Insane Liberal Language Police Want To Ban This One Word


Nothing is safe when deranged Leftists are on the prowl.

They’re constantly on the hunt for molehills to turn into mountains.

Now the Liberal Language Police are unbelievably on a mission to ban one word.

Fundamentally, Leftists believe they can transform society into their socialist utopia.

They believe they can alter reality by changing societal norms.

Policing language is key to changing the narrative.

This is why Liberals are so hellbent on imposing political correctness.

Now, Leftists are trying to ban the word “guys.”

The progressive “news” group NowThis – which has even been busted by left-leaning watchdog site PolitiFact for generating fake news – published a video explaining why the word “guys” is deeply “problematic.”

The Daily Wire reports:

In a new video from NowThis, NowThis producer Foluke Tuakli theorizes that people should stop using the term “guys” to refer to women because it is it ignores “the cognitive impact on women” and “seems lazy, inconsiderate, and a small part of what reinforces the gender hierarchy today.” In her effort to be perfectly politically correct, she says that to some people a word like “guys” may “dehumanize them on a macro scale, minimizing his, her, its, their right to respect and equality.”

The idea that colloquial usage of the word “guys” dehumanizes women is beyond absurd.

Turning everything into a catastrophe or a great injustice is part of the Left’s strategy.

They browbeat people who have more pressing things to worry about into going along to get along.

But as soon as you bend the knee to the Left, their demands grow.

That’s how we’ve arrived at a present-day culture so broken where even radical feminists like Meghan Murphy can get permanently banned from Twitter for posting the biological reality that “men aren’t women.”

The Language Police have run amok, and it’s time to put a stop to it.

Don’t be afraid to disagree with Left-wing groupthink.

If you don’t defend free speech, it dies.

What are you thoughts?

Do think it’s wise to stop using the word “guys” among mixed company?

Leave a message in the comment section.


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  2. I was in college at UC San Diego during the 1980s. The Che Cafe (the on campus student-run vegetarian restaurant, named after Latin revolutionary Che Guevara), would occasionally hold a ‘non-sexist dance.’

    The term merely meant that they didn’t discriminate against LGBT couples and singles… everyone was invited, and free to dance to alternative music as they pleased, with or without a partner.

    But even on a university campus in California — a blue state (way before the red-state/blue-state designations arose!), and even with California having a reputation for being progressive on social issues , I must admit, the term sounded rather unusual.

    This is what happens when you artificially create politically correct language.

    My friend Chris (whom I’ve known since college) and I (both of us political liberals) were amused by conservative columnist John Leo’s observation in the 1980s:

    To say “colored people” is racist, but to say “people of color” is politically correct!

  3. Guys and Gals, YES ! Even Guys who think they are Gals and vice versa is acceptble ( being born with cross wires is acceptable to mosst of us) Not any one who has to wait for years to make up their mind what they are, and especially wrong is needing outside untrained people to tell young people what they are ! NOW I guess we all will have to identify as African Americans, European American, Latin Americans, etc. . . God help us get back to worry about and working to secure what is needeed not to invent nonproblems!

  4. But is it possible to somehow ban this rotten progressive “news” group NowThis together with its politically correct moron – producer Foluk Tuakli for striving to discredit the great and beautiful English language. The language spoken Byron, Mark Twain, Conan Doyle.

  5. Oh good grief. Now they are focusing on the word guys and want it banned? Really?? Well guess what guys, I’m not going to stop using the word. Now what? On the picture Culture watch used for this story, it says “don’t be silent. ” But please do because you are acting like a bunch of spoiled children..

  6. Well here we go again. It’s all part of changing our perception , and description of our world. If they can change that they can change society’s acceptance or rejection of said terminology and/or action. Two prime examples; pro-abortion became pro-choice and homosexuals became gay. The media also plays an important part in this “fundamental change” of our Judeo Christian norms. Has anyone noticed the ever increasing frequency of tv ads with homosexuals? Everything today is “trans” it’s transforming something normal into something abnormal or unGodly. Transgender, transformers etc., it’s all leading to transhuman. I just watched a movie titled ” Alita: Battle Angel” that had 320+ 4-5 star ratings. It was all about humans and robots interfacing. This is the satanic answer to immortality, combine machines with a body that is replaceable. This is all part of the great deception that Jesus warned us about.

  7. Jim Tierney: Thank you for your comment. Missed you on this site. I’ve left you several messages, so I hope all is well.

  8. Hi Linda M.!!! Thanks for your response. I have replied to you a couple times, although probably not in a very timely fashion. I’m an old guy that plays with this stuff every now and again so my post and responses are erratic . Hope all is well with you and yours. Keep watching, especially Israel, short is the time

  9. Jim Tierney; Thanks Jim! Glad to hear all is well with you. I’ve seen you doing battle on other sites. But haven’t seen you on here for awhile. I refuse to post any longer on RR. That Redman is just too hateful and disturbed.
    Yes, I have been watching very closely. Still concerned about my adult children and I am praying they will be with us when GOD calls us home..
    ” Talk” to you soon !

  10. Yes, liberals are insane. They are also deranged. They belong to satan, so that does not surprise me. They have only hate and lies.

  11. Are these politician completely insane? This is a free nation and they are attempting to turn in a 3rd world country where they can dictate what you say, how you dress, what you eat and how much money you can earn. Wake Up America, this is not a game, this is serious, once they achieve there is no turning back.

  12. Hey GUYS . . . You liberal Leftist GUYS are out of your mind. And I am NOT one of those GUYS who is going to give in to you GUYS! Do you GUYS get it? Well, THIS GUY (yeah, me!) does. If you GUYS spent your time doing something USEFUL you wouldn’t worry about what the OTHER GUY think or says. Why don’t you GUYS go back to your video games or something . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  13. How about being concerned about something that actually matters? There are so many things in this world to actually be concerned for ,China,North Korea,Iran,Iraq,Syria,Russia,India,not to mention poverty here in the US. Our southern Border,Terrorism,and etc. Walking into a group of mixed men and women and addressing them as “Hey guys”as to greet them all,is not going to Traumatize anyone!! It won’t send the world spinning out of control of cause WW3 !! Get a grip on reality one time !!

  14. There are only two genders. Male and female. Nothing else exists no matter how hard the left tries to make it so and all you guys know it.

  15. I do not have a problem with “Hey, guys” but if someone insists that it be changed, I suggest it be changed to “HEY, YOU”

  16. Are the Democrats all mentally retarded??? That will get them going!! We need to start looking for an island far far!!! Away and let these nut jobs try out there totally stupid ideas!! Within a year are less! There system will collapse on and in them i think the whole lot of them are smoking crack we will name there half ass world the land of fruits!! And nuts!! the karma train will run rapid in there completely insane domain when god calls us!! All home to explain ourselves i sure don’t want to be in the far left lane there will be an Express train to hades!! Just for them. And i don’t care if anyone likes my ideas on the left im a free!!!!! White man!!! Who will never bow to any of there freak show ideas. God bless!!! America!!! Now always and forever.

  17. I call BS. A huge steaming pile of it. What a waste of time..Get a life!! PC was the beginning of all this left wing, nonsensical, BS.

  18. AMEN!!! The whole point is the LEFTY is a DEMONIC deception!!! Which is why I call the BABY MURDERING PERVERTS DEMON RATS!!!! MARANATHA!!!!

  19. I’m happy to see this revolt against the seemingly endless supply of morons. Where have they all come from in such mass so suddenly? Or perhaps we just hadn’t noticed them.That’s the fault of us normal people. That’s how we arrived at “same-sex” in place of the correct designation “homosexual”. THE WORD OF GOD IS THE AUTHORITY ON THIS. Not ANY leftist, liberal, kook. These brain-devoids also re-oriented the meaning of the beautiful word “gay” into quite the opposite of what it originally meant – happy, free-spirited, innocent. These are the type of people the Bible condemns and their day of reckoning is near unless they REPENT and TURN TO GOD. My prayer is that they will. HELL is not a “cool” place.

  20. Ok this is stupid. What about when women are being called dudes, that just started a little while ago, “guys” has been going on for a long time. So whats the big deal. You know what word i hate when your talking to someone and their answer is “shut up” but it doesnt mean for you to do that. Im so sick of all of this.

  21. Vasu finally, finally posted something that makes a little sense. And he didn’t have to write a thousand word book to do it. Give Vasu a hand, maybe he’s growing up.

  22. Well Harold, these kooks comes from public schools, colleges and universities. Nearly all they have these days teaching our kids are liberal lunatics that doesn’t know the difference between up and down.

  23. Well Harold, these kooks comes from public schools, colleges and universities. Nearly all they have these days teaching our kids are liberal lunatics that doesn’t know the difference between up and down.

  24. How about a couple of other words I use when talking about these people. People??? Kids or snow flakes. Both of them fit real good.

  25. I ABSOLUTELY HATE “political correctness!” No one in my generation ever said it was wrong to call someone by the masculine if their sex was not known. (I was born in the late 1960’s) I STILL will call a driver fella if I don’t see if they are male or female and my fiance tries to correct me. I’m old school and proud to be so!!

  26. Geesh, Scott! You should know that “retarded” is far from politically correct, man.
    I think that is because the “re” part of it indicates they are TWICE the tards. You should stay politically correct and simply refer to these guys as simple “tards”, or “tarded”.
    Yeah, that’s it – simple tards.

    I’m glad I could clear that up for you, Scott.

    / Don’t be tarded about it, guy.
    / Is Tard one of the new Gender Identities, also?
    / It should be – for Tards with numb nuts.

  27. Yeah, it’s more Left-Wing Groupthink. Soon, another radical group will want to do away with the word “gals”. I do believe these groups are trying their best to “out-stupid” each other.

  28. Intent is a critical element in social intercourse. Small wonder since intent is a pivotal point in application of law. Certainly in one context “guys” will make reference to the male gender, but the word has also been used with a clear “intent” of inclusion to a group, demonstrable as a recognition of belonging and acceptance. Now, one might wonder credibly whether such attacks on words are intended to right perceived wrongs or are the tool for ultimate governmental control via the mob social justice puppets.

  29. Considering you can be sanctioned or arrested for swearing, or talking vulgar, in public, it seems obsurd, that the word “guys,” should be banned.

  30. This is all a big nothing. Guys means a group of males, gals or ladies, means a group of females. That’s the way it was, is, and always will be! He’s a good guy, or a nice guy refers to a male. She,s a good ole gal, she’s a really nice gal, refers to a female. Dude usually refers to a male. You can greet a male stranger with Hey Dude and it’s received as a friendly hello. It gets a little tricky when you’re addressing a 6ft 4in drag queen in full regalia. His dna says he,s a male, his costume and mannerisms say he’s a female. Try to find some neutral ground and not hurt anyone,s feelings. Good luck.

  31. If these brainless individuals put as much effort into improving their life instead of trying to change the social culture we would all be more accepting of their differences.

  32. But it’s Cool now to call girls Dude,And Guys-girl,But DON’T call Anyone Guy,I Think?? IDK,Like Vinni Barbarino said in Welcome back Kotter…… I’m Soo Confused!! Semper Fi 😉

  33. The purpose behind all this word-shaming is to introvert people (especially men) so that they look inward instead of outward and act at effect instead of at cause. By pointing the finger at the word, the PC Police get you to question your own intentions. All of us know innately that what really matters is the intention behind what we say and not the words themselves. Don’t get sucked into that game. Have faith in your own decent intentions and communicate freely. If this is a problem for the people around you, go find yourself some high-toned friends who don’t need “buzzwords” to tell if you are enhancing or demeaning them.

  34. Oh, yeah, I am so traumatized when I hear the word “guys” applied to a group of women. It makes me go into a rage at the thought of being spoken to in such a manner.

  35. Tell these liberal fools to cram it where the sun don’t shine! We are guys, we know what gender we are. Stop saying dumbass stuff that no one agrees with. If you are that inadequate just jump of something high and leave us alone.

  36. Tom, matters not what their gender might be for that has become a rather applicable social construct for every mental delusion in the world. But of course those in the GLBT grouping never want to talk about what sex a person may be since they refuse to even acknowledge there is such a thing.

  37. Feminazis, Communists, Cultural Marxists, Moonie Muslimes all need to be eradicated to preserve our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic.

  38. The left is trying to change the way we think. Changing terms that we’ve used for our entire lives need to be replaced by some idiotic euphemism or eliminated altogether. Changing those words is their attempt to affect the way we think because we eventually adopt those euphemisms into our everyday expression. In my youth calling a black person “colored” was appropriate. Calling a black person “black” was not.

    I noticed a “Grammar Nazi” had made an entry above; well check this out: “You guys,” “y’all,” “youse,” and if you’re from Ohio, “youins” are all used when we need a second person plural form. We don’t know if “you” is singular or plural in some contexts. Although “guys,” based on its original meaning (Guys and Dolls, Guys and Gals, etc.), was mostly used as a masculine form, there is nothing evil about referring to a female as one of the “guys.” Maybe we should revert to using “thou” as the singular 2nd person pronoun in this age of creating pronouns. Then we could simply say “you,” and everyone would know that it means more than one. God bless us everyone.

  39. I always say hey guys when ever a group of friends are around. It is an all inclusive word meaning hello every one. Just say hi guys is not wrong. Dems are just plain stupid

  40. Vasu. Congratulations on figuring out how to “comment” without writing a thesis. Just as a suggestion you could have made it even shorter by eliminating the part about your a liberal from California..We all pretty much figured that out a very long time ago!

  41. Proverbs states that when a fool holds their tongue, they appear to be wise, but when they speak all doubt is removed. Who are these people who think they have the right to dictate what you can or cannot say? Who made them the Guardians of the language and determine what word(s) is/are offensive? The concept of Freedom of Speech is that We The People have the right to speak what we think and the right to say it in whatever way, unless it would cause a dangerous situation, like shouting “Fire” in a crowded room. These creepizoids complain that Christians and conservatives are trying to cram there views down other peoples throats, but isn’t that what these people are trying to do to us? There is one word for them: HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!! The very thing that they are whining about what others are doing, they are doing the same, only in spades. The queer community, which is a very small percentage of the population are cramming their agendas down our throats with hollyweird in the forefront. Then they are trying to force it on our children. If they want to be queer, that is a right that they have, even though they are wrong, that’s still their right. THEY DO NOT have the right to force others to accept their lifestyle, especially in trying to indoctrinate kids. Christians witness and try to show people where they are going astray, but we don’t take people to court or try to have legislation passed to strong arm people into accepting what we believe. PC is something from the pit of Hell, because it tries to force people to abandon ideals that have been acceptable down through the ages and force something on people that is very divisive. For goodness sake. Guy? that’s sexist? Is the use of guy something that could cause Armageddon to occur? Does someone sit up all night with a toothache thinking of words that are nothing bad and claim it is sexist or racist or whatever?
    Imagine if Adam was in this modern time and Eve had just been created from his rib. What to call her? Woman wouldn’t fly, because there’s a sexist man in that word, as does women. Can’t call her Woperson, because there is a male word in that word too. Yeah, he could just call her Eve all of the time, which would be fine, but what do you call all the others that come after her? Can’t call them female, because there again is the male word in there. Do you not see how ridiculous it all is? These people need to go out and find an honest job and male a good days wage and leave us alone with our English language that has been so good all of these hundreds of years.

  42. When I was a kid, there were 4 of us, 2 boys and 2 girls, and we always referred to ourselves as “hey you guys”. They can “ban” all the words that they want, but I will continue to say them.

  43. Thanks guys, I’ll use it at every opportunity when I’m around leftists of any stripe, especially academics.

  44. I know, Sher. I have noticed that, too. Somehow, calling women (or girls) “Dude” seems perfectly acceptable. But not “Guys”? Hmmmmm.

  45. When I was a little kid, my mother would give me her throw away clothes so I could play dress-up and I loved it . . . dressing up with her dresses, high heels, hats, etc. but that didn’t make me the mother. These drag queens must have missed the dress-up time in their childhood and are participating now, but that still doesn’t make them a women so YES his is still a guy.

  46. I work in an office that is about half women and half men. For many years, women have frequently used the term ‘guys’ to refer to a group of people, regardless of genders. As often happens with language, the word ‘guys’ has come to have multiple meanings. It may refer to a group of males, or it may refer to any group of people regardless of gender. This happens with language all the time as people adopt new uses for words. No PC Police needed here, thank you! Now please go find something constructive to do. Regards!

  47. Hey, bj. Replace the word “Liberals” with the name of d trump, AKA CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump, That Presidential PISS ASS PIG, That Oval Office CONCEITED, SICKO CRAP & you got it 100 Percent Right In Every Way!

  48. Dear Betty, you would be well advised to keep your comments and filthy rants to yourself. You make an open display publicly of the enormity of your mental deficit.

  49. Betty, what is your thing with worms, pigs and orangutans? Do you give them all BJs for quarters or something? Or is that just all the limited vocabulary your low IQ can handle?

  50. Betty: Just stop!! Do you not realize, A. No one cares about your rants. B.You are showing people posting on these sites what an ignorant, VERY limited vocabulary, lunatic you are. C. Your evil queen LOST and hopefully she will be arrested with perverted husband slick Willie soon . D. Learn to show some respect for our sitting President and his beautiful wife. E. Stay off these sites designed for Conservatives. Not Nazi party followers such as yourself. And finally but certainly not least, F. Get out of this country if you are so unhappy.YOU and people like you are one of the biggest problems for this country. Big mouths causing disruption and never providing logical solutions for any situation. Just keep complaining about Trump and what is trying to do for this country and all already has. In your brainwashed mind that is never good enough.
    I’m going to give you a very important piece of info. to remember. IF your Nazi party takes over this country, it will become part of the NWO. Which means, just like Hitler tried to do, anyone HE thought was subhuman will be exterminated.And guess what Betty? YOU will be one of those people that WILL disappear. Happy about THAT prospect are we???? Even for someone like you Betty, I’m not….

  51. Jim Tierney: I know .But I’m HOPING in her very confused, delusional mind SOMETHING will sink in, you know? It’s just like that Vasu person. People have been kind to him. Made fun of him. Called him vile names( GOD forgive me but justifiably so) tried to show him his info. is very incorrect, and reason with him. But just like the energizer bunny, he just keeps going with his propaganda!I am not very computer savvy, but I have noticed certain words posted by others does trigger another response from him. Well, not him personally. But then another mind numbing response does appear.
    You know Jim, it wasn’t until I discovered these sites did I fully grasp what disturbing events have been happening. Especially in our own government. Being a Christian of course I have seen certain signs predicted in the Bible have and is taking place. But I am frightened. Not about my salvation. But for others. Another poster left a comment somewhere on one of these sites and he stated just because we are Christians does not mean all of us will go to Heaven/ the new earth. This is the teachings of the Jehovah Witnesses.I know this personally because my late mother joined them before she passed. Just like what happened to me with my father going against his religion, I tried to show her how they have misinterpreted GOD’s words and meanings. That also did not not go over well either, I’ll tell you.
    Oh well, I’ve taken up too much of your time as it is. Keep the good fight going Jim !!

  52. I never thought I’d agree to praise for him, but I do. It did make sense and “War and Peace” didn’t have to come to mind.

  53. OMG !!! Sorry if I say something that offends ANYONE, BUT The DEMS don’t give a rats ass about hurting peoples feelings and we all know this to be true so why is it we have to change the way we talk? We don’t, because it has never bothered anyone before now. They call MY President, racist,ignorant, and constantly down grades his family but if we say something about the racist DEMS, or they are nothing but cop haters, or that we don’t have a clue about what’s going on in the world(well on that last point if we don’t know what’s going it is because the DEMS are HIDING it from us) we will find out. They are just crazy liars and thieves. GUYS work for me.Listen up DEMS, we don’t scare that easily you all are starting to sound like your GUY Biden. Go take a nap.

  54. Betty, God forbids your sick hate. You need Jesus to set you free. God loves Pres. Trump. He loves you, too, but you have rejected Him for your lib hatred. sad.

  55. It makes no difference to me what libs do or want. It will NEVER change my mind. I follow God and His teachings and God does not change. Libs have thrown God out and satan is their master.

  56. Okay, my post didn’t show up, so I will try again…
    It makes no difference to me what libs want us to do or say, I will NEVER change my mind. I go according to God and His teachings and He never changes. Libs have thrown God out and satan is their master.

  57. Libs are thru!!! I am not a republican but a conservative independent ,who was a democrat for over 50 years and NOW DEMOCRATS ARE ALL NUTS! THe devils party, no moral baby killers ,and push for ILLEGAL NON CONSTITUTIONAL AGENDAS, YOU would have to be nuts and a heretic to vote for any democrat and a lot of republicans! VOTE YOUR MORALS!!!! AND WHAT SAITH THE LORD!!!!!

  58. I see nothing wrong with calling females guys. It is a generic term when there is a group of men and women. I have more of a problem with women being referred to as “girls” especially when there are males around that are being referred to as “men”. Just a pet peeve of mine.

  59. My question, Why is guys inappropriate in a mixed crowd. Doesn’t the Hollywood scene now call everyone, “actOR” ? Get your ACT together, Y’all. God Bless Texas, God Bless America and God Bless President and First Lady Trump. hooyah

  60. Those lunatics must stay up all night trying to think of what to complain about next. They need to earn their pay and get on with what works best for this great country.

  61. ok – how about forgetting about politics and just accepting the fact that in the English language, a guy is a man and a gal is a woman. It is very easy for a speaker confronting a mixed group merely to say, good evening (morning/afternoon) everyone. Lazy, uninformed speech is just that. So we constantly hear – “where is it at” instead of where is it (just an example.) Even though the correct usage is shorter. In fact, no one would say “give it to I” but so many do say – give to Jim & I. You do know that me is not a naughty word. As far as the above comment re: actor/ actress, I can understand that some might be confused. Just to help out – since we didn’t differentiate with, let’s say doctor/doctress;lawyer, lawyeress; artist/artress; blah, blah the feminine form of actor began to disappear. Since the wonderful English language is the most widely spoken in the world, it would be nice if we native speakers did it properly. And,, btw – it’s “when a fool holds his tongue, he” or “when fools hold their tongues, they…”


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