Joe Rogan ripped Hollywood phonies to shreds in one epic rant


Joe Rogan has become an arch-villain for the establishment Left.

Even though Rogan leans liberal on several issues, he isn’t afraid to take the “woke” mob to task.

And Rogan just ripped Hollywood phonies to shreds in one epic rant.

Joe Rogan just exposed the fraudulence of Hollywood leftists.

During an interview on the podcast Breaking Points, which features left-wing populist co-host Krystal Ball and right-wing populist co-host Saagar Enjeti, Rogan explained that most people adopt the talking points of the “woke” Left because they think it’s what decision-makers want to hear.

Rogan said, “It all comes down to young, hungry actors saying whatever they believe casting directors are going to want to hear to land the job . . . You see people bend to whichever way the wind is blowing. It’s like, ‘What do I have to say?’ And you see the disingenuousness.”

There are more undercover conservatives and libertarians in Hollywood than people think because liberals are the only ones who won’t pay a significant cost for being outspoken.

Rogan made that point and explained, “So is it that you’re telling me that everyone who is creative [is left-wing]? Is it everyone who is expressive? Is it everyone who is theatrical? Is that possible? It’s not possible,” adding that the split in the country is “basically divided 50/50.”

However, there are a handful of left-wing ideologues within the industry that wield considerable power.

If the head of a studio is “woke,” then that sets the tone for everyone underneath that person.

Conservatives in the arts keep their heads down because the radical leftists are so disagreeable, they can make life a living hell for everyone else.

The radicals are the ones who start harassment campaigns and attempt to get people deplatformed and fired.

That can create a chilling effect, which is why the radicals do it.

They don’t even need significant numbers.

Rogan concluded, “[M]ost people are bitter and most people are weirded out and they adopt these liberal sensibilities and ideologies and they don’t necessarily do it because they thought these things through. I mean, occasionally you’ve got your Mark Ruffalo type characters who are really all in, but most of them are not.”

Rogan confirmed that a lot of people within the industry simply go along to get along.

Hollywood’s close-mindedness will only end up hurting it in the long run because alternative creative outlets will emerge.