Ilhan Omar was caught lying about her marriage to her brother and you won’t believe what else she is hiding


Ilhan Omar has consistently denied rumors that she married her brother years ago in order to take advantage of immigration laws.

But new documents are exposing all of her lies.

Now that Ilhan Omar was caught lying about her marriage, she may have been hiding something else that could land her in bigger trouble.

Rep. Ilhan Omar has flat out denied rumors that she married her brother, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

But a lot remains unclear about her past.

First, Omar married a man named Ahmed Hirsi. They allegedly divorced six years later after having two children, and she then married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

Elmi is the name of the man who is suspected to be her brother.

Then, she claims to have had a religious “divorce” from Elmi and had a third child with Hirsi before she legally was divorced from her marriage to Elmi.

Now, she’s been caught illegally filing taxes jointly with Hirsi while still married to Elmi.

This investigation could finally uncover the truth about her marriage and end her career for good.

The Star Tribune reports:

New investigative documents released by a state agency have given fresh life to lingering questions about the marital history of Rep. Ilhan Omar and whether she once married a man — possibly her own brother — to skirt immigration laws.

Omar has denied the allegations in the past, dismissing them as “baseless rumors” first raised in an online Somali politics forum and championed by conservative bloggers during her 2016 campaign for the Minnesota House. But she said little then or since about Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, the former husband who swept into her life in 2009 before a 2011 separation.

The questions surfaced again this month in a state probe of campaign finance violations showing that Omar filed federal taxes in 2014 and 2015 with her current husband, Ahmed Hirsi, while she was still legally married to but separated from Elmi.

Omar has dismissed the accusation that she married her brother, but refuses to answer questions that could put the question to rest.

All the social media accounts that might link Elmi to Omar have been conveniently deleted.

She’s also refused to release any of her immigration documents to the public.

Ilhan Omar could easily shut all of this down.

But she doesn’t want the public to see the truth.

During her 2016 campaign, she created a “crisis committee” comprised of media experts and campaign strategists to combat the accusations.

Somehow, none of these consultants suggested releasing documents that would prove the accusations wrong.

What do you think?

Did Ilhan Omar marry her brother to take advantage of immigration laws?

And is she hiding anything about her past that could see her deported?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. The Crusaders stated that the Muslims are Saracens, They Lie about everything, as their Quran states it is ok to lie to a non Muslim about anything if it suits your purpose. A Muslim has no business holding any type of office or any type of position of authority in the USA.

  3. schemes of lying, corruption and manipulation are part of the norm for islamists dealing with kafir (non-believers) Lies for this purpose fall under the term: taqiah, and are not considered wrong as long as they promote the furthering of islam. Does any of this sound familiar?

  4. It sounds to me like she is being coached by Barack Hussein Obama. If the records are hidden, they can’t prove you re a fraud.obama had this down to a science.

  5. This WACKOOO needs to taken to the wood shed. Isn’t there any way to get rid of her and deport her back where she came from??…From bar tender to Congress,….go figure….

  6. How is it that she is so dumb and in a position of power and We are so clever and only writing letters to the editor??

  7. You are correct! The Constitution does not allow a Muslim to hold office.
    Just how many have been authorized or elected to office in the last 30 years?

  8. Omar is worthless and needs to be exiled out of this country that has done so much for her treasonous actions towards the USA.

  9. Does that include Obama?
    Have we figured out that it was the last administration which “confirmed “ that he was a citizen of the US?

  10. All The American people need to wake up ,the left is out to destroy us ( black , white) they already did this to most people living inter city areas enough of this bs

  11. Just another enemy of the USA we had a two Presidents that hated the USA Clinton and Barack.

  12. this woman should not be allowed to hold the office of congressperson she is not worthy of such an honor SHE HATES THE US CONSTITUTION AND EVERYTHING WE STAND FOR AND SHOULD BE IMPEACHED AND PUT IN JAIL FOR WHAT SHE IS DOING

  13. Is anyone else tired of these BS articles that always say — bombshell that will get them thrown out or behind bars BUT nothing ever, never happens. This muslim POS, the other muslim POS should NEVER been allowed to run for office in the first place — but NOBODY stopped them and the sh**bird voters put them in office. People like that idiot kotex should never be allowed anywhere near a government position but here she is — making all kinds of ignorant noise. I only read this article because it is about the 12th time a same type of article has been written about the same BS saying the same thing — this could lead to the end of this muslim b***h. It is the fault of the supposed “American voters” who put these anti-American scum in a position of importance.

  14. Muslims should be banned from entering the USA. They bring nothing but troubling times. I do remember what Osama Bin Laden said, “AMERICA WILL FALL FROM WITHIN”, and it’s already happening, and as usual our corrupt government does nothing.

    We have Muslim training Camps throughout the USA, some have been here 20 years, but still no government action to shut them down.

    After Immigration being #1 issue, #2 is the Corrupt Congress. POTUS should hold the whole damn Congress in “CONTEMPT”, while he starts weedig out the rotten ones, who will not support their oaths of office/constitution.

    There’s not one Dept. within our entire government, that I would place any trust in. The worst ones being, FBI/CIA/IRS.

  15. Tragic that citizens are prisoners of Islam.
    Please note the RNC doing NOTHING! Bunch of drunks! Do their only work posting for donations. Like farts in a net!

  16. A total sham a disgrace totally dishonest dishonorable and unworthy of the high position that was most likely given to her illegally. They cannot be trusted muzlims liberals are total liars exactly as the Bible teaches all men are liars. But nothing can stand against the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth always wins!

  17. it is unanimous that ilhan is a liar; it is in her dna along with oca, tlaib. the voters who voted them in now see their deceit and lies and will vote them out next election. who is raising her kids or did she dispose of them like she lies?.

    True Americans are fed up with the three of them; they are BAD for our country and they hate our Constitution.

  18. It is truly amazing to witness illlhan Omar use OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ( as we have been warned by truly moderate Muslims that love this country and the freedom it has given especially to women ) ! These brave moderate Muslims have repeatedly warned us that the plan is to use our great countries laws against us.
    Over and over we are seeing that the democrats only follow the laws that THEY CHOSE TO . This is an out right slap in every tax paying legal hard working American’ s face ….ILLHAN NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE AND SENT BACK TO HER REAL COUNTRY AND FOUND TO BE A TREASONOUS CHEAT AND TAX EVADER AND IMMIGRATION FRAUD AND CONGRESSIONAL LIAR!!

  19. If these accusations have any truth to them then why hasn’t the INS, IRS, FBI investigated her ? Trump, Pense or any number of House of Senate committees could initiate an investigation. Do I think she should be in Congress? No!
    Do I think she should be treated like any other citizen?

  20. She should be arrested for treason! If that can’t happen?
    Send her back to where she came from!They will take care of her!

  21. Get rid of these three stooges. They are all trying their best to cause havoc in our country. They are all liars and not very well educated on history of the USA or the world for that matter. They don’t deserve to be here and hopefully will be voted out of office in 2020.

  22. omar is nothing more than an illegal and shouldn,t even be in this country just like odummer was an illegal piece of crap who should be swinging from a tall tree.

  23. This woman did not married her own brother to take advantage of immigration laws, she did it because these people do not understand the meaning of the word FAMILY just like animals dont do either, and if she doent honor the word family what can we expect from her when it comes to loving this country which is strongly structured on FAMILY VALUES, for those who elect we d her to power just think about that.

  24. If it can be proven she married her brother to circumvent immigration laws, I truly feel that her US Citizenship and her brother’s also should be revoked and they should both be deported.

  25. Radical Muslims have no place in our government. Notice I said radical. Why treat her any different than me. I would be in jail for pulling this crap. Why not her? Lock her up!

  26. One reason why I would never give one penny to the Republican Party. They have no backbone and will not stand up to the dems. sick and sad.

  27. NO MUSLIM should be in our government. They are not even allowed in this country. Islam is our enemy. The goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law and the dems support them.

  28. You missed including Omar’s extensive perjury in her 2017 divorce of Elmi. She claimed she hadn’t seen him in over 6 years, even though traffic court records and neighbors show he was living in the same house. She claimed she searched social media and could not find him. A 5 minute search found his longstanding accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook and other sites. Omar told the courts that she did not know the names of ANY of his relatives. He is reportedly her BROTHER! Was working for her sister building her a website at the time she made these false declarations to the court. Perjury six ways from Sunday!

  29. If not for the Crusaders taking back their lands stolen by muslims we may well all be facing Mecca five times a day. But they did not go far enough. They should have totally destroyed islam

  30. WHY ISN”T SHE LOCKED UP YET AND DEPORTED?!!? Why hasn’t this little worthless “Bottom Feeder” removed from Congress yet?

  31. “Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member” Section 5 U.S. Constitution.

  32. The demorats will never do anything about her hatred for this country or the people ,they only care about themselves . Be nice if Trump could send her muslim ass packing . All she is ,is worthless radical .

  33. Well, with “THEM” you’ll NEVER know what you get, NOT as in CHOCOLATES, as THEY are taught to LIE to ALL non-muslims, ONE thing is for sure though, you’ll get the KNIVES/ BOX CUTTERS, CARS/TRUCKS/PLANES or BOMBS = DEATH and DESTRUCTION……NOTHING else…!!!!

  34. Yeah, 00’bozo’s “little sister”, AND that “other” muslim in Congress….!!! NOTHING will ever CHANGE again since THAT LOSER was in the White House…..UNLESS “We the People” RISE UP……..!!!!!

  35. If OUR Constitution does not allow a Muslim to hold an office in our government… do we have two of them currently doing so??? Someone needs to make sure this can NEVER happen again, and remove any Muslims already in our government.
    This is like releasing a fox into a hen house…only it is putting American lives in danger!

  36. The dept. of Immigration would have the papers she submitted to enter the country. They can be obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Also her tax returns (since she has been here) would show who she claimed as her husband (or who claimed her.)
    If she broke the law(s), she should be deported.

  37. This moselum woman’s life is probably a complete lie. Get rid of her immediately before it’s too late her only concerns are to destroy the United States and American civilization as we know it. She a joke.

  38. This moselum Obama needs bury his head in the sand for how he tried to sell out America thank God he is no longer in office he would have sold America and its citizens to the jv team dogs.

  39. Not only deport this Moslem but send those nut cases Maxine waters and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer let’s see how that works for them.

  40. She was only 12 years old when she came . I don’t think we can deport her but we could jail her for various crimes and than fire her for not showing up for work .

  41. Three…two women and Ellison, who is still there, but will quit to run for AG of Minnesota. Minnesota has lost their minds. They are allowing themselves to become a muslim state.

  42. Barry: Are the Jews any better in the US Gov’t? From the Talmud, Baba Mezia 24a: “Jews May Steal from Non-Jews. If a Jew finds an object lost by a gentile (heathen) it does not have to be returned.”
    Talmud, Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772: “Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.”

  43. It is sad that some of our own right here are trying to ruin our country. She has nothing good to say about America less get her sent back to where she came from. One that sticks in my mind is Romney and many on Fox lately We need to get rid of them all. I only watch a few shows on Fox now.

  44. Someone should check the legitimacy of her even being in Congress. She didn’t even reside in the district she was elected to represent. The address she used was someone else’s (you guessed it, a family member’s house that she never lived in)

  45. The American people better be careful who they vote for in 20/20. I don’t think many of them understand just what our lives will be like. This is a great country no other like it we better save it.There are many trying to bring us down where we will be told how to live no more freedom.

  46. Our freedom and morals comes from God, whom dems have rejected. They live on hate and can’t stand anyone who does not agree with their immorality. They are very sad creatures.

  47. They don’t need to be in the U.S. and should just go back to there Country, less problems.

  48. That’s aoc that went from bartender to congress. Omar, as far as I can tell, went from muslim cathouse to congress.

  49. Funny how we didn’t have this problem back when our immigration system was pretty much strictly only allowing European Immigrants to come to our great country, and no one else. Crime was very low, poverty was low and we didn’t have minorities screaming about Racism , as they knew to keep their mouths shut.

  50. All could have been avoided had we kept our immigration system strictly European as it once was . Our early leaders knew that changing that system would lead to problems as it has now. Most problems we have in America can be traced back to that. Quotas really worked well in America.

  51. Funny thing about Mecca is that the Meccans lived their and they were not Muslim, it was their holy site. The Muslims came in and decided they wanted Mecca to convert it to a Muslim holy site so they went to war.

  52. During the Revolutionary War, Washington and his men were broke and needed weapons and supplies to fight the war, the war was soon to be lost. Several Jewish Families loaned George Washington the money to continue the fight and because of tis act of friendship we won the war and America was created. I would say yes the Jews are very special people . Many Americans are too stupid to even know that it was the Jews who allowed George Washington to keep fighting and in many ways we owe a great gratitude to them yes.

  53. The USA reserves the right to strip a citizenship from an immigrant who wasn’t born here for breaking laws, it happens all the time

  54. Illegally filing taxes? Where have we heard this one before? Conservative media attacks Ilhan Omar for not releasing her immigration documents, but attacks Democrats for similarly wanting to see Trump’s tax returns.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  55. Hugo Chavez was elected promising almost exactly the same platform wish list as this, and we see what happened to Venezuela. The democrats and Hugo Chavez, not much of a difference there!!

  56. Where in the hell did you get that BS? Here we go! People making up more ‘crap’ about our history because they are not taught properly!

  57. It is actually a historical fact!! surprised there are some so stupid in America that do not know this, no wonder this country is in such bad shape!!

  58. You can pretty much find this information about Jewish families loaning George Washington enough money to continue the war, pretty much everyone knows this, maybe you are some ignorant inbred 3rd world minority immigrant , if so I will give you the benefit of the doubt. You may just be your typical welfare mooching liberal that will always vote for the DNC to continue your way of life which is entitlement welfare checks, LOL the Democrat way!! Everyone knows 80% of the Democrat base are the welfare dependent moochers of society in general as these people will always be dependent of big government womb to the tomb welfare benefits LOL!!!

  59. Our forefathers were very wise, they outlawed Moslems to not be in American, the Marines from what I remember, was created to run the lens out of America for failing to assimilate. They were run out by the Marines and Marines by God can do it again, before anymore lives are lost.Think of children, do we want them to learn Moslems ways. Our children need protected from them.Get the thread that are in Congress out. Clean up Minnesota and deport them all.

  60. They do not wear towels, so calling them towel-heads is in error. However, they do wear sheets, therefore, I believe that calling them Sheet-Heads is acceptable. And yes, it is in the Koran that it is a-ok to lie to non-muslems, or to muslems not of their group.

  61. Time to lock her up and get her out of our Government. It couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Oh wait, yes it could. It could happen to Talaib, AOC, OBOZZO, KILLERY, and the rest of the DUMBOCRAPS as well as Obozzo’s Administration. Lock them all up in GITMO, and throw away the keys. God Bless America!!!! God bless President Trump!!!! MAGA!!!!! KAG!!!!!


  63. She comes to this country and wants to change everything that doesn’t suit her. She should not be government in the United States

  64. Lana: No, I am a Christian and a Libertarian. Both Muslims and Jews are anti-Christians, they systematically killed my ancestors. Neither of them has a place in the US gov’t. R U a Jew?

  65. The talk about reparations should derive the money from Muslims. Muslims are and have been slavers. If you look at the bills of lading for slave ships you can see the names of the Muslims that sold the slaves to the slave ships.

  66. I reckon not telling the truth goes along with all the other nonsense these self professed peaceful terrorists. Personally I wouldn’t believe one word this clown or any other demoRAT has to say, she needs to be completely investigated and let the chips land where they will.

  67. I believe that Omar was deliberately sent to Congress, as a Muslim to report to her family, what our government does, says and plans so her family can report back to Somalia – all of this secretly! Somalia wants to make the whole world Muslim and will do anything to make that happen. She is probably being paid through her family by Somalia to do this illegal reporting. Omar is a treasonist, as she now holds U.S. citizenship. Omar swore to uphold all laws of our government and has broken them as we are finding out, now, a little too late, but, not late enough to indict her as a treasonist. I also would love to know how this happened in the first place – before she ran for office in Congress. It would be so entertaining!

  68. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE THAT NON AMERICANS HAVE NO PLACE IN OUR GOVERNMENT. They’re out to “ disrupt and ruin” our way of life and take over this country. Whatcha how you vote this next election for the house and congress ???? sweep the Dems Along with Pelosi OUT!!!!

  69. What about marrying and having kids for her biological brother? I know they love their goats and little boys but poking their siblings?

  70. Obama is a Muslim. Did he not comment that “this is not a Christian” state or country. It WAS FOUNDED ON CHRISTIAN BELIEFS. He and his wife also didn’t wear jewelry on Muslim holy days, he didn’t salute the flag and his wife hates this country.

  71. Only American Citizens who are born to American Citizens should hold any type of office in America, this should be made into law. I cannot move to Mexico, The Middle East etc and hold any type of office there!

  72. Inbreeding is actually common practice in the Muslim World, mostly in the ME. Pakistan is the Muslim inbreeding capital of the world.

  73. George Washington and his army were out of money, no food, ammo, etc to continue the war effort so….several Jewish families loaned Washington the money he needed to continue the Revolution. We can say if it were not for Jews, there would be no America, but this is common knowledge .

  74. Omar was being investigated quite a while back, but then she cried Racism, and the investigation was terminated………you know how minorities love to use the race card whenever they get in trouble about anything

  75. I’d like to see the votes counted. I don’t believe Americans are stupid enough to actually elect these Muslims with their hate agendas. I think there’s something rotten in the election system.

  76. Please remind Americans that the slogan, Love America or leave it, has been a bumper sticker theme, since the 1960’s. This isn’t a “color-noncolor” issue, since Omar dislikes Jews of color. It’s agenda against agenda. These radicals made noise from the very moment they took office. One came in with foul language attacks on our President. Her goal was to remove him from office at the start. The News Media twists his words and promote their agenda. The bias is as strong as putting your ex-spouse’s relative in charge of a jury against you. This does happen in America, which was supposed to be justice for all. We are all to have a voice for our welfare and to promote American freedom. But for the Hispanic or other’s promoting their flag against the American flag, they need to be removed. People of all colors live in fear of radicals. The term “white supremacy” is racist in itself. Even Obama admitted, that he developed a dislike for his mother’s race. But try to get the love of Jesus, God’s Son, because they’re heating up the earth. “A day is a thousand years with the Lord.” He said, “I will see you in 3 days.” Double meaning, as we approach 2020 to 3,000. Believe it or not, signs will tell you. A sphere is a bottomless shape and the earth will easily become the eternal flame of a bottomless pit. Your environmental protection programs may help life endure for the time, but not for eternity. Read the source, the Bible.

  77. Ronnie- your ignorance is pathetic. Making statements that are the opposite of the truth are in NO WAY proof of anything except your low IQ. Morons like you voting for trumpers and other deplorables are voting against your own interests but.. you’re TOO DUMB to know it./

  78. I think we’d have fewer problems if you phony religious, racist, low IQ losers all left we’d do fine without you.

  79. no he didn’t you low IQ doofus. This is not a christian country is correct. you sunday Christians need to understand that you morons.

  80. I know for a fact he has said he was from Kenya and also said he was Muslim jim! He was being interviewed and the newsguy that was interviewing him corrected him. He said the line “seeing as I’m Muslim”, and the interviewer said “don’t you mean Christian?” So she isn’t lying about that and he did in fact say he was from Kenya and another interviewer caught it and said, “You mean Hawaii, don’t you?” So yeah he said it. I’ve heard him admit to a lot of things that he claimed that he was not and been corrected about it. During his swearing in that was when his wife said, “For once I can finally say that I’m proud to be an American.” So if Dolly was lying then I guess my hearing has gone and left me because she said that on TV after Odumbo was sworn in. You say, “Hopefully your hate will lead to a fatal illness.” I was always taught be careful what you say to others because it will come back on you worse. From what I’ve read from you, you definitely are an Obama lover. For Shame! SMH

  81. This really all goes back to giving women the right to vote. They will always vote with there heart instead of there brain. Just look at all that would not be… Hillary, Pelosi, AOC, Tlaib, Omar…. Should I Continue Some of the most ludicrous laws as well I.e. prohibition cams about from a women Carrie Nation. Please don’t get the wrong idea I’m all for women. I do think they are much stronger then men in a few ways. Just not where emotion over rational though takes place.

  82. The only racist ones I’ve seen is people like you. Know how I know? The true racists accuse others of being that way. Who on here is a phony religious low IQ loser? Definitely not me or anyone else that is against what Omar has done. Why don’t you grow up and quit the name calling? You a real big man aren’t you? NOT!!

  83. Hey jim, guess what?? I’m a deplorable too and proud of it. How do you know that Ronnie is telling a lie and how do you know that he is a moron?? You are so against President Trump!! Name one thing that he has done that is wrong and I don’t mean to dredge up the past either. I mean one thing since he’s been in the WH. Just one! I’ll wait.

  84. Parduc: Jesus was born in a Jewish home and lived in the Jewish culture and in the land of Israel. Was Jesus a Jew? Yes, Theological study is further discovering the Jewish Jesus and what his Jewishness means to Christian theology and Jewish-Christian relations.

    For Christians, Jesus’ Jewishness is critically connected to his familiar role as Christ—more than an ethereal spiritual role but a role rooted in the history of the people of Israel. Disassociating Jesus from his ethnic roots can lead to violence toward Jesus’ own people. As Anthony J. Saldarini elaborates below in “What Price the Uniqueness of Jesus?” discovering the Jewish Jesus is a task that can give Christians a better understanding of Jesus.
    This was gotten from
    You can look it up for yourself.

  85. Lestigre41: It’s true. I looked it up.
    Barry: I was curious. This isn’t taught in the schools.
    Now Lestigre41; it says this from the Wikipedia:
    “In August 1781, the Continental Army had trapped Lieutenant General Charles Cornwallis in the Virginian coastal town of Yorktown. George Washington and the main army and Count de Rochambeau with his French army decided to march from the Hudson Highlands to Yorktown and deliver the final blow. But Washington’s war chest was completely empty, as was that of Congress. Without food, uniforms and supplies, Washington’s troops were close to mutiny.[9] Washington determined that he needed at least $20,000 to finance the campaign. When Morris told him there were no funds and no credit available, Washington gave him a simple but eloquent order: “Send for Haym Salomon”. Salomon raised $20,000, through the sale of bills of exchange. With that contribution, Washington conducted the Yorktown campaign, which proved to be the final battle of the Revolution.” Now do you still want to call BS?

  86. Medic RN: Well if the Democrats would do their jobs instead of trying to scheme to impeach President Trump something would get done. I’m surprised at the accomplishments that President Trump has gotten done even though the Democrats are constantly butting heads with him and being stubborn as a mule!!

  87. I have to disagree with you on this one bj. The Republican Party has done more than the Demonrats ever will think of doing. The Demonrats are the ones that are being bull headed and not working with President Trump. They are the ones trying to find anything they can to oust him. They need to do their jobs and quit acting childish. And you agreeing with Medic RN with them calling the Republicans a bunch of drunks, You can tell that Nancy Pelosi is a childish drunk. She has slurred her words many times and not just in that fixed video either. My blood runs red. Too bad yours runs blue.

  88. This chain shows the real problem with this country. People that cannot answer a question intelligently stoop to calling names. The real idiots of this country should either prove what the other person is saying is wrong or shut the h*ll up!


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