Joe Biden has a new plan that has Christians up in arms


Joe Biden is the Democrat frontrunner for the 2020 primary election with a strong lead.

But his campaign is beginning to run into problems, with many Democrats believing he isn’t far enough Left.

And he just disproved that by announcing a new plan that has Christians up in arms.

For his entire career, Joe Biden has been pro-abortion.

But he has also always been one of the Democrats opposing taxpayer funds paying for abortions.

In 1994, Biden bragged about voting against federal funding of abortion “on no fewer than 50 occasions.”

But he just gave up on that belief, and all it took was him running for president to change his mind.

Speaking to an ACLU volunteer, Biden said the 1976 Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding of abortion, “can’t stay.”

Breitbart reports:

Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden has withdrawn his support for the Hyde amendment, which prohibits federal funding of abortion, saying he would abolish the amendment if elected president.

Despite his consistent support for abortion-rights legislation, Mr. Biden has always voted against taxpayer funding for the procedure, a position he now repudiates, noted John McCormack in the National Review.

Asked on video about his current stance regarding the 1976 Hyde Amendment, Biden told an ACLU volunteer he was committed to abolishing the provision, saying: “It can’t stay.”

Mr. Biden’s swing left on the abortion issue represents a significant change for the 76-year-old politician, who has prided himself on his “moderate” stance.

“I will continue to abide by the same principle that has guided me throughout my 21 years in the Senate: those of us who are opposed to abortion should not be compelled to pay for them,” Biden wrote in 1994. “As you may know, I have consistently — on no fewer than 50 occasions — voted against federal funding of abortions.”

It is already bad enough for Christians that abortion occurs in the United States.

But now Biden believes Christians need more to worry about by having their tax dollars go toward abortions.

Biden’s new-found support for taxpayer funding of abortion shows that the issue is becoming a mainstream Democrat position.

If Democrats win in 2020, taxpayer funding of abortion will likely become reality.

What do you think about your tax dollars paying for abortion?

Let us know in the comment section below.


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  2. Planned Parenthood (what a misnomer for a bunch of killers) should NOT receive any Federal Funding!

  3. The rule should be, in any year where the Federal Gov. has a deficit funds can not go to abortions.

  4. I’m glad I’m so poor. They can’t get blood from a turnip. I would never allow one penny of mine to pay for abortions. God will judge this nation, so beware!

  5. Christians and core conservatives have a very clear decision to make. Vote for a Democrat whose party supports the murder of viable babies, being born babies, and already born babies and want to use our tax money to kill them!

  6. He’s more than a meathead, he’s a dishonest, lying politician like most Demonrats!! Twenty plus years ago he agreed with the Hyde Amendment, taxpayers who disagree with abortions should not have to pay for them. Now he is pandering to the left in his Party but his history with abortion and the Hyde Amendment is catching up with hi!!.

  7. Biden will change his viewpoint on other issues putting him just as far-left as his opponents!!! Watch for it!!!!

  8. I’m a little troubled by the lead-in to the discussion… to wit, it presupposes that anyone who is pro abortion is NOT a Christian, and vice-versa. I am a Christian and pro-life, but with exceptions, and I’d like to think there are pro-choicers out there who also have exceptions. In other words, I believe what I believe not BECAUSE I am a Christian, but simply because it makes sense to me, and I can understand most of the opposite point of view. Once again, I believe there are non-Christians out there that share both sides of the issue, so I think Biden’s change of position should not say that Christians are up in arms… It should just say Pro-Lifers are…!

  9. Joe Biden is a idiot. God is going to judge them. I hope the American People have a Brain and not vote for this idiot.

  10. James I think you need to read the Old Testament book of Amos . It does not matter whether you are a Christian or have you own individual thoughts what matters is how God feels about abortion. Amos will show you what God does to nations that kill unborn innocents. You might also like to look through Proverbs and read these words . There is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof is death. That reference is not only to physical but spiritual death. You can not violate the righteousness of God and expect him to agree with you .

  11. Try this on for size; I’ll take it a step further and say there is no such thing as a Christian democrat, it’s an oxymoron!!

  12. If we have ahd this ACT all along, how come they have been funding planned parenthood? They have actually funded abortion all along.

  13. Democrat M.O. :

    Say ANYTHING, do ANYTHING to get the gullable to vote for you and then once elected, do whatever the heck you want to because everyone knows Democrat promises mean absolutely NOTHING.

  14. Poor little fake christians, having a SAD. Your ignorant depravity is only exceeded by the “extremely stable genius” in the White House, the greatest conman in American history. You must be so proud.

  15. Using MY tax dollars for funding Legalized Murder?!? Not at all! The Bible (Democrats: Remember the Word of God?) says that taking of innocent life (aka abortion) is an ABOMINATION – WORSE than a sin! We need to get back to the basics of decency and respect for what it is . . . Murder, PURE AND SIMPLE.

  16. Ed,
    I want to thank you for your comment. I’m a millennial female and have been told abortion was against the word of God, but…well, of course I’ve been at college forever being indoctrinated (poorly as it turns out since I’ve retained conservative and Christian values) and the fact that I said “millennial” carries its own significance. But I haven’t found any scriptures to really support what I knew in my gut was right. I’m going to open up Amos tonight. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your word of knowledge. If nothing else, it reached me.

  17. We need to call it for what it is . . Murder, Pure and Simple (Needed to correct last misstatement – Left something out).

  18. He can’t just abolish an amendment. But this will probably get more STUPID leftists to “vote” for him.
    Biden has been an IDIOT for DECADES.

  19. Joseph Biden will stand before the Great White Throne of JESUS CHRIST with the blood of millions of Innocent children on his hands, he will be forced to kneel and say JESUS CHRIST IS LORD then he will hear the sentence depart from ME I never knew you onto the Lake of Fire and the smoke of your torment will rise day and night for ALL ETERNITY!

  20. I feel sorry for anyone that would ever consider voting for any democrat for anything short of prison time.

  21. Stupid Joe is as the saying goes “ANY ONES DOG WHO WILL HAVE HIM” . He is just another IMMORAL DEMOCRAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I don’t believe in abortion as a Christian and Catholic. God help us if this idiot or any of the other liberals get the White House in 2020. I’m surprised he along with ‘nasty’ nancy ‘pigluiosi’ as Catholics haven’t been excommunicated from the Church. You can’t be catholic and support abortion. Abortion is murder, pure and simple. and is against the 7th commandment. This idiot along with the other liberal buffoons have gotten too damned much attention but on the other hand they’re good for a laugh and God only knows we all need a good laugh in these trying times. The reality of this dog and pony show and ‘soap opera’ is it’s real and happening here in America and not some mythical place like Port Charles.

  23. Smiley Joe changes the direction of rhetoric just as the wind changes direction. Maybe that’s why his 40+ record in politics has nothing positive to show for it.

  24. I’m quite sure you would not know the difference between a true Christian and a fake Christian. Only God can make that determination and I’m also quite sure you don’t know Him either!!

  25. All you right wingers support another immoral guy, just like Nixon, McConnell, Tom Delay, Cheney, and tons of other corrupt guys and also draft dodgers many of them like Trump

  26. I don’t understand Moses, Biden is equally immoral as any of the last administration, or previous administrations… and I for one think more stupid than most, especially inserting his Son that died going up against Putin’s control of Oil transits… like McCain died going up against Putin with massive Arms Sales… both having mysteriously gotten rare brain cancer, a very very rare form of brain cancer and the two, Biden’s son and McCain being only the two people on the planet with most to threaten Putin’s interests- very rare out of 7 billion people on the planet.
    BTW, Biden ‘dodged the draft’ also.. ‘breathing problems’ that mysteriously disappeared after college.

  27. Point out one perfect man aside from Jesus. God used Saul of Tarsus, persecutor and executioner of Christians and turned him into Paul the Apostle.

  28. always something new with the democrats !!! Sleepy, Creepy Flip-Flop Uncle Joe will say anything to get elected !!! it’s a shame the democrats , have moved so far left !!!

  29. And because they receive that Federal funding, we, the taxpayers are paying for abortions. They Hyde Amendment has no teeth.

  30. Currently, the best option is to VOTE President Donald Trump in 2020.

    Although the Hyde Amendment is still in force, these governing officials still find their way around the law to use tax payer money to fund abortions.
    It is done through Planned Parenthood.
    The states medicaid programs need to be controlled by each state and the abortion issue as well.

    It is such a dismal thing that killing babies is acceptable at any level.

    Joe Biden is definitely not a politician who is for ALL Americans.
    President Trump DEFINITELY IS.

  31. Usually with age comes wisdom, judging by the name you’ve chosen, that is obviously not the case 4 u. You too can know the mind of God, He’s written a whole book about it and I can assure u He’s not little or tin as you will soon see. The Creator of all put on an earth suit, let Himself be tortured and crucified and was buried and resurrected just for YOU. He has given you the choice of where you’ll spend eternity. It’s a free gift. You can’t buy or earn salvation. I pray u choose wisely.


  32. “which prohibits federal funding of abortion, “can’t stay.””

    For that to happen they must also abolish the prohibition on ESTABLISHING religion and provide funds for other RELIGIOUS issues that PROTECT the rights of the people.

    The entire purpose behind that amendment was the fact that the federal government is prohibited by the CONSTITUTION from dictating religious beliefs, that to FORCE those with a RELIGIOUS based object to fund abortion was no different of a violation than FORCING students to recite the pledge of allegiance in schools. In other words the second half of the “government shall make no laws establishing religion OR RESTRICTING THE FREE PRACTICE THEREOF”. By forcing those with religious beliefs that object to murder to fund the act is the government DIRECTLY restricting their religious freedom to refuse to participate in that action.

    This is one of the reasons (another was their actual voting record being reported to the ones they are supposed to represent exposing their lies about how they voted) that they want the first amendment abolished.

  33. I tried it on… Doesn’t fit… I despise the Democratic Party too… but I have some very Christian friends who are democrats… and I’ll bet you do too. I love the word oxymoron, but that ain’t one!

  34. Ed, I know what you’re saying, and I agree with you… But the issue is extremely complicated and you can’t deny that… Last time I checked, God understands everything and forgives us our sins!
    That’s all I’m sayin’…

  35. Bully bob… Con men are smooth talking deceivers, quite unlike Trump, but exactly like the greatest con man POTUS in our history… Obama! And he was so good at it, millions of people don’t even know they were conned! Methinks you’re one of them.

  36. No money for abortions. None! No abortions. This is murder. Being born isn’t the start of life. Life starts at conception.

  37. It’s really very simple. Endorsing the democrats platform of advancing the homosexuals, lgbqrst or whatever, and the abortionists is in direct opposition to God’s Word. There are quite a few Cino’s (pronounced sin-o) out there. Christian in name only. It’s really impossible to be living for God and being conformed to the image of Christ when one is in rebellion and supporting the works of the enemy. Let me put it another way, if I stand in a garage does it make me a car? No more than standing in church makes one a Christian. Only God can judge one’s heart, and will be doing so very soon. I pray that you and all that read this are prepared.

  38. Paardon my language and comparison, but Biden is a Political Prostitute. He is true to the definition that he will do anything, say anything, espouse anything, stoop to anything to get votes, money and power. He is the best example I have evre known as a pollitical Puppet.

  39. Conservatives are always crying about Christians losing their rights, meanwhile they allow Trump to embrace the Nazis and white supremacists. No one speaks out on the right, you are all cowardly traitors.

  40. Dear Nuts, please quit regurgitating party of death talking points and cite one example of President Trump being a Nazi or white supremacist.

  41. Hey billybob!! Matthew 7:1&2 says and I quote, “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged; and with what measure you allot, it shall be measured to you again.” So how do you know who is a fake Christian and who is a real Christian? Just askin’.

  42. Oh believe me this moron will NEVER see the face of God, this freak will burn in hell for eternity.

  43. Joe, take a pick , it’s either YES or NO. Make up you mind you fool. How do you stand on abortion? STOP playing both sides of the street. Testing the waters doesn’t work .

  44. Get off the corrupted to the core Godless NAZI Demoncrat Communist plantation treasonous party of Satan (RINOs too!!! You know who you are) and on the Trump train to success! MAGA!

  45. God forgives confessed sin accompanied with repentance. Repentance means to sorrow for the sin you have confessed and stop doing it. I don’t see this happening in our country. In fact, I see just the opposite.

  46. Another Veteran!!! I like the Veteran’s quote but may I modify it a bit ? Sleepy, Cs espreepy, Jerky, Turkey-joe copies every thing he like


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