J.K. Rowling may never be allowed to publish a book again after what she said about transgenders


For many years, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has been a hero to the Left.

She even once claimed that President Trump was worse than her series’ evil villain Voldemort.

But now she may never be allowed to publish a book again after what she said about transgenders.

For years, Rowling has been known for, along with creating the most popular book series in history, her far-left opinions.

She has taken to Twitter and other mediums to interject her agenda into her books, even many years after release.

Rowling has chosen to name some characters as gay, regardless of the book never once addressing it.

And she has made her disdain for President Trump and other prominent conservatives clear.

But in a shock change, she has recently come out against the most radical wings of the LGBT agenda.

She began this change after coming out in support of Maya Forstater, a U.K. tax expert who was fired after arguing that transgender women should not be able to change their gender legally.

Rowling was simply defending her free speech right to disagree with the mob.

But then she really infuriated the Left by pointing out that sex is real.

“If sex isn’t real, there’s no same-sex attraction,” she tweeted. “If sex isn’t real, the lived reality of women globally is erased. I know and love trans people, but erasing the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives. It isn’t hate to speak the truth.”

In response, there have been intense calls on her literary agency Blair Partnership to drop her, and the Harry Potter series she wrote.

These calls have reached a fever pitch with four employees quitting Blair Partnership over their refusal to cancel Rowling.

“Fox Fisher, Drew Davies and Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir said they could no longer work with the Blair Partnership, the London-based agency that represents all aspects of the HarryPotter author’s work, because they were not convinced the company ‘supports our rights at all avenues,’” reports the far-left Guardian, while a fourth author also reportedly departed but wanted to remain unnamed.

In their statement they laughably claimed to support free speech, while also stating they don’t really.

“Freedom of speech can only be upheld if the structural inequalities that hinder equal opportunities for underrepresented groups are challenged and changed.”

Blair Partnership stood up for Rowling in their response, stating that they take pride in the diversity of views represented by their authors, and that they could not compromise the “fundamental freedom” of allowing authors to express their thoughts and beliefs.

So they are standing up for her now, but if we’ve learned one thing it is that the mob won’t give up.

There is a real chance she may end up being canceling for her common sense views.

Do you think J.K. Rowling should be canceled?

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  2. Again, another example of the intolerance of the left. The left claims to be tolerant, inclusive, and promoters of free speech but we all know that is a lie.
    The left, and democrats as a whole, hate free speech, are intolerant of opposing few points, and will shun anybody who speaks the truth. Democrats are becoming more like Nazis every day.

  3. What about GENOTYPES? You don’t have to study genetics to know about “XX” and “XY” chromosomes. Do you? Granted there are “improvisations” very rarely of double “X” or double “Y” not to mention hermaphroditism? I personally had the unpleasant exposure to a long time very male associate who after asking to shower in my apartment exited the bathroom holding the towel and exposing that he possibly had signs of female genitalia.

  4. It avails you NOTHING to agree with 99.99999% of their nonsense…you better be on your knees 24/7, go along with each and every fallacy they have, do exactly what you’re told…or you may as well be Charlton Heston or Ronald Reagan…THAT is leftist tolerance…

  5. Don’t care about her books. Never read them and now she just gave me another reason not to read them. The rich think it’s so nice to be woke but what about the working class that buy her books. I hope people stop buying anything of hers.

  6. There are two (2) sexes. That is biological fact it is written in the genes XX is female, XY is male. Until the Asari find us that is fact.

  7. “Freedom of speech can only be upheld if the structural inequalities that hinder equal opportunities for underrepresented groups are challenged and changed.” this is some kind of “DOUBLE hate speech” gobble-d-gook. JK is correct in her espousal of a quite correct observation. If sex is ‘fluid’ or ‘boundry-less’ or assignable at one’s whim, the logical conclusion is, as she say, there is no sex. this is logical; this is truthful. It’s acceptable. Everyone else should shut up and let her have her say…oh, wait. Intolerance aside, this idea should be recast: Everyone can sound off as usual and discuss it if they ‘feel’ like it. Otherwise, let it land and reap whatever returns from it.

  8. I don’t care, never read her stuff but I am sure she is wealthy enough with out having to sell another book.

  9. Why is it so wrong to have an opinion? She has one,,albeit different than some..its HER opinion..we all have one…
    to fault her for hers is as bad as berating a person for being different..
    She was pushing her thoughts on anyone.
    I dont agree with someof her opinions but I do think she has a right to express them..without recourse.

  10. My favorite part is listening to them address the transgender ‘issue’….whining about all the female athletes getting their asses kicked all the time by transgender dudes…because, let’s face it, you can’t have it both ways….they’ve said women can do anything men can do…Well, gosh, if that was true, they wouldn’t be losing to all these men, would they? Liberals cannot address this issue without admitting that they were wrong about SOMETHING, one way or the other…Either women are weaker, in which case they have no business being firefighters, soldiers, police, etc….or they’re NOT weaker, in which case they had better stop all their whining about the transgender crowd….WHAT A QUANDARY!!!!!

  11. J.K. Rowling was right about Trump. She has given millions to causes to help “the least among us”. Sadly, not everyone has been exposed to an extent to transgender people and don’t understand their struggles, both with their own identity and society’s treatment of them. It will take time for people to accept transgender people, just as it will take time for more people, especially right wing bigots, to accept lesbian, gay, and bisexual people.

  12. Rowling is wealthy enough that she could ~Buy~ a Vanity Press and make arrangements for her own distribution.
    And the major Book Sellers will all be waiting in line, cash in hand, to place guaranteed pre-orders so they get their cut on publication day. The loosers on the deal would/will be the Publishers foolish enough to fall for the Politically Correct Mobs blandishments.
    The mob is a beast without a brain. It will consume anyone and anything that doesn’t firmly oppose it.

  13. Aw, gee, that is terrible. The beyotch is getting just payback for her other leftist positions in life. #FRowling.

  14. HCB: There is no ‘struggle’ for such people. It’s a make-believe problem that exists only for the spoiled and the affluent. As I’ve pointed out before, nineteenth century Russian peasants had no such difficulties. You only question your gender if you have way too much time and comfort on your hands…and if there is some social advantage TO the question. Today, a segment of the population fawn over these people…and many of the rest of the population are terrified to cross them. That’s a social status that you really cannot procure in very many ways. Maybe 40 years ago it might have taken guts to identify as transgender. Today???? Not so much….

  15. I am so sick of the left and their ridiculous notions of what is right and wrong, good and bad, sensible and non- sensible ways toward a way of life, people and God. They no longer themselves know what is right and wrong. Their minds are no longer theirs, but have become reprobate minds. They all need to see a shrink.

  16. Same sex relationships are just that -sex. It’s all about sex period. Otherwise you just have have two good friends living together. I don’t care for the author or her books but I agree with her

  17. When we lose the right to speak our minds. our nation is hindered, because that’s what a democracy is. It’s through exchange of opinions that truth is made apparent. We may not like what we see, we may hate what we hear, but truth is not always kind or politically correct. The Bible talks about a little child leading them. You can bet your bottom dollar no little child who leads any, knows anything as strong as truth. And no one has to tell them the truth shall make you free. One follows the other, and is what binds a strong nation together…

  18. I give full support for the right of people to speak for what they feel is right. Those who feel THEY have the answers of the truth are self-righteous and only see the world from one perspective – theirs. Grow up!

  19. I received a disgusting trannie promoting email from TripAdvisor this morning. Unsubscribed and blocked them.

  20. I don’t really care for any of her books but I think what she said is correct and she has a right to say what she thinks. I would never purchase her books but she has a right to be published.

  21. Think she’s a ‘witch’…but, if you believe the ‘fake-news PC narrative’ only LGBTQ & XYGOZ or ‘whatever’ the hell, buy/read her books? Who gives a damn…

  22. Let me take a quick guess. Is it possible that the 4 individuals that quit are trans and having trouble identifying what sex they are because there are only 2 scientific biological sexes and they are now totally confused.

  23. The Left does not like science so much when it conflicts with Leftist narratives. J. K. Rowling told a simple truth, and not even in a hostile way, but the Left is unwilling to hear any truth when that truth punctures its fantasies. If society does not stand up to the absurd demands of the Leftists of today, we will end up in a world trying to live in an environment of social and physical implacable contradictions that is unsustainable. We will descend into collapse and poverty. Antifa and BLM will lead us into this if they are not confronted and stopped. If I seem apocalyptic, that is because this is exactly that.


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