Joe Biden just found out that fewer Americans than ever trust what he says about this critical issue


The Democrat Party is falling apart, and Biden seems to be leading the way.

Crisis after crisis and terrible messaging are the driving force behind many Americans’ hesitation to believe the Left.

And Joe Biden just found out that fewer Americans than ever trust what he says about this critical issue.

A new poll shows that fewer Americans than ever have faith that Joe Biden will provide accurate information about COVID-19.

This shouldn’t come as a shock given the constant flip-flopping and mixed messages from the White House.

Only 45 percent of those asked said they had “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of faith in Biden to provide them accurate information, while 53 percent said they did not have “very much” faith in the President or “none at all.”

The data published by Axios/Ipsos shows this is a double-digit decline from December when 58 percent said they trusted Biden.

The data also showed the numbers moved in the same direction across party lines.

Constant revisions by health officials and members of the Biden administration related to COVID are giving many Americans good reason to doubt what Joe Biden tells them.

One of the biggest nails in Biden’s COVID coffin was after months of hearing from CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky that vaccinated Americans did not need to “mask up,” she changed her mind in late July and suggested the complete opposite.

And to add to the black eye, Joe Biden earlier this month mandated employers with more than 100 employees force vaccinations despite having promised in December that he would never impose such a measure.

“No, I don’t think it should be mandatory. I wouldn’t demand it to be mandatory,” Biden stated at the time.

It’s these types of moves by the Democrats and Biden that have many believing this is all just one big political game.

The Left likes the feeling of controlling Americans’ health decisions and they don’t want to give that power up.

There is no doubt there’s a rising distrust of Biden and his administration.

And if something doesn’t change soon it could boil over.

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