Jaws-dropped when The View aired a segment on Gun Control that no one expected


The corporate-controlled media carries water for the Democrats’ anti-gun agenda religiously.

But Democrats’ relentless push for more gun laws hit a snag.

And jaws-dropped when The View aired a segment on Gun Control that no one expected.

The hosts of The View push left-wing talking points on a daily basis.

But a recent episode of the show got awkward when they aired a segment on Gun Control.

Guest co-host Sherri Shepherd revealed that she had purchased a gun to protect her and her son.

Shepherd said:

“During the quarantine I felt really helpless, Joy, we’re talking about depression, I felt like Jeffrey would look at me like he was so scared and I’d get these alerts in my neighborhood app about it’s going to be a march through the neighborhood and I started feeling like ‘how am I going to protect my son if something happens?’ and I went to – I got some of my girlfriends who are actresses and we all went to a gun shop in California.”

First, it’s important to note that Shepherd said her son was scared by a “march through the neighborhood,” which anyone can guess just what that meant.

Of course, The View co-host didn’t come out and admit she was talking about a Black Lives Matter protest.

But BLM protestors sparking riots throughout 2020 may have something to do with it.

The corporate-controlled press portrayed all of those demonstrations as “mostly people,” but dozens were killed and over $2 billion worth of property was destroyed.

And the spike in violence led to record-high gun sales in 2020 as a result.

First-time buyers like Shepherd made 40% of those purchases.

She continued:

“There’s only two black owned gun shops, I think it was like a Redstone Firearms, Geneva and Jonathan and we went and felt very empowered when I bought the gun. I took lessons, I took the test. I go to the range with my girlfriends like every other week and it just makes me feel like at least if something happens, I can protect my child.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin, a former federal prosecutor who echoes all the talking points of the “woke” elite, blasted Shepard and trotted out the dumb argument that gun owners are more likely to be killed by their own weapon.

That talking point has little to do with violence against others.

Instead it relies on suicides to inflate a bogus number trying to scare folks that if they get a gun it will be taken by a criminal and used to kill them.

Needless to say the ridiculous argument ignores thousands of accounts where gun owners use their weapons as a deterrent without shooting anyone.

Hostin also tried to link the increase in gun ownership to fears over “white supremacy,” stating:

“We have to remember that the FBI has made it clear that the white supremacy is the most persistent and lethal threat to the country and I think that is why so many black women and black people in general are now arming themselves…”

Shepherd just stated why she bought the gun.

And it had nothing to do with some supposed “white supremist” threat left-wing mouthpieces like Hostin – the daughter of a Puerto Rican woman – keep scaremongering about.

Shepherd – who is black – said she got a gun because protest marches during quarantine made her feel threatened for her family’s safety.

The two major gun purchase spikes in 2020 occurred during COVID lockdowns, and during the far-left protests that turned violent.

More people than ever are exercising their Second Amendment rights like Shepherd did, and they’re not buying the nonsense Hostin and her ilk are spewing.

Despite Democrats’ quest for stricter gun control, their biggest success might be promoting gun ownership.

With the rise in violent crime thanks to the Biden administration’s policies, promoting gun ownership may be the only thing Democrats are succeeding at.

Meanwhile, the anti-gun media elites and politicians in Washington, D.C. and Democrat-controlled cities and states keep doubling down on Gun Control.

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