Jason Aldean’s wife is turning heads after she completely shreds Biden


Most of Hollywood and the music industry is obsessed with Biden and the Left even as they ruin the nation.

But this country singer’s wife dished out enough butt-whooping on Biden to make up for the leftists in Hollywood.

And Jason Aldean’s wife is turning heads after she completely shreds Biden.

Nothing gives leftists in Hollywood and in the music industry the warm fuzzies more than when they see our nation struggle.

So that explains why they are so obsessed with Biden.

The man is a wrecking ball unleashing havoc on our nation’s economy and national autonomy as he lets illegals flow over the border freely.

And the American people know it as Biden has some of the lowest approval ratings ever seen in modern American politics.

But the elites in our culture could care less as they cheer on the destruction of our nation and try to fool us as we get screwed by their leftist policies.

But one member of our nation’s entertainment industry is done with Biden’s crap.

Brittany Aldean, the wife of country music star Jason Aldean, dished out some smoke at Biden recently.

On Instagram, Brittany posted a meme with the caption “Happy President’s Day to such great U.S. presidents,” with pictures of Presidents like Trump and Eisenhower, but when it showed the bumbling idiot, Joe Biden, it had the words “Not You” on his picture.

This isn’t the first time she has bashed Biden.

She has promoted shirts in the past labeled the “Anti-Biden Social Club” which made leftists fume with anger.

Hopefully more folks in country music stand up to the degradation and destruction of our nation.