Ilhan Omar’s career could be over after what she was caught doing on social media


Ilhan Omar has become a complete embarrassment for the Democratic Party.

After disgracing herself by frequently making anti-Semitic comments, she’s decided to double down.

And Omar was caught posting anti-Semitic comments on social media again, but this time it is so bad her career may be going down in flames.

Previously, Ilhan Omar has made comments that offended many people in the Jewish community.

She’s even gone as far to state that some politicians have a greater sense of loyalty to Israel than the United States.

This time, she decided to attack Jewish people using a racial stereotype that falsely accuses Jews of being greedy and obsessed with money.

And people have started to roast her for it.

The Daily Wire reports:

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is again accused of tweeting an anti-Semitic slur, this time over Michael Bloomberg’s re-entry into the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

Saturday afternoon, Fox News reports, Omar tweeted about billionaire Leon Cooperman, who announced late Friday that he would put financial support behind Bloomberg’s 2020 run, in order to keep Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) from receiving the Democratic presidential nomination.

“I wonder why,” Omar noted, adding a “thinking face” emoji.

Cooperman and Bloomberg are both Jewish, and, accordingly, it didn’t take long for social media to get Omar’s drift.

“I suppose you think it’s all about the Benjamins,” Michael Dickson, the executive director of Stand with Us, “a group that fights anti-Semitism,” according to Fox, tweeted in response. “We get your insinuation. True to form.”

This is now a distinct pattern of behavior that we can expect from the first-term Congresswoman.

Even Democrats have distanced themselves from her comments and denounced them as insensitive and prejudiced.

And there are now rumors in the Minnesota Democrat Party ranks that officials are searching for another candidate to replace her.

So far, Nancy Pelosi has neglected to address her most recent anti-Semitic tweet.

If Nancy Pelosi wishes to re-elect Democrats to the House in 2020, she should immediately condemn Omar’s statement and ask her to step down.

What do you think?

Should Ilhan Omar step down over her consistent anti-Semitic comments?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. But the democrats need Michael Bloomberg because the rest of their candidates are too radical for this country.
    Bloomberg represents everything the social -ists hate, so it will be fun to watch I reckon.

  3. Isn’t her buddy, Bernie Sanders, Jewish? Seriously, no one should be surprised by an angry, resentful Muslim woman making nasty remarks about ANYONE who is not Muslim. It is their prime directive to attack all outsiders until they are crushed. How many times has this been repeated on a large and small scale for the past 1400 years. Wake up or give up.

  4. Omar should have stepped down a LONG time ago. Her whole presence in our government has been toxic and total embarrassment for all US citizens, that she is supposed to be representing. She has shown nothing but disrespect and distain for our country and thinks she is above reproach. Because Nancy Pelosi has shielded her and the rest of” the squad”.. I do not like Bloomberg. He was a very inapt politician. And hasn’t a chance of becoming our next president. But no one has the right to belittle him or any one else just because they are Jewish. She should have been held accountable quite awhile ago for outlandish attacks on other’s religion. Which includes Christians… PLEASE step down and take the rest of the squad and Pelosi with you!!!

  5. Ilhan Omar has so much hate in her heart, we should all just pray for her. I don’t think Muslims have any right to be in our government as Sharia law is so incompatible with our Constitution. Let’s pray that she is not re-elected She is so anti-American, anti-semitic and has no place in our government.

  6. Eleanor, you are right on. muslims have no place in our government or even in our country. The goal of islam is total world control and their goal in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. They will not stop until they have succeeded. They are very dangerous but the left is too full of ignorance and hate to understand that muslims are not their friends.

  7. I agree with the founding fathers on the Constitution and separation of church and state. The First Amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion (meaning the government can’t favor one religion over another) nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

    “…respecting an establishment of religion,” in a broader sense of the word, really does mean freedom of belief. Thomas Jefferson was laissez-faire (“hands-off!”) towards all belief and disbelief, not caring whether his neighbor believes in twenty gods or no god. Religious leaders warned that if Jefferson were elected, Bibles would be confiscated, churches would be closed down, etc. Clearly, that didn’t happen. Secularists are NOT atheists.

    Most violations of church-state separation, however, are not coming from Muslims, but from Christians pushing their religion on others where it doesn’t belong: Christian prayers in the public schools; Christian prayers before city council meetings; theistic expressions like “In God We Trust” on coins and currency; theistic expressions like “one nation under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, etc.

    We’re NOT talking about radical Islam and beheadings, but about Muslim Americans and persons merely mistakenly perceived to be Muslim (e.g., Sikhs, Hindus, Bahai’s and Buddhists) facing discrimination here in the United States.

    The Department of Justice noted that it has investigated over a thousand hate crimes and other acts of discrimination against faith groups since September 11th, 2001. This disturbing trend correlates to a steady rise in crimes committed against Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim. The real 2014 total of anti-Muslim hate crimes could be as many as six thousand or more.

    In February 2016, a still-unidentified suspect broke into a Minneapolis mosque and vandalized it. Earlier, a Spokane, Wash., man broke into a local Sikh gurdwara and caused $35,000 worth of damage; he told police he believed he had discovered a mosque affiliated with ISIS. And a Buddhist monk was attacked in Oregon after a man mistook him for a Muslim.

    The Lincoln County Commission in North Carolina Chair Carrol Mitchem told local news outlets in 2015 that he has no intention of allowing any non-Christians to offer invocations before commission meetings because Christians constitute a majority in the United States. “I don’t need no Arab or Muslim or whoever telling me what to do or us here in the county what to do about praying,” Mitchem said. “If they don’t like it, stay the hell away.”

    That is what religious discrimination actually looks like.

    It’s a far cry from asking bakers to obey public accommodation laws.

    Joseph Callahan similarly commented on the Huffington Post in 2015:

    “It is pretty hard now days to turn on the television or open a newspaper without hearing about ‘the war on Christianity’ and see devout believers lamenting on how horribly they are ‘persecuted’ in America today. With gay marriage, abortion and atheists removing God from every aspect of the government, it seems pretty obvious that we secular citizens are using separation of church and state as a new battlefield against religion. How horrible a life American Christians must be forced to live.

    “In Iran, Christians are being executed for their faith. In Myanmar, you can be thrown in prison just for owning a Bible. In North Korea, well, you face death just for believing any god exists. The 2015 report from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) shows that thirteen million people have fled seven countries (Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Central African Republic (CAR), Eritrea, Burma, and Afghanistan). Many of those displaced are Christians, and mostly due to fear of violence and/or death.

    “The Bible, and distributing it, is restricted in over fifty countries worldwide, and spreading the gospel will land you in jail or executed in many of those. But none of this compares to the wholly American horror of (possibly) being forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding! How could we compare the American ‘war on Christianity’ to the Christians (and other religious beliefs) persecuted worldwide? I mean, our own little bubble, and our own discomforts in the first world are all that really matter. The rest of the world isn’t us, so we shouldn’t compare ourselves to them, right?

    “In America today, you can proudly say, ‘I’m a Christian’ and carry a Bible with you everywhere you go. You can go to any church you want to without being arrested. You can say anything you want! You can even proclaim that you worship the Giant Spaghetti Monster, and all the persecution you will receive is strange looks from some people.’

    “Yet, in this, one of the most religiously tolerant nations, Christians are screaming persecution just because our laws are changing to embrace everyone’s belief structure. By not allowing one faith to force their beliefs down our legal throats, the country has launched a ‘war’ on (one specific) faith.”

    Anyone perceived to be Muslim, like Sikhs, Hindus, Bahai’s and Buddhists, often face the same discrimination. Religious minorities in this country are merely asking for the same level of consideration and equal treatment given to Christians.

    It was reported in the Indo-American press in either the ’90s or 2000s that a coalition of Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains were going to court to demand a completely religion-neutral society, which does not favor one religion over another, nor one set of beliefs or disbeliefs over another.

    I’m Hindu, not Muslim. There’s a huge difference! The fact that American liberals refer derisively to the Christian right in this country as “the American Taliban” indicates disdain for the Islamic Taliban. Again, secularists are NOT atheists.

  8. Culture Watch – why are you allowing this Vasu Murti to continue with his book long diatribes? He’s very annoying to say the least.

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  10. Eleanor Dombroski: I truly believe this is not the real Vasu. This posting is someone making a statement. Definitely is not Vasu’s cut and paste nonsense. It’s just another Leftists” pretending” to be him, just annoy and criticize us Christians.

  11. I think it would be a GREAT idea to use a few of those “BENJAMINS” to ship that TREASONISTIC TRAITOROUS REPROBATE back to SOMALI . . . Deported PERMANENTLY! (Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  12. Are you serious? She is from a predominately Muslim district created by Bush and 44. She will be reelected in a landslide. She can say or do anything she wants with impunity.

  13. send her to the land of goats and pigs to her home land , be sure she has a pair of Jesus boots so she can herd her pigs and goats . she has gotten free from America more than her worth . Only whores sleep with other than there married partner. oh her brother was first partner and then gets married again and cheats on him
    she is a pig.

  14. Linda, I appreciate your point of view, but people like Omar prompt the rest of us to express ourselves as well. These discussions are stimulating and healthy for most of us. Exploration is an important step in our search for truth.

  15. This post is completely WRONG. It’s not Christians that violate the separation of church and state but the secular humanists, (aka Progressives).
    It’s the leftist progressives that us government to force their religion onto the population.
    Global warming.
    Moral relativism.
    Social -ism.
    All tenants of the religion of the left (secular humanism)

  16. Muslim lover !!!!! Your nothing without the free education you received from the American tax payers, Crawl in a hole and stay there where you belong !!!

  17. It (Omar) is a muzzie and theefore immune from MSM criticism. Churchill was correct about islam and muslims and we all know the appropriate treatment for rabid canines.

  18. I am not sure what will be better, let Omar finish her term and keep driving voters to support Trump or just get rid of her now. With ratings below 4% Americans have already made it known what they think of this loser, Tax evasion, marrying her own brother, her whole family may be here under false names, and her total anti-American hate along with her support of terrorist makes this a tough choice. It might be better all around if Omar is just removed from her position as this might be safer for her and the people who have to work around her. Too many death threats a day put them all in danger and it only takes one nutcase to do something. I can less about Omar, Tlaib and the rest of the squad but hate to see something happen to bystanders.

  19. Wait, WHAT? Omar the Terrible hates those “Benjamins” because they’re ruled by wealth? What a stereotype.

    But, Omar, what about all those billionaire MUSLIMS who rule Islamic nations that float on oil? The titular head of ISLAM is one of the wealthiest people on earth. So what is he doing with his uncountable money? Helping those poor displaced Palestinians? Donating to the needy of all nations?

    No, Ilhan. Those wealthy MUSLIMS are using their massive wealth for personal pleasure, building weapons of mass destruction and to finance global TERRORISM and YOU.

  20. Marcia: There is absolutely no room for Omar’s verbiage and obvious hatred of ANYONE who is not Muslim. None of what she spews is “stimulating and healthy” for ANY of us.

  21. Marcia Fridland: You are quite correct. But up to a point, Marcia. She is a Muslim that HATES our country and what it stands for. We do not need someone like her in our government. But no worries. We still have plenty of other Democrats to have stimulating discussions about. Especially with the elections coming up. Thanks!

  22. Charles M. Trust me. This is not the real Vasu. It’s someone pretending to be him. But is just as annoying as the real one. Just ignore this fraud and scroll past him as well. I also do not know why Culture Watch is allowing this “nice book” nonsense as well….

  23. Omar is part of an audacious infiltration of a religious and political dichotomy to our constitutional republic, in an attempt to disrupt and overthrow us from within. She was given her chance to show the world that her beliefs were not in opposition to our founding principles and could coexist harmoniously by forwarding the idea of brotherhood of man. She failed miserably, by advancing descent and rebellion by using our open system as a tool against what peace we have so far been able to hang on to. Using a form of deceit, she feigned wanting to be one of us, no different than an old democratic Ku Klux Klan member (yes, they were democrats) as an undercover subversive who would, by stealth, target certain groups or individuals with her hate and using the power we voted her to throw a monkey wrench into our serenity. Now she’s outed and should be removed immediately.

  24. She should be deported for the crimes she has commented. Like immigration fraud, income tax fraud, and campaign fraud. She is not a shinning example of what we, as a country, would like to see immigrants become. Instead of wanting a better life than the one they had, they come here and want to change America to be what they want. She should have stayed in her own country. We need to vet immigrants better. Vet them to see if they have radical beliefs She is nothing but trouble. I can’t imagine why she was elected in the first place.

  25. Judith Thompson – I agree with you wholeheartedly. Unfortunately she was elected into office by her own Muslim community. There are tens of thousands of Somali Muslims in the Minneapolis-St. Paul community, and they are not all a peaceful people. They recently wreaked havoc in Lake Calhoun, an affluent suburb of Minneapolis threatening to rape and kill women and all “infidels”. Does this sound like a religion of peace? I think it’s a cult, not a religion at all. Religious leaders do no espouse killing, raping. They want to take complete control over the twin cities as they have in Dearborn, Michigan. Driving through Dearborn, Michigan these days is like driving through a middle eastern country right here in our beloved United States of America.

  26. Then why are the people who are wrecking havoc being arrested, or deported? I have heard there are actually “no go” areas right here in America. How is that possible? Because our own government has allowed it. I have heard some very disturbing things about Dearborn. Such as honor killings that the police turn a bling eye to. I ask again how is this possible in America? People better wake up!

  27. Judith Thompson – from what I understand, those people wreaking havoc were gone from the area when the police arrived, so no arrests were made. I, like you, just don’t understand why this behavior is allowed. It seems that some of our politicians are kow-towing to the demands of these Muslim communities. Their goal is to overtake our government and enforce Sharia law. In some areas, they seem to be winning. Their belief in Sharia law is so incompatible with our Constitution that those believers should never be allowed to serve in any government capacity at all. Just recently the Maryland state senate allowed a Muslim Imam to open with a prayer for all infidels. We have no one to blame but Obama for letting thousands of these Muslims to infiltrate our country. I think he’s always wanted to destroy this country from within.

  28. Your opening paragraph above: “I agree with the founding fathers on the Constitution and separation of church and state. The First Amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion (meaning the government can’t favor one religion over another) nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” is the only part of your spiel that has any significance.
    Bear in mind that when the constitution was written, the world was much simpler place and rules were based upon existing conditions.
    The initial migrations which eventually established what became the United States came primarily from (Western) Europe with basically had a Judeo-Christian background. The First Amendment in that context was really addressing the realities as they then existed, which were the recognized variety of Christian and Jewish branches that initially populated the original colonies. Although a great number of other religions were in existence world-wide, they were predominantly in other areas of the World and were not significantly represented in the Nation’s early days.
    Later, as the United States became better known and became “the Land of Opportunity”, other peoples and religions began to migrate here also. Some of these migrations were based on various conditions across the globe such as war, famine, ethnic and religious persecutions and many more.
    Most of these new arriving groups assimilated easily into American Society but a few of these decided to isolate themselves and establish a mini version of the society they had just fled!
    Admittedly, religious prejudice and hostility does exist in the fringes. I remember when John Kennedy ran for president that there was this extreme fear that a “Catholic president would be controlled by the Pope”. This turned out to be an absurd belief. But for the most part, I think religious tolerance does exist within our borders.
    The relatively recent large influx of people of Islamic faith has caused a major upheaval in this tolerance. Whether true or not, there is a serious belief that the basic tenet of the Muslim Faith is that it is the “only true religion”. There is a perception that Muslims are given preferential treatment. That while Christian Prayer or other recognition is banned from public institutions, Muslims teachings are encouraged. The recent election of radical Muslims to Congress and their overt anti Semitic, anti Christian rhetoric, does nothing to assuage the feelings of the general population.
    This feeds the accepted notion that Muslims practice the only Religion and the rest of us are “Infidels”, and that is where we are today.


  30. Linda, unlike Vasu, I am not looking to spam, just to respond to Vasu’s nonsense. I’m sorry my responses to him had the side effect of annoying you as well, and I will consider employing different tactics in the future.

  31. When Obama made the statement, “I am one of you” when overseas, that told me all I needed to confirm that he was not someone who was wanting to better America, but bring us to our knees. To make us a third world country, because we had too much. Well he is still trying by running a corvert- government. He is behind all of this mess with Trump. I would stack my life on it.

  32. She is not only anti Jewish, but also anti American. She will never be an American patriotic citizen. She needs to be deported out of the United States. She is nothing but mussie troublemaker.

  33. Nice Book; If that was your purpose to respond to Vasu’s nonsense, then I apologize to you. I thought it was still Vasu. You don’t have to change. It’s fine. This was one of my favorite stories, by the way. Thank you!

  34. Judith Thompson.: Obama and his wife has always shown their hate and distain for our country and what it stands for. That’s why he brought over 100,000 Muslims into Minnesota/ Michigan. He was always thinking ahead. And yes, he and the Clinton’s are very much behind what poor President Trump has been enduring since he even became our sitting president. They are shameless, disgusting traitors.
    Pray for President Trump, and our country ,Judith. We must survive this nightmare….

  35. Yes, we must pray and hope God will help us protect our country. But I fear He is getting tired of the distain people are showing for Him. When is it wrong to put IN GOD WE TRUST on our police cars, things are going to go to the tipping point. We have to band together to help America the great country the Founding Fathers envisioned. When the ACLU was formed, that was the start of the downward slope for America.

  36. Judith Thompson; In my opinion our country’s morals started to decline when we removed prayer from our schools. It’s really frightening when you stand back and REALLY see how much hate and destruction that has already been done to our great country. All thanks to the Democratic party. They have thrown out GOD and want HIS name removed from everything. Including our money. Rewriting history. Rewriting the Constitution. Promoting abortions.ANYTHING immoral and just plain wrong, there is a Democratic party!!
    I don’t care if Omar was voted in by her fellow Muslims. Why was she sworn in on the Koran and not our bible? After 911 I never thought we would ever have Muslims in our own government. Knowing full well they consider us all infidels and want to destroy us. But, no matter what Judith, we must trust GOD and hope he will show us mercy. HIS will, will be done..

  37. Omar is an anti-American lesbian who engages in foursomes with Rashida Tlaib, Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour and Ramsea Odeh!

  38. She has all the best qualities that democreeps admire.
    She’s brown.
    She hates America.
    She’s muslim.
    She’s a woman.
    She won’t ever be criticized by democreeps.

  39. Mohammed killed as many Jews as he could and made dhimmi’s out of the rest. So much for the “religion” of “peace” It’s neither a religion or peaceful. It’s filled with hate for all non-muslims.

  40. You are correct Mr. Smith. All the Democommunists in this Nation have lost their minds and are the epitome of evil. We Need Upright US Citizens to serve and help All of the Freedom and Liberty loving Citizens recapture the Godly Nation we used to have. Prayers your way.

  41. The earlier posting by “Vasu Murti” appears to be from either a pretender to that name ; or the actual person usually using that name is attempting to repair his image for people reading culturewatchnews. It is certainly different from Vasu Murti’s typical run-on postings.
    Ilhan Omar’s true self has been incrementally becoming exposed, for all to see. Her immorality and other corruptions go right along with her anti-Semitism and her anti-Americanism. She appears to be a planted interference with our entire system of government and coexisting religious tolerance. Her family relationships are textbook ridiculing scorn for our laws. So are some of her applications of campaign finance funds. The greater problem is that replacing her with another person from her district may prove to bring a person with similar ideas and actions. This is a problem directly resulting from unvetted immigration of people from countries (such as Somalia) who bear the antithesis of our nation’s Judeo-Christian basis, in our Constitution and in our other laws and customs. We would tolerate a number of them ; but they plan to kill or otherwise eliminate us, as “infidels !!!” It is in the Koran !!!

  42. Debbie Downer: The left will say you’re wrong, BECAUSE you’re so right. I could add a few more, but you have captured their essence, and please dispose of that foul substance, as Pandora might have.

  43. Uncle Hoppy, Just curious, did you limit “won’t ever be criticized by democreeps” because that was what you started discussing, or because you just didn’t want to resoundingly expand into Congress, and their staffers, and judges, and MSM, and urban/ rural divide, and (lacking) education of Civics, etc.?

  44. Now that I am done reading all of the Lying Conspiracy Then, it is time to say the truth, Donald Trump is a special kind of evil called an anti-Christ Has a lot of the powers of the end-time Version. Including being able to Hypnotize people , and get away with everything since these people think he has made America Great again. Do you people call him God?? Is so, God has no smarts. Read revelation chapter 18 It says that we will be destroyed in one hour. Jesus’ return less than 18 years from now

  45. I will believe her career has been flushed down the toilet when a) the voters of her district fire her b) Pelosi gets tired of her antics damaging the Democratic Party, grows a pair, and removes her, or c) she is finally convicted for campaign finance violations and removed from office.

    Until then, don’t hold your breath.

  46. fred Amirault; Let me correct you on one very important statement you made right now. ONLY GOD knows when the final end time will be. Not you, by you stating Jesus will return in less than 18 years from now. But I do believe we are in the countdown towards the end times right now. And secondly, I haven’t read anyone calling President Trump, or even implying , that he is GOD and we are worshipping him. We respect him and show that respect because he is our sitting president and he is trying to help this country. Would you have preferred that evil, corrupt Hillary Clinton as our president instead of Trump? You call Trump the anti-Christ. Well, in my opinion, as far as the bible’s description of the anti-Christ , the one that has come close so far is Obama. Stop judging Trump so harshly Fred. We all know he is has personality flaws . But don’t we all?? Look at what he has accomplished. And as far as I’m concerned, anyone that wants to stop abortions and keep our country safe from the massive influx of illegal aliens storming our borders, DESERVES our respect….

  47. Omar (Said her real name) has flushed her own toilet and is going down with all the s**t she has started. To the sewer you go and back to your s**t hole of a country you so rightly belong too. Your not even close to being an American and never will. You are the dung beetle that loves to play in s**t and then walk around to see if you can get it on the dumbasses that believe your BS. Your days of stealing your benjamins are numbered and with any hope of justice your ass will be in prison then exiled from the United States of America forever. To me you are a terrorist in the making gathering intel for your pathetic lowlife group of morons. You tried to tell us your message of stupidity but we don’t understand the words that are coming out of are mouth. Most of us don’t listen to people with the ideas that will destroy our nation. And that is what you are about. You and your lowlife followers will never beat America. And the ones that voted your stupid ass in office needs to have their ass whipped for being stupid. I hope the rest of your life will terrible for you. You deserve not to be happy. Hell’s not a bad place to be for lowlifes like you Omar (Said). Ask Allah the all great invisible POS god that you so love to help you. No one in America cares for any of your BS. Trump 2020.

  48. I have read shocking evil comments that were spoken or tweeted by Ilhan Omar MN. She speaks
    with such hate for Jews and Israel. It is so obvious that she has a tremendous connection to CAIR and
    her wishes for Muslim Reign in the United States are expressed with every statement that she makes.
    America will not be destroyed by this Muslim woman. Nancy Pelosi should investigate and immediately
    ask for resignation. She’s already made headlines with campaign finance fraud and the marriage to
    her brother. What more evidence is needed? Her antisemitism does not align itself with America’s
    love for Israel and the Jewish People. Her statement against Michael Bloomberg is just more exposure
    to her hatred.

  49. There is no substantive evidence that Ilham Omar is antisemitic. She does, however, have a bias that manifests as turning a blind eye to the tyranny and barbarism carried out by Islamic governments. Bernie Sanders has the exact same bias. Most likely they are simply too afraid to hurt the feelings of followers of Muhammad. You have to realize how silly you look when you focus, in this particular, on Omar but not Sanders.

  50. External Image
    New documents show Trump kept 2 sets of books for his biggest property in Manhattan, pointing to potential financial fraud
    The president has stubbornly battled to keep his financial affairs secret, but new documents acquired by ProPublica reveal discrepancies.


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