Joe Biden’s Department of Justice used a disabled child in Texas to defy the electected governor on this anti-science order


The Biden Administration is doing everything it can to find a way to fight back against Republican governors trying to protect their states from the radical agenda of the Left.

But, unfortunately, it seems like Biden now has a way to force states and localities to do what he wants with little recourse to fight back.

And Joe Biden’s Department of Justice used a disabled child in Texas to defy the elected governor on this anti-science order.

Of all the nonsense and lack of cognitive ability coming out of the Biden Administration, one thing has been crystal clear – they want to force their radical agenda on everyone.

When they took control of the vaccine it went from a focus on voluntary vaccination to pressuring citizens to get it, to now even forcing them to get it just to survive.

Now they are on a crusade against states who want to protect their kids from forced mask wearing all day long in school.

States like Texas and Florida are trying to keep leftist localities from muzzling children all day by enforcing executive orders banning mandatory masking.

But now it seems like the Biden administration finally has a way to forcefully muzzle your kids.

The New York Times is reporting that the Justice Department is about to throw its full weight and support behind suits against states over mask mandates.

They claim that they are joining the suits to protect the rights of disabled students “even if their local school districts offered them the option of virtual learning.”

An attorney for one of these suits tried to twist federal law to support the legal overreach that the Justice Department will be joining in on.

Dustin Rynders of Texas claims, “It would be discrimination for a state to prohibit ramps to enter in the school. And for many of our clients, people wearing masks to protect our clients’ health is what is required for our clients to be able to safely enter the school.”

There is just one glaring problem with this example and the Justice Department entering the suit.

There are children throughout the nation that are being denied an adequate education as required by law because of the mask mandates.

Students with disabilities like autism are being denied the right not to wear a mask in mandated schools even though wearing one makes their learning potential very limited due to their reactions to the masks.

And some school systems are actually denying parents’ ability to do remote learning for these students.

So it’s a slap in the face to disabled students across the nation for the Biden administration to jump into these lawsuits while other students with disabilities are being ignored by schools.

What do you think?