Illinois passed one LGBT bill that could bankrupt the state


Government is growing at an alarming rate.

Democrat politicians are always for an excuse to raise taxes and establish wasteful departments.

And Illinois just passed one LGBT bill that could bankrupt the state.

The Democrat Party has gone fully insane.

During recent primary debates, candidates advocated for socialized medicine and the elimination of private insurance, “free” healthcare for all citizens and illegal aliens, and government-funded abortions up to the point of birth.

Julian Castro even said “transgender women” – biological men who believe they’re women – should have access to free abortions.

Castro meant “transgender men,” but his blunder is indicative of the derangement that’s spread throughout the party.

And the state of Illinois took a big step in enabling the wild fantasies of a party that’s run off the rails.

Townhall reports:

The Illinois Medicaid program will now cover transgender surgeries for qualifying patients in the Prairie State.

In Orwellian fashion the procedures for so-called gender transition are referred to as “gender-affirming” when in reality they do not affirm biological and anatomical realities but instead affirm a person’s perceived gender identity.

The procedure must be determined “medically necessary,” according to a provider notice posted by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. One of the requirements for this designation is that the patient be diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria. Those seeking genital surgery must meet more stringent requirements than those seeking non-genitalia related surgery.


“Healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and I’m committed to ensuring our LGBTQ community and all Illinoisans have access to that right,” the governor said. “Expanding Medicaid to cover gender affirming surgeries is cost effective, helps avoid long term health consequences, and most importantly is the right thing to do.”

Make no mistake about it.

The plan is to expand this policy nationally.

That would mean taxpayers could soon be forced to fund the delusions of people with mental health issues.

These individuals should be treated with dignity, but taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook.

The statement from Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker sums up the fundamental problem with the Left.

Healthcare is not a human right because rights do not come from government.

Healthcare cannot be provided without the labor of someone else, therefore it can’t be a right without coercion.

This is why far-Left governments always slip into authoritarianism.

Do you think Democrats will make a big push to take this policy national?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Treating an illness is good and, actually, the only thing a doctor or nurse, or anyone else caring for ill people is allowed to do.
    Enhancing it is seriously against the Hyppocratic Oath of “doing nothing to harm a patient”!

  3. Treating an illness is good and, actually, the only thing a doctor or nurse, or anyone else caring for ill people is allowed to do.
    Enhancing it is seriously against the Hyppocratic Oath of “doing nothing to harm a patient”!

  4. I don’t think it was censored; it seems like a website glitch. My comment also disappeared and then reappeared.

  5. When we have a right to something then “burden of proof” and “self-evident truths” should also be innate. i raises intense scruples why these so-called rights must be defended and promoted by our neighbors and the beneficiaries at such a loss as how to defend themselves.. In other words they are not innate. They are being imposed by social conditioning, social expectations, social perception and in other words populist connivance. These are not self-determined and so cannot be innate or necessary In short they are not rights. They are self-indulgent vices. At the government level since these “politicians” are not mentoring the civic duties, empowerment, education, health, education, or safety of their constituencies they are not true leaders but demagogic villains who attain, sustain, and maintain public office by tantalizing their voters with vices in exchange for votes.. THIS IS EMBEZZLEMENT NOT POLITICS.. These are not politicians but devil’s advocates leading their voters down a road to perdition. As is typically stated for self-same reasons “THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS.”

  6. Yes let them daydream.. I think it actually possibly defuses much of the havoc they would assert otherwise..because they truly aren’t differentiating between wishful thinking, self-absorbed vices (hedonism) and reality.. What hit me???

  7. That unfortunately IS the only way and we can argue till we’re blue in the face but this merely fuels their delusions. If you know the mental health “system” the hardest thing about working with crazy people is they love being crazy. Beliefs are actually life-sustaining for all.. The problem is populism and collectivism breed self-deception through unnatural credence to third parties thus losing sense of self, personal safety, and ultimately forfeiting natural immunity..

  8. There is no such thing as a right that infringes on the rights of another person because then it is not real.
    How can anybody claim to have a right to something they can’t pay for and then force others to pay for it?
    That is certainly unconstitutional.
    People have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
    People cannot have a right to other people’s property.
    You do not have a right to free anything. You don’t have a right to free college, you don’t have a right to free healthcare, you don’t have a right to free food, you don’t have a right to free housing.
    And, you don’t have a right to not be offended.

  9. So if someone identifies as a king are we to give them a scepter and a crown on the taxpayers dime?
    What if someone identifies as a horse? Are we to give them a saddle paid for by tax payers?
    How about if someone identifies as a little green man? Do we remove their sexual organs so they can pretend to be asexual?
    Where does the insanity end?

  10. I agree with most of your comment, but what do you mean by “you don’t have a right to not be offended”? Doesn’t that mean that one is obligated to be offended all the time?

  11. So if someone identifies as a king are we to give them a scepter and a crown on the taxpayers dime?
    What if someone identifies as a horse? Are we to give them a saddle paid for by tax payers?
    How about if someone identifies as a little green man? Do we remove their sexual organs so they can pretend to be asexual?
    Where does the insanity end?

  12. Hank, it means if you don’t like what I’m saying walk away or change the channel.
    It means you don’t have the right to silence free speech just because it might offend you. That’s all I meant.

  13. I went to the doctor today and on the form I had to fill out was a section to mark what gender I THINK of myself as!!! I left it blank. I don’t THINK I am female. I KNOW that is what God made me

  14. Actually Hank did understand what I meant BJ, so I guess that means you’re not very intelligent.
    You do not have any right to not be offended by something.
    That means if you are offended by something you don’t have a right to try and change whatever offends you. It’s called FREE speech.
    If you can’t figure out what that means I can’t help you.

  15. bj, what Uncle H means is if you crosses offend you and you see one along the side of the road, you don’t have a right to go tear it down.

    You shouldn’t accuse people of flunking English when it is you that can’t comprehend simple posts. Try to be nice next time.

  16. SOCIALIZED MEDICINE IS NOT GOOD FOR THE UNITED SATES! It is a FAILED POLICY across the World and should be banned in the USA!

  17. With the thinking of Democrats today, we might as well kiss this country good bye. The Anti-Party, and Free Everything, why worry about who is going to pay for it all?

  18. What a sick world this is. God made only two sexes male and female and to say otherwise shows how mentally sick these persons are.

  19. Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder. Performing surgery to change a physical appearance does not resolve a mental disorder! No amount of hormones or deforming surgery will change the fact that male or female DNA is present in EVERY cell of that person’s body!

    “Sex reassignment” surgery CANNOT change the DNA in a person’s body, nor the “sex/gender” of any individual! Harvard has already stopped doing “reassignment” surgery as they identify gender dysphoria as a psychiatric disorder and have noted the significant increase in suicides among those who undergo “sex reassignment” surgery and are only disillusioned by it not resolving their mental disorder!

  20. I feel that I’m not handsome, will Medicare pay for the surgery to make me handsome? I am a prime example of Attractiveness Dysphoria because women reject me. Woe is me!!!

  21. O.K. Here is what needs to be done. The long and short of it all. If a guy wants not to be a male, cut his pecker off with his nuts. He is no longer a male, but a freak that he is. If a female no longer wants to be a female, take the pecker you just cut off of that male and sew it on to the female. CASE CLOSED.

  22. Corrupt, deviant and immoral values and principles should be allowed to wither on the vine. Let the state go bankrupt.

  23. If the so called males want to be a female take a hammer to them it will end them for sure. Democracts are a party of scared little people and are a pathetic ones at that.

  24. I have no problem with Transgender Women getting free abortions! Why I would even support this nation wide! 🙂

  25. I’m all for it if they implant a Vagina, a clitoris, a a set of breasts, and a set of lips that sucks. A puss like Marylin Monroe would help. For sure not like Hillary or Nancy. That describes the Delux Model. Just cutting off the nuts is the Economy Model, that one is for Buttgieg!

  26. If they want these surgeries they should pay for it themselves. Tax payers shouldn’t fit the bill. Especially those of us that don’t believe in it. Tax payers of Illinois send a message & protest. This is going to far. They pass this in Illinois they will try to pass clear across the country. Just like they are going about with the bans on certain guns. Colorado & now Virginia. That is how it starts.

  27. Really tired of our children are beng school on how to be homosexual. Can’t teach reading .. writing .. math. Go and do your job . I do not care you are gay. Do you care if I am not. I do not get special treatment. Nor do I expect it. But if you work next to me, I expect you to do your job… and I should not have to do it while your gripe and complain. If there are dress codes on the job… do not think you do not have to observe them to show us you can do anything / say anything because you will sue.

  28. Illinois is a dead state. The democRATS have driven it into the ground, bankruptcy awaits. Those taxpayers that can, are moving out, those who are parasites of government largess stay. The democRATS own Illinois. No need for anymore pandering which is what this legislation is. The democRAT pols profit from their corruption. There is no opposition party in Illinois. The republicans are weak, gutless, nutless and have no power by choice.

  29. The author of that report about politics in Illinois obviously doesn’t live there if he or she refers to Illinois as “the Prairie State”.
    Ask any child who has learned to read what every Illinois license plate says. I’m sick of these fake journalists who write about places they have never seen.

  30. If it’s totally asinine Democrats will support it. By the way, I am with Fredo. My wife married me 49 years ago because she was getting older and desperate. Now that she is gone no women will even look at me because I am ugly and old. I too need Medicare to pay for me to be handsome and young.
    One more thing! Since I identify as a cat I expect the State to give me a free litter box and scratching post.

  31. BJ don’t worry about IL they will make up for it from the red states that surround IL. Can you guess what the two ways are.

  32. SRW do you have children in IL schools. If you don’t how do you know what they are taught in their schools in IL.

  33. I agree bj. God only made a man and a woman. No inbetween. People just want to go off in a perverse way. Society has become perverse. Remember sodom and gomorrah? Well be expecting.

  34. If they VOTED for it, them they DESERVE everything COMING to them, like bankruptcy, CRIME, etc. WITHOUT the FEDERAL government’s help. We WON’T pay for this INSANITY. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  35. This is not being talked about in Illinois. Not reported by the local press. They know they have to keep it hush-hush.

  36. There is a reason it was in the closet since it began! The definition of the word q.u.e.e.r means abnormal because that is what it is. Freakin FREAKS!


  38. The left has left the building. Find it hard to believe what they say and what they think and what they are doing to the country, I and many millions of MAN and WOMAN, have fought and died for what is the great country on this planet. We can not let these leftist thinking idiots custody it. What ever happened to God Guns and Guts that made this country. Get ready the revolution will soon be upon us.
    Glad I won’t have to pay your taxes. You can have that POS state.

  39. If these queers what sex changes let them pay for it themselves. When a lesbian woman wants a sex change the operation is called ADD A DICK TO ME. Is it true they make a dick from your big toe? If so is it the left or right toe? Where do your balls come from or are you just satisfied to be balless?????

  40. Good point here: Healthcare is not a “right” because it cannot be provided without the accedence or coercion of another person/other people. Pursuit of happiness does not include coercion of other people.

  41. They can’t even properly keep track of their own terms that they are insanely making up out of thin air.
    They all need to be locked up in a conservative Christian mental hospital.

  42. The state of Illinois has become as stood as California. Actually all the democrat states are. Get ready folks because if a democrat is governor of your state, stupidity is coming your way.

  43. Ernst, it all depends on the way you define human rights. The traditional definition makes human rights something that you shouldn’t violate, not something that you can provide. So in the traditional sense, if we leave someone alone, we cannot be violating their rights. Only when we take a prisoner of war does human rights require us to provide someone with something. Some people seem to have expanded the definition of human rights to include access to things that people need. By this definition, if you leave someone alone in need, you are violating their human rights through inaction.

  44. Someone help me please. I have gone over and over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and can’t find the part where healthcare is a right. In fact, I cant find a single right that costs me money. Can anyone clear this up for me?

  45. Healthcare is for when a person accidentally gets sick or injured by an accident. NOT for when one DECIDES ON THEIR OWN or someone else decides for them to have surgery, which is what’s done when one changes their sex, which is an unhealthy thing to do. Whoever makes the decision to have this surgery, then THEY must pay for it. Don’t expect outside OTHERS to take on the expense for you. Same goes for when the reverse is done. The decider(s) made the unneeded expense occur, so that person(s) should be in charge of paying for it the same as when an obese person has fat taken off their body. THEY ate & ate to put it on their body so THEY should pay to have it taken OFF! So NO it should not be covered!


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