun control the shooters go where they know no one has guns to stop them and it will only get worse with more control they like the attention one does it and then the next one wants some you will not get rid of them until you get rid of Democrats

  64. Who is John Legend and why should we care what he thinks? I don’t see where he quoted Trump’s remarks that he says are racist. Are they racist because he doesn’t like them?

  65. This guy doesn’t have a brain to be brainwashed, as i see it, if all of his brains were dynamite he
    wouldn’t have enough to blow his nose.

  66. i’d like to know how I receive mail from this cheeto-head loving web-site…..never signed up for it / pls remove my name….y’all make me worry what this country is coming to / go back under your rocks!!

  67. Valerie
    There is no way you can ever stop this blog from entering your email. I strongly suggest you shut down any & all emails you use, & lock your doors because once this site realizes you are not around, they will hunt you down & I don’t even want to imagine the hell you will endure when that happens!!! There is nothing you can do now that you have been selected by this site. I worry for your safety! !

  68. Just wonder if he thought any of the mass shootings during Obama’s term was his fault? And yes, Trump must be very persuasive to get a democrat to commit one of the shootings 🙂

  69. He has his own name wrong and it’s supposed to be Johnny Legend! “John” Legend sounds dorky and Johnny Legend has a ring to it! You don’t call Jimmy Ray, Jim Ray or Johnny Ray, John Ray or Johnny Rockets, John Rockets! He needs to go by Johnny Legend!

  70. JOHN!!!!
    Take a look at that fat guy who was a guest on MSNBC ,
    he is advocating Pitch Forks to attack the owner of the Dolphins
    in the Hampton area in NY because he had a dinner to raise money
    for President Trump’s re-election!
    THIS BUCKWHEAT Character is talking REAL violence!

    WHY IS PIE-HOLE shut tight!
    NO Problem with that!

  71. He’s a typical negro accusing Whites what his people are guilty of. Whose writing all the anti-White, violent lyrics calling for killing us, black cRAP artists, that’s who. Since these jungle people are so miserable here, why don’t they just go back to the homeland and live in a mud hut, the ungrateful idiots.


  73. Just another Follywood clown gum flapping out of ignorance and hate. Nothing new here. Liberals built this mess and it’s up to us to clean them and it up.

  74. If you heard 1 lib Nut, you’ve heard them all. Same hate and racist rant. God Bless all of you who can think for yourselves and can recognize lies when you hear them.

  75. So John proved he is a liberal dimocratic dimwit. What a bunch of sorry people are on this planet anymore. And the funny thing about it besides the leaders in the party and great celebrities like Miley Cyrus, and Alyssa Milano, which careers have never amounted to anything anyway. But these people you would think would have a little common sense, but they proven that’s not true. Well anyway I’m glad I don’t worry about these unpatriotic no talents anymore.

  76. Way to go Kathy! It is the truth about racism being blamed on the White people by African Americans who continually play the victim to things that happened hundreds of years ago. They will NEVER let it go. When Barack Insane Obama was in office, he is to blame for machine all this racism on our country that if it wasn’t bad enough before he surely made it a nightmare now. It’s my belief, to do the blame game on Obama for all this radical left-wing racism that now plagues our country.
    Once again, these radical left-wing liberal DemoCRAPS throwing blame on President Trump but never taking blame for all the crap that they did. I sure hope William Barr goes through with going after Hillary and all of her cronies. That would be the best thing ever. They think they’re so untouchable I just wish it would really happen.

  77. This guy and all these entertainers, hollyweird actors/actresses need to keep their mouths shut when it comes to politics. John this mass shooting was happening way before Trump became President. Obama and Bush were Presidents during the other mass shootings why arent you blaming them. You and your hollywood IDIOTS are the RACISTS. You and your lib friends are so pissed because you cant control Trump and he is doing a lot for us and this Great Country. Plus you cant pay him off like the rest of your corrupt friends, you will all rot in hell. TRUMP 2020 MAGA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  78. Legend, you are arrogant and smug! It’s okay for liberals to say what they please, but not conservatives! Omar can give racist speeches without condemnation! AOC can LIE and exaggerate without consequence ! Hypocrisy thy name is Democrat!

  79. The ordinary citizen is much smarter than the idiots who try to influence the public through misrepresentations and/or deliberate lies. None of us could possibly be as stupid as the publicity seekers who try to manipulate our thoughts.

  80. I agree. He’s a little man with no noticeable talent, married to the alcoholic tiegen who always has the steam kettle up her arse or genitalia. They’re both dullards with nothing to offer anyone.

  81. Actually, you and he has his name wrong! The correct name for him is Johnny Legend! “John” Legend doesn’t have a ring to it and sounds retarded! You don’t call them John Paycheck and John Cash for its Johnny Cash and Johnny Paycheck! Conversely, “Johnny” Brown sounds retarded and the correct name for him would be John Brown!

  82. Hey, jay. There’s Also No Cure For INSANITY As CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump Proves It Every Time That Walking, Talking Pile Of SICKO CRAP Opens His FAT, STUPID MOUTH!

  83. Hey, Betty, did you know that there is this person, at least I think IT is a person that was in on part of the Russian Collusion from the Democrats? We can prove it. That person’s name is Betty.

  84. It is because of this bigoted black man that I stopped watching “The Voice”. It used to be one of my favorite shows, but John Legend has ruined it for me. Yes, he is back this season so I still won’t be able to watch. Such a disgrace the way he and Chrissy spew such awful things about our President , who is NOT a racist, and has done so much for all people in our country. President Trump has done so much to improve the lives of black Americans after our last President, Obama, did so much to increase racial tensions here in America. What a disgrace Obama was, especially when so many people had hoped he would be able to help unite the races, and that’s why he was elected, in my opinion.

  85. Betty, what a fantastically wonderful way you have of describing yourself. I am going to remember you for the future when I file suit on you and sue the living sh*t out of you for treason!

  86. Hey, robert, Replace the name of J. Legend with the name of d trump in your posted message & You Got It Right All The Way, about the NESTING SEWER COCKROACH IN HUMAN FORM!

  87. I recently read an article that said the there is a great possibility that John Legend was in on part of the Russian Collusion. Jeez, what else can happen to our world? Every time I turn around something ghastly is happening.

  88. The truth hurts all you supporters of the egotistical, lying idiot in the White House #45 who has no class, no charm, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self-awareness, no humility, no honor and no grace – all qualities, funnily enough, with which his predecessor Mr. Obama was generously blessed.

  89. Mr. Obama bam-foolzed you. He was just a smooth talking politician and puppet of the elite. If his mouth was open, it was lying. Now could Trump draw the amazing crowds at the rallies that he has if he was all you described? Obama recently came to a rally to support the running of a good buddy for office and only two people showed up. Ha Ha Either the rally wasn’t promoted properly for people to show up and it would look like Michelle would need to run for office instead — or, Obama has really lost his charm with people.

  90. Hey John, just stick with what YOU know and keep out of things you know absolutely nothing about or how everyday citizen feel, you and your overstuffed wife should stop spewing your hatred for the president out of your ivory tower, America does not think they way of the Hollyweird elitists, you just sound out of touch with the reality .

  91. I always thought John had a lot of class. However since he married that classless foul mouth …what more can I say. He lost it


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