Jerry Falwell Jr. just went to bat for Black Lives Matter on something big in a shocking twist


As the President of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr. has often been one of the few sane voices in America.

But that seems to be changing.

Because in a shocking twist, Jerry Falwell Jr. just went to bat for Black Lives Matter on something big. 

Ultimately, Black Lives Matter wants to change the world entirely in their far-left communist vision.

To achieve that, they first aim to destroy the history of the United States.

They are targeting virtually every statue on U.S. soil in an effort to erase the public memory of America’s past.

That ranges from Confederate leaders like Robert E. Lee, to President’s like George Washington, and even abolitionists like Frederick Douglas.

But it also includes renaming cities, with many that are named after slave-owners being targeted.

One surprising one on that list is Lynchburg, VA, where Liberty University is located.

It has nothing to do with who it is named after, being a man named John Lynch, who was not a slave owner, and was in fact a Quaker. 

Following a petition campaign featuring tens of thousands of supporters, Falwell went out a statement adding his support to the Black Lives Matter-fueled campaign. 

“I personally support changing the name of the city of Lynchburg. It’s been an embarrassment to Liberty University ever since we started,” stated Falwell.

“That was one of the reasons Liberty’s original name was changed from Lynchburg Baptist College to Liberty Baptist College in 1976.”

His statement continues, with him stating that “many people from Liberty have told me that when they travel and tell people where they’re from, they’re often asked, ‘Why in the world would you want to live in a racist place like that?’”

“It’s because people take ‘lynch’ and they think it means there were lynchings here, when the truth is it was named after a Quaker,” he concluded. 

It is shocking that Falwell would back Black Lives Matter on this issue, considering they oppose much of what the Christian university is based on.

On top of the group’s racist, anti-white ideas, they oppose the very idea of the nuclear family, support pro-abortion issues, along with the LGBT agenda. 

So Falwell’s support for even an inch of their agenda is disheartening.

Black Lives Matter radicals won’t stop with taking down statues or renaming cities.

Once they take down every monument to those of the past, they will begin targeting those who are alive now, and Falwell is certainly not on their good side. 

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