It’s really happening… People with COVID are being put in camps in this country


The tyrannical measures put in place by many government officials during the COVID-19 pandemic are starting to look more like the latest Hollywood thriller than real life.

In the U.S. the Democrats are still trying to hold onto every last bit of control from new variants to mandating vaccines and forcing children to wear masks.

And it’s really happening…. People with COVID are being put in camps in this country.

People joked about COVID camps, but few suspected it would ever really happen.

Unfortunately, it is happening and the resemblance to Nazi Germany is eerie.

Australia recently announced that people who have tested positive for COVID are being transferred by the Australian army to “Quarantine Camps.”

So, all those “jokes” people made about concentration camps aren’t jokes anymore.

Australia has taken it to a level that no one could have ever thought possible.

In the Northern Territories of Australia residents aren’t allowed to leave their homes and if you have COVID, or even just come in contact with someone who has COVID, you will be sent off via army truck to “isolation facilities.”

The lockdowns were terrible enough, but taking it even further and ripping people out of their homes because of a virus that is 99% survivable is downright criminal.

We’re over a year into this so-called pandemic – this is no longer about people’s safety.

This is about absolute state control and Australia is leading the way.

They’re calling them camps! They didn’t even try to sugarcoat what they were as to avoid the Hitler references.

It’s a level of authoritarianism most never imagined seeing again in the West.

The worst part is this is Australia’s reaction to nine new COVID cases. NINE!

“The Northern Territory’s Covid-19 outbreak is expected to grow beyond locked-down areas after nine new cases were detected in the remote community of Binjari, about 320km south of Darwin.,” the Australian government said in a release.

Everyone should shudder to think what comes next.

Especially after seeing how Northern Territory Chief Minister, Michael Gunner, exploded on anyone who opposes the vaccine mandate – even if they’re vaccinated.

Oppose the mandate, then you’re an anti-vaxxer according to Gunner.

This has all the makings of another Adolf Hitler power trip and if you think it won’t happen in America – just wait.

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