Israel has done something shocking to this Christian TV channel that will leave you speechless


Israel is America’s greatest ally in the Middle East and is one of the few countries that is willing to tolerate the existence of Christians within their borders.

But something terrible has happened that could change everything for Christians in the nation of Israel.

That’s because Israel is doing something no one ever expected to this Christian TV station that will leave you speechless.

The Middle East is widely known as a hostile area of the world toward Christians.

Fortunately, Israel has offered Christians a welcoming environment and Jews and Christians live in peace together.

However, Israel has done something unexpected that could be an alarming trend.

The nation has officially pulled the plug on a Christian TV channel named, “GOD TV”.

GOD TV is a Christian TV channel that promotes the Gospel and targets Christians living in the area as well as Jewish and Muslim viewers in hopes of converting new followers to Christ.

However, Israel has officially put an end to the channel in a move that could be a major setback Christian and Jewish relations.

Israel has not given a clear reason as to why they pulled the plug on the channel.

This is the first time the country has ever made such a bold move against Christian media.

Supporters of GOD TV on social media are speculating this decision has to do with internal politics and appeasing radical Islamists within the country’s borders.

The threat of radical Islam in Israel is legitimate and puts many lives in danger.

However, giving up and choosing to appease terrorists by silencing Christian media will only embolden radical Islamists and make the situation worse.

GOD TV has stated they still support Israel and are appealing the decision in hopes of returning to the air soon.

As one of America’s greatest allies, Christians will most certainly lobby the government to put GOD TV back on the air in hopes of spreading the Gospel in a region of the world where it is desperately needed.

What do you think?

Why do you think Israel decided to take GOD TV off the air?

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  2. Like many countries, Israel is under seige as well. It’s no secret that Obama had boots on the ground to affect their elections when he was President. He wanted to oust Netanyahu. So as here-certain organizations funded by outside monies are trying to change Israel.

  3. I don’t think Israel IS our ally in the Middle East……they’re just using us. With them and the muslims, it’s damned if you do, and damned if you don’t

  4. Most Jews are going to hell. The Jews were not interested in Christ’s teaching, and that’s why Christ took his message to the gentiles. Jesus even articulated this with His parable about new and old wine sacks. You don’t put fresh wine into old wine sack because they will burst. You only put fresh wine into new wine sacks. He also said those that drink the old wine will prefer it saying it tastes better.

  5. Fake News. Israel has a law that does not allow any religion other than Judism to promote it’s self for preaching/conversion to other religions. So before you make stupid comments at least know what the real reason is. And this is for anti-semites like you Patrick.

  6. There are still other prominent Christian Networks there . As long as this does not become a trend or continue, everything should be fine .

  7. For the same reason they plotted and screamed to take our Savior ‘off’ to the hill of Golgotha. With the help of the Romans they were able to cut Him off. Interesting,…it all backfired! He arose!

  8. Whatever the reason for pulling the channel my guess is because it’s a law in Israel there are other Christian channels operating.

  9. Israel is a “Jewish State”, and was founded as such in 1948. It tolerates (allows) both Christians and Muslims to worship, but proselytizing is NOT a “right”, as in the U.S. As a Christian, I am supportive of the Jewish State. How long do Jews need to suffer against Muslims saying, “be Muslim or die”, and Christians saying “become a Christian”, or rot in hell.” Why aren’t the Jewish people “allowed” a homeland that belongs to them ? Haven’t they suffered enough in the history of the world? Why can’t they believe in Judaism, like we believe other religions? Americans would be pretty unhappy to see a Mosque founded in their neighborhood if the truth be told. Some of you folk seem to forget that even Jesus was a Jew. What I see here is self righteous indignation of Christian zealots getting their hand slapped for “inviting themselves to dinner” at someone else’s table.

  10. I am a Jewish American man and I say let GOD TV return. Let free speech and let freedom prevail in Israel.

  11. This is what is taught in the Bible/ Scriptures that there will be a falling away
    This is the start of the falling away , more so if the American Christians cannot go to church to fellowship, learn, support, etc. by the COVID-19; one of the plagues now on the Earth
    Revelation, Old,New Testaments all pointed to this coming
    Israel will be split internally
    Now all Jewish faiths are deemed friendly nor equal
    Both and all the humanity in this world have two sides: Good vs Evil
    Pick your path in the forked road

  12. Israel was right to cancel. Has anybody considered that the Christian directive of constantly being on the offensive and not being satisfied until you’re in everyone else’s faces 24/7, gets tiring and offensive to the rest of humanity? It’s no longer “free speech” when you never, ever shut up or allow others have their own opinions unless you’re allowed to invite yourselves into their space to crap all over their parties. If christians, as a group, could be symbolized by an animal, it would be a pushy, squawking, humorless Harpie out trying to grab or foul everyone else’s food.

  13. Many Muslims have infiltrated into the Armed Services of their countries and have been trained in America for different purposes.. Yet, when they get here, they have killed American Service members as hidden enemy.. I believe Israel may being careful of those Muslims doing the same with Christians..

  14. Been there…????? You have no clue what a Christian is or who Jesus is. sad. That is not even true. I know hundreds of Christians and none of them are like that. Jesus commands that we tell others about Him and bring them to Him. But you get to choose to follow Jesus or satan. Christians would never force you to believe, unlike Muslims. It is MUSLIMS who do not let you have your own opinions. Either you serve Allah or die. The goal of Islam is total world control. But guess that is fine with you. Mohammad was very evil. Jesus loves you so much that He came here and died for your sins and went to Hell for you so you have the chance to join Him in Heaven. It costs nothing. He paid it all on the cross. But you have the choice to refuse His great gift. Muslims don’t give you that choice. They want everyone to face Mecca five times a day to pray

  15. “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” ~ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002.

  16. The Jews are God’s chosen people and Jesus is Jewish. When Jesus returns, it will be to Jerusalem. Israel is a very important part of what is/will be going on in this world before He returns

  17. Wolf, you said that Christians say become a Christian or rot in Hell. Well, Jesus Himself said that all who do not believe in Him will join satan in Hell. Yes, Jesus is Jewish, but the Jews turned on Him. The Jews are God’s chosen people and their relationship is between Him and them. It is unique. There are many Jews coming to Jesus and He will be the judge of us all

  18. You so called “christians” need to figure out that nobody wants you in their country telling them they need to change their religion and that includes the Israelis/Jews. They tolerate you only because they want your money. That is also the ONLY reason that Israel is “friends” with the United States …. They get billions from us and tons of weapons. Cut off either one and their friendship will end overnight.
    Yes, bj. Jesus was a Jew, and he remained a Jew until after his people killed Him and he rose again. He did NOT start the Christian religion, other people did, many years after he was gone.
    As for the Jews being “God’s Chosen People” …. that’s pure Bible mythology. As for God giving them the land of Israel…. more baloney. They took the land from the Canaanites and the Assyrians by force of arms.
    The UN gave a piece of land (that belonged to the Palestinians) and ever since they have been systematically oppressing and evicting the Palestinians. Israel is a democracy in name only. In reality it’s an apartheid state that discriminates against anyone that is not a Jew, as a matter of National policy. Their latest move is an attempt to annex the West Bank, land that it has illegally occupied, by force of arms, since 1967. If it succeeds it will not embrace the people that live there. It will confiscate their property and force them into Jordan and Syria.

    If the Evangelical Christians were ever to gain control of the US government you can bet the persecution of everyone that doesn’t think like them would commence almost immediately. Little wonder that the Jewish government has grown tired of one of their TV stations in Israel.

  19. There is obviously something going on here…could be the station violated Jewish beliefs on some way, bit I rather doubt it. More likely something underhanded and evil going on.

  20. Richard D…It is very obvious that you have no clue what a Christian is or who Jesus is. And you have no concept of history. sad

  21. Richard…There is no such thing as a so-called Christian. A Christian is someone who follows Jesus and His teachings and will join Him in Heaven. Jesus tells us to go out and tell others about Him. He loves you and wants you to be with Him but He will never force Himself on you. You have the choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell

  22. The people who reply on this site are so sad. The bible speaks of an unforgivable sin. That sin is hardening your heart so hard against God that you can no longer hear God inviting you to repent and accept his gift of salvation and eternal life. It is giving the devil credit for what God does. It is equivalent to giving your life to and serving the devil. God extends his offer of eternal life to any who will hear, but when their hearts become that hardened he will stop extending his offer of salvation to them. A lot of this younger generation practices satanism. TV is full of satanic shows, they go to fortune tellers, use crystals, use astrology and play satanic games. Is it any wonder that we have school shootings and mass murders. They have no reverence for God because they have been taught that they are God. They choose what is right and wrong. However, our generation will be called into account for this because God will judge the nations. We Christians have failed by allowing the government to take control of our schools. We allowed them to take Biblical teaching out of schools. That is only place where some children would have heard about God. We should have protested like Black Lives Matter to keep this from happening. Now we are reaping the reward for our passiveness. A lot of young people have never even heard the Gospel. At a recent funeral, 22 people accepted Jesus. How many of them do you think had never heard the plan of Salvation?

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