Jim Carrey posted something so vile that his career is going down in flames


Jim Carrey is attempting to revive his career by being outspoken left-wing extremist.

But a new political cartoon he just published sunk him to a new low.

The image was so deranged it will make you sick.

Jim Carrey’s outlandish public statements against President Trump and the pro-life movement have largely fueled the actor’s return to Hollywood’s good graces.

But he just crossed a line that could send his career down the drain for good.

The Daily Caller reports:

Actor Jim Carrey on Saturday tweeted his wish that Republican Alabama Governor Kay Ivey had been aborted, presumably before she was able to sign the state’s recently passed abortion bill.

“I think If you’re going to terminate a pregnancy, it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama,” Carrey tweeted, along with a cartoon representation of an abortion device going into an adult Ivey’s head attached to a baby’s body. The actor often tweets pictures he draws himself.

As Alabama’s governor, Ivey signed the nation’s toughest abortion bill into law on Wednesday, which punishes doctors with a Class C felony — 10 to 99 years in prison — for performing an abortion. There are no exceptions for rape or incest.

The cartoon has received a great deal of backlash for being so vile.

In fact, the cartoon is even backfiring on the pro-abortion lobby.

The cartoon shows Kay Ivey’s fetus head being sucked up with a vacuum tool that is used to murder unborn baby boys and girls.

It’s an ugly depiction of the reality of abortion and it is turning a lot of people off.

Alyssa Milano has given Hollywood celebrities marching orders to oppose the recently passed pro-life laws.

And so far nearly every “protest” has backfired.

Demanding all men have a vasectomy, posing nude, and publishing this disgusting cartoon have all been met with harsh criticism.

Should Jim Carrey apologize to Governor Ivey for posting this horrendous cartoon?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Should Jim Carrey apologize? He’s a crazy loon so who cares – he wouldn’t mean it if he did so why bother.

  3. I was never a fan he’s to much of a Nutt case psychotic nurotic unbalanced. A lot of comedians only cater to a certain type of populace. Be it the swanky sordid martigra perverted populace where anything goes. I find these types of comedians disgusting and won’t waste my time and money on them. Am I perfect no I’ve done some pretty stupid gross things but you gotta grow up sooner or later and learn to tone it down. Especially in front of children but libtards don’t seem to give a crap. Which makes you seriously wonder if they care less about murdering babies? What’s to say they wouldn’t resort to mass popoulation murders if you don’t agree with them? I mean their whole agenda is in line with that mindset. Angry bitter nasty not happy campers for sure when they don’t get their way.

  4. Whether you have talent or not Hollywood will reward you if you agree with their political opinions. And Carey is a prime example. I never understood why people thought he is talented. He’s just a big goofball.

  5. Carrey is just a lefty loon on crack. I was never impressed with this village idiot. Dear village, can you pick up your idiot and cage him????

  6. I agree Don, then they can take his sorry ass back to his worthless piece of crap Canada, we don’t want him. Canada stop sending your rejects here

  7. Never thought Carrey was that Great and haven’t watched any of his movies except a few minutes of Dumb and dumber.

  8. Carrey is just another moron that feels it’s his responsibility to make fun of peole who he doesn’t like o respect. Unfortunately he is a born loser and speaking about being abored “HE” would have been a perfect thing to be terminated. He is an absolute waste of air an water. Jim, do the right thing but do it the right way so NO first responders have to risk themselves to fine your rotten body. Typically POS

  9. The ugly big mouth thinks his remarks make a difference. His paintings just proved how low of a piece of crap he is. Go back to Canada we don’t want you here.

  10. I used to like Jim Carrey in his comic roles, but this turns me off. He is nothing but another Hollywood liberal. Yeccccchhhhhhh.

  11. I couldn’t agree with you more….and I ‘m a disgusted Canadian . Keep Carrey in Hollyweird with the rest of the Nutjobs . I certainly don’t want him back here .

  12. I’m not sure if he wishes she had been aborted, since we all know she was merely the last in a chain of right wing idiots doing what right wing idiots do, and that is, pass unconstitutional laws designed specifically to hurt poor people.

  13. I NEVER watch these liberal
    networks! I always think
    when I hear these crude
    remarks: “you should be thankful your mother didn’t
    abort you; otherwise you wouldn’t be here to spew your
    vile comments”!

  14. Hi Gord,
    Please take him back. Your country may build a wall….
    Is he still on In Living Color or worse Dirty Harry movie made.
    He belongs with Kimmel another LOSER!

  15. Worry not. Hollywood is going to fall off into the Pacific during the next significant earth quake. Bye Bye Hollywood liberals.

  16. He is just a no talent, disgusting person. Can’t believe he ever got paid to do a movie. They must really be hurting in Hollyweird to even have him there. You can stop with your disgusting crap Jim, we’ve had enough.

  17. Had a Trump supporter published some vile schitt like this and was portraying someone like that azzwipe Guv cumomohole of new dork or any twosum newsome of crapafornia those air head $luts in the house in DC would be yelling for some ahole in the appropriate AG office to prefer charges… would take no time at all for one of the $luts in black at the 9th circus to join in.. or that load of attorney scum in the new dork scum society..

  18. He is nutty and dangerous. Maybe we need to have a me too movement for the unborn in our country. Surly being poisoned and your brains being sucked out would qualify.

  19. He is nutty and dangerous. Maybe we need to have a me too movement for the unborn in our country. Surly being poisoned and your brains being sucked out would qualify.

  20. This POS needs a chopper ride back over our northern border and dropped off back in his own country and I mean dropped from about 300 feet.

  21. this ass wipe residue is about as funny as a aborted fetus.he is stupid vile nasty and backward. revoke his green card and throw the bastard communist out of the country.

  22. These actors need to stay out of politics. Most are high school drop-outs. They are poor examples of role models for our youth. I am so disgusted with Hollywood that I have not paid one red cent at the cinema to see a movie since the 1980’s. The junk that Hollywood is filling the minds of people today is one of the main reasons this country is filled with violence, abuses and other ungodly behavior. The people today are brain washed to believe that evil is good and good is evil. I don’t even have cable television in my home as my antenna works just fine to catch the local news ad weather.

  23. I hope that this POS on 2 legs and no brain, ends up sleeping under a bridge, goes to hell and burn for eternity!No wonder his girlfriend committed suicide! Too bad he didn’t follow suit!

  24. Never realized how much of an idiot this ass is. He has lost all my respect and I will never watch another show or movie he is on or was on, any actor playing with him will also suffer my boycott.

  25. Why should we care what Hollywood celebrities say?? The talk show host only say what they think the audience wants to hear in order to get higher ratings there’s no thought for truth in it. And the actors and actresses play so many different roles they don’t even know who they are anymore they don’t have a real identity and they’ve lost their soul.

  26. What career? He simply stultifies himself with every act, word, and painting. He is the joke.

  27. IF WE WANT PEOPLE TO THINK BEFORE THEY SPEAK, we need to stop giving them a platform when they do something like this. It is the same theory as criminals, don’t give them the time of day in the news and it may put a damper on their actions. Especially those who want the fame, no fame-no game.

  28. Carey, like DeNiro, have reached their “last lap” as actors. Today, Jim Carey is about as funny as a bubble gum machine in a “lock jaw ward”! If this is his comedic response to the anti-abortion laws recently passed in America, then it appears his last lap is over.

  29. We are now witnessing the most debase human behavior for as long as I have been living on this earth. The left has proven that they are not what they have professed to be all of these years. They aren’t caring people. They aren’t tolerant. They aren’t for opposing viewpoints. They hate the Constitution and free speech. They hate the electoral college. But, they love murdering innocent children in and out of the womb. The truth has finally come to light and we as a nation need to decide. Are we going to continue down this path of genocide and destruction of this nation or will we take a stand and purge our leadership of these vile people. If we don’t realize the long term affect these folks will have on our country, we will pay a very high price. Act now, vote these folks from power. Otherwise, we will lose this country.

  30. That creep, Carrey, is envious of President Trump. His angst against the conservative agenda is as filthy as he is. Go jump in a lake somewhere, you idiot.


  32. That Jim Carey should apologize is a given. Carey is a vile sick in the head human being. So don’t expect an aplogy anytime soon. The vile paintings thay he has been putting out of late is just one indication of his mental health. This man needs Jesus Christ in his life.

  33. I always thought Jim Carrey was awkward and Not Funny.I kind of felt bad for him at one point.Then realized its this type of character that Needs to be knocked down.He really does suck at Comedy,unless he plays the not so handsome or not so smart or not so happy type character that people will be fooled into feeling Bad for this Character.Go back to the Drawing Board and Try to Keep Us Fooled.I Doubt It.

  34. Being the equivalent of a public (known) figures carries with it responsibilities that needs to be met. Although he IS allowed to express his 1st Amendment rights, his responsibility is also to readers who see these things. I’m hoping that he will “man up” and do the right thing . . .

  35. I was in a cult in my early 20’s, the Brother Julius cult here in New England. He died some years ago but still has a following. His spiel and appeal was that he was the bad person who turned perfect, and was Christ in a different era and manner. I was in the cult for two years, totally brainwashed, the people were nice, kind of overly enraptured with Julius’s words. After awhile my family was aware that I had changed. I had devoted my life to Brother Julius, whose real name was Schacknow. My family rescued me through taking me hostage in a sense, and they hired an interventionist to help the deprogramming. It took a few months to see that I had changed for the worst. Brother Julius condemned the relatives, the news, the institutions, meanwhile the men who were married had to submit their labor to his business County Wide, where I worked. After I left the cult I learned Brother Julius was sleeping with the men’s wives and daughters. It was subtle brainwashing, so you people who have idolized Trump as your savior don’t realize he has seduced you with his lies, promises, attacks against the FBI and CIA, and against all Democrats. He is like Brother Julius as he also led us in various chants against enemies and to him, as our supposed God. I learned out cults capture people of all ages. I hope this note means something to people who don’t believe the real news, don’t listen to friends and relatives anymore and idolize a man who has been about greed his entire life, it’s like you are worshipping the golden calf in the Bible. I was in Vietnam in 1967 at 18 years old, in combat and that might make anyone seek help, light and an answer. Those who criticize could become also easily led, deranged, addicted, whatever but when I see the hatred and violent words on these right wing sites I was compelled to tell the truth of my life. Maybe it will make one person think about what they are saying and thinking. Most of you would not say this at church, to your doctor, at work or even to some of your friends, you might even have Democrats as friends.

  36. You know now they have us doing it. Read some of the comments and you will realize that humanity is sinking to the moron’s level. First off everybody calls the little BABIES that they kill a (fetus). Let’s call him or her what it is a BABY. Jim Carrey is a human being , no matter how vile, who has been around all the crazies in Hollyweird so long that his brain no longer functions as a human, but a vile monster, a desciple of the DEVIL

  37. But we will gift wrap him???? for you. Give ya 2 bucks or free prime delivery. PLEASE???????? ????Straight jack, shackles and ball gag. Lol

  38. Trump is NOBODY’s savior! That’s a job for Jesus Christ ALONE! He is, however our President, the man you call a liar, who has fulfilled more of his campaign promises than any other president in MY 65 years as an American! I could go through his list of accomplishments, but it would take WAY too long! You, my friend, need to get your head out of the sand and revel in the prosperity that President Trump has created for us! But that won’t happen, will it? I’m glad that you were able to break away from that cult, but all you’ve done is join something much more hateful….when you COULD be enjoying all the benefits of the Trump Presidency! And if you’re lucky, maybe Hillary will run again?

  39. Some days I just don’t want to put my computer on because the news I receive seems to get worse by the second. The one thing I will never understand, and I wish someone could shed light on it is, Pro-Lifers pray and try to help the living and have saved lives. The Pro-Choice folks are all about death and harming one another when they are not agreed with. Do they not see this at all? Sucking innocent beautiful children from the womb because they are inconvenient, sterilizing and performing vasectomy’s to punish “who”. A comedian holding the severed head of the president of the united states, another depicting the brain abortion on the governor of Alabama, women proudly parading around with signs “stay out of the my uterus. The only chance that someone is in your uterus is the real live baby you and your partner participated in when you made the Choice to have sex. I wish I could say made love, but love is what would have saved that child, but all that seems to be left is hatred.

    I pray that if anyone reads this that you will pray with me and that all of our broken hearts can be mended as well as those whose hearts are truly broken by the choice they felt forced into making, because of those whose only purpose is to kill.

    Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, Amen.

  40. I hate to disappoint these “elitist stars” (and I use the term “stars” loosely), but no one I know cares a flip about their opinion. How dare they think they think that I, and others who share my views, accept their looney antics simply because a “star” said it was true. Hollywood, just shut up, we don’t care what you think, never did, never will. Just slink back into your mansions and be quite.

  41. Mary, you are right. We are all human beings created by God but many have turned way from God and convinced them selves that He doesn’t exist so they can do what they want to and go against His will. When judgment day comes they ill be the one’s running to try and hide but there will be no place to hide. They have chosen to be disciples of the devil,and he will have the last laugh as there is no love or happiness in Hell!

  42. I thought he is a Canuck. Is he not a Canadian ? WTF is he even commenting on our country’s status ? Correct me if I’m wrong, but WTF doesn’t he stay north where he belongs? Just because the demoncrats made him a millionaire on American money does not give him the right to meddle in American affairs.

  43. No one pays any attention to what the ignorant Hollywood Liberals have to say! They have spent too much time doing drugs and have rotted their brains. The typical Democrat voter! No Brains, No Headaches!!
    Jim Carrey has always been a L O S E R!!!

  44. Jim does have severe mental problems according to his daughter.
    When a mental patient is given medication to live a normal life, they do not react this way.
    It clearly shows that Jim has been without his meds for quite sometime.

    Patients like him become extremely dangerous. Physically and mentally.

    He’s a Schizophrenic. His daughter is

    This chemical imbalance of the brain, makes them Geniuses or Helpless Vegetables.

    Once he gets help, you’ll see no more artistic outbursts.

  45. jack-RI President Trump is a straight shooter. Says what he is going to do and then actually does it. I just watched a video of Bill Clinton and Obama telling the people of the USA about the dangers of not stopping illegal immigration. The DNC, now totally controlled by the Communist party, is buying illegal votes with our money to defeat Trump in 2020. Trump is an angel from God leading us out of the swamp known as the federal government. May God protect him and his love ones from all and any harm!

  46. Well Eric, I believe you are THE idiot. How does it hit “poor” ppl, and since when is abortion in the Constitution? If they don’t want babies, either don’t have sex or use protection, not murder babies.

  47. He is now a has been actor
    going broke he needs attention so he can get a job no 1 likes him any more

  48. Who cares what that psycho says or does. He is a has been before he was ever a been.

  49. Isn’t he Canadian? Why should he car so much about what we do in our country. He used to be funny, like 25 years ago. Not anymore.

  50. All you need to do is read Eric’s comment to see what he is, a left wing moron. You should have been aborted!

  51. All you need to do is read Eric’s comment to see what he is, a left wing moron. You should have been aborted!

  52. Mister Carrey is no longer funny or even watchable. I’m done with any of his movies.

  53. Carey has always been weird, Now he’s a total idiot. Never was anything but a pathetic excuse for a comedian.

  54. You are right on!!! I have NEVER liked him. Too stupid, not funny, stupid!! In my opinion, he has never been funny, he has never been good-looking, he has never been smart, he has never been an actor. His “acting” always embarrassed me for him. Sooooo, just what does he have going for him??? Hope the rest of his “career”, if that’s what it is called, goes up in flames!!!

  55. Guess all the coke and booze has really pickled his somewhat brain. He has about as muck credibility as a ant. Squish him. He’s as old as yesterday’s news.

  56. Eric, look in your mirror to see an idiot. And it is obvious that you know nothing at all about the Constitution.

  57. He should definitely apologize. And, if any one decides to terminate the senators “fetus head” Carey should be held for conspiracy to assassinate a public official.

  58. How funny and fitting that you mention funeral and Jimmy carrey in the same statement. Oh the irony!

  59. This isn’t Paris, and Jim Carrey should not face religious fanaticism along the lines of Charlie Hebdo. That being said, Jim Carrey’s cartoon *is* in poor taste.

    John Morrow, a pro-life Christian taking a stand against abortion on secular human rights grounds, converted me to the pro-life cause, when he was debating pro-choice liberals (dominating the discussion!) on USENET, from 1986 – 1988.

    Prior, I was under the impression that abortion was solely a “religious” issue, and we shouldn’t impose our “religious beliefs” upon others.

    The sad irony is many pro-lifers see animal rights not as social and moral progress for all mankind, but as someone else’s “religious belief” which they think doesn’t apply to them. A lot of people look at abortion that way, too, you know!

    1. John Morrow said he disagreed with the Republicans for failing to provide enough social support for children once they’re born.

    In 1992, pro-life Democrat Robert Casey said he would strongly support Lynn Yeakel who was then running against pro-choice Republican Senator Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania.

    Yeakel favored abortion-rights, too, but, Casey said, “we agree on all the other issues.”

    Casey stated further that he would not leave the Democratic Party. The anti-abortion Republicans, he insisted, “drop the children at birth and do nothing for them after that.”

    Barney Frank similarly commented that for Republicans, “Life begins at conception and ends at birth.”

    2. John Morrow said his opposition to capital punishment led him to oppose abortion.

    3. John Morrow compared discrimination against the unborn to homophobia and xenophobia when debating pro-choice liberals.

    4. John Morrow said he supported sex education.

    5. John Morrow said he supported contraception.

    6. John Morrow said when Roe v. Wade came down, a different set of morals was in place: even mainstream secular American society would not accept single mothers, there were “shotgun weddings,” homes for unwed mothers, etc.

    When the Mary Tyler Moore show premiered in 1970, they decided against making her character a *divorced* woman, thinking Americans weren’t ready for it!

    7. And John Morrow said health care in the U.S. should be “federalized” i.e., “socialized, like it is in the UK.”

    We Democrats have been pushing for health care reform since Harry Truman.

    (When I repeat John Morrow’s arguments, the right wing attacks me.)

    Kristen Day of Democrats For Life said in 2014: “Roughly a third of the Democratic Party is pro-life. And while many do not call themselves liberal, they share the values which seem to identify with liberalism, particularly a commitment to helping the vulnerable and providing a social safety net.”

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  60. If Jim Carrey real offends you, hit him in the only way it matters…boycott his movies. Nothing speaks louder in Fantasyland than loss of revenue. I wouldn’t cross the street to see or listen to many of these opinionated fools.

  61. No Need for him to apologize. Just forget him as a entertainer entirely and let him find work as a street cleaner, maybe a street sweeper, let him pick up the human waste in the Sanctuary cities and the Druggy needles. After all that is how all the liberals like to live and he is a good liberal puke right?

  62. Jim not famous anymore.
    Worst now than before.
    Hollywood is full of this crap.
    I bet he’s gay, and in transition.
    I wish he would just leave the United States, and stay gone.

  63. See Luke 16:23 rich man in Hell begs for someone to go back & warn his brothers.
    Trump is supporting Israel, more jobs, I pay less taxes, stocks better, & he honors National Day of Prayer.
    Look up Brigette Gabriel, Craig Huey, & am radio.

  64. They print his filthy drawings and what he says the same reason they do the same for the stupid women for abortion after the baby is a full grown baby and poses naked so men will get their manhood cut off, boy seeing her naked would cure that problem quickly because they would be turned off, and as for Carrey, HE IS THE ONE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABORTED BEFORE THE THOUGHT HE WAS FUNNY AND CAME TO HOLLYWOOD.

  65. The only abortion I would wholeheartedly support would have been Jim Carrey’s. What a vile human (?) he is.

  66. Does he still make movies ?? I can’t remember the names of his “Hits” but the one I say was too “foolish” for me . My date & left before the end. Sorry ..Your opinion is not needed or appreciated !!!

  67. What do you expect from an actor (term used loosely) that made the vile and disgusting movie “Dumb and Dumber”.

  68. The suppose to be funny guy is just a loose nobody. His day is coming when his show’s will not draw anyone other then his creep group.

  69. Revive his career?? He is living his career, Dumb and Dumber. Pull his Visa and ship him back to Canada where he can paint pictures of the groping prime. Minister.

  70. Yes – well said. There is nothing even remotely humorous about Carrey anymore. Let him destroy his career, along wtih the idiot Kimmel. These idiots lack even the basics of human decency.

  71. There is NO right of abortion in our great constitution. It wasn’t even made legal until 1973, after a lot of shucking and jiving. You’ld think the libs would have figured this out out by now. Some creepy liberals just made it up out of thin air. It was never the intent of the framers.

  72. The two of them are about as funny as genital warts and metatastic cancer. How could anybody, tune into a talk show hosted by Kimmel? I just want to hack his filthy mouth out.

  73. There is a hand full of actors that belong with the American people the rest of Hollywood belongs with Lucifer. They are human trash. I haven’t paid to see a movie in four years and I don’t miss it.

  74. Anyone with half a brain recognized Trump can not produce all that he has promised, however he has tried and produced more than any politician we have had in my lifetime even with the obstruction he has had in both of the houses of congress(the current dem and the last repub) with all of the members of the establishment in both parties. The things he has accomplished will not damage the country like the things Obama did. The country will never completely recover from the the Obama presidency.
    As to Jim Carey, he has always been an obnoxious personality and I have never figured out why people liked him. His “humor” was never funny or entertaining.

  75. His career is done e so he wants to keep himself in th the public eye hence his horrible art As for the rest of the Hollywood “elite” the best way to get to them is not buying any of the product they sell i.e., movies music art books tv programs and or specials as they have and continue to make huge paychecks at the expense of the public. They forget that it was ordinary hard working people who bought their product and made them important and stars.

  76. I used to like jim carey ,[he doesn’t even deserve me to to make his name with capital letters}but now I give no credibility to his character whatsoever!his cartoons look like they’re made by a madman.Looks like that’s what too much money and Hollywood do to people. jim carey is a disgrace! President Trump has more class than he will ever have!


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