Joe Biden’s botched Afghan nightmare just led to a Silicon Valley powerhouse doing something despicable


Big Tech censorship gets scarier as each day passes.

Leftist social media titans feel justified in silencing counter-narrative voices.

Now because of Joe Biden’s botched Afghan nightmare, a Silicon Valley powerhouse committed a despicable act.

Musician John Ondrasik, who goes by the stage name Five For Fighting, shockingly had a music video pulled down.

The reason why was because it shined a light on Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, claimed that the video violated the platform’s “graphic content policy,” but Ondrasik put a warning label on the video.

This is a preposterous form of censorship considering that all kinds of graphic content appears on YouTube.

And the graphic content is news footage, not gratuitous violence.

The establishment will do anything to protect Joe Biden, even attempt to paper over his failures.

Ondrasik to Breitbart News:

“I hope YouTube reassesses their decision to take down my video shedding light on the massive humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, and raising money for the private orgs keeping the promise to rescue American citizens and allies we abandoned to the Taliban…To not do so would validate those claiming YouTube had a political motive for this action.”

This is simply the latest escalation in the censorship war launched by Big Tech.

YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have made a clear choice to enforce the ever-changing establishment narrative.

Anyone or anything that challenges that narrative runs the risk of getting silenced.

That’s why social media alternatives grow in reach every single day.

For example, Rumble has become a viable alternative to YouTube.

Ondrasik is determined not to let the corporate press and big tech downplay Biden’s Afghanistan blunder.

The withdrawal was handled in the most slapdash way possible, and there was no excuse because Donald Trump had laid the groundwork for a proper end to the war in Afghanistan.

Each time the Big Tech giants censor a high-profile individual, they chip off more of their credibility.

These platforms are not immune from becoming the next Myspace or Friendster.

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