Joe Biden just had to cancel a speech after Catholics stood up to him in a big way


Joe Biden’s claim of being a faithful Catholic is in conflict with his pro-abortion agenda.

So naturally, many Catholics are standing up to him.

And Joe Biden had to cancel a speech after Catholics stood up to him in a big way.

Joe Biden’s pro-abortion record has made him a pariah among those who actually follow the teachings of the Catholic Church.

His pro-abortion, anti-family record flies in the face of Catholic teachings.

And it has caused him to be famously denied Holy Communion at a Catholic Church in South Carolina while on the campaign trail going into the 2020 election.

Dozens of other Bishops have made clear that he should be denied Holy Communion due to his anti-God policies.

And now he is bucking the tradition of speaking at Notre Dame’s commencement ceremony after a 4,300 “members of the Notre Dame community” signed a petition opposing his invitation due to his radical abortion policies.

His cancellation is being reported as being the result of a schedule with the White House’s schedule.

But in reality, he is spending the weekend at Camp David, and won’t even be at the White House during the speech.

It has been tradition for newly-elected Presidents to speak at the commencement.

President George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Vice President Mike Pence all spoke at the ceremony.

President Donald Trump sent Pence due to him needing to be in Saudi Arabia at the time of the commencement.

The petition against Biden was sent to Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins.

“He rejects Church teachings on abortion, marriage, sex and gender and is hostile to religious liberty,” the petition reads. “He embraces the most pro-abortion and anti-religious liberty public policy program in history. The case against honoring him is immeasurably stronger than it was against honoring President Obama.”

It goes on to state that “Biden’s actions already taken and those promised will result in the killing of countless innocent unborn both here and abroad through federal funding of abortions and abortion organizations.”

Notre Dame is one of the largest Catholic Colleges in the United States.

The fact that Biden, who claims to be Catholic, faces such opposition from the University shows just how extreme his pro-abortion views are.

Even Barack Obama didn’t face the opposition that Biden is facing.