Jerry Falwell Jr. just took a stand on his granddaughter’s gender and LGBT activists are having a meltdown


Jerry Falwell Jr. is not exactly known for capitulating to LGBT and social justice activists.

However, this may be the most upset they have ever been with him.

Jerry Falwell said something about his granddaughter’s gender that is enraging LGBT activists.

Falwell has been very open where he stands on gender issues.

As President of Liberty University, the largest Christian college in America, he’s never been afraid to make statements defending his values or Christian faith.

Even in the face of backlash from the mainstream media and student protestors.

This time, Jerry Falwell had the nerve to say that he is raising their granddaughter as a girl.

And all hell broke loose when protests by radical LGBT students erupted.

The Christian Broadcasting Network reports:

Some pro-LGBT Liberty University students protested on campus recently after the university’s president and his wife said their granddaughter will be raised according to her God-given gender.

The News & Advance reports Jerry Falwell, Jr. and his wife Becki, were speaking at a satellite CPAC event alongside Donald Trump, Jr. when the couple said they would raise their granddaughter as a female.

“She’s our granddaughter, and we’re raising her as a girl,” Mrs. Falwell said. “We’re not letting her have a choice. God makes the choice of what the babies are going to be and God decided she would be a girl.”

The Falwells went on to explain that their granddaughter always carries a baby doll with her, while their own sons grew up around firearms.

About 30 Liberty University students responded to the Falwells’ remarks by waving gay pride flags and carrying signs supporting transgender rights on the steps of the campus’ student union.

Once LGBT students caught wind of Falwell’s statement, they began protesting outside of the student union.

The students expressed that they believe everyone has a “choice” when it comes to their gender.

Falwell made it clear that he believes God has already made that choice and he will abide by it.

Christian leaders have experienced a new wave of attacks from LGBT leaders for refusing to buy into the transgender hysteria.

While there may be backlash by the mainstream culture, many Christians are grateful for individuals such as Falwell who aren’t afraid to stand up for their values.

Do you support Jerry Falwell Jr. raising his granddaughter as a girl?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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  2. If that is what is granddaughter is then that is the way she should be raised. These gay liberals need to stay out of Christian lives, we are none of their business. we live by Gods word alone not how they want us to believe!

  3. Though I disagree with him, a parent has every right to raise their child how they want, minus abuse or neglect. But I am confused with the argument here. Did the granddaughter proclaim she was anything other than a girl? What is the problem here?

    Sometimes I think that the far left goes to far in their actions. Why can’t we all just get along.

  4. I absolutely support Jerry Falwell Jr. raising his granddaughter as a girl. They are right in their beliefs that God made the decision. There are scientifically only 2 genders. Female and male. Much to the distraction of common sense too many believe they are something other than what they were born as. I consider this to be a mental health issue, not a biological one. A child should be raised as the gender they were born with. After they are adults they can think whatever they want but children should not be thrown into such controversy. That makes them so unsecure in life that they become basket cases. They need a stable atmosphere in which to grow and develop. Just as the right to life is denied so is the right to security by the unstable LGBT crowd. We also have the right to disagree with them without being labeled other than human. God Bless this country and save us from all evil.

  5. God created us with only TWO genders, male and female, And we will ALL stand before Him to be judged as the gender we were born as. You can deny truth but that does not change it

  6. I get that is how you see things and that is great for you. I support your thinking. I, on the hand, respectfully disagree with that. When people (including children) would rather kill themselves than to be something they are not, one must pause a moment and think about it. Tell me exactly how it is hurting you, personally, if Tom over there wants to be Tammy now? Or Susan wants to be Steve? Has their lifestyle affected your life in any way? You may not like it. You may disagree with it. But does it touch your life in any way?

  7. They are mentally ill and need help. We are all conceived as male or female. That is a fact. What they want makes no difference to what they are biologically. And if it is a problem, they need to get help.

  8. God created us as male or female. We are conceived as either one or the other. There is no other gender. Anyone who thinks that they a different gender than what God assigned to them is very confused or mentally ill. They need to get professional help.

  9. Here is a list of 10 things that were once considered mental illness but are no longer.

    1. Male Hysteria
    Hysteria has a slew of nervous symptoms that cannot be attributed to a physical cause. Despite men being just as prone to breakdowns as women, societal and political pressures stood in the way of diagnosis. However, in 18th- and 19th-century Britain, it became fashionable for men to develop “nervous” issues. It was an issue of class, where sensitivity was seen as sophistication that elevated the bourgeois above the working people. In the early 20th century, male hysteria morphed into “shell shock.” This reflected a changing perception of the disease, losing its feminine connotations. This new form of male hysteria was made honorable. In the 1980s, “shell shock” gave way to PTSD—post-traumatic stress disorder. The progression has been a slow shift from the feminine stigma associated with the disease. 9Dysaesthesia

    2. Aethiopica
    In the mid-1800s, mental health professionals fabricated disorders to justify slavery. Dysaesthesia aethiopica was defined by mischief caused by “stupidness of mind and insensibility of the nerves.” The afflicted were believed to wander about at night, sleep all day, raise disturbances, and “break, waste, and destroy everything they handle.” Doctors also claimed this “disease peculiar to negroes” came with physical symptoms in the form of lesions, which were always present in the afflicted. Sociologists and psychologists manufactured this disease to scientifically prove that black men were incapable of handling freedom. The cure for dysaesthesia aethiopica was slavery. These quacks claimed the disorder was more common among free blacks than those in bondage. The only slaves afflicted were ones who lived lifestyle—with diet, drinks, and exercise—like their free brethren, or those “that have not got some white person to direct and take care of them.”

    3. The Vapors
    In the Victorian era, psychologists claimed one-quarter of women suffered from “the vapors.” The term derived from ancient Greek medical theories based on the four humors of the body. The vapors were caused by an imbalance. Humors in the spleen rose through the body to affect the mind. Women were more likely to catch the disease based on “irregularities” in their anatomy. Symptoms include anxiety, depression, fainting, tremors, and bloating. Women of independent mind were often diagnosed with the vapors. Suffragettes were particularly vulnerable. Given the wide range of symptoms, vapors diagnosis often impeded the identification of more serious medical conditions like depression, infections, and cancer. In the modern day, the folksy term is used as a joke. For example, it has been used by Colin Powell and journalists Peggy Noonan and Claire Berlinski to cast opponents in a foolish light.

    4. Homosexuality
    Until the mid-1980s, homosexuality was considered a mental disorder. By the end of the 19th century, homosexuality shifted from sin and crime to the territory of mental health professionals. However, experts were never in agreement about its classification. Some viewed homosexuality as a degenerative sickness. Others thought it was inborn and not a disease. Freud even considered bisexuality to be humans’ innate state. None of these assessments were based on empirical testing but rather on observations of homosexual patients. Beginning in the 1970s, mental health experts shifted their views on homosexuality due to the mounting evidence and shifting cultural views. In 1974, a vote was held to amend homosexuality’s place in the DSM. By 1980, the only entry was for “ego-dystonic homosexuality.” This meant the homosexual tendencies were not in line with the person’s self-perception. Many criticized this decision. By 1986, homosexuality was completely removed from the DSM.

    5. Dementia Praecox
    In 1893, Emil Kraepelin launched the first attempt to develop a categorization system for mental illness. He divided psychological disorders into just two categories: circular insanity and dementia praecox. Circular insanity was marked by a host of mood disturbances but could be treated. Dementia praecox was an incurable, irreversible mental deterioration beginning during youth. Some of the symptoms included “atrophy of the emotions” and “shun of the will.” The prognosis was hopeless. Professionals likely gave this label to all “bad prognosis madness.” In the late 1920s, dementia praecox fell out of favor. Eugene Bleuler’s “schizophrenia” became the preferred diagnosis for inexplicable madness. Schizophrenia had hope. Bleuler viewed dementia, hallucinations, delusions, and flat affect as secondary symptoms. By 1952, dementia praecox officially vanished from the psychological lexicon when the first edition of the DSM was published.

    6. Lunacy
    For millennia, people thought full moons made people crazy. Aristotle claimed the brain was the “moistest” organ, and therefore most susceptible to the tidal influences. This “lunar lunacy effect” remained popular in the Western world throughout the Middle Ages. Many still cling to the belief that full moons cause an increase in hospital visits, homicides, suicides, and traffic accidents. In 2007, UK police introduced full moon units to deal with the associated increase in crime. Little evidence shows a connection between moon phases and madness. The gravitational influence of the Moon the same across moon phases, and it only affects open water. However, there may have once been a kernel of truth to lunar lunacy. Before modern illumination, moonlight would have had a more significant effect on sleep patterns. Full moons may have led to sleep deprivation, which is known to trigger erratic behavior in bipolar sufferers.

    7. Neurasthenia
    In 1869, physician George Miller Beard developed a diagnostic profile for a mental disorder that appeared custom designed for America’s leading families. The symptoms of neurasthenia—or nervous exhaustion—included migraines, fatigue, depression, and digestive problems. Beard saw “American nervousness” as a result of fast-paced urban life. The cure was to flee the city. Women were encouraged to rest, while men were encouraged to engage in vigorous activity in the outdoors. By the early 20th century, this mental disorder became a status symbol. It spread from the elite downward, penetrating every level of society. “American nervousness” even spread to Europe, China, and Japan. The stigma of the disorder was removed by reassurance that it was physical in origin and not the result of mental weakness. By 1930, neurasthenia virtually disappeared from psychology. However, many of the symptoms are still present in modern illnesses like clinical depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.

    8. Moral Insanity
    First described in 1835 by physician J.C. Prichard, moral insanity is a disease of the conscience. This mental disorder is defined by a “morbid perversion” of the emotions, habits, and impulses without any defect of intellect or reasoning. Moral insanity continued to be diagnosed until 1881, when it was used in the trial of Charles Guiteau, who assassinated President James Garfield. One physician claimed the assassin suffered from this bygone disorder. Another labeled Guiteau an “imbecile.” In 1888, “psychopathic inferiority” began being used in place of moral insanity. Many consider moral insanity the forerunner of the modern psychopathic and anti-social personality disorders. However, experts are not even in agreement about that.

    9. Inadequate Personality Disorder
    Inadequate personality disorder sufferers exhibit poor judgment, social instability, and lack of physical and emotional stamina. They appear poorly adapted for their environment without any real physical or intellectual defects. Patients have dim or nonexistent views of themselves in the world. Some sufferers cannot maintain minimal self-sufficiency and are often dependent on family members. The disorder was dropped from the DSM III in 1980. There is strong evidence to link inadequate personality disorder with frontal lobe syndrome. In 1848, railroad foreman Phineas Gage took a spike to the front of his skull. His personality rapidly changed, becoming childish, erratic, and irresponsible. He ended his days as a circus sideshow performer. Frontal lobotomies, once used to treat violent psychiatric patients, also resulted in reduced creativity, spontaneity, and social effectiveness.

    10. Gender Identity Disorder
    In 2012, the DSM removed “gender identity disorder.” This obsolete diagnosis meant that transgender people were considered mentally ill. This had long been considered stigmatizing by gender rights activists. By removing the categorization, there is no longer anything pathological about having a transgender identity. Gender identity disorder was replaced with “gender dysphoria.” This new categorization only focuses on those who are distressed with their gender identity. While some consider this to be a significant change, others are less impressed. Supporters claim that gender dysphoria was left in the DSM in case transgender people need access to health care. Some do not think enough headway has been made. However, it is hard to argue that things are not progressing. In the 1990s, transgender people with grouped with pedophiles by the Americans With Disabilities Act.

  10. So???? That means nothing at all. As I said it is a fact that we are conceived as either male or female. Read a biology book. And if I walk into the women’s bathroom at Target (I don’t shop there) and found a man there, that IS NOT right. No way will I share a bathroom with some freak

  11. In 2012, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders removed “gender identity disorder.” There is no longer anything pathological about having a transgender identity.

  12. You can deny God. He gives you that choice. But that in no way means He is not there. I pity you. You have no concept of who He is, what He has done, or His great love for you. You have the choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to hell. satan hates God and will take all he can to hell with him. Jesus is there for all who will come to Him. It costs nothing. He paid it all on the cross

  13. Just because it was removed does not mean anything. It just means that someone has decided that it is no longer a disorder. God makes the rules, not us, and He will have the final word.

  14. Exactly. No way do we have to accept their perversion. God is in charge, not them. I know that I will go to Heaven and will never again have to deal with them there.

  15. Kaci…Just curious…what are you doing on a Christian discussion board when you do not believe that God is there?

  16. Sweetie, I can guarantee you that at some point in your life, if you ever used a public bathroom, you shared a bathroom with a transgender person. Transgender isn’t something new.

    “One of the first accounts of transgender people in the Americas was made by Jesuit missionary Joseph-François Lafitau who spent six years among the Iroquois in 1711. He observed “women with manly courage who prided themselves upon the profession of warrior” as well as “men cowardly enough to live as women.””

    Where do you think they were going to the bathroom?

    If the American Psychiatric Association no longer considers transgender a mental illness, since 1974, who are you to say it is?

  17. Please do not preach to me. I respect that you are a Christian and I support your choice. I expect the same consideration.

  18. I am here because, as I have said before, I get my news from all different places. Just because I do not believe there is a god doesn’t mean that I can’t be around Christians. I am not that closed minded. I enjoy listening to other points of views. This is how we grow, we learn.

  19. Try actually studying the Bible. That is not true. And most of the slaves mentioned in the Bible were indentured servants, except those owned by the Romans. And there are many countries that still own slaves. Slavery is a part of Islam. And God never believed in anything. He KNOWS all things, He does not change His mind.

  20. Kaci – What you need to understand is that all evil comes from satan, not God. God has only love for us.

  21. If you had any understanding of it, you would know that God created the universe and put us on this earth. You would know that it is the true word of God and that it is sound. Science is proving the truth of the Bible. It’s very sad that you have wasted years of your life and still do not know that Jesus loves you so much that He came here and died for you and overcame satan, hell, and death so you have the chance to spend eternity with Him in Heaven.

  22. Explain the game that god and satan were playing at the expense of Job. Explain god’s orders to kill every man, woman, child and to cut open the pregnant women’s bellies. Explain how your “loving” god chose to kill everyone on earth but Noah and his family, that means all men, women, children and pregnant women.

  23. Again I am asking you not to preach to me. I respect that you are a Christian and I support your decision and I expect the same courtesy. You may not like what I believe, but it is my decision.

  24. You can, but that is also very foolish. Do you even know the difference between reality and fantasy? Truth and fact are reality. Fantasy is just believing whatever you want and pretending it is true.

  25. God says transgender is a sin and that we are to hate sin. I don’t have to accept it. There will be no transgenders in Heaven. God will have the last word. Those who are forgiven and saved by the blood of Jesus will spend eternity in a place of total peace, joy, love and be free from all evil. Those who reject Jesus will join satan in hell. I did not say that transgender is wrong. God did. But you have no concept at all of the great love He has for you. Jesus is there for you if you ever want Him.

  26. You were a Sunday School teacher. That is very sad and sick. You have no knowledge of what the Bible teaches. And you are very wrong. Science is proving the truth of the Bible. You can deny it, but you would be wrong.

  27. If you continue to preach to me, then you will force me to preach to you about Atheism. Is that the game you want to play? I’m not going anywhere and I will continue to post my thoughts. I have not threatened any violence to another person here. I have not wished anyone to kill themselves. I have not wished anyone die a slow and painful death. I have not called anyone names. I have used every body’s name here correctly. I have shown more respect to you all then you have to me. Do you really think that Christ would want you all to behave like that? Remember, Christ dined with sinners but he never judged them. He never told them to kill themselves. He never called them names. Do you think that you are making Jesus proud of you by your words and actions?

    Just food for thought.

  28. Again, you have no concept at all of who God is or what the Bible teaches. You have rejected the truth and satan has you very brainwashed. You have no clue at all about who satan is and what sin is. satan is extremely evil and will do all he can to cause harm to what God has created. All of what you mentioned is due to satan and the sin he brought into this world. satan does not care about us at all, not even children and pregnant women. He wants to take us all away from God. God will not let him. ALL who come to Jesus and are saved will not join satan. But you should know all that, having read the Bible. But you have rejected its truth so have no understanding of it. It is because of satan and sin that God brought the great flood. And He gave SEVERAL warnings to the people, but they just mocked Him and poked fun out of Noah. You have the same chance as everyone else to come to Jesus and be saved. He will take all who come to Him, as He bought us all on the cross.

  29. Truth is truth. period. You have rejected truth. That is your choice to make but it doesn’t change truth.

  30. There is plenty of scientific evidence that would seem to prove the Bible wrong, starting at the begging with creation,(not the age of the earth, separate issue) science tells us with the evidence that can be looked at today (as no one was there) that it is billions of years old. In opposition to what the Bible teaches, but the creation happens in a miraculous way not in a natural way so those that believe (if they are clever to know how most are not)write it off that way. That will be the only caveat I offer to show how scientific evidence it was written off like that is not what you are asking, but about how science shows the Bible is wrong.

    Skeletal Remains;

    Generally measured against the age of the soil surrounding the skeleton and against a calculated scale of human development. The calculated scale is not measured but estimated by expectations of how long things should develop if evolution is true.

    The Goliath Gate;

    Discovered at the Philistine city Gath would seem to confirm the Bible story about David and Goliath. The Goliath gate is among the largest ever found in Israel and would seem to indicate a race of giant men lived within. But some say the discovery of the city proves the Bible false, at least in one regard. The city of Gath was destroyed by Hazael, King of Aram Damascus, who besieged and destroyed the site at around 830 BC. The archaeological dig has been excavated since 1899, but it was not until recently that the researchers realized just how big the city of Gath truly was in comparison to the Kingdom of Judah, which was unified under King David and King Solomon. Aren Maeir of Bar-Ilan University in Israel says the discovery of the Goliath gate proves just how impressive the ancient Philistine city of Gath was in comparison to the rest of the world at the time.

    “We knew that Philistine Gath in the 10th to ninth century [B.C.] was a large city, perhaps the largest in the land at that time,” Maeir told Live Science. “These monumental fortifications stress how large and mighty this city was.”

    Although the Israelites and the Philistines were enemies, Maeir says the techniques used in making pottery also reflected influences from both the ancient Jews and the Philistines.

    “This mirrors the intense and multifaceted connections that existed between the Philistines and their neighbors,” Maeir said.

    But how does this make the Bible false? Ha’aretz says the dig around the Goliath gate “suggests [the] Israelite kingdom wasn’t so mighty.” As evidence for this claim, they described the controversy surrounding the city of Gath.

    “Supporters of the maximalist school assert that the biblical description of the united Israelite kingdom under David and Solomon matches archaeological findings and that it was a small power that controlled the country’s mountains, plains, and north. The minimalists counter that it was a small principality that controlled a limited area in the mountains, whose capital Jerusalem was nothing more than an overgrown village.”

    As a comparison, ancient Jerusalem was a little under 30 acres, while the city of Gath is estimated to have been around 124 acres when the Goliath gate was still standing strong.

    Value of pi;

    Pi is a circle’s circumference divided by its diameter. (C = πd, π = C/d.) A literalistic interpretation of the Bible says the circle’s dimensions are:

    Circumference (C) = 30 cubits (“a line of thirty cubits did compass it round about”)

    Diameter (d) = 10 cubits (“ten cubits from the one brim to the other”)


    Biblical Pi (π) = (C/d) = (30 cubits/10 cubits) = 3.0

    However, actual pi is not 3.


    Circumference (C) = 30 cubits (“a line of thirty cubits did compass it round about”)

    Diameter (d) = 9.5 cubits (10 cubits – 2 handbreadths)


    Biblical Pi (π) = (C/d) = (30 cubits/9.5 cubits) = 3.16 (to three significant figures)

    If looking for perfect, literal accuracy, this idea fails, as it’s still inexact (30/9.5) – π = ca. 0.0163020833, or 0.5% off.


    The bat is classified in the KJV as a bird; however, in the Hebrew, the word “עוֹף” (owph) translated here as “fowl” (bird) often something like winged things. Also notably anything in the water was classified a fish. Whales, dolphins etc.


    The speed of light was measured by Danish astronomer Ole Roemer back
    in 1675. He noticed that the predicted transits of Jupiter by its satellites would come over an hour after they were scheduled, and concluded that this was because light took time to get from Jupiter to earth. Since the distance to Jupiter was known, it was a simple matter to divide this by the delay time to get the velocity of light pretty accurately. Today, thanks to high-speed electronics, you can measure time intervals to
    nanoseconds, during which time light travels about a foot or so.

    Light is composed of particles called photons. Each photon is a discrete packet of electromagnetic energy which travels at, what else, the speed of light. The packets carry no mass, but they do have an effective mass that is determined by the energy they carry compliments of Einstein’s famous E = mc. The amount of energy that each photon carries is determined by its size, which in the wave description, is just the wavelength of the light wave. Each quantum can be thought of as one complete oscillation of the electromagnetic wave. Specifically, E = hc/wavelength where h is Planck’s constant and c is the velocity of light.

  31. What I said is the truth as Jesus taught it. I did not call you any names or threaten you. I certainly did not tell you to kill yourself. You are way out of your league, as you have rejected Jesus and do not know Him. Yes, Jesus dined with sinners. Having read the Bible, you should know why. He did it to show them the way to Him. That is why He came here….to show us the way to Heaven and save us from our sins. God loves us very much and does not wish for us to go to hell. That is why He sent Jesus to save us. He took our sins upon Himself so that we can avoid hell. He gave us a free ticket to Heaven. All we have to do is accept it. And you come to a Christian website and try and tell Christians how to live when you don’t even know who Jesus is.

  32. ????? Nothing you said proves anything against the Bible. And you believe that the universe just suddenly appeared out of nothing, which is far more incredible than there being a Creator.

  33. If you bother to check it out, they did not scientifically classify animals in the time the Old Testament was written the way we do now

  34. Satan didn’t use god to commanded Joshua to slaughter people. To not leave anything breathing! To murder every donkey, child, woman, old man or old woman breathing. To slice open the pregnant women. To wipe out Jericho.

    What about the babies that god killed during the flood? They were innocent. Thought you were all about saving innocent babies.

  35. I actually didn’t come on this site to debate the bible. At first, I tried to just stay away from religion and just stick with facts, but I kept on getting attacked by so-called “Christians”. When they tell me that I don’t know about the bible or god or Jesus (like you have) they ignored the fact that I have a bachelor’s degree in Ministry. It is what I went to college for. Did you study the bible for a degree? Do you have the degrees to be able to teach the bible? You might not like my responses, but please do not tell me that I do not know the bible. My education and my years of teaching state otherwise.

  36. Any of these answers can be easily searched out on the internet, your point I would imagine is to defend your religion and I am not here to take that away, you can follow whatever you like, my only point with this answer is to give some facts on how it could be proven otherwise. Keep in mind these are not my thoughts, but the work of scientists, I am just asserting them for the purpose of the answer and if you have scientific evidence to the contrary please feel free to give it.

  37. Every time you post you show that you have no clue. satan was the CAUSE of it!!!!! satan caused them to sin, not God. And yes, the babies were innocent, as are all babies. They are in Heaven. And you seem so concerned about God killing babies, but I’m sure it is just fine with you when the Muslims do it. You don’t put down Islam, just Christianity.

  38. Jerry, Don’t cave. God never does. The world only has one way of responding: Rom.12: conform, or else. We’ll just have to live in a world dominated by Satanic ideas. God is going to clean this thing up in a most dramatic way according to the book of Revelation. He’s going to do a bunch of climate changing!

  39. Absolutely! And these young LGBTQ enthusiasts have become so twisted and radical that they neither know nor care whether God-created them as male or female and that’s something they’re going to face on their own reckoning day. Sadly, they don’t know the Word and don’t believe that.

  40. From what seminary or university and who is the president of it? What denomination or so-called religion is it? Be honest and don’t try to lie. I know what you are doing. See my recent post.

  41. I have to go to work. Check for yourself. Go to whatever search engine you use and type in scientific proof of the Bible.

  42. As far as I’m concerned, if your child was born with “extra baggage” hanging between his legs HE IS A BOY and should be raised as a BOY… If your child is born without “anything” hanging between her legs, SHE IS A GIRL.. YOU CAN’T CHANGE NATURE UNLESS YOU ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO HAVE PARTS OF YOUR CHILD “REMOVED” OR “ADDED”… Sticking a doll in the hands of a BOY does not make HIM a GIRL.. and… sticking a truck in the hands of a GIRL does not make her a BOY.. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.. WAKE UP PEOPLE.. THESE IDIOT LGBTQers ARE MERELY TRYING TO CHANGE EVERYONE SINCE THEY FEEL THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEM AND DON’T LIKE BEING ALONE WITH THEIR MIXED-UP BEHAVIOR..

  43. Mr.Stahl has comepletely missed GODS command where HE told us to go forth and spread his word.GOD did not say go forth and if it feels good do it nor did GOD say to add or delete from my word.GODS word is the same yesterday today and for ever and a sin is still a sin. GODS WORD NEVER CHANGES.JGB

  44. This is a foolish discussion. The gender is determined by the “plumbing”, and that is determined by God. If a person of age wants to live as a different gender than that which they were given at birth, then fine, but the “plumbing” remains the same.

  45. Exactly.. only two genders… and the problem is that because there are so many “mixed-up” people in this world that they can’t handle that.. Also, this crap about “gender identities” is only something that they are using to try to mess with the younger generations minds.. It’s all bull..

  46. Do you know what’s up your WaZoo?
    Have you and your LGBT friends been there?
    That’s why they all die from HIV.

  47. I don’t know why this is an issue AT ALL! GOD IS THE CREATOR! There should not even be a topic. I’m sorry if people want to change the rules but there are some things that you just can’t change no matter how you try no matter what you do! There are two genders male and female. You can do all kinds of things to try and make it not so……… but that will never change the facts! Change your name change cut your odd parts add some body parts doesn’t a anything. Want to let your child pick a sex? Nice going. Make a freak out of the kid. Efore it can even talk. Maybe if y’all took the time to know God and stop serving Satan you may see the world from a different lense!

  48. what happens tf she decides to be gay or transgender are they going to stone her to death at the city gate

  49. They say it is in their genes, each gene has its own string of DNA codes that can run up to 4,800 diferent codes. So my question is which gene and which code is it that determines what their sexuality is it. It may boil down to as a man (or woman thinketh) so are they. Personally I believe they are confused between filo love, and agupa love.

  50. also suffer not a disobedient child too live so if she disobeys will they kill her ITS IN THE BOOK

  51. Thank God for Mr.Falwell as I have 2 grand boys they will be raised boys and a granddaughter she will be raised a girl no if’s,maybe’s there is no reason to second guess what God has made us and we love God and he’s word(the Bible).


  53. I’m surprised they’re at Liberty! They might feel more “comfortable” at Berkeley, and that’s what they’re all about. Snowflakes!

  54. it’s wrong to enable a child to be the gender of THEIR CHOICE. Jerry Falwell is doing the right thing with his granddaughter. Once she is an adult, she will do whatever she wants anyway. Then it’s between her and God.

  55. All God-fearing Americans should agree with Mr Jerry Falwell Jr. Because it is the totally sain thing to do and the godliest thing to believe if you are a real Christian or Catholic or Jewish person. The Laws of our Lord God are as plain as the nose on your face. A Man, when born genetically, has all of the male body parts and the same goes for the Female she will have all of the female body parts. To all of you that don’t understand this just take off your clothes and look in a mirror. Now my human anatomy Class is over and stop cutting off your human body parts and live your lives the ways God Created you all. Thank You, Children, oh and Grow up and smell the flowers.

  56. I didn’t realize that I was putting Christians downs. And I am not talking to Muslims, I am talking to Christians. I am also not talking to Buddhists, Hinduisms, Jews. You are assuming things that are not in evidence.


  58. A person (regardless of original gender) who wishes to go through sex-change surgery can try all they like, but the bottom line is that their DNA will always determine their gender. Brucie Jenner can do what he likes, but his DNA says he’s a male. Period. That’s science. Are the snowflakes going to reject that too? JMO

  59. Kaci, There are only two sexes male and female. Now one can choose to be Gay or Lesbian or Transgender and dress like one or the other but unless they have a sex change they are still one or the other. We should not be forced to change that just because the LGBT wants it so. They should not force their beliefs on the world, this will only create more hatred for those of the Gay and Lesbian communities. My grandson is Gay and I have friends both gay and Lesbian and they are wonderful people. Unless you knew them personally you would never know what they are because they don’t make a big deal out of it. They aren’t out there forcing everyone to accept them or their way of life, they just live their life. LGBT is making a big mistake by trying to take this into the schools and force it on people. What they are doing is creating a hate that will end up endangering many young people. Let the kids make their choice when they are old enough to do so.

    bj ,I grew up in and around an Indian culture of the 50’s (I’m 71) I spent a lot of my life going to church and bible studies and a year in a Catholic boarding school. When I was around 40 I decided it was time to figure out what I really believed when it came to God and religion. I went to church and bible study 4 days a week and started listening to and observing the people also. After about a year with some real soul searching and a lot of praying, I made a decision. I decided I did not believe in Christianity but I am a very spiritual person and believe in a higher power. Even though I have never tried to force my beliefs on any one else, I am constantly confronted by Christians trying to save my soul. They keep quoting the bible to me even though I tell them I have my own beliefs and I don’t believe in the bible. Christians you get angry because you don’t like people forcing their beliefs on you, but you turn around and do the same. If you believe so strong in the word of God then why are you so quick to judge and condemn others to hell? Isn’t God the only one that can make that judgement? Aren’t you setting yourself up for judgement by doing so? Don’t judge least ye be judged.

  60. God made us male and female if he had made only two females or two males no one would be having these conversations. There are no in between genders. You are either man or woman. End of Conversation.God made no mistake

  61. I can’t believe we have become so intelligent or enlightened that we cannot look between our legs and know what our gender is !

  62. GODS message is love and worship me with all your heart or i will burn you in HELLFIRE forever
    how’s that for a GOD that supposedly loves you and gave you free will

  63. Kaci Stahl —– I have been following your many replies to many comments made in favor of Mr Falwell’s beliefs. I am amused by your rebuttals, specifically your listing of 10 facts, and all from psy courses. Did you know that over half of those people in that career field are mentally unbalanced? I wonder what you studied and what your GPA was. As far as your balance, well I won’t continue—-in my effort to assist you, please remove your head from rectal defilade and join in congratulating Jerry for a job “well done”.

  64. Your binary proposition of allowing Tom to be Tammy or Susan to Steven or they kill themselves if not permitted to exist as they prefer… IS Wrong. The other option is counseling for the gender confused (a result of societal influence & parental influence (or lack thereof)). We as children of god are born innocent & without sin with the biological anatomy that god intended. Your “feels good do it” philosophy is undermining our society which is based on Judaeo Christian beliefs and should be followed. Lastly, people being stoned to death in the USA is not realistic.

  65. God created them male & female. Satan the list is the author of confusion. Our God given genders are the very basis of our identities. People who refuse to acknowledge their child’s biological gender are setting that child up for a life of demonic confusion.

  66. This shouldn’t even be a topic of conversation. I’m sorry but they have to stop ushing their agenda down our throat. If they want to be transgender thats their choice no one cares. However leave people alone who want to raise their children their way.It really is none of their business.I had a gay uncle and a gay aunt and gay friends they were what they were and lived their life no one tried to change them.So please everyone stop this crap and go about your own business.
    Everyone is entitled to be who they are no one needs to protest a girl being raised as a girl or a boy being raised as a boy. Get a life and mind your business. Whats right for you might not be right for someone else
    OBVIOUSLY… stop the insanity.

  67. The St. Sava School of Theology
    Libertyville, IL

    Eastern Orthodox

    His Grace Sava Th.D., Bishop of Sumadija

  68. As Popeye used to say ” I YAM WHAT I YAM ” Jerry is right when he says God already made the decision on gender and the alphabet loonys better just accept it because we all agree with Jerry.


  70. JACKIERAY, again I see you criticizing someone who stands on an issue that is moral vs immoral. Can you explain why your criticism of those who believe that sex is not a human choice? Why do you always refer to “stoning at or outside the gate”? Why would you demoralize a persons choice to believe concerning their faith? Who are you to condemn another because they don’t “go with” the culture of immortality? Sexual immorality is not something new. The thoughts and intentions of evil and evil motives is not something new. Giving hearty approval to practices that we know are wrong is why LGBT RANTS the loudest! Those who walk that course are truly deceived and want the approval of those who don’t in order to justify them. You condem yourself and rant at another from your own guilt.

  71. And not one of those sites is a science site or an educational site. They are all Christian sites. Very biased.

    Now try searching “science disproved the bible”

  72. I totally agree with Jerry Falwell Jr. I am a bible believing Baptist and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior at the age of ten and have never once wavered in my faith. I am now 76 years old. I have enjoyed this article very much.

  73. Just cuz you all went to school and got yourself a degree doesn’t mean you learnt anything. (Misspellings intentional)

  74. Absolutely agree well said. Just to mention for these silly silly gay people google the truth about Sodom and Gomorrah it really happened and they did melt with fervent heat like a snowflake.

  75. Yes it does affect us but you see it not because it requires insight that only God gives. We are not battling flesh and blood but against principalities which you probably don’t have understanding. Ask God to show you in a dream or vision but don’t be surprised if it literally scares that Hell out of you and then you may not even tell your dying friends.

  76. jackieray. You just unwittingly fell into your own trap! To “BE” “TRANSGENDER” is a voluntary choice made by the person themselves! There IS no such thing as “transgender”; it is, indeed, a choice made by the person who has chosen to reject God’s choice for their birth and lifestyle. The insistence of “choice” is made so that person can REFUSE to accept God’s will for their lives. Christians do not condemn the *person*, but condemn the SIN. It’s not the mean old “Christians” that made rules about sexuality; it was/is God the Creator. His Word states that, “God created Man and Woman, Male and Female created He them”. The Book of Romans does not mince words when it comes to deviant *lifestyles” and also states that not only those “who do these things are worthy of death, but those who take pleasure in them (condone it)”. That means nations and societies. Deviant lifestyles are a SYMPTOM of a failing society that accepts Wrong as right, and Right as wrong! So, yes, a person who rejects the sexuality he/she was given at birth, unless he/she recognizes their voluntary behavior as wrong and a rejection of God, he shall not see Heaven. You see, you don’t get into Heaven by “being good”. That has nothing to do with it! It has to do with acknowledging one’s sins (including sexual deviations), accepting Christ’s love and asking Him to come into your heart and change one’s sinful nature.

  77. Anal sex is a very common practice among gay, bisexual, and queer men.
    The fact is: a lot goes on down there.

    Aside from HIV and STIs, what can disturb an otherwise happy and healthy butt? Here is a quick roll call of health conditions that can occur inside the warm and cozy walls of your rump:
    Anal Itch
    Known formerly as anal pruritus, it means the skin around your anus itches. The degree can vary from an occasional itch to severe itching where you scratch your skin until it bleeds. Ow! Think about that the next time you see Homer Simpson scratching his tush.
    A fistula-in-ano is a small, abnormal tube that connects the inside of your rectum with the outside skin, which is not common but can result from physical trauma, infection, genetics, or certain illnesses. It is often infected, causing pus and blood to drain out. The drainage is often minimal and you may only notice a stain in your underwear. Most often you’ll notice a pimple, although sometimes the infection can be accompanied by some pain and swelling. Bursting the pimple can relieve the condition until it starts over again.
    Genital Warts (HPV)
    According, over one half of all men who have sex with men have human papillomavirus, or HPV, the virus that causes genital warts. This number is even higher in HIV-positive men. Ninety percent of guys with HIV also have HPV. In fact, HPV is one of the most commonly transmitted sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
    Hemorrhoids are a collection of abnormally dilated veins in the rectum.
    Molluscum Contagiosum
    Molluscum contagiosum is a contagious skin infection caused by a virus.
    The anus is one of the most common points of infection, but these pimples can also be found frequently on the inner thighs, groin, genitals, and lower abdomen. People living with HIV may also be at risk for the infection to spread all over the body. Sometimes the infection goes away on its own, but while it persists, it can spread to other parts of the body and to other people.
    Perirectal Abscess
    A perirectal abscess is a bacterial infection that most often begins in the small glands inside your anus. As the infection grows and spreads to areas around your rectum, the pain gets worse. A cavity filled with pus develops and the skin over it becomes red and swollen. The infection can become so severe that you develop a high fever and other signs of infection.
    Prostate Cancer
    Prostate cancer affects one in five men over the age of fifty.
    The prostate, for those of you not familiar with anatomy, is that little gland that controls the excretion of urine and semen.
    Just when you thought you’d heard enough about the prostate….
    In all seriousness, this condition really is a pain in the ass.
    Prostatitis is a bacterial infection of your prostate gland. The infection can be either chronic or acute. Chronic prostatitis causes a dull pressure or pain in your rectum or pelvis. It can also cause a burning sensation when you urinate or cum. Acute prostatitis is much less subtle. What begins as dull pressure quickly turns into severe pain with chills, high fever, and an enlarged prostate that can prevent you from being able to pee.

  78. Then you will have little to say when you stand before God and he asks you why you had access to his word and still denied him. You are entitled to your decisions but I feel sorry for you. I pray that you will be touched by the Holy Spirit. God bless you.

  79. That’s the way to go Pastor. GOD made it right to begin with, only fools will try to change it.

  80. Having a degree doesn’t mean you know anything, only that you have a degree.
    Our broken educational system is nothing more than a liberal breeding ground.

    There are only two genders, Male and Female; a person may be masculine or feminine within either, but there are ONLY TWO GENDERS.

  81. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but I have lived my life in BOTH worlds; as an agnostic (first half) and as a devote Christian (2nd half) with a degree in Chemistry and Chemical Oceanography and having lived on both sides, the evidence by far leans heavy toward God AND the Bible.None of us were around in the beginning for either one, so it becomes pure FAITH on both sides. Science is based on true reproducible evidence and/or subjective reasoning and neither beginning has been reproduced. The scientific evidence is weak on both sides but when one takes into account what Apostle Paul said in Romans 1:18- 2:11. I fully believe Paul and what God has said because it is OBSERVABLE and explains so much of what is and has occurred. It is NOT subjective as some would think when it is a recurring event.
    Man was given free will at the beginning, but man chose to rebel against God and has been reaping the consequences of that ever since. IF man was created perfect (in God’s image) what accounts for all the moral failure in the world from the beginning? If there is no god, why does every society in recorded history have societal laws with punishment for breaking those laws. Without defining murder, why does every civilization have a law against murder if humans are free to do as THEY choose? Something MUST be defining a boundary that humans must not cross. Evolution can not define that sort of boundary! “Can’t we all just get along” does NOT define anything. The answer is NO, WE CAN NOT JUST GET ALONG!! Which leaves the question WHY NOT? If man, over millions of years has not resolved even the basic issues of how to get along, then what kind of hubris makes us think we are better off than the former years, and where does the HOPE come from that someday we WILL be able to get along?
    This was a rational look at what evolution scientific theory proposes and THAT is why I am no longer an Agnostic. There is an answer for man and I have found that answer to be rewarding AND fulfilling and I’m afraid Kati Stahl’s comments above show that she has not yet found the answer but others here have and understand the temporal-ness of human flesh. There is only one resolution for man’s problems; Jesus Christ and Him crucified!!

  82. bj
    Kaci is a lonely opinionated keyboard warrior that comes on sites to ruffle peoples feathers. Any topic that you come up with, she will take an opposite approach just to upset you. She has no interest in hearing anyone else’s point of view. It’s her way or no way. She believes in on demand abortion too, and a plethora of things Christians find offensive. Please save your breath and fingers. I can’t understand why she would choose to argue with Christians. She clearly knows the values of Christians or chooses to ignore it. I just guess she has a lot of time on her hands and the Internet is the only way to get people to listen to her. Bless you for trying, though.

  83. While growing up I attended grammar school with one by that was gay. I knew nothing about any of that at the time, but I know that he was born that way. In my teenage years, when I had earned more about gay vs straight persons I met several more gay & lesbian persons, and believe in most cases these people were born that way. I have no ill thought towards these people. They functioned fine, they did their thing, and most people that knew them felt that it was none their business as far as what these people did. I dad feel that it was right to allow these couples to have the right of civil unions, but I still do nor believe in gay marriage. Now somewhat suddenly I’m being told that I have to accept transsexuals reading to my grand kids, and telling my grand kids that they can pick what gender they want to be? I have never heard anything so stupid in my life. I would bet big money that if these male transsexuals were required to have gender correction surgery before they could play the part of being a woman that their numbers would decline at a rapid pace.

  84. I’m supporting God in His destruction of peoples and animals in the OT, had He not, none of us would be here today. The earliest gospel message mentioned in the Bible was Genesis 3:15 wherein God said to Satan these Words: ” And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel”. From that time on, Satan knew he had to do something to stop this because God was going to raise up someone who was going to bruise his (Satan’s) and Satan’s job was to bruise His heal. This was fulfilled on Calvary’s Cross. Going back now, When God spoke to Satan in the garden of the above mentioned scripture, he had to do something. Any time someone living a godly life would come along, they were killed, etc. nothing seemed to work. In the land you were talking about the Bible declares there were giants living in those places. Giants in Hebrew are the “fallen ones”, deserters, rebelled, etc. and their job was to pollute the human race and these “Sons of God” come on the scene and I have been doing a radio broadcast for the past 7 Sundays entitled Genesis 6, The Days of Noah and I have studied it closely, still learning everyday even after being of the Christian faith for 47 years now and here are some things I have gleaned and have only scratched the surface:

    Genesis 6

    The Days of Noah

    Pr 18:13 He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.

    Ac 17:11 (Paul and Silas in Berea) These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

    Mt 24:37 But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    ”The Days of Noah”

    Ge 6:1-2 (Are a single sentence) And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, 2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

    -What are the “Sons of God”?
    -Wives didn’t have much choice about it.
    -Direct creation of God phrase = Sons of God.
    -Includes Adam and also Angels.
    -Hebrew for Sons of God is Bene HaElohim, referring to Angels.

    1 Jn 3:1-3 Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not. 2 Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. 3 And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.
    -New birth, direct creation of God.

    Job 1:6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them.

    Job 2:1 Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the LORD.

    Job 38:7 When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

    Lu 20:36 Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection.

    -The Book of Enoch (Useful for grammar and vocabulary)

    -Septuagint (LXX) Greek translation of the OT by 70 Translators.
    15 years translating OT into Greek.
    -Translates “Sons of God” as Angels.
    -Daughters of Men in Hebrew is Benoth Adam, = Daughters of Adam

    Ge 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

    -Giants in Hebrew is Nephilim

    -Nephilim in Hebrew means, “The Fallen Ones”.
    -Nephal is the root word of Nephilim and means, to fall, be cast down to fall away, desert.
    -HaGibborim means “the mighty ones”.
    -When they discovered how to procreate with humans, they produced hybrids, not human, no longer sons of God.

    -These were the Nephilim and this idea shocks many people. Don’t want to accept it.
    -Septuagint word for Nephilim is gigantes in Greek from OT. In English this became giants, but that is not what gigantes means.
    -Gigantes comes from gigas which means, “earth born”.
    -In Greek mythology we get the word Titans.
    -English word genes and genetics come from the same Greek word, gigas.

    Ge 6:3-4 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. 4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

    -Nephilim hybrids did not end with the flood. The flood dealt with it but didn’t stop it.

    Ge 6:9 (Remark about Noah, don’t miss it) These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

    -Perfect in Hebrew Tamiyn means, without blemish, sound, healthful, without spot, unimpaired.
    -In Hebrew it always refers to a physical blemish.
    -Noah’s geneology was unimpaired, it wasn’t tainted by what was going on, fallen angels producing giants with the daughters of men.
    -The human race was getting contaminated, satan’s strategy.
    -To prevent a redeemer that was promised in Genesis chapter 3.

    Ge 3:14-15   And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: 15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head,

    and thou shalt bruise his heel.

    Jude 6-7 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. 7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

    -Makes a reference to fallen angels, left their own habitation.
    -Compared with Sodom and Gomorrah.
    -Going after strange flesh.
    -Word habitation in Greek is Oiketerion
    -Only used twice in the NT: Jude 6 and in

    2 Co 5:1-3 For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. 2 For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven: 3 If so be that being clothed we shall not be found naked.

    -Our “house” (Oikerterion) means the angels that sinned,shed their bodies they were living in, in order to procreate (sin) with human beings.
    -The body they threw away is the body we aspire to receive, to be immortal and live eternally.
    That’s what the angels shed to participate in in Gen 6.

    2 Pe 2:4-6 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment; 5 And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly; 6 And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly;


    -Peter introduces the Grk word Tartarus for hell and ties it into the Days of Noah.
    -Only verse in Bible with this Grk word Tartarus.
    -Tartarus means a dark abode of woe.
    -Pit of darkness in the unseen world.
    -In Homer’s Lliad tartarus is referred to as: as far below hades as the earth is below heaven.
    -This belief is held world wide:
    -Greek it was the Titans
    -Partly terresteral and partly celestial
    -Rebelled against their father Uranus
    -After prolonged contest they were defeated by Zeus and condemned to Tartarus.
    -Zeus, Hercules, Atlas, etc.
    -In Hebrew, these would be called Nephilim, offspring of human mothers and mythological beings.
    -Ancient legends come from various places: Sumer, Assyria, Egypt, Incas, Mayan,
    Gilgamesh, Persia, Greece, India, Bolivia, South Sea Islands, American Indians
    -In the autobiography of William Cody, Buffalo Bill we see this statement:

    “While we were in the sandhills, scouting the Niobrara County, the Pawnee Indians brought into camp some very large bones, one of which the surgeon of the expedition pronounced to be the thigh bone of a human being. The Indians said the bones of a race of people who long ago had lived in that country They said these people were three times the size of a man of the present day, that they were so swift, and strong that they could run by the side of a buffalo, and taking the animal in one arm, could tear off a leg and eat it as they ran.” William F. Cody 1920.

    -The Indians were terrified of 6 fingered people. When they met a stranger they held up the hand with greeting how to count the fingers.
    -Steven Quayle’s Book in 2002 documents with pictures of giants in human history.
    -One picture of man & wife, Capt Martin Van Buren and his wife Ann Bates, 8 ft tall, born in Kentucky 1847 Anna H. Swan, Nova Scotia. Both were 8 ft tall.
    -Hundreds of giant skeletons all over the world but for some strange reason, they all get covered up.
    -Genetic Discovery

    -Scientists at John Hopkins University have discovered a gene in mice which controls growth, GDF-8.
    -Growth Differentiation Factor-8 (GDF-8).
    –Disrupting GDF-8 yielded ‘supermice’ three times larger and much stronger.
    Nature, April 30, 1997.
    -Don’t confuse hormonal growth, they get bigger but weaker. Genetic growth, they get bigger and stronger.
    -Nephilim become supermen.

    Le 20:15-16 And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast. 16 And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    Biblical Prohobitions

    -Death Penalty For:
    –Lying with a beast
    –If a woman lies with a beast, both shall be killed.
    -Does genetic transfer of human DNA into animals suggest that we are entering the period which Jesus likened to the “Days of Noah”?

    -Different cultures have the flying god Ashur who could appear anywhere.

    How Many Pastors Interpret Gen 6 & the Sons of God With The
    -Lines of Seth View
    –”Sons of God” are the sons of Seth (Sethite Leadership)?
    –”Daughters of Adam” really means the daughters of Cain?
    –Sin was the failure to maintain separation.
    –Taught in Bible Colleges, no scripture to support it.
    –So where do the Nephilim come from?
    –Believers marrying unbelievers do not produce monsters.

    -Lines of Seth lie emerged in the Fifth Century
    –Celsus and Julian the Apostate used traditional belief to attack Christianity.
    –Julius Africanus resorted to the Sethite theory as more comfortable ground.
    –Cyril of Alexandria used it to repudiate the orthodox position.
    –Augustine embraced the Sethite theory.
    –Prevailed into the Middle Ages because of Augustine’s view.
    –Prevailed in the Catholic Church and even in the Middle Ages.
    –It is still commonly taught today.
    –Most Protestant denominations kept this doctrine from the Catholic Church without examining it.

    Text Itself

    -”Sons of God” phrase is never used for believers in the OT.
    -Seth was not God, Cain was not Adam.
    -These were the daughters of Adam, not the daughters of Cain.
    -No mention of the daughters of Elohim.
    -The lines were separated in Genesis 22
    -Separation imposed upon Isaac through Abraham (father of many nations), not on Ishmael.
    -”All flesh corrupted”

    Ge 6:12 And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.

    -Sethite view falls apart.
    –Sons of Seth was corrupt also because “all flesh” had corrupted itself.

    Inferred godliness of Seth

    -Only Enoch and Noah’s 8 were spared from the flood.
    -Nephilim took wives as they chose.
    -Why did the Sethites perish in the flood?
    -Enosh, Seth’s son initiated the defiance of God.
    -Enosh was the first Apostate.

    -Gen 4:26 And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD.

    -Begin to call upon the Lord, mistranslated, they begin to call upon idols and defy God.

    Apostacy Began with Enosh

    Ge 4:26 And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD.

    -”then men began to profane the name of the Lord” correctly translated.
    -Targum of Onkelos
    -Targum of Johnathan
    -Kimchi, Rashi, et al
    -Maimonides, Commentary on the Mishnah, 1168 AD.
    -Ancient Hebrew sages understood the Angel view, not the Sethite view.

    Daughters of Cain

    -No basis for a subset of the “daughters of Adam”.
    -Cainites not necessarily godless.

    Ge 4:18f

    The Unnatural Offspring

    -Nephilim. . . ?
    -Supernatural Offspring, mighty men
    -Only X-Chromosomes among Sethites?
    –No women of reknown
    -What made Noah’s geneology so distinctive?

    Ge 6:9 These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

    -Noah’s geneology was unblemished, others were blemished.

    New Testament Confirmations

    -By the mouth’s of two or three witnesses . . .

    Jude 6-7 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. 7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

    1 Pe 3:19-20 By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; 20 Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.

    2 Pe 2:4-5 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment; 5 And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly;
    –Even the unique use of word “Tartarus”.

    Angel View Before Christ

    -All through Rabbinical Literature
    -Book of Enoch (2nd Century Before Christ)
    -Testimony of the 12 Patriarchs
    -Josephus Flavius
    -Septuagint LXX

    Early Church Father’s Held to the Angel View

    Philo of Alexandria, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Athenagoras, Tertullian, Lactantius, Amrose & Julian

    Modern Day Holder’s of Angel View
    G.H. Pember, M.R. DeHaan, C.H. McIntosh, F. Delitzsch, A.C. Gaebelein, A.W. Pink, Donald Barnhouse, Henry Morris, Merril F. Unger, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Hal Lindsey, Chuck Smith

    Sethite View in Summary is Shattered By

    -Bible text itself
    -Inferred Separation
    -Inferred Godliness of Sethites
    -Inferred Cainite subset Adamites
    -Unnatural Offspring
    -NT Confirmations
    -Post Flood & Prophetic Issues

    -You will not understand prophecies after the flood if you don’t see what happened before the flood.

    Succinctly stated, had God not have had certain areas cleaned out during those times there would not be human life today and the reason I state this is because there was sex going on between fallen angels the the “daughters of men” who they viewed to look at (meaning their beauty) and they “took unto themselves wives”. They just snatched them away and procreated with them in addition to having intercourse with animals and that’s why God wanted them all to die, He loved the living who in Noah’s time just a few hundred years later that their were only 8 righteous people left, Noah, his wife, their 3 sons and their wives and God told Noah to build the Ark because He was going to flood the world. At that time, Noah took 120 years to build this Ark with his family, known as a preacher of righteousness but he did preach to his neighbors and countrymen during that time to warn them but they would not listen because up until that time, it had never rained upon the earth before only a mist that came up out of the earth each morning did provide their water. Then came the flood. Noah’s Ark settled on the top of Mount Ararat in modern day Turkey and has been photographed over the years and is positively a proven fact it did. Check out the website of Ron Wyatt, the explorer who founded the locations of Noah’s Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Red Sea Crossing, the Crucifixion of Christ and you will be amazed. Normally, I never spend this much time on this subject, but when God gave His prophecy of Genesis 3:15 in the OT, it had to be fulfilled, their had to be a NT and His Son had to die for the sins of the world for all the “whosoever’s” in this sin cursed and dying world. Believe it was the prophet Isaiah who said there would be a time that would come where bitter would be called sweet, sweet is bitter, good is called evil and evil good, right would be called wrong and wrong right and I believe we are there. People say well we’ve always had signs and nothing has happened but it is our generation that has all the signs and we are there. Over the years, I have been accused of being a nut but I respond that at least, I am screwed onto the right Bolt and His name is Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

  85. That’s the difference between being a Christian vs. a muslim or a liberal perverted mind. The Christians would pray for her and love her, all without caving to the perversion of the alphabet soup group…the muslim’s would kill her and the liberal perverts would encourage this insanity which would be a direct path to hell.
    Romans 1:24- Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

  86. The LGBTQ should be happy that they enjoy their freedom to say what they are , and live the way they want. BUT they do NOT have the right to expect everyone else in the world to fall in line and agree with them on anything.

  87. We are conceived either male or female. Those with gender disphoria need to see a psychiatrist and be told what he or she is and not what they feel like. The country needs to grow up and not pander to crazy people who have caused confusion and created new medical departments etc, etc.
    The world is laughing at us for sucking up to these people.
    Men claiming to women are contesting in women’s sports walking away with the trophy. I’m waiting for the next Olympics to observe what the world will decide.
    Whatever the Left touches it destroys.
    The Good Book tells us He made them male and female.

  88. KG; I am an older guy (76 y.o.) and have no malice for the LBGQ alphabet folks because they can contribute to society in their way but about a year ago I read a research paper about what it takes for a society to survive. It was based on population stability. “What does it take for a population to remain stable” was the criterion it used. If I remember correctly, it said that a society 350 years old is abnormal because over time, societies tend to be self limiting; it found that 2.6 children per family was the survivable number of children for any society to be balanced. America at the present time is falling at 2.2 children per family and because no-growth families (male-male and female-female) and abortion on demand are gaining ground, America is rapidly approaching an average 2.0 and lower population growth which, according to the research, does not sustain a society.

    That means that the death rate is not replenished by the birth rate. That puts America as a society in a downward direction. Is THAT what Americans want for America? Muslim religion society are on the rise because they emphasize a sustainable society; approaching 3 children per household. China is a declining society because of the 1 child mandate and government murder rate. Is THAT what Americans want?

    You see, it isn’t ONLY moral issues, it is also a matter of sustainability of the society or a declining human race that is at stake!!

  89. Actually Patricia, I have agreed with a few of the articles. A few articles I was just appalled as the rest of you. Look at my comments on the teacher who made the child clean off the ash on his forehead. I was so angry over that. And even when I agreed with the article I am still being attacked from you holier than thought Christians.

    So just because you see a few posts were I respectfully disagree doesn’t entitle you to make broad remarks about myself.

  90. Look, I could go verse to verse with you, but I am not here to try to convert you, to dish the bible or to sling mud at Christians. I am here to do just what I said, to see other peoples views. If that offends you, then I am sorry. But that doesn’t mean I am going to go away.

  91. Whoever told these twits that they can “pick their gender” need to go back to school themselves — learn a little basic biology. What the LGBTQ crowd is teaching our kids is not only a pack of lies, it’s not even credible. What shocks me is that Liberty University, of all places, would even have a student group that could spout this crap. They’re NOT being educated – they’re being propagandized…

  92. Of course, I wholeheartedly support Jerry Falwell; I just am grieved that this has even become an issue in America for which he shouldn’t even have to address nor defend. God created this world, not mankind. The democrats know no boundaries, and they clearly show us that each and every day. We Christians need to encourage revivals in our churches, encourage our ministers to do the same behind their bully-pulpet and take stands against this aggregious immortality. God help us!

  93. Time to be getting rid of some students I stand firmly with the Falwell’s a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl God decided that in the womb

  94. The gender of a child at birth is either “male or female,” and that is irrevocable! The transgender agenda, whatever that is, warrants no attention, not even a microsecond glance! The birth of Jesus Christ changed civilization, and the raising of our children became a delight with noble and earth changing consequences. That is also irrevocable! Take time to look, it costs nothing, and can yield a happy life.

  95. The 1st Amendment gives me the right to be here, even if you don’t like what I have to say. Remember, if you try to take away my rights, you are going to end up taking away your own rights.

    But thanks for the Christian welcome. You are awesome!!

  96. Sodom and Gomorrah weren’t destroyed for the reasons you think. Sex had nothing to do with it.

    In Ezekiel 16:48–50, God compares Jerusalem to Sodom, saying “Sodom never did what you and your daughters have done.” He explains that the sin of Sodom was that “She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me.”

  97. Dianne, I thank you for that wonderful post. I just want to point out something, children know before they are 18 years old that there is something different about them. To force them to be the same and not be able to express themselves as themselves, it puts more pressure on them. They become depressed and even suicidal. I worry about that. I worry about how the suicide rate of kids today have skyrocketed.

    There is a “Silent Epidemic” sweeping through our nation that claims an average of more than 100 young lives each week. It knows no social, racial or economic barriers. This “Silent Epidemic” is youth suicide! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2015 Youth Risk Behavioral Survey over ONE out of every TWELVE young people in our nation attempted suicide in the previous 12 months. The good news is that eleven out of twelve did not attempt suicide…but ONE is too many, especially if it is your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter or the young person next door.

    Youth Suicide Statistics

    -Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death for ages 10-24. (2016 CDC WISQARS)
    -Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death for college-age youth and ages 12-18. (2016 CDC WISQARS)
    -More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, COMBINED.
    -Each day in our nation, there are an average of over 3,041 attempts by young people grades 9-12. If these percentages are additionally applied to grades 7 & 8, the numbers would be higher.
    -Four out of Five teens who attempt suicide have given clear warning signs
    -The Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance System (YRBS) is a survey, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that includes national, state, and local school-based representative samples of 9th through 12th-grade students. The purpose is to monitor priority health risk behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death, disability, and social problems among youth in the United States.
    -The surveys are conducted every two years to determine the prevalence of these health risk behaviors.

    This is why I try to support the LGBT community as much as possible. I may not always like or agree with what they are doing, but I am not walking in their shoes. I cannot imagine what they are going through. So the least I can do is support whatever decision they make about themselves.

    Warm hug.

  98. You first. Show me how it is done.

    I can’t congratulate someone with whom I disagree with on the very subject you want me that wish him well. Now if its something else you want me to congratulate him on, I could probably do that.

  99. I agree with that statement, Linda. I always believe that your rights end where mine begin. You can swing your fist all you want, but the moment it makes contact with my body, then you lose that right.

  100. And yet we have over 115,000 unwanted children awaiting adoption in the US that no one is loving. And the numbers keep growing every year.

  101. Your god has had over 2000 years to “return”, and he hasn’t come back yet. What is he waiting for?? There is plenty of sin and other evil things to take down. He hasn’t returned because it is still a myth and a fairy tale. As long as you believe in this fantasy you will be kept under subjection and have to conform to this god’s rules and biases. I am very sorry for you. I don’t believe in prayer, but I will think of you!!

  102. If child is born a boy he’s a boy, if a child is born a girl, she’s a girl!!! No one can change that!!! Falwell’s granddaughter is a girl and should be raised as such!!!! what would everyone say if she had been adopted to a gay couple, that wanted to raise her as a boy. even going so far as to force boy conduct on her. wouldn’t that be child abuse!!! What makes it so wrong to raise a girl as a girl by parents or grandparents that want to treat the child as the gender or sex he or she was bore to. NOTHING!!! All the gay lesbian objection is just hate and bigotry toward normal people and a normal child that the gay perverts want to force to be something she’s not. So they want to force their perversion on a young girl that wants to be a girl. These gays and lesbians are nothing but child abusers and want to force there perversion onto everyone not like them. that’s criminal!!! Now we know who the real bad guys are!! Gay is not a normal state of being except to maybe 5% of the population. If these people want to be creeps and perverts with other adults in private, fine!! But not in public and not around me or others that are not of there ilk. !!!!! I’m tired of hearing about who they slept with last night and about their rights. We of the other 95% have rights too!!! THESE RIGHTS NEED TO BE ENFORCED!! NOT IGNORED AS THEY ARE NOW!! We don’t need to tell everybody who we slept with last night. why? because we don’t need to, flaunt are sexuality in every-bodies face as these perverts need to; cause they are perverts!!! Show me a gay person around normal children and I’ll show you a gay child abuser and molester!!! The sooner we get it through our heads these people should not be around children in general and normal children in particular . the safer we all will be, especially our children !!!! To you gays that want to call me a hater. I say, I WAS AROUND YOU TYPES WHEN I WAS A CHILD. I HAD TO SMACK MORE THAN ONE OF YOU CREEPS TO MAKE YOU KEEP YOUR FILTHY HAND OFF ME!!! SO FAR AS I’M CONCERNED YOU ALL BELONG BURNING IN HELL!! THAT’S THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOU!!!! MAYBE YOU”LL ENJOY IT WHEN THE DEVIL PUTS HIS HANDS ON YOU!!!! BUT I DOUBT IT!!!!! JERRY JR. RUN THESE CREEPS OFF CAMPUS!! THE STRAIGHT STUDENTS, ME AND GOD WILL THANK YOU FOR IT!!!!

  103. So saying you are raising your GRANDDAUGHTER as girl???What is controversial about that? The LBGTs seem to be looking for a perpetual argument where there is none.

  104. We are either Male or Female or in some cases born with Both sets of or almost sets of Genitalia.
    No one is an accident. No one snatched a female soul and spirit and put it in a male body or vice versa. This is not Hinduism where we just keep comin back or come back as a Cow or Pig and we can change bodies.

    God made us. He and Christ called us: Male and Female and noted how HE made us and why.

    There was no Chicken and no egg. There was GOD, Christ Their Holy Spirit and Creation. He made us in HIS Their Image Spirit, Soul and Body.
    But humans aren’t satisfied with the way GOD Did It, they want to be body and soul and no spirit, no GOD, NO RULES no hesitations to Lust, sin and it’s all because they have no understanding of GOD at all, they are spiritless.
    It’s sad as they are spiritually dead and yet think, operative word here, THINK they know Him.

  105. Kaci; I agree with you in regards to the 115,000 children not receiving familial love from 2 parents and the number is growing. It IS heartbreaking but what can one expect from a separation from a LOVING God with us created in His image. If we evolved on our own, wouldn’t one expect no concern for others but only a “survival instinct” form of thinking. We all have knowledge of a loving God but choose to reject that knowledge in favor of self. that’s why 2 Timothy 3:1-7 tells us the conditions of man’s heart as we get closer to His return. That is NOT a pretty picture but it IS the observable facts as you yourself have stated.
    Forget the earthquakes, floods, pestilence, that are always emphasized with the end times and just look at the heart of man alone. We have deviated so far from that perfect creation that we are not recognizable. Read Psalm 139:13-18 to see how far we have come from God’s original intention. Read king David’s life sometime. He himself knew he didn’t meet God’s expectation but God proclaimed him “as a man after His own heart”. Why would God say that about a murderer,an adulterer, a father that failed at raising godly children; unless you read about David’s relationship with God. HE KNEW HIM!! Psalm 139 testifies to that fact.
    I completely agree with Jerry Falwell Jr. because it isn’t what you FEEL you are that distinguishes male from female, it’s the reality of what God has created you to be that’s the important thing. You have free will to become what you think you are but you must accept the consequences of those actions, and there WILL be consequences either now or later.

  106. I am on here at a late hour but I just had to object to the bad language used in the name calling. The Rev. Falwell is a Christian and the majority of people on this forum are to. I am sure you must have been simply caught up in the irritation the subject matter causes Christians. It appears everyday the matter is pushed into our faces as the media reports on another business being affected by LGBT activism, or an incident in one of our schools. The only answer is Jesus Christ. Scores of Christians are being killed every single day but our mainstream media is not reporting on them. Why?

  107. And what about when your god couldn’t make up it’s mind and a baby is born with both genitals? The parents make the choice for the child and has one genitals removed. What happens if it is the wrong one they removed? What if the child was really supposed to be the other gender? Now what? Is this child then forced to be a gender that it doesn’t identify with?

  108. Just because “science” changed along with current norms does not mean homosexuality is not a mental illness. I know, and, know of Many girls and boys who were sexually abused by a man or woman as a child, and grew up to be homosexuals. Girls abused by a male, and were unfortunately traumatized by it, and do not want to be with a man. Boys who were abused by a man or woman, and we’re traumatized to the point of not being interested in women. These traumatic events, at such a young age, can cause an aversion to the things that remind them, consciously or subconsciously of the trauma. Also they can be born with ” things that are not right” in there minds. They cannot usually help their “abnormalities”. However, when you teach a child that they can have a choice to be a boy or girl, opposite of the way they were born, they sometimes do make the wrong choice, as children will do. If the child does not appear to have an inclination to want to be opposite of their birth sex, then raising them to be what they are is best. Shaming or guilting someone for raising a perfectly normal child as they were born, is wrong and sick. As far as GOD and the bible are concerned, I agree with what’s been said, but we are wasting our time using the Lord as an argument. These liberal kooks don’t even believe in GOD. Raise your children to be what they are, and 99% of the time that works fine.

  109. Anyone interested, read my previous post. It is basically my learned and studied conclusions. Kaci, why would you study theology, then espouse atheism? Not my business, Kaci you have at least made some interesting points. jackieray, you you just seem to be a liberal whackjob. Just my opinion. Raise your children properly, and protect them from sick individuals, and hope and pray especially that they grow up to be decent human beings. GOD will usually take care of the rest. As I said before, read my previous post. March 23 at 4:38am.

  110. How do you explain that most children who were sexually abused do not become homoseuxal? Science has discovered the “gay gene” which is developed in the womb.

    How many children do you know want to be different than everyone else? To suggest that children don’t know how the feel in spite of what other people want them to feel is just not being fair to children. You listen to children when they tell you something is wrong when they are abused but you won’t listen to them when they say something is wrong with their gender?

  111. Jeff, it wasn’t planned. I had every expectation of teaching Sunday school until I died. (What I am going to say is what I experienced. This was my path, what works for me. Not everyone walks the same path.) I just couldn’t deny the facts that I kept seeing/hearing. The more I tried to prove god exists, the more I was proving he didn’t. Again, this is for me, only. I am not trying to convert anyone. Just giving an honest answer to how I went to earning a bachelor’s degree in ministry to becoming an Atheist. This is my path and I walk alone on it.

  112. Does everyone realize how ridiculous this is? Protesting Mother Nature, we must stop catering to the insane and get them into institutions!

  113. Jerry, so very true. I’m saddened that there are so many that refuse to believe in God’s word.

  114. Kaci, it’s not about me or you. It’s not about Tom or Tammie, it’s all about God the Creator, and our obedience to Him and His commandments. Orareyou one that pretends to be a “god”.

  115. Kaci, I see you confuse man’s knowledge against God’s knowledge. Which would you truely believe?

  116. Kaci, the Bible often says “fear God”, apparently you do. You don’t need to prove that He exists, you exist because of Him. Maybe you need to re-read the Bible instead of those other books and articles.

  117. Yes, I’ll pray for you and God will hear my payer, so prepare yourself for His answer! Love In Christ, Robert

  118. These “students”, as well as all whiny libs, just continue to prove they’re too stupid to know they’re stupid.

  119. Kaci – you are absolutely right. I have a medical background and know that if a baby is born with both sets of genitalia, then they also had different sets of hormones. So if one set of genitals is removed then what happens to the hormones connected with it?? That is the reason that the person is later “confused” as to their sexual identity. Also just because the external genitalia appears to be male or female – that doesn’t mean that the hormones are consistent with the genitals. So folks should just stop being so adamant as to this . “a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl”. Just because someone is confident as to their own sexuality doesn’t mean that the whole rest of the world is the same. People are doing a great disservice to others who are different by being so hateful.

  120. Pretends to be a god? Is that really a thing? Do people actually believe that? No, that isn’t me. As an Atheist, I do not believe in any higher power nor do I believe that I am one.

  121. Sweetie, it doesn’t work like that. I can’t fear something that I don’t believe exists. Do you fear bigfoot? Do you fear Santa Clause? I do not fear your god because I do not believe it even exists. I understand that this concept is totally foreign to you. It is what works for me. You do what works for you.

  122. Everyone has a right to their opinion but who is right, we all are: If we are Christians and follow the word of God we are right to deny all SINS, if we are sinless, but God says that same sex can not produce?? he loves the person but hates the SIN!!!. If you don’t believe as a Christian then you believe and make up your own version of life, so do you cause the angel Gabriel is your God he came to conquer and destroy, just respect me as a person and I will respect you the same, and leave families alone that is correcting their children that’s non of your business, you have enough to keep your life in tact, leave the rest of us alone. We shouldn’t have to change our laws or anything for any same sex genders cause our laws are for women and men it is not our problem for your choice of living, you shouldn’t be allow in our restrooms if you are not a born gender, I think to teach children if you have not had the surgery to transform yourself you shouldn’t teach again children go by what they see as well as what they hear, there are decent transgenders out there that are respectful to others and then there is some that even the respectful ones should denied, for what ever you want to be that’s God’s job to deal with it, just be respectful people to others and they will respect you, I know I do

  123. Kaci, why would believe a statistical manual that said one thing yesterday and the opposite today? Where is the proof?

  124. Scientifically and biologically there are only two sexes–male and female–end of story!

  125. Satan can’t {not didn’t) use God and a donkey cannot be murdered (just killed). Are you aware that not everything that God did is in the Bible and not everything can be taken literally? Don’t you understand the difference between allowing or causing something?

  126. jackieray, why suggest that which is not probable? Do you have any suggestions to answer your question?

  127. And where do the children that were born with either both gender genitals or no genitals (Ambiguous genitalia) fit into your closed-minded equation?

  128. How convenient. The bible is the word of god until it is something that you don’t like, then it isn’t supposed to be used literally. Who gets to decide what is literal and what isn’t?

  129. Kaci; I believe it is time for You to reconsider YOUR own closed mindedness. When you consider 99.99% of live births only have one or the other genitalia, who is the close-minded one? In your attempt to be inclusive, you have thrown fact out the window. Mankind lost his perfect estate in the very beginning and what you are trying to pass off is the “evolution” of the the natural man. Mankind, because of failure in the beginning, lost his relationship with the Divine and that has effected everything in the world because of the proximity with man. As an example, when Israel moved into the promised land, God told them to destroy everything, man AND beast because ALL had been corrupt by mans sinful nature

    That may sound cruel to you but God in His providence, was planning to use Israel to restore mankind to his original place and He didn’t want the presence of sin to continue to taint His creation. The fall of man has created damage to every aspect of this world and that is why there is a time coming that all the world MUST be destroyed by fire.

    Consider, God first used water and was attempting to give man another chance through Noah and his family. Animals were spared to begin the NEW world but man screwed that up so that man has the ultimate choice this time; man WILL follow Him or perish. The 10 commandments were NOT intended as a guide to be righteous but rather to answer our question “what is sin?” Do not murder, honor your father and mother, set aside a day to worship me, etc. So Kaci, when you ask a question, look at the obvious evidence. What do YOU say is the percent of both gender children? Abraham pleaded with God to spare Sodom and the surrounding communities IF there were 50, 40, 30,20,10, 5 righteous people in Sodom and what was the result? Everything perished!

  130. Considering the fact that I am condemning other people, but opening my arms and mind to them, how is that closed minded? I support EVERYONE’s choices, even yours. I hate no one, not even you. So again, how am I closed minded? I may not like everything someone does, but I will never stop supporting someone. I do not support violence, hatefulness, cruelty, discrimination, and anything else that harms another human being, mind or body.

  131. And since you conveniently excluded your answer to my question, I will ask you again.
    Where do the children that were born with either both gender genitals or no genitals (Ambiguous genitalia) fit into your two gender society?

    And they are not as rare as you previously stated.
    Hermaphrodites: 1 in 2000 births
    Ambiguous genitalia: 1 in 4,500 births

  132. Your entire commentary is based solely on YOUR interpretation of the bible, therefore there are flaws inherent.
    Whether these are your actual beliefs or someone else’s that you have absorbed, it is all based on christian beliefs and writings. I disagree and don’t accept what you say. I know that it doesn’t really matter to you but it matters to me and I am free to speak. There is no god and no other “being” that is or was so cruel as to kill off so much of the world population – both man and animals. It is still all made up “stuff” and was written so long ago by old men who were obviously not present at the supposed time of these happenings. It is just folk tales handed down as oral history. Errors tend to creep in to such stories, and grandiose tales become included such as “miracles”. Yes, floods and earthquakes happen but it is just nature taking its’ course.

  133. Kaci;
    Wendell Fountain March 23, 2019 at 3:42 pm

    Scientifically and biologically there are only two sexes–male and female–end of story!

    Kaci Stahl March 23, 2019 at 4:10 pm

    And where do the children that were born with either both gender genitals or no genitals (Ambiguous genitalia) fit into your closed-minded equation?

    YOU challenge Wendell for an answer to something that is obvious to MOST of mankind. This was YOUR answer above. What is wrong with his statement? The children you are using as an example STILL only possess TWO sexes, just because they happen to have BOTH sexes doesn’t increase the number the of sexes in any way and yet YOU call him closed-minded. Those without genitals ARE problematic , I admit but what percent of humanity would YOU say is that number? Miniscule, I would think.

  134. Kaci; I want to make something VERY clear to you. IT IS NOT ME THAT IS CONDEMNING ANYONE,THAT IS GOD THAT CONDEMNS, THEREFORE YOU NEED TO TAKE THAT UP WITH HIM, NOT THE CHRISTIANS!! He made the rules, not man and one thing that is VERY obvious to Christians is that God is NOT fair. Fair probably is not in His dictionary; only in man’s dictionary. God is just, but not fair. Fairness implies equality and God says “He is NOT a respecter of person’s” (Romans 2:11) The FAIR thing for God to do because of man’s disrespect of Him is to get rid of man completely and yet, He sacrificed Himself to redeem ALL of mankind, but most of mankind says “NO WAY”!!

  135. When you can’t say which the gender is when they have no genitals or more than one, then yes, I challenge his answer. Both conditions happen more than you think, as I previously posted. 1 out of every 200 births and 1 out of every 4,500 births isn’t minuscule.

  136. Kaci; I went back and saw your post about the Hermaphrodites and looked into it further, AND YOU ARE CORRECT, THEY ARE NOT AS UNUSUAL AS I HAD THOUGHT. So what should be our response to those that are truely Hermaphroditic (? is that a word?) Here is YOUR view explained in biblical text. You probably are more correct than I am although I DID NOT CONDEMN them. I tried to acknowledge them as a result of a part of man’s fall.

  137. Kaci; I find a personal conversation with ANYONE enriching, and with God all the more enriching. Who would pass up the chase of conversing with the God that created EVERYTHING? In times of need, in times of want for another’s needs, who better to talk to than the one who can ACTUALLY do sometime about those needs. He IS a comforter, a healer, a peace maker, a creator. Do you pass up on that?

    Kaci; I just realized my comment was wrong- I thought you said “to talk TO HIM” , not what you actually said “to talk FOR Him”. We Christians ARE called to speak ON HIS BEHALF but ALL are still sinners, it’s just that some are spared judgement because of acknowledging Jesus Christ in our lives. So I apologize for anything I might have misspoken that is a concern to you. I try to NOT misrepresent God in my feeble way but it does happen on occasion.

  138. After reading the reference from bible questions, I would have to use the label “BLESSED” Unfortunately I/we tend to think of labels as boxes. I try as best I can NOT to use the word ALL when referring to a group because not all are alike however when referring to the 3 forms of sexual people that you addressed, God sees them as BLESSED! In the event you haven’t noticed, ALL people find problems in life of different forms. For some it may be addictions, for others physical problems, other mental, but most if not ALL have to deal with them. Trials have value for us in that if we are able to overcome them, we are made stronger by them.

    Who is it that is the BEST representative to the alcoholic than the ex-alcoholic and how he overcame. Why is it we cherish the most the one who OVERCAME cancer or the amputee that won the Olympics. Difficulty can be a BLESSING if understood correctly. ALL WILL find difficulty in life in one way or another.

  139. Nancy; I find the bible is God’s instruction manual for how to conduct oneself in our short-term life on earth and I try as I can to express that to anyone who will listen. But God’s instruction manual says that man was created with “free will”. I have made my choice and committed my life to following Him. Apparently, your “free will” decision is different than mine. My “book” tells me “to go and tell” and “teach” those that will listen. You have determined differently. You HAVE THAT RIGHT! But IF there are consequences for choosing wrongly, don’t be surprised. i AM NOT CONDEMNING YOU; A WRONG CHOICE IN ITSELF CONDEMNS YOU. It is the problem of “FREE WILL” , not all paths have good results.

  140. Kaci; I never have condemned anyone. If you will reread my posts I DID NOT use the word condemn. I DO NOT have the authority or ability to condemn. I pray for the life of ALL people while eternal life is still within grasp. There is a life’s direction movement currently on earth to avoid all consequences of choosing wrongly and THAT I will address based on the wisdom, experience, and knowledge that I have acquired in my 76 years.

    The phrase, “my truth is not your truth” is fallacious because truth otherwise is NOT truth. Solomon in Ecclesiastes 3 addresses variations in truth but NEVER alternate truth. We perceive as an example verse 4 wrongly. In Psalm 139 King David uses hate in a Godly hate; ie in defense of God and against the truth of God that is distorted by man, and yes,he hates in that way.

  141. Do you know the saying, “There are three understandings of truth: your truth, my truth, and the actual truth.”

    “Your truth” exists but “the truth” does not exist.

    Suppose my country is in a war with your country. Our soldier dies, and your country’s soldier who killed our soldier got a bravery award for his chivalry act!

    And to your astonishment, our country is also giving bravery award to our soldier who died while Fighting.

    “Your truth”— Our soldiers are brave! May they live long. They all will face the same fate if they fight with us. Our soldier can even take life for country.

    “My truth”— Your soldier is not brave, just they got lucky this time. Our soldiers are brave, they can die for country.

    “truth for Mother of the martyr”— The person who killed my son, will burn in hell. My son was brave.

    “Your country head’s Truth”— my ego is boosted, although we lost 100 soldiers this time, they killed their 101 soldiers, I’m more powerful. Let’s hold a conference now, giving a speech in AC room about Fighting in scorchy heat and freezing cold.

    Truth is a subjective thing.

    It is influenced by your society, upbringing, past experiences.

    While the truth is a mere illusion of having a Truth.

    Or wait, THE TRUTH is just THE FACTS.

    For example, Earth is round?

    But then you know, people believed that Earth is flat for 100 years even after Galileo proved it wrong! So don’t fall for the facts either, you never know, in which asylum other Galileo is put in for proving earth a square! And only after 100 years, The Truth of Earth will change again from round and curvy to square and edgy.

    PS- This answer is The Truth, and if you disagree it’s Your Truth.

  142. Kaci; I am responding to the reply above. You do not know this about me but as a Christian for 2 years, in 1981 I rolled my farm tractor over on me and was found dead. It took the volunteer fire department time to get to the scene and physically lift the tractor off of my back. My friends were on the fire department crew that lifted the tractor off my back. They found me dead and tried all the measures available to revive me with no effect While the ambulance was on the way, I was still dead and as an estimate, I was dead for over 15 minutes plus. I was front page news for one day when the newspaper got the story. People, mostly Christians ,were curious “what did I see, “did you go to the light?”, “what was heaven like?”, etc. I learned “the truth firsthand”. The doctors admitted that brain- death begins in 9 minutes but I was perfectly coherent. I spent 2 months in the hospital for a crushed pelvis (crushed flat that rebounded back to shape among other minor damage). The point being, I found “the Truth” of God’s loving care for us PERSONALLY and to this day, I can honestly say, I KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD!! He loves us beyond all measure and works on our behalf because of that love!

    I have been in 4 major accidents; blown up by my own underwater weapon as a Mineman in Vietnam, hit by a car at 70 mph as I walked on the side of the road on a deserted road in So. Carolina, my wife I were hit headon by a driver making a left turn because he didn’t see us, and my sports car was rolled over by a lady that ran a stop sign and hit me on the passenger side and flipped the car over that slid upside down with the car on my chest. I lost the skin on my back and was told by the ambulance driver “you aren’t going to make it to the hospital!”

    With that kind of protection on my side I believe I am qualified to discern the truth. That MAY be considered “my truth” by some but “my truth” has all been verified by doctors, firemen,attorneys and investigators. So I ask, “what is YOUR truth”about life and living. Kaci, I can agree with your original statement about man’s understanding of “truth” however “THE TRUTH” does exist and was confirmed in my life without doubt and that is why I use ‘My experiences” as validation. You are not required to believe me but to me, the evidence is clear!!

  143. Kaci; would you please tell that to fellow I met several years ago that described what he and his wife survived. In about 1990 something a log truck didn’t make the turn where his home resides. The husband and wife were asleep in bed when the log truck laden with loads came through their bedroom wall and “droped” the load of logs on the bed where they were asleep I don’t recal how many hours it took to chainsaw them out of bed and revive them because they had died. This fellow knew of my accident and contactwed me with his event.

    Now you and the doctors can call me “an airhead” if you like, I don’t mind, but to call him and his wife airheads after being dead for a minimum of an hour I take offense at that! I believe that if those doctors KNEW a loving God that protects His children, their analysis would be substantially different.vI mean no disrespect to you, Kaci but you see “God’s ways are NOT our ways”.

    Consider this then- “Rather than a religious experience, as many believe, researchers think that the phenomenon could be a simple trick of the mind, caused by a chemical reaction in the body.

    People with high levels of carbon dioxide in their bloodstream were more likely to experience the visions, they found. ”

    As a Chemist, if one is found with NO respiration and No pulse for 15 plus minutes or at least an hour or more in my friends case WHERE DOES THE CO2 COME FROM. Osmosis through skin? If respiration is occurring, it would CO Carbon monoxide, not carbon dioxide that would build in the body. If that is the case, carbon monoxide alone would kill us. THERE ARE ALTERNATE CONCLUSIONS THAT THE GOOD DOCTOR IS IGNORING!

  144. Kaci; I pursued your reference with Dr. Kate Devlin, the news correspondent, and apparently the doctors are NOT the ones to use as a reference as attested to by Kate Devlin. They have been killing people in England early with their methods of treating the dying by withdrawn fluids from them and masking with drugs when if the treatment had not been used, they would have found the patients WERE RECOVERING! You might consider using a better reference to make your point, maybe a better pool of doctors!

  145. Blood gases such as CO2 rise or fall because of the lack of circulation and breathing. As breathing stops and oxygen levels go down, carbon dioxide levels go up.

  146. Kaci; In that reference, I believe it was in one of the first lines was the caviot Dr. Devlin said “that they THINK it might be the answer”. That is a mighty big THINK for a definition that would refute all other explanations. Another thing that they reference is SEEING GOD, GOING TO THE LIGHT, MEETING RELATIVES, ETC. iF YOU WILL NOTICE i DIDN’T MENTION SEEING ANYTHING, ALL i SAID WAS THAT OTHERS asked ME THOSE THINGS. I PURPOSELY LEFT OUT ALL OF THAT BECAUSE I SAW NOTHING, I HEARD NOTHING, I SMELLED NOTHING, I DIDN’T SEE RELATIVES, I DIDN’T MEET JESUS CHRIST OR GOD. The only thing that was unusual was a profound peace that could not be found on earth; all trouble, all worries, any strife was passed, and that peace lingered several days ,maybe up to a week, after coming back. You will notice that in your site, the peace is noted.

    In the Greek language, there is a word for half dead (hemiothanes0, but the author Luke(Apostle Paul’s doctor), and Acts failed to use that Greek word over the Greek word for DEAD (nekros). Lazarus was 4 days in the grave, the Jews knew that because they were eye witnesses to his death and resurrection from the grave. In fact, they use Lazarus 4 days before determining if someone dies before they pronounce him dead. In the book of Acts, Eutychus fell from a window and was DEAD, but Paul raised him up from the dead (Greek (nekros) (Acts 30:7-12). That’s only the New Testament, The Old Testament has many more, but Hebrew is not as precise as Greek. The Jews that witnessed Jesus Christ death on the cross- Most-of Jerusalem was astir about it because they either witnessed or heard about it. Do you believe He only had a bad case of GAS for three days?

  147. LOL It is the “patient” who has higher carbon dioxide, not the people surrounding him/her. Carbon dioxide can make one hallucinate, to make one “feel” calm/at peace.

  148. What about when god makes hermaphrodites (born with both gender genitals) or ambiguous genitalia (born with no genitals)? What gender are they?

  149. Yep, that was the part that got to me. Love me or else. “But I am a loving god and give you free will to love me back. If you reject me I will torture you for eternity.” Is it just me or does that sound like domestic violence at its worst?

  150. Kaci; I’m afraid the website that you site just does not pass the smell test. Its introduction states “Near-death experiences (NDEs) are reported by 11-23% of cardiac arrest survivors. Several theories concerning the mechanisms of NDEs exist – including physical, psychological, and transcendental reasons – but so far none of these has satisfactorily explained this phenomenon. ”

    At least the doctors are willing to admit to their observations and NOT consider them an anomaly. And they are WILLING to still call it a “THEORY”, not fact

    theory | Definition of theory in English by Oxford Dictionaries
    [Search domain]
    ‘In theory it may seem like a great idea but, in theory, so do so many ideas until they are put into practice.’ ‘The precautionary principle sounds good in theory, but in practice it is a nightmare.’

  151. Why did you go to get a degree in ministry if you didn’t learn anything? What does your professors think of your education now? What a waste! Did you learn about spiritual gifts, or even Fruit of the Spirit? Just what did you learn all those years. It’s like taking mathematics and didn’t learn how to add or subtract. Just saying.

  152. Kaci; If you examine the opening statement of your article, the good doctors or the news reporter use a very interesting word as does the other article.

    Near-death experiences are tricks of the mind triggered by an overload of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, a new study suggests.

    Would you allow a doctor to SUGGEST a treatment based on your GAS content? as a chemist, I am familiar with the difference between POSSIBILITIES and SUGGESTIONS and provable FACTS. I began college as a biology major and when I recognized that many of the SUGGESTIONS or THEORIES DID NOT move beyond mere suggestions. It was that realization that I switched to Chemistry major because most chemical events were repetitively PROVABLE so that suggestion , theory, became FACT. Biological science very seldom move to that certainty.

    Kaci; it has been a very interesting discussion but I am going to bow out from any further
    discussion. You will notice that WE have dominated the comment board and that should not be. If this was a college debate, let’s go for it but this is not. Hope your life continues to go well for you! Dan

  153. Because at the time I wanted to serve the lord. My professors were sorry to see me go but understood that I had a different path to follow.


  155. GOD bless Jerry Falwell and all other Christians who stand up to those sickening demented disgusting piece of stinking garbage WEIRDOS. Who in the hell do those ‘unbelievably UGLY failures in normal life’ think they are that they believe a baby’s sex can be changed? They all need to climb under a rock and disappear.

  156. Farwell is doing what God says to do everybody in the LGBT will have to stand before God and answer for the way they lived there lives and others

  157. My question is WHY ARE THERE PRO-QUEER STUDENTS AT A CHRISTIAN COLLEGE? Where are the admissions standards?

    LGBT is nothing but a euphemism for PERVERTED QUEERS. Why are students who are FOR perverts allowed to register at a conservative, Christian college?

  158. So lost in darkness the left wing lunatics are and the only way they can be saved is to have faith in Lord God almighty, I still pray to God for the sake of all mankind even the goats among the sheep

  159. Protesting LGBT students expressed a belief that everyone has a “choice” when it comes to their gender. And they are correct, they have the choice to accept their gender or to be miserable, sniveling crybabies who think they can make believe that they are something different; Up to 32 categories to choose from or so I’ve heard. Their gender is a product of nature and it’s not going to change because they want it to. Not even a sex change operation. So I would hope that the government would tell these people that the only special treatment they can expect is psychiatric as they are not going to get any gender transfer paid for by the American Taxpayers. Unlike actual diseases and injuries where surgery or organ transplants enable people to survive and have productive lives afterward, people who have sex change operations are generally no better off or happier than they were previously.
    By the way, this is the kind of crap that Hitler had doctors and scientists doing. It wasn’t right then, it isn’t right now and it never will be right.

  160. Sarah: Well stated. You are right that those with the weakest and non-existent arguments rant the loudest, since they don’t facts to support their positions. Fact: (with mammals) XX is female. Nothing else. Fact: (with mammals) XY is male. Nothing else. Anything else is a defect. Breeding XX to XX is a biological dead end. Breeding XY to XY is a biological dead end. In hard science, emotions and bad logic are off limits in the pursuit of facts. I’m sure I’m being overly blunt, but I think some people need simple statements to try to help them understand what is fact, what is emotion, what is true, what is delusion.

  161. why are we expected to have our lives run by the folks who have issues….get treatment, change your life style if you wish …don’t force your ways and issues upon others just as you do not want others to force issues upon you….what the heck is going on gang???? Born male=== you are male…..dress female, change your appearance…you are male dressing as female…have a surgical procedure male to female…you are considered female….period.. Start attacking our children and parents no matter what issues, you must prepare for fall back big time…no matter how much you think you thoughts count more….,,,,,, Can we get back to earth gang????

  162. Christians don’t do that! Remember – that’s what Muslims do. You know, the people who “throw homosexuals off buildings”.

  163. God has nothing to do with it.
    There is no god or any other supernatural being. It is all science – we are born with the genes and DNA that goes into our makeup. No one is behind our bodies – no god or other character decides who or what we get at birth or before. It is just foolish to continue to promote these lies.

  164. Falwell is just saying what he hears in his head!! One should be careful when responding to voices in your brain. He is probably sick – mentally ill!! Be careful when listening to Falwell.

  165. Why thank you – I would be happy to be a goat. We raised goats and they are the sweetest animals.
    We used their milk for drinking, and to make cheese, yogurt and ice cream. We had a herd of 12 at one time. Can’t say as much for sheep!!

  166. Well said, it’s unfortunate that we (the majority) let the few dictate whats right when in actuallity they are wrong. We are always afraid of hurting other peoples feelings. Well the time has come!!!

  167. 1. people like jerry falwell are right to raise his family how he wishes as long as there’s no abuse. the bullies within the lgbtq community are wrong w/ all due respect. 2. this crap about ”conversion therapy” not working is bs. [it does for some people, not all]. is pro lgbtq propaganda. many people who used to live as gay & /or ”transgender” have told their stories. they no longer do after having such therapy. now, imo, the some w/ in lgbtq crowd opposes it b/c it can work. i think they are afraid of that fact b/c it destroys their narrative, idk. i do know it shouldn’t be banned just b/c some oppose it. it should be avail. to those who want it. & 3. i’m rather tired of some in the lgbt [no, not all] trying to bully those of us who simply disagree w/ them into accepting / condoning what we BELIEVE is wrong as ok & good. live and let live people. that’s all anyone should want. do what you want, don’t force it on me. same goes for our side. stop bullying period. no disrespect either to anyone in the lgbtq community btw. thank you

  168. The gay need to mind their own business. If the child is raised as a girl and then decides after she becomes an adult that she is not a normal girl, then that is her decision as an adult, but no one should choose for a child to try and make that child into something God did not create. If she is raised in a christian home, then she will probably not choose a way of life that is against God.

  169. Sahra five will get ya ten that Jackiery is a converted RAGHEAD stoning is the sharia way of execution

  170. I Salute Mr. and Mrs. Falwell on their stand in reference to their Granddaughter the Good Lord decided the SEX of the Child before it was born if the Chromone was X = FEMALE Y= MALE you can do all the Nip-tuck cut and stich ya want to ya still only have X or Y maybe in another chassis but BIOLOGICALLY Boy or Girl by Gods Hands but by Mans Meddling there is a Third one and it is WTF have we here so ya dumbass twinks and dikes go take a BIOLOGY Class and pay attention this time

  171. Maybe you should go back to school and take biology all over again because what you are stating is wrong. Yes, there are only Y and X chromosomes, except that is more than just 46XX for women and 46XY for men. There are also 45X or 45Y, 47XXX, 47XYY or 47XXY, etc., some males are born 46XX and some women are born 46XY. Clearly, there are not only females who are XX and males who are XY. So before you speak out, you really should do some research on the subject.

  172. No John you’re not overly blunt how you said it was perfect. Those who might think it was overly blunt are the ones who get all butt hurt when ever you mention President Trump by name. It’s hilarious the way they yell at the sky as if it would rain down death on him or something. These people are way overly sensitive and need psychiatric treatment before they hurt themselves.

  173. That gay gene, that kooky KS speaks of must of been discovered during an abortion by a liberal looney tune satanic abortionist baby murderer.

    It’s people poisoning the moldable minds of the young children when you have them questioning their gender, sexual preferences and cold hearted willingness to abort the baby for any damn reason.

  174. I have gay and lesbians in my family and funny thing is they never said they were born a boy with a girls body or visa versa, They are boys and girls period. They just prefer sexuly there own gender. Lesbian and gays are not transgender. They don’t want operations to make them something they are not.

  175. I am a Minister. Let’s just for a change try this…love those that you disagree with. Respect others and bless those that persecute you. Personally it really isn’t anyone’s business! It’s theirs and theirs alone just as if it would be if a female had an abortion. Just understand their is a judgment and consequences for everything so my advice is, especially since I actually as a Minister here in Massachusetts on the streets at night. I have seen, read and heard way to many suicides so don’t do or say something that you cannot change and might regret later. Love one another as I have loved you just as you are so you must love one another. Google the book “From The Trenches Of Hell” By Thomas Blandford or go YouTube and watch me express more on my positions you’d all be surprised. YouTube Tom Blandford Blessings

  176. Another excellent commentary. I agree with you and for the same reasons. This shaming of people simply for who they are, has got to stop. Everyone needs to realize that some of us are different and are very happy with ourselves. It all has to do with the hormones we were born with, and has absolutely nothing to do with choice!!

  177. Typical gay explanation. I have also heard they were destroyed because they were inhospitable. If you understand that God hates sin, and because He knows how harmful sin is, He must punish it. You discipline a child that you love to correct him, right? It’s to teach the child, to correct him. God hates homosexuality (not homosexuals) because it dishonors the body which is supposed to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. The detestable things referred to are doing what is unseemly; men with men, women with women, burning with lust for each other. Where do you think the word sodomy came from?

  178. So what KS. They are an abomination and should be shunned from society as a whole so as not to inflict their sinfulness upon others who do not agree with their confusion issues on which sex they are when they were born. There’s two sexes that can recreate two sexes ONLY. Life would cease to exist if the sick transgenders and atheists could control the population as it is now. The only hope for our future as a 2 sex society is if the transgenders and the atheists commit suicide. I won’t shed a tear for any of you depraved individuals, EVER.

  179. So then stop hoisting your lifestyle on those that don’t agree with yours. I don’t have to accept or like anyone other than who I chose to like and I am happy with myself also knowing that I know for fact that there are only 2 genders that can procreate 2 genders. You people want everyone to accept the fact that others are different and there are more than 2 genders that were making the world work for centuries before the freaks came.

  180. If god hates homosexuality then why did he design the g-spot in men to be in the prostate?

    Food for thought.

  181. Every human being is born equal. We all have rights as citizens of this great country. I would never harm a perverted individual. He/she made their choice in this life. The words in the holy bible will judge us on that last day. But, I believe it is severe abuse to choose your child’s destiny by labeling them something they are not. A female baby will grow up to be a woman, and a male baby will grow up to be a man. Nothing you say or do, will change what God has made. I also believe that these perverted people are demanding rights above the rights we were all given. They deserve no more and no less than the rest of us. So quit pushing your insanity on us and our children. You have no right to do that.

  182. Wow – are you ever sick!! Wishing suicide on anyone else is a sure sign of moral depravity. What kind of christian are you anyway?? I am certainly glad to not be a part of your “religion”.

  183. There have always been gay and lesbian and other “different” folks as long as there have been people on this earth. LGBTQ folks just finally got tired of being murdered, discriminated against and generally being “put upon”, so when they learned that there were many others like themselves, they banded together and fought back. There have always been different folks and you know it, so stop trying to play that you are so naïve!! Growing up and going to school you know that there were different kids and they were always made fun of and picked on. Finally as adults they joined together and have spoken out and demanded equal rights. I applaud them and support them for their bravery and you should too.

  184. Kaci Stahl is a liberal nut job. I’ve seen her ridiculous posts on other conservative Christian sites. Ignore her, she gets “off” on stirring things up. She is the servant of satan, sent to cause doubt in our minds, hoping to kindle his fire in our souls. Do not let her do it, seriously, ignore her.

  185. She can’t be a “servant of satan”, as there is no such creature – and there is no “god” person either. It’s all made up stuff meant to keep the peasants from revolting. Promise you a glorious afterlife and then tax and screw you here and now. There is nothing after this life – we just die and go to the grave. Everyone would be better off if they just accept this fact and live to love and help others.

  186. Exactly! They can interfere in our private lives and harrass but if anyone of us gives an opinion, we are fired or accused of hate. It is scary to me as it seems we are in the minority.

  187. Yes…look at the threats / protests against Jerry Falwell! How does his private life decision affect the LGTQ people’s lives??

  188. Agree.. the point is that it is our personal business how we raise our children. What happened to freedom of relugion?

  189. How come the left is so anti-science. The left has essentially deemed biology dead. They deny the science of criminology, create hoaxes about man-made global warming and on and on.

  190. LGBTQ, or whatever the hell the stupid thing is, is totally about mental illness. Perverted minds. It was adjudicated mental illness too, but now a queer is in charge of the APA. I have always considered psychiatrists quacks anyhow. Nutcases. They have come out in the past for man-boy love, supporting such abominations as NAMBLA. Just a cesspool of perverts. None of these “people” should be within a mile of children.

  191. You, and most people, are willing to leave them alone, but they are NOT willing to leave you alone.

  192. You are obviously stupid on the subject, as there have been biologists who have spoken out, such as the two who left communist Evergreen College. And they were leftists too, but of course not left of Lenin and in la la land.

  193. You have absolutely no idea of what is the truth. You just make up more lies to support your world view!!

  194. Absolutely NOT mental illness. YOU don’t have enough genes to have any brains at all. I am surprised you are able to even think. Were you in Vietnam when Agent Orange was sprayed around? You must have been touched by it.

  195. “You’ve got your mother in a whirl
    “She’s not sure if you’re a boy or a girl
    “Hey babe, your hair’s alright
    “Hey babe, let’s go out tonight

    “You like me, and I like it all
    “We like dancing and we look divine
    “You love bands when they’re playing hard
    “You want more and you want it fast

    “They put you down, they say I’m wrong
    “You tacky thing, you put them on

    “Rebel Rebel, you’ve torn your dress
    “Rebel Rebel, your face is a mess
    “Rebel Rebel, how could they know?
    “Hot tramp, I love you so!”

    –David Bowie, “Rebel Rebel” (1974)

  196. Jackieray, that is an ignorant statement. A parent, ANY parent has the right to raise their child how they see fit. Once grown the child has a right to choose what they believe and how they will live and how they will raise their children. Stoning a child or ANYBODY was made unacceptable at the cross of Jesus. I am a conservative Christian woman and have raised my children as such. None have decided to live an alternative life style and I am happy about their choice. If my child had chosen to be gay or transgender I would not be happy with their choice but I would never ever want to harm them in any way. Transgenderism IS A CHOICE! It is still considered a mental disorder to believe you are somebody when BIOLOGY says you are not. I will always love my child. I will never turn them away. I do NOT have to AGREE with ever choice they make. God will judge them as he will judge me and every other person. It is NOT HATE to DISAGREE with another person or what they believe.

  197. you can’t agree more than 100% doofus. This site is full of wack jobs. The song America the Beautiful was NOT BANNED. The Kate Smith version was banned because of racist songs she also sang. Do deplorables really have an IQ under 60 or does it just seem that way to normal people? You people are dumb with a capital D.

    Falwell saying he would raise his grandaugther as a girl means nothing without knowing if there’s any reason he would say that. If she acts like a girl and believes she’s a girl of course you’d raise her as a girl. BUT others try to force kids into being normal when they’re not. I can’t stand the level of ignorance and stupidity in this country mainly due to trump- before him the morons knew enough to keep their mouths shut not open their mouth and let you know how dumb they really are.

  198. Wow, Jim. Are you ever correct. You have certainly nailed these folks for what they really are. “Doofus” – I like that one!! Funny as hell!!

  199. No They won’t hate her if she is an ADULT and her brain fully developed – about age 25 – she feels she is gay. They will expect her to live as a Christian. CELEBANT. I have gay friends who remain celebrant as gays as they have lived the live style and realize that it is wrong and they chose Christ over personal desire.

  200. Thumbs up to you. You are right on! If only people would listen to the will of God and not be their own god.

  201. I hope you mean celibate. otherwise you are writing like they are celebrating!! And I doubt that they are celibate, but only say that so people will accept them.

  202. Now that’s just plain silly. Listen to your heart, and use your own mind to decide what is right for you. Never mind all this preaching about “god”!!

  203. I raised my two sons and taught them to be young men. I raised my daughter and taught her to be a young woman. God gave them their gender, pure and simple. I completely agree with Reverend and Mrs. Falwell. The problem with people today is they don’t God in their lives. Men are not men anymore and women aren’t women anymore. The roles have been vilified and it’s not good for family values.

  204. I see the same question asked of others. ( Does their lifestyle affect yours)??

    Of course it does. How? Why?
    I’ll tell you how and why…

    People get repulsed seeing this constantly being shoved in their faces.

    Everytime you open a book, watch TV, read the paper, listen to the NEWS, go out your door and get runned over by Gay Pride parades, gets extremely sickening..

    Live your lives as you wish to
    STOP telling us which sex you like to F–k .

    It’s none of our business if you prefer Muff Diving or The Hershey Highway.
    Perversion to the majority is unacceptable.

    Stay out of our lives when it comes to your sexual preferences.

    God made Adam and Eve
    Not Adam and Steve.

  205. If you believe in GOD its great that HE made the choice for us boy or girl and we do not have to let the DEVIL in and we act like GOD and try to make that decision on our own . IT IS SO MUCH EASIER IN THIS LIFE TO TRUST IN THE LORD AND BELIEVE THE BIBLE “IS” GODS WORD AND WE LIVE OUR LIVES BY IT. SO MUCH EASIER!!!!!!!

  206. Great for Falwell! He is exercising his right to free speech and freedom of religion.. Has the left lost their minds?

  207. Yes…. I wonder if we could sue them for harassment? Why are people afraid of them?? I dont get it. But I too am tired of it. I cancelled my subscription to our newspaper because almost a whole front page was devoted to transgender.. LGQBXYZ. There are people suffering in the world.

  208. So by your logic, your lifestyle (religion) is constantly being shoved in people’s faces.

    Every time one drives through any neighborhood one can’t hit swing a dead cat without hitting a church, opens a book, reads the paper, listen to the NEWS, answer your door to a knock, go out your door and get run over by religious people, it gets extremely sickening.

    Answer me this:
    How many Christian stations are on TV? Answer: 141 stations
    How many Christian radio stations are there? Answer: 558 stations

    Now answer me this:
    How many LGBT stations are there on TV? Answer: 11
    How many LGBT radio stations are there? Answer: 12

    Live your lives as you wish to.
    STOP telling us about your god.

    It’s none of our business if you prefer the Bible, the Qur’an, The Vedas, the Tipiṭaka, the Tao Te Ching, etc…
    Religion is unacceptable to a lot of people and the number of atheists and agnostics are growing.

    Stay out of our lives when it comes to your religion.

    I thought your god made all living things …

  209. What an Ignorant statement! We are not the heathen of the middle east! But regarding gender there are only two, male and female! Anyone that thinks otherwise are either ignorant or just plain stupid! I put the blame on parents for not instilling good common sense and a decent upbringing in thier children and teaching them right from wrong despite what the immoral liberals try to brainwash them into thinking! You may not believe in GOD but you will one day, hopefully it won’t be a day to late!

  210. Thank you. I get a little sick of Christians crying persecution when everywhere you look you have religion shoved in our face. They just don’t see it. Maybe a bible verse will help them. You know as Jesus said in Matthew 7:5 “You hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of your own eye; and then shall you see clearly to cast out the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

  211. James Hunt: Please tell me what gender your god chose for those that were born with no genitals or both?
    What about the people that were born with more or fewer X chromosomes or more or fewer Y chromosomes?

  212. I have experienced too much of God in my life to deny Him. If one has ever experienced the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, he will never deny God again.

  213. History of the word sodom:

    Anglo-French sodomie sexual intercourse between men, from Old French, from Late Latin Sodoma Sodom, from the supposed homosexual practices of the men of the city in Genesis 19:1-11

    Key word: supposed

    People just assumed the destruction was over homosexuality so the labeled the sex act between two men as sodomy.

  214. Sorry liberals but you have been hugely brainwashed. There are only two genders and that is male and female. If you believe there are other genders then you are absolutely wrong and you are also calling God a liar, which is a form of blasphemy and that puts you on shaky ground.

  215. There is NO creditable science paper written that will support the Gay gene Theory.
    Nancy must believe her greatest of grandfathers is a rock.

  216. Kaci is correct. I have a friend that is XXY. She was forced to be male from the time she was born. They gave her testosterone shots from the time she was little. But she identified a female – and now is. It’s a little more complicated than some would like to believe….

  217. There are LGBT “Activists on the Liberty College campus….??? There are individuals who do not accept what the word of God says regarding God making male and female, or regarding how God has defined marriage…???

    These students have self identified themselves as disbelieving God, and as not accepting God’s word. They should be called to the campus administrative offices and have a little chat. A choice should be given, to either accept God has the final word on the matter, and a warning that nothing else should be heard about the matter. For those who state they do not accept God’s word regarding the matter, they should be expelled with no further discussion being warranted.

    Unbelievable…! Why are they even going to Bible College if they don’t believe God has the final say regarding any area of life, especially something as basic and fundamental as who is a man and who is a female…

  218. Interesting rant having nothing to do with anything in the article at all. Also interesting how you want to select a verse to further support your rant, but want to ignore another far clearer verse regarding God’s definition and design regarding men and women’s sex –

    He created them male and female and blessed them. And he named them “Mankind” when they were created. Gen 5:2

  219. So, basically you’re saying you don’t know or understand God’s word, eh…? So, you prefer to quote lyrics to a David Bowie song…. not too intelligent, but okay… whatever.

  220. You’re totally right. The definitions in the Diagnostic Handbook of Mental Illness have been altered and modified repeatedly over time to accommodate political pressure. I was surprised a couple of years ago to find they now even have created a category for people who are totally normal, so they can put a label on them and claim them to be mentally defective if they want to (Borderline Personality Disorder Type II). The description of this “condition” says the individual smiles and laughs when happy, and cries when sad. Both psychologists I have so far had the opportunity to challenge and ask “isn’t that a normal thing to do…? to smile and laugh when happy, or to cry when responding to something very sad…?” looked like a deer caught in the headlights as they sat there thinking about how to respond, and both tried to change the subject, as they had no answer… when forced to answer the question, each had to admit it was in fact a description of a totally normal person…

  221. While you’re throwing bible verses around, Kaci, here’s a couple more for you –

    “But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’
    – Mark 10:6

    Jesus answered, “Haven’t you read the scripture that says that in the beginning the Creator made people male and female? – Matthew 19:4

    If you’re so opposed to the Word of God, and what God has to say on the subject, why are you reading articles about religion and quoting scripture…? You seem to be a bit confused. Hopefully the verses above will help clear things up for you.

  222. And where do hermaphrodites (people born with both genitals) or ambiguous genitalia (people born with no genitals) fit into your scriptures? Your “god” made them too. So by doing so, he/she/it declared to the world that there is more than just female and male genders.

    Humans are born with 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs. The X and Y chromosomes determine a person’s sex. Most women are 46XX and most men are 46XY. Researchers discovered that there are some individuals will be born with a single-sex chromosome (45X or 45Y) (sex monosomies) and some with three or more sex chromosomes (47XXX, 47XYY or 47XXY, etc.) (sex polysomies). In addition, some males are born 46XX due to the translocation of a tiny section of the sex-determining region of the Y chromosome. Similarly, some females are also born 46XY due to mutations in the Y chromosome. Clearly, there are not only females who are XX and males who are XY, but rather, there is a range of chromosome complements, hormone balances, and phenotypic variations that determine sex.

    I am an ex Sunday school teacher who has a bachelor’s degree in Ministry.

  223. Do you have any proof that there is no God? Albert Einstein believed that there had to be a God. Dr.HUgh Ross was a believer also. Scientists are just men with biases and sins.

  224. Nancy Alexander: Science does support the existence of the Christian God. I used to be an atheist before going for my biology degree, when I learned that there is such a high level of complexity and consistency of patterns that evolution could not have “just happened”. Also, there is absolutely no evidence that any mix of chemicals can possibly become “alive” on its own. Yes, living organisms are made of chemicals, but, no evidence of a “soup” of any kind becoming alive and moving around the container, let alone forming all the macro-scopic, micro-scopic, and sub-micro-scopic structures that function. Even something as basic as the mitochondria functioning as a source of energy for a cell by taking adenocinediphosphate (ADP), use energy to produce adenocinetriphosphate(ATP), pass the ATP through its membrane, and then active transport takes the chemical to another part of the cell where it’s needed, the third phosphate is broken off and the energy from breaking the chemical bond becomes available. The ADP is transported back to the mitochondrion(singular) where another phosphate is attached, repeating the cycle. So, how can something this basic “just happen” ?

  225. As an ol’ ’60’s vet who again will vote for our courageous leader President Donald Trump, I salute you and Liberty University for the stand you are taking our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

  226. Some GENERAL COMMENTS, to all posters here and on other websites:
    1. I wish there was a general rule that every one would follow, namely that they would PLEASE IDENTIFY THE NAME and even the date and time of the person they are responding to! Saying, “Yeah! or, “You are so stupid!” or stating a specific answer to a previous poster may satisfy your desire to respond, but is very frustrating to later readers who have to look back thru previous posts to try to find out who and what comments you are responding to, which lessens the impact of your reasoning, even if you are making a good point.

    2. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, people, try to remain decent and refrain from insults and profanity and name calling. Those who are arguing from a biblical stance only weaken your argument and in fact you are disobeying our Lord who said to love those who hate you, pray for those who curse you and do good to those who mistreat you, and you only give those from other positions reasons to think that Christians are a bunch of hateful hypocrites. I know it can be fun to think of funny variations of words like democrats and liberals (I’ve heard dozens, the creativity is amazing), but is it helpful? Again, is it honoring God?

    3. Please, argue with, even attack the position, but not the person, who, although you may disagree with them for very good reasons, is still made in the image of God, and DEARLY loved by Him, as we all were even when we were ourselves His enemies. Jesus didn’t die the most painful death on the cross for us, and them, only to have you who claim to love Him spew hate and filth on them.

    4. Please consider using Ravi Zaccharias’s approach in debates: Answer the person more than their comment. Try to see what might be behind the stance they are taking- maybe they are responding to a hurt they have experienced, and reasonableness and compassion might help open their hearts to the truth.

    5. For those who are conservative but not necessarily coming from a Christian faith, I’m reminded of an Aesop’s Fable that I loved when I was a child and didn’t have a Bible. The sun and the wind had an argument over who was more powerful. They saw a man walking down a path and decided the one who could get him to take off his coat would be the most powerful. The wind went first and blew on the man, harder and harder, but the harder he blew, the tighter the man pulled his coat around himself. Then it was the sun’s turn. He gently beamed down on the man, who eventually took his coat off. The moral was something like this: Gentle persuasion is more effective at changing a man than brute force. So, be kind. You might actually inspire the person to really think about what you are saying!

  227. p.s…. Also, please take time to reread your post and correct grammar and spelling mistakes. Not too many here, but on some other websites, some posts are actually almost unreadable and therefore they miss the opportunity to make the point they are trying to make. If you want to convince people of something it would help if they can actually understand what you are trying to say. Also, misspellings and bad grammar just give the other person an excuse to dismiss your opinion (no matter how true) as coming from an ignorant and uneducated person. Don’t give them that excuse!


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