In-N-Out Burger’s CEO is bracing for an attack from the radical Left after this recent interview


Chick-fil-A’s CEO isn’t the only head of a massively popular fast food restaurant that isn’t afraid to embrace their Christian faith.

In-N-Out Burger, a west coast fast food chain, is quickly rising in popularity.

But the radical Left is preparing to attack after the CEO publicly expressed her faith in Jesus Christ in a recent interview.

At a time where expressing one’s Christian faith is so unpopular in mainstream culture, it is refreshing to see the head of a corporation stand up for their beliefs.

If you look underneath an In-N-Out Burger cup, you will see the Bible verse “John 3:16” printed in red lettering.

But after the 37-year-old CEO, Lynsi Snyder, recently gave the Christian Post an in-depth interview regarding her faith, it is only a matter of time before the radical Left will begin protesting In-N-Out restaurants like they do to Chick-fil-A.

The Christian Post reports:

To the outside world, Lynsi Snyder has it all.

At just 37 years old, she’s the owner and president of the iconic West Coast chain In-N-Out Burger, estimated by Forbes to be worth $3 billion. Snyder is also beloved by her employees: 2019 Glassdoor ratings have In-N-Out at #3, while Synder is rated the #3 CEO.

But Snyder’s journey hasn’t exactly been picture-perfect; in fact, it’s been sprinkled with loss, pain, and suffering. After the untimely death of her father when she was a teenager, Snyder briefly turned to drugs and alcohol to fill the void. She also endured three failed marriages, one of which ended due to abuse.

In the depths of her devastation, Snyder came to a life-changing realization: “I finally found that the deep need in my heart can only be filled by Jesus and my identity in Him,” she told The Christian Post.

Lynsi Snyder should be applauded for sharing her story and her faith in Jesus so publically.

After all, she is taking a tremendous risk by doing so.

Once radical Left-wing activists discovered that Chick-fil-A’s CEO donated to causes that affirmed their Christian beliefs, they declared an all-out war against them.

In-N-Out Burger now faces those same risks.

Chick-fil-A certainly remains their number-one target, but In-N-Out Burger ought to prepare for the worst.

Fortunately for them, the radical Left has completely failed to take down Chick-fil-A.

In fact, the restaurant recently reported that their revenue has doubled since 2012, when all of the controversy started.

Do you think In-N-Out Burger will face the same controversy as Chick-fil-A did?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. They can only hope to face this type of controversy, double their sales and revenue. All by announcing Jesus is Lord! I think it’s worth the chance! She wins either way!

  3. How many “Christian” businesses, in the spirit of Romans 14, accommodate vegetarians and vegans? Like accommodating nonsmokers and nondrinkers, it should be automatic. If a dish or a meal is strictly vegan, it can be enjoyed by lacto-vegetarians, lacto-ovo-vegetarians, and even meat-eaters!

    According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA):

    With so many smart folks going veg, the number of restaurants and other business catering (often literally) to our appetites is booming, which makes our task of compiling lists of vegetarian-friendly cities tougher each time. But we never shrink from a challenge—or from the chance to discover totally delish new veggie eateries—so we’re proud to present our list of the top 10 large North American cities for vegans and vegetarians:

    Washington, DC:

    Although Congress may be populated by purveyors of “pork,” Washington is making a bid to become the nation’s capital of veggie dining. Folks on both sides of the aisle could surely reach a bipartisan consensus on the faux turkey club sandwich from Java Green, ratify the vegan pepperoni and mozzarella pizza at Busboys and Poets, and put an end to the gridlock for a trip to Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant in nearby Falls Church, Virginia, to enjoy Popeye’s Favorite—a potato pie mixed with spinach, soy protein, and veggie bacon in a black-pepper sauce—followed by egg-free and milk-free organic pumpkin pie or almond-blueberry pie.

    Portland, Oregon:

    Portland’s volcanoes may be extinct, but the city’s vegan scene has erupted—enough to propel Portland into our number two position. From the luscious lasagne at Papa G’s Vegan Organic Deli to the sizzling TLP (tempeh bacon, lettuce, and peppers) at Red and Black Café, to the barbecue tempeh platter at the Blossoming Lotus, vegan Portlanders have plenty of reasons to be happy with their hometown.

    Albuquerque, New Mexico:

    Going vegan in Albuquerque is easier than learning how to spell the city’s name! You’ll find vegan options aplenty, such as the veggie chicken nuggets and boba tea at the Fei Health Café and the tofu scramble at Flying Star Café. Also check out both locations of Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café, offering a selection of vegan bakery items and Ayurvedic cooking classes.

    Atlanta, Georgia:

    Life for Georgia’s vegans is increasingly peachy, with restaurants such as Café Sunflower (offering stuffed mushroom caps in a miso mushroom sauce), Green Sprout (presenting veggie pork with tofu and Szechuan sauce), and Ria’s Bluebird (serving up Southwest tofu scramble with veggies).

    Seattle, Washington:

    Seattle has a reputation for being rainy, but even when it’s overcast, Seattle is a sunny place for vegans. For instance, Araya’s Place curries favor with a Thai red curry with tofu,Thrive tops its fiery Chili con Marvelous with onion cashew cream, and Wayward Vegan Café dazzles with the Warlock, a faux-chicken sandwich spiced up with a savory chipotle-tahini sauce.

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

    While we had our differences with the recent Olympic Games held there, we can’t hold that against this beautiful city. Especially not while they’re serving up almond masala cakes at Organic Lives, spicy falafel wraps at Gorilla Food, and a golden rice bowl with marinated Gardein strips, mock shrimp, and sautéed tofu at Loving Hut.

    San Francisco, California:

    The City by the Bay has opened its Golden Gate to a wide variety of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and cafés. While celebrated spots such as Millenium and Greens are well worth a visit, don’t miss out on the “Neatloaf” at Ananda Fuara, the Broccoli Beef & Black Mushroom entrée at Golden Era, or the grilled portobello mushroom over creamy polenta, sautéed spinach, and crostini at the all-vegan Herbivore.

    Los Angeles, California:

    The City of Angels offers a wide range of heavenly delights for residents and visitors alike. Start with Flore Vegan Cuisine, where you can indulge in vegan Griddle Cakes (with strawberries), or perhaps you’d prefer the signature “TV dinner”—with veggie loaf, mashed potatoes, golden gravy, and vegetables—from Real Food Daily. Better yet, try both, and then have a Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’—made with crispy fried chillin’ chickin’, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, and a southwestern-spiced vegan mayo—made by Veggie Grill.

    New York, New York:

    They may live in the city that never sleeps, but Big Apple residents are clearly using those extra waking hours to think up more great vegan stuff to eat. With choices like the pumpkin noodles with sautéed vegetables at HanGawi, a marinated and grilled Bamburger or spaghetti and “meatballs” at Red Bamboo, and spinach omelets, pesto noodles, or Unchicken Nachos at the all-vegan Caravan of Dreams, no wonder Gothamites are staying up nights!

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

    Canada’s largest city comes through for the hungry vegetarians of the Great White North. No one who’s had the raw vegan Pasta Bolognese at Rawlicious, the eggplant in ginger sauce atCommensal, or the beer-battered deep-fried tofu with cornmeal at Fressen would be surprised to find Toronto rounding out our list in style.

    PETA states further:

    Think your favorite metropolis should have been on our list? Tell us why in the comments. And if you live in a smaller city, don’t worry—we’ve prepared a top-10 list for you too! Continue reading to check it out.

    Olympia, Washington

    Blue Heron Bakery: Vegan spelt muffins, brownies, walnut chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter cookies

    Tofu Hut: Tofu Sweet and Sour (deep-fried tofu with pineapples, bell peppers, onions, cucumbers, wild mushrooms, and carrots in a tangy sweet and sour sauce)

    Vic’s Pizzeria: Vic’s Vegan Calzone (stuffed with black olives, mushrooms, white onions, spinach, sweet-fried peppers, red sauce, and a choice of yellow or white sauce)

    Burlington, Vermont

    Magnolia Bistro: The Incredible Mr. Limpett (tuna salad sandwich with pickles—minus the tuna), Garbanzo Burger (garbanzo beans, oregano, and scallions), and Magnolia French Toast (organic bread with walnuts in a wash of soy, rice, vanilla, and cinnamon)

    Bueno Y Sano: East/West Burrito (Asian stir-fried veggies, basmati rice, and grilled tofu topped with an Asian plum sauce)

    Bite Me Organic Pizza: Vermont Intervale Ghosts Pizza (marinated tofu, baby spinach, squash, roasted peppers, red beets, caramelized onions, yellow and red tomatoes, and lemon oil drizzle—and no cheese)

    Iowa City, Iowa

    The Red Avocado: College Green Sunset (layered herbed white-bean pâté, tempeh sausage, tofu ricotta, and caramelized onions wrapped in a flaky filo pastry purse on spinach polenta with horseradish-root vegetable-sweet-corn relish, roasted red pepper sauce, and a fine drizzle of sweet balsamic reduction)

    Fair Grounds Coffeehouse: Grilled Vegan Panini “Cheeseburger” (Boca burger with choice of vegan cheese and veggies served on panini-style bread)

    Thai Flavors: Massaman Curry (cooked with coconut milk, onions, potatoes, and peanuts and served with cucumber salad and a choice of tofu or gluten-based meat substitute)

    Bloomington, Indiana

    Siam House: Gang Garee (yellow curry with coconut milk, sweet potatoes, onions, and white, yellow, or fried tofu, served with jasmine rice) or any curry or stir-fry dish (ordered with tofu)

    Bloomingfoods Market and Deli: Meatless Mondays at the Deli (menu varies)

    Laughing Planet: Cuban Burrito (organic brown rice, black beans, salsa fresca, sweet potatoes, plantains, homemade barbecue sauce, and a choice of tofu or seitan, served with tropical fruit salsa on the side)

    Syracuse, New York

    Strong Hearts (all-vegan): “Meat” Lovers Vegan Pizza (four vegan meats and soy cheese with a tasty tomato sauce), Tofurky sandwich, grilled “cheese” sandwich, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, cakes, pies, and milkshakes

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    Sparky Town: The Jocko Sandwich (grilled tempeh, lettuce, tomato, artichokes, red peppers, red onions, black-bean paste, sun-dried tomato spread and avocado spread)

    Topeka, Kansas

    Blackbird Espresso Bar and Bistro: Hummus and veggie wraps and vegan bakery items such as chocolate-chip cookies and banana-nut bread

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    Tup Tim Thai: Thai Curry Triangles (golden wontons filled with veggies such as sweet potatoes and celery, flavored with turmeric and served with chili-garlic sauce) Massaman Tofu Curry (with peanuts, potatoes, and vegetables), or any curry (ordered with tofu and without fish sauce)

    Worcester, Massachusetts

    Belmont Vegetarian Restaurant: Spaghetti and veggie balls, macaroni and soy cheese, and barbeque “chicken” and rice (all items rotate)

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    Loving Hut: Kung Pao Wow (soy chicken, baby corn, carrots, snow peas, bamboo, water chestnuts, onions, bell peppers, celery, cucumbers, and cashew nuts)

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    Maggie’s Veggie Café: Baked Tofu Wrap (oven-baked organic tofu, red onions, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and sweet mustard sauce) and Curried Tofu Wrap (organic tofu marinated in mild coconut curry with red onions, tomatoes, and lettuce, served cold)

    Taj Mahal: Aloo Matar Tofu (potatoes, fresh garden peas, and tofu chunks in a sauce with exotic spices) and Mushroom Matar (green peas cooked with mushrooms in a sauce with exotic herbs and spices)

    Grateful Bread/Freakbeat Vegetarian: Different soups every day (all are vegetarian and at least one per day is vegan, including all of the following: African Peanut, Moroccan Tomato, Cuban Black Bean, Egyptian Red Lentil, Irish Stew, Thai Carrot)

    Providence, Rhode Island

    AS220: Pulled Pork Sandwich (“pulled” tofu, spicy tomato spread, and vegan cheddar on a sourdough baguette), Spicy Chorizo Sandwich (homemade vegan chorizo, crumbled tofu, vegan cheddar, and R1 hot sauce), and Vegan Reuben (corned seitan, homemade sauerkraut, vegan Swiss, and thousand island dressing on rye)

    Garden Grille Café: Chipotle-Seared Seitan (with wasabi mustard dipping sauce), Hearts of Palm “Crab” Cakes (with Veracruz sauce and saffron aioli over millet polenta and sautéed greens), and Eggplant Rollatini (grilled and stuffed with herb tofu nut cheese, crispy polenta, and garlic sautéed spinach with homemade pomodoro sauce)

    Julian’s: Vegan “Steak & Cheese” Wrap (with house seitan, onions, mushrooms, peppers, and soy cheese, served in a tortilla)

    Boise, Idaho

    Shangri-La Tea and Deli: Corn Chowder (corn, potatoes, and a bit of onion, in a veggie broth seasoned to perfection), Mock Toona and Crackers (homemade Mock Toona spread and raw homemade crackers made with sprouted almonds and flax seed), and Curry Wrap (tofu, potatoes, and red peppers in a scrumptious red curry sauce and wrapped in a warm tortilla)

    Boise Fry Company: Vegan Burger and Fries (from a choice of russet, white, gold, sweet, yam, purple, or Okinawa potatoes)

    Mai Thai: Black Pepper Steak (veggie black pepper steak sautéed with mixed veggies in a vegetarian sauce), Vegan Orange Chicken (sautéed with mandarin oranges and mixed with veggies in a special sauce), And Veggie Citrus Spareribs (sautéed in a special sauce and served on a bed of fresh lettuce and pineapple chunks)


    And we in the animal rights and veg community should not only patronize veg restaurants to keep them in business, we should patronize flesh-eating restaurants with a wide variety of veg items on their menu as well. Doing this will cause these restaurants to increase the number of veg options on their menu; to cater to their veg customers.

    Restaurants, like all other enterprises, are in business to make a profit: if catering to the veg and animal rights community is profitable, they’ll be courting us.

    7 UP broke an advertising taboo in 1982 when it began openly advertising itself as a caffeine-free soft drink. The move forced its competitors to introduce decaffeinated sodas and put them on the marketplace as well. Similarly, over twenty years ago, Paul Mitchell hair care products were openly advertising their products as “tested by hair stylists — not on animals!”.

    Cruelty-free businesses, especially those in the food industry, should wear the “cruelty-free” label proudly, and thus force their competitors to do likewise.

  4. Vasa, Stay on point. Restaurants choose their menus to cater to prefer their offerings. Your citations are totally irrelevant.

  5. I don’t know if Ms. Synder will experience the same attacks as Chick-fil-A has because of these insane, radical Leftists. But I can only hope her business will survive and THRIVE, and she will keep standing tall for GOD and Jesus.
    I find it so distressing that only Christian owned businesses are experiencing such hate and discrimination . Or the possible threat of such. But I just want these haters to KNOW, we will not be shamed or done away with. This is not Nazi Germany, though GOD knows this is how they are acting. We WILL triumph, not only here on Earth, but in the here after!!!
    GOD is watching and blessing you Ms. Synder. And just as the customers for Chick-fil-A has done in the past when these nuts show up , they will step around them and support your business. Then these haters will slither away back into the darkness and go away.. Hold tight and strong, Ms. Synder….

  6. Don’t worry, In-n-Out will be fine. Some years ago the head of the California democrat commune promoted a boycott, because In-n-Out made a Republican donation. You couldn’t get close to the place because of the huge lines waiting to buy a hamburger! A boycott or demonstration by the leftist loonies is the best thing that can happen to
    any business.

  7. I agree, stand strong in the Lord & the power of His might. You will never regret it for God Himself is pleased when we exalt Him. We are all cheering for you, all of us who know Jesus personally. Thank you for not backing down to the enemy!

  8. More mindless, left wing nut job “words of wisdom” (that’s a laugh) from Vasu!

    Vasu, if actually had a brain, you would take it out and play with it! Posting the same garbage over and over only makes your posts extremely less credible!

  9. ‪If one does not believe in the Bible and in the creation of man and woman, then evolution is their master. And evolution is racist. Evolution preaches survival of the fittest. I wonder which race or gender will ultimately survive?‬

  10. Dear Ms. Lynsi Snyder, keep in mind that when the RABID radical Left attacked Chic-Fil-A their sales went through the roof and are still higher that any other chain fast food stores. They will scream in front of the cameras, but those among them that love your burgers will still come by and buy them when they know no one is watching! JESUS has your back so keep on having HIS!

  11. It’s time for these businesses to stand up for God and themselves. All of them need to get it out there that we aren’t going to take this nonsense anymore! There are more believers than there are whiners and they can’t boycott all of them and not starve to death from their own stupidity! Standing up for our rights will at some point make a large percentage of those “disbelievers” wake up and question their silliness!

  12. These people don’t have anything better to do with their lives, obviously. Christians are the only group who don’t have rights in this country; and it’s time that all Christians get a backbone and stand up for Christ. If you don’t like who Chick-Fil-A supports, don’t eat at Chick-Fil-A. I don’t believe in supporting nasty violent movies so I don’t attend them. This is not rocket science. It makes me wonder about their intellect. But on the other hand, of course, they are out to wipe out anything that stands for Christianity. But they won’t ever admit this. I thank God that I grew up in a time when in public school we had prayer before we ate lunch. Oh, by the way, we didn’t have any shootings either back then.

  13. If Vasu Murti is an example what happens to someone on a vegan lifestyle, give me 16 oz. steaks at every meal. Endless rambling, incoherent and way too much time at a keyboard. I’d bet if you actually tried to converse with him(?) he couldn’t shut up long enough for anyone else to ask a simple question.

  14. That’s great to know but the topic isn’t Vegetarian or vegan it’s about us as Christians being boycotted business if not maybe it’s time we boycott companies that went to far to the left

  15. Being a Christian does not negatively affect her administration, or negatively affect her food, though improvement on the fries could and should be purposed.

  16. The left just wants to destroy our country along with anyone who disagrees with them. The entire Democratic Party no longer represents America, only their own selfish interests!

  17. The main reason Chick-Fil-A came under attack was because the founder made a statement that he believed marriage to be between a man and a woman as God intended. That upset the gay community who launch protests against the chain saying that they discriminate against gays. I have yet to have anyone at Chick-Fil-A ask me if I was gay or not before they would serve me. They don’t care about your sexual orientation! So unless the founder of In and Out makes a similar statement she should be fine and there won’t be any protests or accusations. And no I’m not gay. Have been happily married to my wife for 45 years.

  18. It’s appears that Vasu has no job, as indicated in his/her long-winded diatribe. So one could reasonably assume from the unusual name the he/she is a recent immigrant living on government assistance (legally?). I wonder if she/he is aware that the taxes paid by companies like In-N-Out Burger are supporting the very programs that keep her/him alive.

  19. Vasu: Just go to one of the MANY businesses you listed if you want your strictly vegan food. NO company in the food industry should be forced to cater to a very select group of people such as yourself. With your logic, then I should be able to go into a vegan restaurant and demand them to give me a hamburger, correct? You are off topic again though. As usual. But you being a Hindu, how could anyone expect you to know what a Christian stands for or are going through. That’s what this story is about.. Quoting other Leftists” so called Christians “is not experiencing it first hand.
    As another poster told you, please do shut up….

  20. I think Vasu sounds like an Advertisement, I am just wondering if Vasu is getting paid to Advertise for these places…and isn’t that considered to be SPAM…Just a Thought?!

  21. William’s, I’m 75 and have frequented IN-N-OUT since moving to California in 1958. The elder Snyder’s, who started the chain and their family have been avid believers in Jesus Christ since the beginning. They have succeeded because of their belief and the employment of principles guided by that belief. MARANATHA !

  22. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! ATHEIST LIBERALS feel FREE TO ATTEMPT to IMPOSE their views on everyone with whom they disagree and to STIFFLE their thoughts and actions.

  23. “In-N-Out Burger, a west coast fast food chain, is quickly rising in popularity“

    Ah no. In-N-Out has been around for over 50 years. Popular for decades. Has an incremental growth model that mostly expands by opening another store just up the road from the last.

    Do a little research or don’t write stuff that you don’t know.

  24. The day after scheduling a meal at Chick-Fil-A, each month, add a meal at In-and-Out Bergers! The best response to the LIBERAL BIGOTS is to help both restaurant chains continue to increase their sales and success!

  25. Here it is in a nutshell No business owner should have to comply with anything that he or she deems not proper for their business . No entity should be able to force a business owner to change because they want it so and government should not be able to hold a business hostage with licensing.The business owner should be able to choose their customer base and succeed or fail on their own choices and no one should be able to force a business owner to operate otherwise The left is destroying our freedoms one by one and we have to fight back

  26. In and Out Burger. I know this company BETTER than any of the great comments by you fellow Americans. I commend you and yor commetns. I can tell you a lot about this company, but I won’t because of client confidentially and my knowledge of the food processing industry. They are the perfect of example of how successful family run business has evolved and succeeded. CUDOS…ad don’t change a thing….in FACT…make that JOHN:3:16 STAND OUT EVEN MORE….

  27. Thank you Miss Snyder for your faith. I don’t think the left wing atheists have any idea how much your testimony for Jesus causes Christian hearts to rejoice.

  28. Hope for the boycott. When Chick-Fil-La was boycotted their bottom line went way up. That is the result of the stupid left obycotting.

  29. That is exactly what I was wondering. he gets to spout all this for free. What’s with that. That being said, how many of you read beyond the first few words, hoping he will impart an intelligent comment or two?

  30. Ms. Lynsi Snyder, the rest of the Christian community support you and your right to believe in Jesus Christ and to support programs that advance the wellbeing of you community and the people in it with a Christian message.

  31. In-N-Out Burgers has no worries. there are so many people that like them and even drive out of their way to get to them. The Atheist and LGBTQ don’t have any chance of hurting In-N-Out Burger.

  32. I am at most a spiritualist, I believe in higher better plane of existence for those who strive to do what is right in life, it is not a crime to believe in the existence of a divine being no matter how delusional it may be, if one abides by the laws and runs a clean business then leave them in peace.

  33. This is not the Huffington Post with all their members who are afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it and who reside on a warped plane of existence all of whom are also Grammar Hobgoblins, that is the primary reason I ceased posting to their articles.

  34. Democrats still follow Obama’s legacy of Hate and Intolerance but, HASHEM is with In & Out Burger, Libs will self-destruct by their own evil

  35. The only time I tried an In-N-Out burger, I had heard a lot of praise for the product, but I didn’t care for it that much. That was years ago in California. The chain has been here in Texas for a few years. I think, in light of events, I need to try them again.

  36. Linda M.. your statements to Vasu, are very well written and to the point. I thank you. I am sorry that no resources available to flag his comments. They are too, too long. He should be flagged as a solicitor. I believe the free advertisements he constantly lists, are a violation of comment section rules. ????????! Trump 2020 & 2024 ( for the 4 years of Democratic harassment, he is OWED plus 4 years).

  37. We don’t have enough time to read all of that! Also…I wish they were in our town…I’d love to try their burgers!

  38. I wouldn’t waste my time to reading Vasu long boring write up.

    We are lucky to have both Chick-Fil-A and In-N-out, both places are always busy and very helpful to older
    people. Plus both places keep are very clean.

  39. Thanks, Kevin for pointing out the fact that Chic-Fil-A CEO Ron Cathy’s interview response on traditional marriage is what caused the controversy against his restaurant. This article kind of sounds like it’s trying to borrow trouble or start a controversy for In-and-Out Burger.

  40. Brenda,,,,, good thought. I pass several burger places to get to IN&OUT.. Even when I’m having a MAC ATTACK I’ll stop @ IN & OUT First..


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