Joe Rogan issued a huge threat to California and Hollywood that will make your jaw drop


Joe Rogan is the host of one of the most downloaded podcasts in the United States, a UFC commentator, and comedian that both sides of the political spectrum have found respect for.

But his most recent statement on air may lose him a lot of left-wing fans.

And Joe Rogan just issued a huge threat to California and Hollywood that will make your jaw drop.

Rogan’s podcast is listened to by millions of fans across the political spectrum.

In terms of “listenership” on YouTube and iTunes, he reaches more people than CNN and other mainstream news outlets do.

Which is why his podcast has become so influential. 

Normally, Rogan’s podcast covers topics such as the UFC, music, comedians, and even aliens.

On some occasions, it does delve into politics.

One of Rogan’s most recent podcasts discussed the COVID-19 crisis and how outrageous California and Los Angeles County’s lockdown regulations have become.

LA county has decided to extend the shelter-in-place orders until late July, shutting down comedy clubs and halting nearly all activity in the city.

Rogan expressed a great deal of frustration about the orders and proceeded to threaten leaving California to avoid the taxes and live in a freer state such as Texas.

Rogan said, “I might move to Texas . . . Here’s the thing. If California continues to be this restrictive, I don’t know if this is a good place to live. First of all, it’s extremely expensive. The taxes here are ridiculous. And if they really say that we can’t do stand-up until 2022 or some shit like that, I might jet. I’m not kidding.”

His only hesitation was leaving so many of his friends behind.

But he did mention how other comedian friends of his have expressed a desire to move as well.

If Joe Rogan left California he could completely uproot the comedy scene in the state.

He would also be a member of the growing movement of people leaving California to escape the high cost of living and high taxes.

What do you think?

Should Joe Rogan leave California and move to Texas for lower taxes and more freedom?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. I would move out of Illinois if I could. I hate this state. We have one of the most corrupt governments in the whole country, yet the idiot voters keep voting the crooks back into office.

  3. I feel the same about NYC although simply another arbitrary retiree. The problem with me at my level is Free Speech is virtually jail bait. Social interactions are limited to common courtesy if possible. Conversation is out of the question. I’m not a great believer in notorious NYC “small talk”.

  4. Mississippi is the place to live. We have a Republican governor and the taxes are very reasonable for retired folks. Plus it is a beautiful state, in spite of no mountains. I’d had enough of California back in 1990. Great weather, but gone to pot. (pun not intended)

  5. So Leftys want to move out of the cesspool they created and infest other freedom-loving states? I say, NO WAY!! Their illustrious leader once said “Elections have consequences” so let them live with them!!

  6. If you do leave California don’t try to change your new state into what you just left. You and others made it what it is today. Think you might need to rethink the way you think just a little ????

  7. I would definitely leave California it is crazier than New York they both are too expensive and restrictive to live there. Both states have the craziest no good rotten governors in The USA. VOTE REPUBLICAN ONLY. Save America from satans political pary the democrats.

  8. No concerns about Joe Rogan or anyone else moving to Texas. Just don’t bring those restrictive laws with you. And don’t vote for the demoRats.

  9. I left New York 50 years ago for the Univ. Of Florida in beautiful, small Gainesville. I’m sure its changed. That sent me on the path to beautiful, peaceful Costa Rica. 46 years later, I’m still here and a citizen.

  10. Leave! Just listen to the admonishment from Texans and other states east of the apocalypse DON’T BRING WHAT YOU HELPED WROUGHT IN CALIFORNIA. LEAVE IT BEHIND! The leadership in that God forsaken place is an embarrassment and needs to collapse on itself.

  11. The problem is people leave the states that are in BIG trouble now after having voted for these Demorats (purposely spelled this way!) who want to allow illegals to vote like citizens, make large cities sanctuaries and break the laws of the land, and coddle corrupt politicians who are only out to line their pockets with pay-offs, bribes, and illegal monies. Once the Demorats ruin the state with high taxes, corruption at every level of politics, and liberal cultural makeovers – they leave! They create a nightmare in their east-coast/west coast state and then retire from their jobs and head for Montana, Idaho, West Virginia, etc. to live where the citizens have kept conservatives in office and successfully created fairly safe and healthy places to live and raise their children. They need to stay in the states they have ruined OR vote differently! Americans in conservative regions of this proud country do not want their liberal One-World government group think and herd mentality around us! Us deplorables and smelly Walmart shoppers do not need their snooty, condescending snide attitudes nor will we EVER vote for their corrupt and evil politicians! Unless you take an Economics 1010 class and understand simple supply and demand theory, etc, stay in your high taxes state and keep voting for the bozos who take your hard-earned wages and redistribute them to whoever will promise to vote and keep them in office.

  12. California’s governor is just as bad or not any worse the the fat slob we have in Illinois. The whole stat of Ill.
    is ran by Cook County. People are moving out of the Chicago area in hoards.
    Every big town in Ill. that has a news paper is FULL of liberal commentary. I can’t stand to read them.
    Why do blue states like California, Illinois and New York keep voting in ass hole liberal?
    If you know anything about history and world war two, what is going on is just like Hitler did it! Schools, guns,
    power, changing the constitution etc.
    The Dems are just like a bunch of Nazis.

  13. Like many of us who have lived in California most of our lives we have got to the point the great weather is just not worth the cost. Thousands have moved already and thousands are getting ready before the virus hit and now its only going to get worse. Millions who still live here are waiting for November to see if we can vote out all these Dem morons who have been running California into the ground. We saw what happened this past election where a Republican got elected into a seat here that Dems have held for 22 years and hope we can do the same in November and clean them all out. Maybe we wont have to move after all, unless they get the mail in ballots and cheat AGAIN like they did in 2018.

  14. Hey Joe: As I see this, in my humble opinion, Grusom-Newsom and Some big Mayors are leading CA into economic suicide- let alone creating an atmosphere of insanity!!! If I had financial mobility I’d get myself & family out of there as FAST AS I COULD!!! The PROFOUND MENTAL INSTABILITY OF THESE “CONTROLLERS” is extreme to say the least!!! (They don’t give a damn about you nor are they are unaware of the consequences of their insane demands on Californians!! It is unexplainable!) Either that OR PUT “ALL” your POWER INTO “ELECTING” Constitutional Conservatives into State & Federal offices!! Blessings & Courage to you!! In Jesus Mighty Name!! Amen! Agape, Kathrine Peckham Marshall PS: Tell “them to go Pound “Dry” Sand!!!

  15. Arizona is awesome. Sane people keeping distance. Restaurants are opened. Parks starting to have life in them. It is almost medicinal taking a bike ride to the park and see people LIVING! Before going to Texas, consider Arizona! Fastest growing counties in the country.

  16. I don’t
    think Texas minds people moving there from California as long as they don’t bring all their garbage with them and try to change the state to what they left behind. That’s what happens a lot. People leave a state because
    of they way it is ran and then vote the same way they did where they come from. They ruin the state they moved to. Democrats & liberals are bad about doing just that.

  17. Anyone with a brain in their head should pack up and leave that awful state. Nothing redeeming about it anymore. Maybe if voters get rid of the morons in November and turn the state Red, there might be a chance of revival. Not holding my breath.

  18. I agree with a lot of you. Leave CA or NYC but please leave liberal thinking behind. Don’t mess my state up like some of the other liberal ones. That’s why I moved back to TX. I can actually afford to live here freely.

  19. I’d leave in a flash. I left Maine over 50 years ago and became an Alaskan resident when I was 21 years old because of the stupid taxes and restrictive laws in the state of Maine. Like California everything is taxed and the state was (is) run by leftist Democrats. Like Debra says; don’t vote for what you are leaving behind.

  20. Debra, you are wrong. Texans hate Californians and all the liberal BS they bring with them. They are trying to turn Texas into a blue state. It may cause a real shooting war there.

  21. The Construction is the People.
    We are the power and not a communist Democrate.
    The people need to take action to bring these democrates To justice.
    They need to be striped of their citizenship and all their wealth that they stole from the people. Then tossed in the street to live in poverty. A poverty that they created.

  22. I don’t understand why anyone would put any Credence in the opinions of clowns and jesters in the entertainment industry they are there for our amusement and nothing else

  23. You all may leave Ca NY Ill but don’t even infect blue states with your red beliefs. If that’s your plan then rot in your hell holes.

  24. Blue states are ALREADY infected, that’s why he is leving California…maybe you should move there..they need your money to give to illegals.

  25. They leave California because of the way it is..then move and try to make the new state just like the one they left…go figure…just stay in California if that’s what you want.

  26. A lot of people are taking your advice….you can now pay MORE taxes to give to the illegals. So just who is getting F’ed ??? YOU

  27. Keep in mind, once a liberal, always a liberal. People from New York, Illinois & California will bring their liberal agenda and baggage with them where they go. They are brainwashed just like Islamists. When moslems come to our country, they do not integrate into our society, they want us assimilated into theirs. Liberal are the same. I begin to wonder if we are building a “wall” in the right place. New York & California borders would be a better option. A wall around the entire Chicago metro area would be another.

  28. At some point with all the tyranny, debauchery and filthy wickedness Hollywood will be on an earthquake fault line. This disgusting rich place may have an 8.5 shaking with it breaking apart and this place will fall into the ocean getting what it deserves.

  29. California has many of the most beautiful natural features of the world: the redwoods, 2500 years old; the oldest living tree in the world (8000) years; yosemite, Mount Whitney; Monterey, and a lot of beautiful beaches and coastlines. Beautiful seas, harbors, whales, sea lions and seals, unending list of gifts from God … more than than can be imagined…gifts that should be cared for and cherished. The Rogan complaint is symptomatic, sad in a way … not an overall view but simply the cry of an individual who wants to be able to work. A leader will rise … hope it is a democratic leader, not a politician, someone trying to restore a sense of proportion to the politics of the place, not a leader seeking power

  30. I’m still waiting for the big one so I can live on the beach In Arizona! Spent a lot of time at Camp Pendleton and was glad when I left!!! Oo-rah

  31. Piss on California and New York and Illinois. Indiana is the place to live especially in the southeastern part.

  32. Humm . . . Mississippi, Arizona . . . California is overly regulated, and populated by lazy welfare dependents and pot addicts. Definitely thinking of moving out of California, especially since Meghan&Harry moved in.

  33. Leave and for that matter California should secede from the US and become its own country and welcome with open arms all who want that way of life. We won’t miss them at all and it will save us money

  34. Yeah, he should definitely leave Commiefornia! There’s not enough money in the WORLD, to get me to even set foot in that state, much less LIVE there! It’s a loony bin! They could just fence the damn place in, and send all the country’s mentals there, nobody would know the difference! My dad’s cousin moved there in the early 60s, they heard from him for a few weeks, then nothing. He was found a couple of weeks later, tied to tree, sliced up like a side of beef. I drive a truck, and there are three places I REFUSE to haul to, Commiefornia, NYC, and New Jersey. I have been to each of those places hauling freight once, and told my company, to NEVER send me to those two states, or that city, ever again! In fifteen years of driving, I’ve never been back to any of them.

  35. Hi Joe, move to Texas, no state taxes and would love to see you here and my husband and I love UFC and we may be considered old but we’re still here and we are not dead………..Come on man!!!

  36. TX is now filling up with people from CA and elsewhere. Austin is overrun with refugees from CA, and it has caused problems. CA people bring in huge amounts of money. Result is–in Austin home prices and apt. rentals are very high. Traffic and congestion is also a problem. I’d love to see Joe here, but no one else. We have severe problems with illegal aliens, drugs, gangs, and water–yes–we are running out of water.
    Overall–TX may soon be another state to fall to the perils of overcrowding and liberals. I’ve had over 40 yrs. here, but it’s changing fast and I need to decide soon to leave or tough it out.
    Am. is running out of safe, clean, affordable places to live anymore.

  37. Come to Florida home prices are great and great beaches.just stay out of Miami I’m near the cape and been here 42 years and had lots of growth but still not over populated


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