Jeffrey Epstein mysteriously died before his trial and you won’t believe what he was hiding


Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed suicide in his jail cell this weekend.

But a lot remains unclear about his death.

And with Epstein having mysteriously died before his trial, you won’t believe what he was hiding.

The child predator was only temporarily on suicide watch after he was found in his cell on July 23 with marks on his neck, indicating a possible suicide attempt.

But for some reason, Epstein was removed from suicide watch and reports indicate there were no cameras trained inside the cells to show what happened.

Epstein’s “suicide” is being widely debated by both the Left and the Right.

Not many are buying the official story.

Many suspect he may have been murdered due to his close association with the Clinton family and other powerful people.

Regardless, his death occurred right before his trial, which could have exposed deep secrets of his trips the rich and famous took to his pedophile island.

Breitbart reports:

Jeffrey Epstein has been found dead in his Manhattan jail cell by suspected suicide, according to several reports.

Epstein, who was being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, reportedly committed suicide, hanging himself in his jail cell, according to reports from the New York Times and ABC News. According to the Associated Press, “The medical examiner’s office in Manhattan confirmed Epstein’s death.”

The news of his suicide comes weeks after authorities found the disgraced billionaire semi-conscious in his jail cell. At the time, Epstein was in a fetal position with marks around his neck, signifying a failed suicide attempt.

The trial could have exposed others that were sex trafficking underage girls.

Those responsible for guarding Epstein need to be held responsible.

Epstein was a danger to himself, and others were clearly incentivized to not have him appear in court.

There’s no telling how much Epstein would have revealed in the courtroom.

But now we will never know.

What are your thoughts?

Was Epstein’s death a suicide or murder?

What do you think his trial might’ve exposed?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. It’s only obvious everything is so coincidental he was murdered and the clintons had something to do with it hoping they don’t get away with this one

  3. Got the FBI on it, so you know that Hilliar and Bill will be safe again.
    Bush Boy Barr will weave an explanation that we will have to accept and that will be the end of it.
    Hilliar wins again.

  4. He was murdered..any one connected to the Clintons that has died, was murdered ..the CIA. the FBI..why was his cell mate removed the day before he died and the suicide watched removed plus no cameras keeping an eye on him..Heads would have rolled and may yet roll.had he gone to alive..what’s going on..Maybe George Soros was involved and a host of other celebrities and politicians…there is information some where that will blow the lid off everything
    and I pray that this will happen..

  5. Was he married? Any Ex-wives? Does he have surviving kids? Not much about his personal life other than that he was a pedophile.

  6. He was murdered and when are the Clintons’ ever going to be investigated into all the murders which ocurred which could have got them put in jail. How can they have so much power and each and every prison officer should have to take a lie detector test and also have to testify under oath.

  7. Ironic, once again another Clinton associate bites the dust by mysterious means. WTF is going on? How many more before someone is held accountable?

  8. Sometimes these horrible people write things down to “memorialize” themselves, I hope so in this because he was surrounded by “dirt bags” that need to be brought down. Nothing, absolutely nothing, should surprise us about the Clinton Mafia. They would kill and eat their own young. Sexaholic that Bill is you know he would have been all over this kind of “action”. And there’s dirt on both sides of the aisle and in Hollywood, they are both total swamps. Pray they find records, financial trails, something & that they’re exposed. His lawyers have something and phones! All of them are a disgrace to civil society, they haven’t evolved.

  9. I agree that Clinton was the one who saw to it Epstein would never spill what he knew. But as usual they will walk away scot free and all will fade to the past. The Clintons are as dirty and corrupt or maybe more so that the mafia of New York and Chicago. Maybe the 2 guards who were supposed to be watching him should be answering how someone got to him or were they paid to either do the job or turn a blind eye to the matter. We can only hope none of the prison officials were to blame but someone is for sure.

  10. I agree I think the Clinton’s had something to do with it because he had a lot of information about Hillary and her running for President and Bill with his sex life. He was murdered.

  11. Trump and Attorney General Barr made sure there were no camera or 24 hour supervision because Trump partied with Eptein, you saw the tape, Trump has the power do make sure Epstein commited suicide or had him murdered. Barr had no business calling it a suicide before the autopsy report, what does that tell you? Trump’s buddy lawyer Alan Dershowitz has been identified by one of the women who was abused to have been on Epstein’s island. No wonder a somewhat liberal attorney kisses Trump’s butt and defends everything he has done, illegally and unethically. Trump had him bumped off. Two thugs came in and hanged him, good source besides common sense.

  12. The next target on the Clinton hit list, MAXWELL Epstein’s pimp. She better find a good place to hide. I don’t think she can find a safe house BHO did away with the FBI, CIA, DHS, DOJ, and the Democratic Party. All that is left is a bunch of money laundering liars.

  13. Mary, I agree 100% with you! The person/people who killed Epstein must truly think the American people are stupid idiots. I certainly believe this entire story is full of lies!

  14. Are we sure he is really dead? Who’s body was really autopsied? Can we trust anyone anymore? Questions, questions, and more questions!!! If he is in fact dead, then those responsible for watching him should be held accountable… were they paid off to not watch him? Something really stinks about this whole thing…..! If that body is cremated soon…. I will really be suspicious…. again, something doesn’t pass the smell test.

  15. This was unequivocal murder. I very much doubt that any top people associated with Epstein will ever be exposed. The judicial system is just as corrupt as Epstein. I hope that this girls who have to live with the trauma for the rest of their lives will be compensated for this abuse that they had endured.

  16. There is no doubt it was murder . Like others have said it involved the Clinton’s..He definetly had a lot of information on others that were in his pedophile club. And you can almost bet that being involved with the Clinton’s, someone was paid too shut him up. Others have mysteriously died or disappeared in the Clinton Campaign Organization .

  17. I’ll believe the epstein suicide theory when bill, hillary, and all the other notables on stage are struck by lightning while addressing the democrat national convention.
    Until then, I will be extremely suspicious.

  18. A G Barr was not teed off about this supposedly suicide !! Trump and some other rich New Yorkers probably knew a trail would lead to them them. Not every thing that stinks is tied to the Clintons,YOUR DickTaitor stinks worse than all the other corrupt combined !

  19. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  20. Like Trump did NOT have any ties to the Pedophile. Trump had no problem walking into young woman dressing rooms during the Miss America pageants.. Do you really think he had respect for age. He doesnt have respect for anything including laws.

  21. Mueller should not get anywhere near this case. This guy was definitely murdered by the Clintons. I’m surprised that Mueller would know his first name. The Clintons would only pay Mueller off to lie his ass through the whole case. Get an independent investigation into this murder.

  22. The question is who is going to be the first to get filthy rich writing a book and eventually a TV miniseries (R rated)!

  23. Keith, let it go. That’s just a steaming pile of BS based on an alternative reality. And trump had as many close ties to Epstein as Clintons did… Trump was even recorded talking about the young ladies..

  24. I think it was a professional hit because I do not believe he had the courage to do himself in. Many high profile figures were associated with Epstein, whether they were involved with his sexcapade adventures or not, they do not wish to be exposed. Therefore, it’s reasonable to conclude that a consortium, of sorts, exists to eliminate the threat of public exposure to miscreant behavior. The public will never know the salaciousness of everyone involved.
    It’s not a swamp, it’s a cesspool.

  25. Very possibly a death threat was intercepted and he was moved to a secure location… But I would not rule out Trump or the Clintons if he was killed. They are all DIRTBAGS as far as I am concerned and believe they can do anything They want !! If they are innocent here , I am sure they ALL did very questionable if not illegal things in the pass that they should be behind bars. I voted for Bush the son in 2000 because the Democrats did not impeach Clinton, even knowing how stupid Georgie Boy was..

  26. I totally agree with you there. I said at the time that Scalia was murdered. I totally believe that he was … and so was Epstein. But, will the truth ever come to light?

  27. Someone in that facility knows what really happened. They were probably paid a hefty sum for their help in the murder. Anyone else who knows anything at all will be afraid to speak out, knowing the exact same thing will happen to them.

  28. Yes Brenda, I am afraid you are RIGHT… The rich and powerful really do GET AWAY WITH MURDER I hope the MADAME Maxwell is brought back to the US and gets IMPALED BY HOT COALS and then gets beat up like Alabama Worly did in True Romance but 100 times worse


  30. Gun Nuts of America > > You have exercised your first Amendment rights. It appears however that you have in the process libeled POTUS and AGOUS.

    Unless you have proof of the very positive accusations you have made I believe that you are at risk of being sued for libel by the persons you apparently libeled. You look like you could join a new organization, “Liberals Who Commit Libel!” Please get help for your Trump Derangement Syndrome and get a legal advice.

    You may want to put your house, car, mobile home, IRAs, bank accounts or other assets in your spouses name.

  31. Anyone that is/was this “high profile” should have had his own guard/watcher, even if it meant that someone had to be brought in from a vacation. Alternatively, the man should have been in a glass room right off the guards’ station. This thing stinks to high Heaven. it’s in the same bracket as the higher-ups in the DOJ, FBI, and other agencies that perpetuated the Russia hoax against a citizen and now sitting president. The real facts will never come out and the people responsible will neither be brought to public attention nor prosecuted and jailed.

  32. With all the big people being named even much bigger than clinton you knew the government would be pressured into shutting him up. Now the big names from overseas will never get busted.

  33. Trump threw Epstein out if his hotels and golf clubs because of “revolting practices”. Trump got a court order against him. Only you blind and terminally ill liberal sickos try to defect the long list of Clinton associated bizarre deaths toward Trump. Because in you jade eyes all things you don’t like are his fault. So lame

  34. Aside from the fact that I don’t believe that creep committed suicide….. All the snakes are slithering in…. Where were they when they could have stopped the next person from being victimized…
    Just like the me too nonsense….. Sure there are predators and there has always been a casting couch….but please….stop the madness lest you be a part of it……

  35. It was the Clinton’s they get away with everything.There day is coming and they have to face God and they will burn in hell forever.I think anyone who harms children should be hung in front off town hall in front of everyone.Those animals should not be able to live.You can’t help people like that.Are laws need to be changed to pertect all children from that type of person.Just think they probably do it to there own family they need to be taken out.The Clinton’s think they are above the law and they are not worth the air they breath if yall dont think they are guilty then yall have a problem and yall will have to face God to.Theres no place for yall here either.I dont understand how Democrats can not see evil in harming children and babies.How do you think you got here.Should your parents have done the same thing that yall think is ok to harm you or aboard you when you were born.Yall need to stop and think and do whats right instead of doing whats not right.yall all say Trump is a racist bigot ect.But hes not he has saved this country.

  36. This guy was not stupid, till he got a little sloppy, but, I imagine every place he owned has been searched with a fine tooth comb to find what he was holding. for his protection he probably said if I go down, you all go with me, and when they moved his “room mate” who was an excop from his cell, it left him wide open and available. Somebody, somewhere, probably has the information that he was holding over everyone. As the world turns……. I would expect more “suicides”.

  37. Put it on the shelf with 1) Begahzi 2) Fast and Furious 3) Hillary’s emails 4) Uranium One, etc. I wish someone would take a look at those things on the shelves.
    Keep praying and believing someone will. I don’t care how much the left thinks they are getting away with, Jesus is keeping tabs on them. It will all eventually come out in the wash. No one is exempt from the consequences of their actions. The longer it takes to come back to them, the worse it will be. Watch!

  38. You have got to be kidding! TRump has never backed off from this guy being prosecuted.
    Have you seen the list of who’s who, the Democrats that were frequent fliers and patrons of Pedophile Island?
    Trump absolutely wants to continue this investigation.
    They are raiding Epstein’s home as we speak.
    Clinton was on the manifesto the the private lolita expresss more than 26 times. I’d say that both Bill and Hillary should be gearing up with an attorney because you can only look away so many times at the number of people that have died right before they are slated to testify against the Clintons.
    I don’t care if you like or dislike the president, just stick to the facts and ONLY the facts…. The Clintons have their dirty prints all over this.

  39. You have got to be kidding! TRump has never backed off from this guy being prosecuted.
    Have you seen the list of who’s who, the Democrats that were frequent fliers and patrons of Pedophile Island?
    Trump absolutely wants to continue this investigation.
    They are raiding Epstein’s home as we speak.
    Clinton was on the manifesto of the private lolita expresss more than 26 times. I’d say that both Bill and Hillary should be gearing up with an attorney because you can only look away so many times at the number of people that have died right before they are slated to testify against the Clintons.
    I don’t care if you like or dislike the president, just stick to the facts and ONLY the facts…. The Clintons have their dirty prints all over this.

  40. how do you get murdered locked in a jail cell inside of a prison and nobody knows anything about it? It obvious BIG MONEY intervened and he was moved out . after his cellmate was transferred. BIG MONEY doesn’t care what the little people think. We are in a third world country .

  41. how long must the citizens of this nation watch this trash and not demand justice. What Epstein did is WORSE than the shooter at either Dayton or El Paso and those people want to take the innocent citizens guns away from them. Think about that. I/you/we will be the victims. We didn’t do anything and yet we pay the price. It’s f’ed up bigtime.

  42. Bruce, do you suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome? He has done more to reunite and better the lives of WE THE PEOPLE than Clinton and Obama during their years in office. Obama created a larger rift between black and white than in the late 60’s and early 70’s. TDS people hate Trump but cannot submit facts to support their hate. You should seek help for your TDS.

  43. HE WAS MURDERED ! My guess is that the Criminal Clinton Machine had him commit ARKANCIDE with a lot of help !

  44. Bruce, you got to be kidding, this has the stink of the Clinton’s and the rest
    of the democrats that are on Epstein’s list.

  45. I think it is best to reserve judgement at this time. I am a retired N.Y.C. Correction Captain. I’ve seen a lot and investigated a lot of incidents that civillians on the outside would not and could not understand because of how institutions operate. After hearing what has already been revealed, my question would be: Was the inmate seen alive before the lock in? Ie was he seen standing up in his cell, or walking into the cell by the Officer that was performing the lock in proceedure? Knowing that answer would formulate all of my following questions. I would definately be interested in seeing the investigators written report and seeing their conclusion and disciplinary actions that were initiated. The investigators report would or should include all written medical reports.

  46. I think it is best to reserve judgement at this time. I am a retired N.Y.C. Correction Captain. I’ve seen a lot and investigated a lot of incidents that civillians on the outside would not and could not understand because of how institutions operate. After hearing what has already been revealed, my question would be: Was the inmate seen alive before the lock in? Ie was he seen standing up in his cell, or walking into the cell by the Officer that was performing the lock in proceedure? Knowing that answer would formulate all of my following questions. I would definately be interested in seeing the investigators written report and seeing their conclusion and disciplinary actions that were initiated. The investigators report would or should include all written medical reports as well as written reports from the Officers that were on duty when the inmate was dicovered, and the written reports of the Officers on the preceeding tour of duty.

  47. Bruce you are a ‘Moron’ this has the clintons hands all over this. I just hope that someday these evil people will be held accountable, & stupid people like you will finally realize how dumb you were!!!

  48. ernst. There Might Be A Equally High MORAL & LEGAL Penalty” for Anybody Who Gets Caught Playing Around In One Of d. trump’s MANY LYING, FILTHLY, STINKING, CRAP, TRASH CESSPOOLS!

  49. Trump did it, no question about it, he partied with Epstein and talked about his desire for young women. They also had a party, Trump and Epstein and 24 “women.”

  50. Trump blamed Clinton, and I am more honest and smarter than Trump. It makes sense Trump blamed Clinton, meanwhile there are tapes of Epstein partying with Trump, they were good buddies and had an orgy with 24 women and just the two of them. Barr called it suicide before the autopsy, getting ahead of the truth, and blaming others instead of himself for not securing Epstein’s life. I wouldn’t be surprised in Clinton went to the island, meanwhile one woman has fingered Trump butt kisser, Attorney Alan Dershowitz as having been one of the abusers. Check that story out Mr/ Nazi Conservative, Schneider as a German name fits, and if you are Jewish as Harvey might indicate then you are a traitor to your people, regardless you are a traitor to this country for backing a serial sexual assaulter, mobster who had the election fixed, you know he did and you don’t care.

  51. The Clinton Crime Family strikes again. The witness to Bill Clinton’s 26 Lolita Express trips must stay silenced forever.


  53. GunayNuts: Bill Clinton was on the Lolita Express 26 times, Trump 0 times. Trump would not protect a Clinton. Over 150 Clinton associates “committed suicide” already. Youtube has the list of names and the connections.

  54. Trump is more evil, had the NYC mafia do favors for him. Trump was good pals with Epstein and Dershowitz defended Epstein in Florida that got him off with virtually no penalty for the same crime. Dershowitz defends Trump, why do you think because Trump had orgies with Epstein, wouldn’t be surprised if they came from the teen pageant Trump held. He bragged on Stern he would enter the teens’ dressing rooms.

  55. Keep watching Hannity and drinking the orange Kool Aid, you morons. The Resistance is going to win in 2020 and MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN!

  56. Scott…You are obviously the moron. Take your sick hate somewhere else. Pres. Trump has done far more for this country than Obama ever did. The dem party has been taken over by satan and you are proof.

  57. veteran…You are right on, but the dems have nothing but hate and lies. They can’t stand the truth and don’t want help.

  58. NO, they do not. They will stand before their final judge when Jesus returns and He will not let them get away with it.

  59. nutty, no on both counts. You are neither more honest nor smarter than Pres. Trump. That is very obvious from your postings.

  60. Keith D: I agree. I have followed the Clinton’s since 1992, and it was well known among Arkansas residents (I knew quite a few) that anyone who opposed Governor Clinton or Hillary often died of “natural causes” as reported by the state coroner, despite bullet wounds to the head, being run over by trains, etc. Last time I heard the total was at least 140, so 152 is not out of question for a total of Arkancides and Washington DC ‘suicides’.

  61. With luck, Epstein may have left critical information to several associates he trusted to be delivered to the AG in case he was ‘Arkancided’, with at least one copy actually being delivered to the AG (along with info on who else had this info, which if undelivered would indicate coverup by unindicted associates).

  62. There are Conspiracy theories and then there is this! I have always believed that the JFK and the Robert Kennedy Assassinations occurred because the Kennedy brothers were trying to make the United States Government Transparent and also they were clear on removing the Federal Reserve! Well they paid the ultimate price for what they did and wanted for the American People . And now many blatant conspiracies later we have the Jeffrey Epstein case which was surely going to bring some very powerful people into the light that were hell bent on not being exposed by Mr. Epstein . Well it looks like we have yet another Conspiracy for the History books and surely another ” Hollywood Conspiracy movie ” for everyone to watch eventually . This is by far one of the most obvious and blatant Assassinations in American History . The fact that there was no one watching Mr. Epstein while he was supposed to be on Suicide watch in his cell and also ” coincidentally ” the fact that there were no working cameras on Mr. Epstein , makes this a classic “Dead men tell no tales ” Assassination! I hate to say it People but our Government is fiercely and blatantly corrupt! We the People will have to take action soon!

  63. Again, I do not think we will ever know the truth. Even if he may still be alive or not. But if he is indeed died, it most certainly was murder. Too many proper procedures not followed within the prison, for starters. They are now supposedly withholding the results of the autopsy. Why? Perhaps they must come up with a plausible story of the events leading to his “death”, that they are” hoping” the American people will believe. Epstein was indeed an evil man and should have faced justice. But this I do “know”, if he is indeed dead, he is now facing the ultimate justice by standing before GOD…

  64. David Joe; I was a teenager when JFK was assassinated and even then I did believe for one minute Oswald was the lone gunman. Or even a shooter at all. At least one that actually shot JFK. All these long years, I have been hoping we would learn the REAL truth. But truth sometimes gets lost, or buried. And for whatever reason we will never know what “actually” happened and why. As you stated, Epstein is the classic ” Dead men tell no tales” and his tale will be around for quite awhile… Our government is indeed corrupt. But I also believe President Trump does represent the American people and wants what’s right for our country. And I certainly do not want a Democratic president in 2020!!!

  65. Parduc; I think you are painfully aware of the fact the Leftists are not interested in the truth, especially when dealing with President Trump. The Clintons have so much blood on their hands, its terrifying . Their reign of ” suicides” will once again go unchecked because no one has been able to stop them….

  66. Linda , I certainly agree that it is Trump or nothing! MAGA 2020!!! But President Trump is literally surrounded by the same Corrupt Government that surrounded the Kennedy’s and all the President’s since then . He cannot do it alone . Everyone say’s Trump is our only hope! But I do not agree! I firmly believe that President Trump needs the help of ” We the People ” if he has any chance of clearing the swamp! And what I mean by that is that everyday citizens are going to have to get involved more than ever in ” All ” Government Activities including and not limited too Town Hall Meetings and never miss a Vote and also We the People will have to make it very clear to the Federal Government that these Conspiracies are unacceptable and either those responsible are brought to justice , regardless of who they are! And I mean regardless of who they are! Or else there will be severe consequences and a Civil Response that will shake this Country to it’s Foundation! Enough is enough!

  67. David Joe; You are absolutely correct about ” WE THE PEOPLE” have to get involved. I have written and called all the all of my states reps. and even the President himself telling them of my concerns. So far, all I’ve gotten is their polite response thanking me and they will get back to me. Yeah right…As far as town meetings, I am going through a horror story dealing with this total injustice that is effecting with my property. But they also just follow the old saying” do as I say, not as I do.” They could care less about decency and laws.
    Yes, I also believe there will be a civil response if this country does not see justice. Something I never believed I would see in my lifetime . But, as you stated, enough IS enough. We must put an end to this madness!!! May GOD have mercy on our souls and our great country…..

  68. Murder! I know the guy deserved it but we needed to know who all were involved & we could have gotten more convictions. Because you know the people would have pressed to have more convictions. Wouldn’t be no surprise if all the people that were supposed to be watching him die of suicide or die some other way. These people better be looking over their shoulder. These people are wicked & they don’t care.

  69. Why not take the conspiracy theory to the nth level. The Royal Family of England killed Princess Diana because she was pregnant with Dodie’s child. And they killed Epsitn to protect Prince Andrew.

  70. We need to compare the Clintons to Al Capone.
    Al was pretty messy when he took people out like the St. Valentines Massacre.
    I believe that the Clinton body count is greater that Al Capones.
    They are just a lot more professional about it.

  71. Bruce, you’re a delusional Retard! The Clintons have a body count of 46, up to now. President Trump banned Epstein from any of his premises 17 years ago, when Epstein was first accused of improper conduct with underage girls. Slick Willie went on numerous boondoggles with Jeffery, to his island. Epstein started talking and mentioned Willie. at that moment, it was decided the Epstein would commit “ARKANCIDE” soon. Too many errors, in the safekeeping of Epstein, were committed in a logical sequence, to provide the opportunity to prevent Epstein from implicating many celebrities, and important people who apparently have some very undesirable proclivities, that Epstein would divulge, during his trials. How convenient of him to end their concerns, by snuffing himself, in a cell. if you’ll believe that he offed himself you are one clueless individual, who probably voted for The Wicked Witch of the South (Shrillary). Mr. Devido, you need to get back on your meds, so you can become lucid, again. You must’ve dropped some serious acid, when you were young, as you seem to be having delusional episodes, and way too frequently. Get some help, Dude!

  72. Bruce, Your ignorance is profound. You must be brain dead, since you don’t even seem to have an IQ at all. All you have is hate. Your name calling shows it. You are very sad. And please take an English course. You don’t even know how to spell weasel.

  73. bj; You know these Trump haters keep switching their names to post their nonsense, don’t you? They love to play their childish games. They can not or will not see the truth behind their evil party.

  74. Bruce: You failed to mentioned that the Miss New Jersey stated the contestants were
    given appx 1 1/2 hour notice that Mr. Trump would be coming in to wish them all best of luck in the contest. He and Melania came in wished them the best of luck and left.
    seek help for your TDS Hate is dangerous

  75. If there is anyone that has access to the prison it would be the NYC mafia which Trump is tied, to Barr who is Trump’s evil lackey, and Trump himself, the NYC mobster and President. Linda M, the Clintons weren’t involved, there were 7 investigations of Benghazi and nothing criminal was found yet the Republicans didn’t want even one investigation of Russia invading our election system and what was in the Mueller report showed clearly Trump’s campaign worked with the Russians and Trump obstructed justice, you need to take the blinders off.

  76. by, again you add no insight to Trump’s and Barr’s intentional bungling of Epstein’s confinement. There should have been guards 24 hours a day with an assistant nearby if there was an emergency. Epstein partied with Trump, had an orgy with 24 females, who knows how old they were. Dershowitz who got Epstein off for the similar charge 15 years ago which should have put him in prison for decades. Read about that Ms or Mr Bigshot. Dershowitz also wrote an op-ed in 1997 expressing that the age of consent for females should be 15. Read about that because Dershowitz was on the island as at least one woman stated. Maybe Clinton was there, maybe many people were.

  77. Guns; Do I have to go through this nonsense with you once again?? We all know you hate Trump. So that in itself has you filtering what YOU want to believe.. And YOU KNOW the Clinton’s weren’t involved ?Now how do you possess such information??
    I’m sorry Guns but your info. is all wrong. Especially about Benghazi. But I would like to also add Barr is no one’s lackey. He is trying to do the job he is being paid to do.. Something I wish I could say about the Democratic party in congress. ESPECIALLY the squad.
    Now, I am showing you respect. I hope you will do the same. But I will commend you on a something. You are trying to present your opinions without resorting to name calling first. You are not going to make much progress on these sites, because they are for the Conservatives. But you are more than welcome to present your opinions anyway. Thank you.

  78. When Trump learned of Epstiens salacious behavior he banned him from Mira Largo (sp). Clinton traveled on Epstiens Lolita Express 26 times. Several times without security. What was it he didn’t want them to see.
    Your right. It’s not all Clinton. There are others in the Clinton circle who has surreptitious behavior to cover up. But if you look through untainted eyes you will see that the Clintons are behind 90 percent of it all.

  79. Please stop calling the nay sayers and hateful writers retards. Children or people who are labeled so are some of the sweetest kindest and most loving folks you’ll ever want to meet. Please be considerate.

  80. Looks like another Clinton coverup. Mysterious murders seem to point their way. Crooked Hillary and Slick Willy. Aptly named.

  81. He isn’t the first to die just before exposing the Clintons and won’t be the last. They have close to 70 people they knew and had dealings with the died of suicides and accidents over their careers and that is only the ones reported. I don’t know about you but I would never want to even meet people like this as it could be detrimental to my health as they are really unlucky people to be around.

  82. I personally think it was murder. I believe there were lots of people that wanted him dead so he could not testify in court and expose them of also sex trafficking young girls. It was all an unbelievable story. Some kind of life these people lived. Very destructive and I might also add disgusting and very wrong.

  83. No theory about it when the Clintons are involved. It is fact that they are very corrupt and have been involved in many murders.

  84. Hey there sweetheart
    I looked & didn’t see what I missed. But anyhow, I want to place a warning in here & in RR
    Stating “DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS” the animals being, betty, numnuts, RFT, redman, vasu, & all the other trolls. If you (not you Linda in particular) respond to their rants, that’s like feeding the animals, they just keep coming back for more. But anyhow, how are you doing Linda?

  85. Colleen: Doing fairly well, thank you. And yourself? Yes you quite correct about these trolls. I see some “new” (hum?) are popping up too. But on RR ,they are the worse!! I will not waste my time trying to have conversations with normal people on that site. Those trolls are just animals that are not blocked. I see poor bj trying to survive on that site. “Betty” is quite mentally challenged there is no doubt. But she hasn’t lashed out to the other posters. Not like those other a holes. But no matter what warning you post,other people will keep feeding them…But what makes me smile, when ever these fools post, they only show the mentally these Leftists have. Low class , crude and no morals….
    Please keep in touch, my dear friend!
    P.S. You do know we will never know the full truth about this Epstein death don’t you? And I seriously believe no one will face charges. Just another notch in the Clinton’s belt.

  86. Ya Linda, just like the 8 years the obummass’s occupied the white house, I have always thought that we will probably never know just how many crimes these individuals committed before, during, & after they were removed from the white house. I’ve always thought that was the reason the left are fighting so hard to impeach our beloved President, they know damn good & well that with President Trump in office, they will eventually have to answer for the crimes they committed. As for responding to the trolls, it sometimes aggravates me. I like the way Gregory Sullivan handles redboy. Be well my dear friend, I will be looking for you on these sites.

  87. Death by Association would be a good title for a book on the 70 or more who decided to commit suicide or accidently got killed.

  88. Not in this life but rest assured whoever was responsible for Epstein’s death will answer for it on Judgment Day.

  89. You certainly don’t know what you are talking about… you, Bruce? You, like the rest of your ilk who hate Trump will manufacture any lie against President Trump to satisfy your warped egos.

  90. Maryanne, I recently watched a documentary on YouTube called The Family. It just might answer your question why the Clintons have so much power to escape judgment.

  91. I’m sure everyone heard on the news this morning that one autopsy showed “multiple” bones broken in Epstein”s neck. Which is more likely consistent with murder, not suicide. HUM??? I suppose the guards are going to be the fall guys for this. Which leaves you with the question, what would be their motive??? In my opinion, it was a very planned out murder, to protect some very powerful people that frequented Epstein’s little sex island. And before the Trump haters start posting, it has been proven Trump was never there… But the Clinton’s were, multiple times, as well as other powerful people.

  92. does anyone know anything about the hypothesis that epstein might have been supplying scientists with human lab subjects for mind bending experiments???????? Mind control – maybe his handlers, the usual mysterious ‘they’ controlled the clintons like a frankenstein and that is why they are so protected. Maybe ‘they’ control others in our gov and that is why there are so many flip flops and surprise rulings. rape or trauma make you more vulnerable to mind control. maybe the mysterious ‘they’ were controlling epstein too. Look up info on Zorro Ranch. epstein, the people in gov involved in military warfare and Hollywood all share land in New Mexico.

  93. Lynda, I sure hope the Clinton’s are “found out” regarding all their crimes! And, I too think Justice Scalia was killed by an order from them! He knew too much and was going to expose them and others!

  94. Agreed and there are far too many “coincidences” surround this occurrence. Like why was he put in a cell where the camera wasn’t working, and why was he taken off suicide watch in the first place for starters…..and he WAS in Manhattan. The whole thing smells. A witness with that much information on a lot of powerful people should’ve been in solitary without the means.

  95. Hey bruce, what’s with your “presentation”, indicating that you are just another IMBECILIC MORON, with a HIGHLY NEGATIVE IQ, say somewhere around a MINUS 145, eh ?

  96. Epstein dead? You can’t convince me this is not some script right out of Hollywood where the “prisoner’s” death is faked and he is smuggled out with the “corpse”. There have been no pictures, photos or video showing Epstein’s dead body. After the “autopsy” the “body” was claimed by an unamed associate. You better believe that the “body” that was claimed went straight to a crematorium. Where is all the news coverage that should have been following every move of his body after the “death” announcement?

  97. How comes everybody wants to ignore the fact that trump and epstein were buddy buddy too? You know that trump likes them young and he was with epstein on many many occasions

  98. I notice that once again, TDS boy posts no proofs! Lies and wild imaginings! You’re smarter and more honest? He’s rich and president, you’re an insulting, extremely mealy-mouthed woman. I never heard but one other so-called woman so nasty like you. Anyhow lady, Your hero, Bill Clinton flew at least 26 times with Epstein, another you worship, and even ditched the Secret Service security detail. That’s your hero.

  99. Post proofs. Quit posting Liberal talking points. Your mom, Nancy Pelosi also lies like you. Never gives proof, just lies and allegations.

  100. Absolutely! Have you ever noticed how those on the left always seem to write guttural remarks sans any substantive evidence? Not only are they the LAWLESS LEFT” but they are entrenched in the filth of Satan! It would be nice if they could write one good grammatically correct sentence also! And WE’RE the deplorables?!!!!

  101. Thant’s funny now! Mueller! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great choice on their part. Do the Clintons also want Comey as the procescutor in this case? But it probably wil happen! UNBELIEVABLE as it may seem this is the way tings have been going lately.

  102. Scott27, please be more specific as to WHAT recording you are referring. Perhaps you are alluding to the Access Hollywood tape that has NOTHING to do with Epstein. Clarity Scott, something you Leftists seem to deem unnecessary!

  103. I believe that anybody associated with Epstein should be brought in and interrogated until the truth is found an I’ll be willing to bet that who ever it is associated with the Clintons!!

  104. Frankly, and while I am a conservative and Trump supporter, this writing is terrible. Tabloid-style lays us down in pit with the fake news channels. Firstly, there is no name (writer) attached to this article (lacks conviction, accountability, which we need to demonstrate to the liberals and other children). Secondly, the title is ‘bait and switch’-indicating that you have something (what Epstein was hiding) and then nothing in the article.

  105. What a ‘Moron’ this Bruce idiot is… Why don’t you get out of mommy & daddy’s basement snowflake!!! There is not any demoncrap that is worth a damn… the clintons definitely had something to do with this. Why not have them take a ‘Lie Detector Test’…. Would love to see results of that. While you are at it why don’t we have the odumbos take one!!!

  106. I do not know that the Clinton’s are involved, too obvious. They or at least hill has some let’s say secret guardian/admirer who takes care of things with none to little affiliation, just because. Or more accurately, satan has his minions keep hill and co safe because they serve him. Please someone find a paper trail of $$$ otherwise.

  107. Suicide. Who helped? Then there is a good possibility that he is not dead. Also, I am pretty sure the evidence from all of his houses or places of abode have been pretty much sanitized of any evidence. Which was probably done way before his forced suicide.

  108. What paper trail? What computer drives? What videos? What film? You do know the Clinton cleanup crew raided his properties with instructions. Find Burn Incinerate. The NSA has a trove of information on Epstein. But they will never release it. Also the CIA but again not for release even to Barr.

  109. Funny how both bodies were quickly disposed of. It stops any further medical examination to maybe dispute the original examiner’s report.

  110. The same thing with Bill and Lynch on the Tarmac. No recordings of they’re conversation even though those planes have recording devices to record everything. Funny how technology breaks down around the Clintons.

  111. But then again, what would you expect from something that has ony a single brain cell and an IQ quite a bit lower than a MINUS 1,000, eh ?

  112. Did you follow the Whitey Bulger caper in West Va. Within 6 hours he was dead and with flair. Mueller has 13 murders on him and his buddy Connolly. He is another stolen valor scumbag like Kerry on the swift boat. 104 million paid to 4 guys he framed and were innocent. This Mueller guy was and is a psycho. This new Durham GUY worked the caper and was furious. Late 80’s. I knew the 2 from FL. He had one guy herein fl. framed for having a drink on parole. Set up- sent back to Walpole Mass. to finish 8 years.

  113. He would of told what we have all known all along About Clinton, price Andrew many many more high profile people. They weren’t even really trying to hide it. The big muscled up cop snapped his neck and left him to die the autopsy said it was not suicide it’s sad that people don’t want to beleive the truth

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