Joe Biden just cashed in big after Hollywood gave him a massive win


Hollywood has become nothing more than a cesspool of liberal propaganda.

Above all, they want to get rid of President Trump.

And Joe Biden just cashed in big after Hollywood gave him a massive win.

Having control of most of the entertainment that Americans consume is a powerful thing.

And Hollywood wastes no time pumping in as much left-wing propaganda they can.

It is so left-wing that even the Obama family has a movie production company that pumps out films and television shows to the masses.

So it should be no surprise that they are all-in for Joe Biden as he runs against President Trump.

After all, Hollywood stars have been working for months alongside Michelle Obama to hold voter registration drives designed to get more anti-Trumpers registered to vote.

And while this is happening, Joe Biden is sitting down with the elites of Hollywood to rake in the cash.

Just this weekend, Biden was able to rake in $6 million during a virtual Hollywood fundraising, according to a report from Deadline.

The online event was hosted by former DreamWorks and Disney executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, who is one of Hollywood’s biggest Democrat fundraisers who twice helped get Obama elected.

During the event, Biden reportedly repeatedly attacked President Trump over his plans relating to coronavirus, and on his efforts to re-open the economy.

It’s not surprising that Hollywood executives would be supportive of keeping the economy closed, as they have an opportunity to make a lot of money streaming their movies to people sitting at home living off of unemployment, and government stimulus checks.

“Just imagine if Trump actually had a plan to reopen the economy safely instead of just ordering his staff to hide the truth,” Biden reportedly said.

It is ironic that Biden is talking about Trump “hiding” anything, considering he has been hiding in his basement for months.

He also reportedly claimed that President Trump “hasn’t done any of what needs to be done, and now he’s sending even more people back to work without a plan to safely reopen, hanging the open sign in the economy, crossing his fingers and telling his staff to slow down testing.”

“You know, you can’t wish this away,” Biden continued. “Cases are still rising. People are still dying. Frontline workers will unfortunately be on the front lines a long, long time. And as president I’m going to make sure I have their backs.”

So while President Trump is talking directly to the American people, Biden only seems interested in talking to elites.

Do you think President Trump will win re-election in November?

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  2. President Trump will kick Bidens ass. Biden himself will fail because of his Alzheimers. Can you imagine Biden in the WhiteHouse pushing the wrong button starting a nuclear war and he says “oh I made a mistake I pushed the wrong button” or after we(The U.S.) is in a nuclear war say” Gosh I hope you will overlook my mistake” right Biden! Do you want to risk your or your families lives for Bidens mistake? I don’t! VOTE TRUMP

  3. If Biden wins the election you will see BLM just vanish. They will have completed their mission, which has nothing to do with black lives, and never has. That is my prediction.

  4. My large family and I are all voting for Trump 4- President …
    several of my Democrat friends will be voting for Biden …
    been in Politics for over 60-years, once a young Democrat,
    it took one election of a Newark mayor Hugh Addanizio
    who was indicted for $14.9 Million in extorting Newark
    operated parking meters and parking lots …
    Been a Conservative Republican for over 60-years,
    need to rid us of the 5% RINOS

  5. Biden is a clear and present danger to America. He is not fit to run for president. When he talks he has something in his ear so someone can help him talk or he looks at his pad and looks at it while he talks. How is he going to deal with world leaders?

  6. America it’s time to pray like we have never prayed. This new Dem party is the most evil people I have ever seen. God we are depending on you. You are our only HOPE.

  7. I’m a 72 y/o life-long Republican and retired US Army officer. I fear unless President Trump changes his name-calling, stops blaming others, presents only verified facts, presents SPECIFIC policies on improving health care, economic recovery, and police reform, he will lose in November. His base is only ~ 25% of the electorate. Even if his base votes 100% for him, that’s not enough to win re-election. The 2018 election proved that Republicans MUST receive at least 50% of the independent vote. Currently, Trump is not even close! This is NOT 2016! God forbid Biden wins but unless Trump realizes this, our country is doomed!


  9. Hollywood just proved they are not very smart as anyone with half a brain would not be backing a man who can’t tell his wife from his sister. Question should be if he can’t tell his wife from his sister will he be able to tell our enemies from our allies? Biden is a joke of the worse kind but then so was Hillary.

  10. Well, Hollywood is a lot smarter than the right wing, anti-American religious bigots that put a bunch of Trumpinazis in office.

  11. joe bite me can’t win a fair election and the devildemocommiecrats know it. That is why they are pushing so hard for mail-in fraud voting. President Trump is the best thing to happen to America since Ronald Reagan left office. People hate Trump because he is for America and not afraid to say so out loud. I am a Christian, a veteran, and a patriot. God bless America and President Trump. I daily pray for more people like him in all areas and levels of government.

  12. HCB Why do you call Right Wingers anti-american? I don’t understand what it is we do that you consider anti-american? Aren’t right-wingers the ones trying to bring jobs back to this nation? Aren’t we the ones trying to preserve the Constitution, the freedom of speech, the freedom of worship, the freedom to bear arms and the freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness? What is your idea of what America should be? Is “your” America suppose to like China,or a 3rd world country like Honduras or like India where if you are born into poverty through no fault of you own you eat out of the garbage heaps your entire life with no hope of ever attaining anything better because you are an untouchable? I suppose that the liberal left’s allowing the loss of more and more jobs to China, big government controlling every aspect of your life, the destruction of the Constitution, the loss if freedom of speech, worship, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and the right to self protection is your American ideal ? I think what is anti-american are people like you. If you don’t like America the way she is then leave. I am sure we could set up a Fund Me page and raise more than enough money to give you a big send off. Anybody else agree with me?

  13. Don’t worry about Joe won’t last long enough in the White House to remember where the bathroom is. The Clinton/Obama mafia will declare him incompetent or just KILL him. Beware of his VP choice neither skin color or a vagina are qualifications for political office. Look at his choices
    they are worse than him. 2020 is the most important election in our lifetime and our history. Get your lazy add friends off the golf course or barstool. Don’t let them say they didn’t have time. Let them make time before or after work. Drive the elderly to the polls Make sure they are registered on time. This is the big one. VOTE

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