Joe Biden and the Democrats just discovered another “green” energy failure they have to bury


When leftists decided to take down Michigan’s automotive industry, CEOs of major brands fell for their nonsense fast.

But Joe Biden and the Democrats’ best-laid “green” energy plans are shorting out.

And they just discovered another “green” energy failure they have to bury.

Electric cars are working out about as well as Joe Biden’s administration.

While he’s failed most of the nation, Joe Biden has made good on several promises to fringe leftists.

One was killing cheap energy and the combustion engine.

And now that Democrats’ are bringing their dreams of killing muscle cars — and a huge part of American culture along with them—into reality, the automotive industry is telling Americans they’ll be replaced with equally — or more — impressive electric models.

But Joe Biden and the “green” auto movement may have just hit their biggest roadblock yet.

Ford is recalling its flagship electric – Mustang Mach-E SUV.

The electric Mustangs were released with plenty of swagger, but now it appears the vehicles are utterly incapable of living up to all the promises the big bosses at Ford made.

The company is currently recalling nearly 49,000 of the electric vehicles and has ordered dealers to stop selling inventory on their lots due to a power loss problem.

It turns out a connection on the high voltage battery can overheat causing it to get stuck wide open or completely weld shut after a driver uses a fast charger or stomps down on the accelerator repeatedly.

In other words, if you fuel up and actually use the SUV, which has a starting price close to $45,000, it is likely to literally melt down.

This latest mess helps explain why Henry Ford went with the good old combustion engine — which works consistently—even though the first electric car was invented clear-back in 1834.

But Democrats love to fixate on things from the past that simply don’t work.

And it’s not just electric cars, leftists also want Americans dependent on the unreliable motor of the middle ages—windmills — for the power to charge their unreliable electric vehicles’ batteries.

Windmills might have been fine for pumping water in the old west, but even Washington, D.C. can’t provide a steady enough stream of hot air to keep the country running on wind power.

A trip through some of the gustiest places in the nation now features miles of massive and ugly wind turbines with a fair portion of them failing to operate at any given time.

You’ll also notice plenty of combustion engine powered semis trucking up and down the interstate with gigantic, oversized loads of wind turbine parts.

You’d better believe there’s one study leftists don’t want to see — and that’s a calculation of exactly how many gallons of diesel it takes for truckers to clean up after electric cars that fail and turbines on wind farms that quit working.

It seems the only way “clean energy” looks clean is if the combustion engine keeps chugging along to pick up the pieces.

If it worked well, leftists wouldn’t have to be shoving it down our throats.

Private industry is quick to adopt anything that proves itself in the real world.

There is one form of “clean” energy proven to work—hydroelectricity — powering much of the Northwest and Intermountain West and, of course, leftists hate it.

All kinds of Democrats and at least one RINO claim they’re terribly worried about salmon swimming upstream through the dams (with ladders that have worked just fine for decades).

But it seems Joe Biden and friends simply have an incurable bias against anything that works.

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