Jimmy Kimmel embarrassed himself with one absurd attack on this red state


Late night comedians have become nothing more than shills for the Democrat Party.

Perhaps the worst of the lot is Jimmy Kimmel.

And Kimmel embarrassed himself with one absurd attack on this red state.

ABC host Jimmy Kimmel has become the “woke” pope of late night “comedy.”

His monologues often target Republicans and conservatives in the least funny way possible.

The latest target is the state of Florida, which Kimmel compared to North Korea:

Comedy is supposed to be grounded in truth.

Even using hyperbole, it’s absurd to compare Florida to North Korea.

North Korea is the epitome of totalitarianism, while Americans are flocking to the Sunshine State for liberty.

Despite having the second most aged population in the country, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis did a great job in protecting the elderly community.

Florida commerce largely stayed open, as did the schools.

Businesses can’t move to Florida fast enough, yet Kimmel somehow thinks that’s analogous to North Korea.

If someone were to make overwrought comparisons to North Korea, they would first look at California or New York or Michigan or one of the many blue states that instituted draconian COVID lockdowns.

In the Left’s bizarro world, everything is inverted.

So Florida freedom is actually oppression.

Kimmel also served as an establishment shill when he tried to slander the retail investors who short-squeezed Wall Street hedge funds as “Russian disruptors.”

The Democrat Media Complex must be very concerned about Ron DeSantis in 2024.

They’ve directed multiple hit pieces toward him despite the demonstrably good results.

The Left can’t run against him on his record as Governor, so they’ve sunk to petty insults and jokes from their hatchet men in news and entertainment media.

There’s a reason states like Florida, Texas, and Tennessee are receiving an influx of people, and it’s not because they resemble North Korea.