Ilhan Omar used two words to describe Trump’s border wall that will leave you fuming


Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN-5) is one of the left’s rising young stars.

But she continually lands herself in hot water with her anti-semitic statements and attacks on Israel.

And now the Sharia Law-supporting Congresswoman just stuck her foot in her mouth with this one comment on the border wall.

Rep. Ilhan Omar called the border wall “racist and sinful” in a speech on the floor of the U.S. House.

In the video, you can see her colleagues Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib feeding her talking points and cackling in the background.

You can watch the video for yourself below:

Nancy Pelosi is already refusing to spend a dime on funding President Trump’s border wall proposal.

Now Speaker Pelosi and a chorus of Democrats have thrown in with the likes of Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib and Omar, calling the wall “immoral.”

This is all in attempt to give themselves the moral high ground and paint Trump as racist and xenophobic.

But left-wing leaders from former President Barack Obama to George Soros and even Nancy Pelosi herself have all erected massive walls outside their mansions to keep out the riff raff.

So these hypocrites see the benefit of building walls for their personal protection, just not America’s.

Pelosi has even made the absurd claim that Democrats are for border security.

But this comes from a party who is trotting out 2020 Presidential candidates like Elizabeth Warren who have publicly called to abolish I.C.E.

Do you agree with Rep. Omar that Trump’s border wall is “racist and sinful?”

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. She should not even be allowed in this country, let alone representing others . The Maccarran Walters act should be enforced.

  3. Come on down to Texas and we will show you why we need a wall.. Am sure the northern border is safe, but never say never.
    Seriously before you start telling others what your opinion is come see for yourself!!!

  4. “racist and sinful”, eh?

    Those words left me cheering because they are so accurate.
    Face facts righties, the USA will be a brown nation within 50 years or so.
    I Do hope you fill find it in your shriveled heats to love your little brown grandchildren.

  5. What is she talking about? The day that she pulls off those walls of cloth, she’s wrapped into, she might have a bit of a right to talk about our national protection: The Wall!

  6. Ummm…you didn’t make any sense at all as with these dimwits in this article. And racist? You dare to claim racism with your “brown nation and brown grandchildren” comment? I believe you have proven YOU are the racist. Come on WAKE UP and think ok?

  7. She and other Muslims can go back to where they came from if its so bad here. I guess they like the freedom of speech but back home they didn’t have the b–ls to speak up. T.J. Gildea

  8. If protecting our country’s borders, our sovereignty, our economy, enforcing our laws and supporting the people of this great country is racist, then so be it! If defending our military, our veterans, law enforcers and first responders is racist, then so be it! If speaking the truth and having integrity is racist, then so be it! If calling freedom and our our Constitution racist, then so be it! If being wealthy, poor or somewhere in between is racist, then so be it! People who don’t see their own biases and hypocrisy yell and hate the loudest. This Congress are elected to work at the wishes of the People just like our “elected” President. The Congress have become fools in all respects and have taken an oath in vain. When it come to hearing the voice of the People, they have selective hearing.

  9. People who have enjoyed all of our social programs which gives him welfare, free medical, free education, and on and on.

    All of this because they don’t want to work and would prefer to spend your money which you worked your butt off for.

  10. If she supports Sharia law, then she needs to shut her mouth, until a man tells her what to say. Also thought it was an oath to the Constitution to become a Representative in the House. Sharia law has NO PLACE IN A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC GOVERNMENT!

  11. If you’re looking to change a government, why don’t you start by going back to wherever you came from and change that government.

  12. Muslims do not belong in Congress who the hell put them there. Send them back to their own Country. Build that wall & keep all immigrants out. We can’t take care of Our People. We have Veterans living on the street that fought to keep this Country Free. Remember Freedom is Not Free someone paid the Price. If we can’t have a wall How about the politicians taking down their walls??? what are they afraid of ??? They want to be safe how about the American People who are supporting them financially??? They can get food stamps & financial assistance because the Government is shut down, but if You or I went down to get Welfare help we have to wait 90 days before they give us anything. I worked 2 jobs I went down to get some food stamps to help with 3 little kids they told me I was pretty enough I should get a Sugar Daddy. I was fuming when I left there. Thank God with a full time job & 2 part time jobs I made it. My children are all grown & doing very well. God Bless America & All Americans. Send them clowns where they came from & take the Democrats with them.

  13. She is a hijab wearing a du-rag on her head, does she wash it, just like she should have her mouth washed out with soap, does she ever bathes or shower to clean up her act. To Ilhan Omar, I love the wall, I love Trump, go kiss my ass and suck the head of my you know what. I wish I could spit on you.

  14. I am tired of these idiots trying to change this country. America was founded on GOD….not some muslim laws that were created by the devil. Time for Americans to wake up and fight back to secure their freedom. Why did the congress allow the law to be changed to accommodate her to wear that stupid head gear? She doesn’t have to wear it in a muslim country. Better be careful…..never know what she may be hiding in that turban. Next thing she and her muslim co-horts will want to pass shari law!

  15. Uncontested voter fraud is only part of it. But, get ready for more. With Muslims procreating at a rate many times that of all Americans, they are going to take over this country, like it or not, unless something is done about it, and done soon. We have got to enforce the McCarron-Walter act of 1952, like Bob said above. If not now, it will be impossible in the near future.

  16. Democrats are Democrats, Über Alles.
    Lying, misleading, deceiving, obfuscating, Antisemitism, Provocateurs, prevaricators , perjurers, Communists, all Democrat résumé enhancements.

  17. They should be barred from holding any political official position as they DO NOT SUPPORT our laws or constitution. Is this the one that posed as pro American during the campaign and then after elected changed her garb and rhetoric, if so then she followed sharia law tell the dummies any lies to achieve your goal, any means to get one over on your enemies (because according to sharia law thats what we are) is looked on with allohs grace. And you DUMMIES voted for her. LMAO

  18. that includes all the muslims who got elected to office pretenders all, they all seem to be following the sharia law, tell them anything they want to here, all lies, just to get into office and destroy our country

  19. If this is representative of our future we and our children are in real jeopardy. An illegal alien in our community is accused of 4 brutal murders this is our future? WOW!!!

  20. Who elected these radicals?? These is not their place. Our country was founded and fought for the
    most successful democratic country in the world… What are they saying . We supported them paid for their income to put food on their table is not the country they want? Please let them go back to where they belong.. These people don’t deserve what they got!

  21. Rep. Ilhan Omar called the border wall “racist and sinful” in a speech on the floor of the U.S. House, she better look at Pelosi face to face to take her wall down along with the rest of the liberals. Then they need to take the walls down that are already up. You can’t make a statement like that and believe it if you don’t follow what you say! You can’t have it both ways, I say Pelosi will have her hands full with this new group of congress people. Just look what these liberals voted for, what a shame.

  22. and why are they leaving there, only to take over our country and continue the killing here. They have been killing each other (including their own) since the beginning of time. Do you really think thats going to change? They use ther women pregnant or not and children as bomb carriers, bomb places of religion, and just do not care who they hurt or kill, as long as they say its in the cause of allah just to justify murder.

  23. She comes from a state with a high muslim population. The more muslims that come here or birthed here, the more political power they will have. American citizens better wake up. There are 35 terrorist training camps in America, right now.

  24. How did these three un-American, un-constitutional women get elected?
    All three are frauds! Omar from Minnesota is here on a fraudulent marriage charge to her brother, Tlaib used a phony address to say she was a Detroit resident and she is not and ran unopposed , and there is a current petition to get Tlaib removed, and she has ties to Isis – ???
    Cortez is a complete brain dead progressive that also suddenly appeared
    and beats a long time NY rep. It’s all too much coincidence!
    The democrats are out to destroy America plain and simple. And Pelosi
    and Schumer are as corrupt as they come and they are the prime reason we need term limits!! And who is Pelosi to think she can dictate to a sitting President ! All of these people should be deported to Cuba or Gitmo!
    God bless and save America!!
    Trump,2020 ????????????????????????????????????????

  25. Secretly give all these muslims pork . For , if they even touch a hog , they have to kill themselves !

  26. OMG!! These three have no business in an institution and AMERICAN one at that!! Their intent, as was BHO’s, is to change this country!! It’s obvious what they are looking to do, radicalize this country and the laws of the land!! Taking an oath isn’t for giggles, it’s something that’s serious and MUST be adhered to!! Again, NP is to blame for horrid behavior of HER party and fellow crazed liberal liars!! I’m a proud American Deplorable/ Infidel!!

  27. Moe, you are correct about muslim procreating statistics, not only that, they generally have 4 wives with multiple children each, all on welfare !

  28. That is one of the sorriest posts I’ve read. You are truly spouting things that incite racism. Children are children it shouldn’t matter what color their skin is.

  29. Donald, she took an oath to the Constitution? Everyone knows muslims are taught to lie to infidels to attain their ultimate goal, which is to take over the world.

  30. theolddog…You are extremely SICK. And extremely RACIST. And your ignorance is profound. You have no clue. God created and loves ALL races and there will be ALL races in Heaven. But you won’t be there to see it.

  31. Muslims are in satan’s army. The Bible says that satan will rule for a time and then Jesus will come. There will be no Muslims in Jesus’ kingdom, only ex-Muslims. Thousands of Muslims in the ME are coming to Jesus at their own peril, as it is a death sentence to leave Islalm

  32. No foreign nationality should ever be allowed to hold office in any segment of US Government. Their duty is to their native country first.

  33. yep, that’s how the ILLEGAL aliens are doing it too, ANCHORING themselves here with birthing their children HERE….. And that these ISLAMISTS have TERRORIST TRAINING CAMPS here on American soil is just mind-BLOWING….When is something being done about THAT and WHO will take the LEAD…??? President Trump seems to do NOTHING when it comes to these training camps….WHAT is everybody thinking about this..??? That THEY are TRAINING here, then go back to the middle east to FIGHT there…??? yeah right….!!! AND to TOP it all off, they want to take AWAY our guns from us….go figure…!!!

  34. we as Americans live in Perlious times . when muslins can get into the democrat party, and get into congress.and try to force muslins laws onto American people. we have let evil into our country.
    we the people must before its to late, for us to stand up and defend our God given right to defend USA
    people were misled to vote a muslins in power. we need a wall to protect Americans from people coming
    into our country, to change our way of life. God has blessed our country ,but if we let evil over ride us the people . we will be like the muslins country where they came from,turmoil and fighting .
    the democrat party has moved so far to left , it is bad for our country pray for our president, he has see the hand writing on the wall what is coming to our country. if we fail we lose. PRAY FOR ISRAEL
    God bless trump and his family

  35. Well, you know they think that they are ABOVE it ALL, like hillary, they can have WALLS/HIGH fences around their PRIVATE PROPERTIES and THAT is OKAY/just fine, we WANT a WALL to keep ourselves/families SAFE, that’s NOT okay….hillary used an UN-protected email server as a Government Official and gave away TOP SECRET US Intel which was OKAY for HER to do, NOW, you do something like THAT…YOU go to JAIL/PRISON for a LONG, LONG time because THEN it is TREASON, or HIGH TREASON…..!!!!!

  36. The wall is ART and I accept ART in many forms
    It will be accepted by some and rejected by others
    My opinion is that it is beautiful

  37. She can take that rag on her head with her head in it and put it where the sun doesn`t shine. Come on America, wake up!Get these anti-Americans out of this country before it is too late. We need term limits and we need them “years ago!”

  38. Let’s face it this Muslim problem started when Obama let them into this country under false pretenses and we should deport them back to the countries the came from.

    One thing is none for sure they do not belong here.

    God Bless the U.S.A. and our president and if Trump runs in 2020 he will have my vote for sure.

  39. Recently reported Nancy pelosi had 6 illegals come to her property and instead of embracing them are inviting them in are even supporting them she called the police. Does that mean that she is racist? Why does America need an invasion yet she doesn’t? THAT MEANS SHE’S A HYPOCRITE AND DOESN’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO AMERICA. She’s in the protected rich ,wealthy, celebrity class so the illegal situation will not affect her. Not tolerating illegals that breaks a law is not racist. It appears these Muslim women have hidden agendas as well as Cortez ! We’re becoming aliens in our own country! Wake up America-the middle class/working class will soon be eliminated. There will be rich and poor, high crime in violence in our own Nation.

  40. There are more than 20 Islamic countries that support Sharia Law in one form or another. Here is a Muslim woman who comes to America to change us into becoming Muslim and having Sharia Law. Such ‘Law’ is the most oppressive form of illogical treatment of subjects (particularly women) in the world. Why was she elected to Congress? Someone please try to make sense of this.

  41. Trump is part of the Executive branch of our government and as such he should direct the Justice department/FBI/Homeland Security to go after these terrorists, but unfortunately they are spending all their time investigating Trump. Democrats are all in on that..

  42. How many Muslim mosques or compounds have fences or walls around them? Hint: Look at pictures of the Kaaba in Mecca or the The Mother Mosque of America in Cedar Rapids in Iowa. Maybe they should take their fences & walls down. After all they are racist & immoral.

  43. The FIRST and foremost responsibility, of ANY government official, is the protection of OUR borders!
    As Ronald Reagan said, “Without strong borders, we have no nation”!
    Any politicians that are NOT willing to defend our borders, should be REMOVED from office, (in disgrace,) as TRAITORS to this nation!!!

  44. Cortez, Tlaib & Omar are making a joke out of our political system. They are experts of making enemy’s of their allies. Keep up the good work.

  45. She is elected from an area with a lot of Muslims and their influence. They hate America and Isreal and will do all they can to destroy it just like the mother f==ker crier and the other muslim rep. They are for their mother country not the USA

  46. These cult following, brainless idiots have to continue mouthing their stupidity.
    They should be classified as terrorists and be sent to GITMO with the others of their ilk.

  47. Maybe “Richard the Lion Hearted” will be reincarnated and resolve this problem like the Crusaders did in the past. We will soon need an eradication program as bad as Europe does.

  48. The only way some0ne like this gets elected to our Congress is with illegal alien votes. That is why the Demorats want open borders. They know that they need illegal votes – and millions of them – to win the election in 2020. We need Citizenshp Cards that cannot be duplicated. They can only be attained with proof of citizenship and checked out on government computers – not by just showing a driver’s license. I had friends who were Mexican Natinals, living in Matamoros, Mexico who voted and bragged about it. Most of Northern Mexico votes in our elections. We are giving away the country. Won’t be long now f we don’t stop it.

  49. IF Ilhan Omar can NOT live here under OUR laws then she should go back home and leave America to our existing laws, and NOT her laws she wants passed, so that she could live here and be happy, because with the high population of people in America, most Americans WILL revolt, because some of Ilhan Omar’s LAWS are NOT compatible in any way, with our way of life and our laws.
    Many people in America will just ignore Ilhan Omar’s LAWS, mainly because we would NOT actually know what those NEW LAWS are all about, and the people of America will ignore a lot of those new laws that Ilhan Omar wants to FORCE upon us, and as I said MOST American citizens will ignore most of Ilhan Omar’s LAWS, or revolt over trying to find out what those new laws are and how they would affect the average Americans.

  50. Cotex is the most ignorant college educated person I have ever heard speak. Guess when you are a bartender with a college education and nobody will hire you, go to work for the government. It’s obvious that Piglosi leads the pack in stupidity, so why not the rest of her party. Pass the law to read whats in it.
    Similarly Cotex says New Green Deal where we shut down the fossil fuel industry and figure out how to pay for it later. Two putz’s in the same pod. Only difference one is senile and needs to retire and the other needs to get a refund for the college education she received, but didn’t understand. That’s assuming she didn’t default on the loan.

  51. With garbage like her,cortez and that other big mouthed m—erfuker, NONE OF THE COUNTRY WILL BE SAFE, we are far from perfect but it’s still (at the moment) a hellava lot better, than the rest of the world, THESE KIND OF FREAKS SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED IN OUR GOVERNMENT…………….PERIOD…….THEY HAD THEIR FILTHY NOSES UNDER THE TENT………………NOW WE HAVE LET THE GARBAGE IN THE TENT!!!!

  52. That woman(?) is an insult of feminism everywhere! Sad excuse for a human being. She, AOC and Rshida Tlaib are member of congress and should use some decorum or be censured! They need their mouths washed out with soap.

  53. There is something called the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, also known as the McCarron-Walter Act, that has provisions about vetting immigrants. Do they have the best interest of this country in mind? IO is a definite and “Resounding NO”. RT and AOC are both crazed ideologues who are racist and unAmerican. They all took a vow to defend and protect the country against all enemies foreign and domestic!! HELLO!! Look around, I believe they fit the bill as enemies!! As does NP and her cohorts!! She wants illegals admitted for the votes, but let them set up camp in her yard and she has them ticketed and ushered off the property!! This is a case of the dangerous, diseased, and burden on the states is okay, but “Not in her backyard”! Hypocrites!! Everyone of them. No wall needed for security?? Hmmm … BHO just had a wall built around his MANSION in D.C. Why??

  54. All 3 of the aforementioned newbies need to go. Don’t know the uninformed voters that got them in, but they are an embarrassment to the real America, USA ideology. We are not into an agenda of accepting the
    Unacceptable and nasty ideas of these idiots.

  55. I do believe that it was Obama who started surrounding himself with Muslims. Gee, I wonder why that was? Need America lovers in Congress House and Senate. It is time for the voters to start cleaning house. Time for old Obama staff to be investigated and have a clean sweep.

  56. To begin with – most voting places don’t ID check. And, unfortunately, most citizens don’t keep an eye on how their reps vote on bills. Lots of folks need a wake-up call.

  57. while I agree with you sentiment, there is nothing about the situation we should be laughing about, continue to do just that and we’ll all be giving them the last laugh.

  58. Be careful. She is liable to cut off your head as you get your jollies. I wouldn’t let this person within a thousand miles of our country. That person in Florida is correct about this person being capable of blowing up the White House or trying to murder the President. Enforce the law and arrest all of the muslims that are in country. They are a Clear and Present danger to all of us.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,


  60. Obama flew in hoards of them when he was in office and put them in Michigan, Minnesota, California, New York, Illinois and more. Of course their kind vote for them. That was the first wave of the take over. We’re now starting the second. The invaders coming over the border are their armies. If this continues, we’ll have sharia law. Women and children will be raped as young as two. And there will be mandatory beatings daily of women. The haughty millennial women will have no rights. If you don’t become part of their cults your head will be cut off. We are, in their minds, the infidels. Wake up Christians and Jews and hold fast to God. He will save the faithful!!!

  61. Obama flew in hoards of them when he was in office and put them in Michigan, Minnesota, California, New York, Illinois and more. Of course their kind vote for them. That was the first wave of the take over. We’re now starting the second. The invaders coming over the border are their armies. If this continues, we’ll have sharia law. Women and children will be raped as young as two. And there will be mandatory beatings daily of women. The haughty millennial women will have no rights. If you don’t become part of their cults your head will be cut off. We are, in their minds, the infidels. Wake up Christians and Jews and hold fast to God. He will save the faithful!!! I just wrote this how can it be a duplicate?

  62. There isn’t anything in this world more raciest than a mo=slum, so what this silly woman has to say is not of any consequence in the real world.

  63. Except that she could get us all killed.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  64. well one thing about that is you won’t be around to see it unless you are one of the transplanted desert rats [mo=slums] so the laugh is on you stupid. and if your one of those catholic bleeding hearts the best you can hope for is to have your silly head chopped off in a public setting. but the funny thing is if the m0=slums do take over and sharia law becomes the law of the land what is this dumb ass woman going to do, she won’t be allowed to leave her home alone, and will have to cover her face as well as the rest of her body, of course her father can sell her ass off to some old goat that might want her, when he isn’t out screwing the other goats.

  65. I don’t know who you are, but from your comment it shows you are for these heathens.

    If so then please go pack your bags and remove yourself from MY COUNTRY!

    I will not be hugging any Muslim babies of any kind!

    I do and will continue to support, and stand beside. . . .


    This country will not stand still for this continued attitude, or behavior.

    PLEASE understand I do not dislike you for who you are, I absolutely can’t stand you for coming here, screaming your vial, hateful words about how we are wrong, how we are racist, how you speak about our faith, our way of life, our love of God, and Country.

    This being said, pack your bags and leave, because one way or another your going to HELL!

    Either by staying here, and being sent there, with your untimely demise, or by going back to your heathen country in your own where you can all can continue your sick, disguising way of life!

    This is no way meant as a threat, it is a simple matter on the facts!

    I’m sure that right now someone, somewhere, in America there is some patriot at a 24hr Wal-Mart, making there way to the sporting goods department, who is getting the supplies they need to go hunting.

    And I’m sure that with good light, a steady hand, some patience, will drop what ever they are looking at through the scoop on there rifle.

    Again please do not misunderstand my words, I’m not advocating anything one way or the other.

    Just stating the facts is all, so do not think I’m encouraging anyone, to go out and do anything.

    This all being said I’ll talk to you later, I need to go get a cup of coffee and start my day with a little toast to this, my , the best Country in the world!

    You all have a great day, God Bless you, and God Bless America!

  66. Well the woman that married her own brother can kiss my ass and go back to her mother country and get out of my mother country. Make her own laws there and take fancy Nancy with her.

  67. Correct. The first wife is their spouse and the other 4 wives are dependents along with the 10 children they average per family.

  68. I wouldn’t let that bi**h put her filthy mouth anywhere near my most prized possesion for fear of catching some incurable disease. If the democrat leadership had any scruples they would demand that she take off that filthy rag from her head and resign from congress. Then, she should be sent back to the hell hole that she crawled out of.

  69. She is from Minnesota. A heavily populated Muslim area. Muslims do not assimilate, they infiltrate and dominate. They establish communities called “no go” zones where even the police are not allowed. They average 5 wives and 10 children per family which means they populate and takeover quickly. They live by Sharia Law instead of adopting our laws.

  70. i can,t imagine how they even got on a ticket, she surely couldn,t have passed to get citizen , i guess obama let her in , or maybe nancy , scary

  71. It is a shame they are allowed into the country when their life time support only wishes to do away with our constitution.
    We all over the country need to review any person trying to get elected and make sure they do not uphold the muslim belief or ways.
    My daughter lives in Sweden and she tell me the country is going more muslim ever day. They had a population of just over 90 million now they have only 86 million and about 15-20 million muslims who only desire is to change Sweden to a muslim nation such as in north and east africa.

  72. you got that right obama had it all planned , if we let them they will take over our country , sad , but true, we need to start fighting back , lets start with getting them out of office , and the country

  73. What qualifications do thee 3 clowns have exactly to serve in these critical committees in our US Government?! It’s scary enough to hear the ignorant, outlandish and absurd things coming out of their foul mouths, but to think who in their right minds voted them in to office, is even more of a catastrophe and scandal! Disgusting and unacceptable!



    We will always have problems, but unless we recognize, analyze to understanding, we will not possess the requisite information to mitigate those problems.

    I propose that the MINIMUM WAGE concept appears to be classism, at its core, and it appears that those promoting minimum wage and increases thereto are accepting of a larger permanent underclass, and that many of our problems are rooted because of minimum wage.

    1. Entry level wage – paid for a first job or a first job within in a new endeavor
    2. Market wage – paid, based upon agreement between an employer and employee
    3. Subsistence wage – an ambiguous wage to enable one to exist
    4. Fair wage – an interesting and ambiguous concept, depending upon perspective
    5. Living wage – that wage which enables one to exist (a modified subsistence wage?)
    6. Contractual wage – a wage by contractual agreement, e.g., a union wage
    7. Minimum wage – a wage promulgated by federal and state authorities as the minimum any employee must be paid – it appears to be a conflation of an entry level with a living wage, which appears to be a nonsensical oxymoron.

    MINIMUM WAGE, What’s It All About?
    Increasing the minimum wage would have two principal effects on low-wage (minimum wage) workers, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Most of them, i.e., those who keep their jobs, would receive higher pay that would increase their family’s income, and some of those families would see their income rise above the federal poverty threshold. Those who lose their jobs (per CBO projections) would see their incomes fall (brilliant observation).

    Unfortunately and, perhaps, insidiously, no mention is made of those who will not be able to find entry-level jobs and will be cast within a low and, perhaps, permanent underclass.

    That manufactured situation would cause frustration, depression, and desperation, which, probably is not a healthy situation for a community of any size.

    Any and all legislation, that would tend to create that situation, should be held as irresponsible, mean-spirited, shortsighted, and damaging to our economics, and if that thought were valid, any advocate for such legislation must be dismissed with prejudice.

    The CBO projects that, once fully implemented in the second half of 2016, an increase of the Federal minimum wage of $7.25 to $10.10, as advocated by President Obama would reduce total employment by about 500,000 workers, or 0.3 percent.
    Stipulated and underscores, “Any and all legislation that would tend to create that situation should be held as irresponsible, mean-spirited, shortsighted, and damaging to our economics, and if that thought is valid, any advocate for such legislation must be dismissed with prejudice.”

    The CBO estimates that the increased earnings for low-wage workers resulting from the higher minimum wage would total $31 billion.

    However, those earnings would not go only to low-income families, because many low-wage workers are not members of low-income families. Just 19 percent of the $31 billion would accrue to families with earnings below the poverty threshold, whereas 29 percent would accrue to families earning more than three times the poverty threshold, CBO estimates.
    Moreover, the increased earnings for some workers would be accompanied by reductions in real (inflation-adjusted) income for the people who became jobless because of the minimum-wage increase, for business owners, and for consumers facing higher prices.

    If it were mandated, by legislation, that federal expenditures for personnel must be reduced by 12%, effective January 1, 2017, would it be better to lay off 12% of the federal workforce or to reduce wages and benefits by 12%?

    When one is laid off, there are many negative results, including, but not limited to depression, unable to meet financial obligations, losing property, such as his or her home, and adversely affecting his or her future in so many other ways.

    When one has a moderate reduction of income, but maintains his or her job, he or she will not be thrilled, but will adjust his or her lifestyle, accordingly.

    Which is better for a community, legislating the loss of jobs or a moderate reduction of income with all maintaining their jobs?

    Similarly, which is better, a higher minimum wage with fewer jobs or more jobs?

    Should it be Congress’s responsibility to advocate, propose, and pass legislation that would positively benefit our Nation?

    What is the “theory” that legislation, that is projected to cause 500,000 lowly paid workers to lose their jobs, would be beneficial to our Nation?

    The 500,000 only represents those low paid workers, who would lose their jobs, but does not include the vast numbers of new potential entrants into the workforce who will be unable to find those “entry-level” jobs.

    An entry-level job is critical to one’s future as it is the first rung of his or her ladder to the future. Our “leaders” should pass legislation, which would stimulate the creation of more entry-level jobs, now fewer.

    Whereas Senator Diane Feinstein was a co-sponsor of the $10.10 proposed legislation, on July 22, 2015, I was told by a member of her staff that, in April, she co-sponsored proposed legislation promoting a $12.00 minimum wage, thus the estimate of 500,000 lost jobs rises to X lost jobs and even fewer will find entry-level positions.

    It appears that Einstein’s definition of insanity is alive and well.

    Redundancy can be good: “Any and all legislation that would tend to create a situation that would cause fewer jobs and fewer opportunities should be held as irresponsible, mean-spirited, shortsighted, and damaging to our economics, and if that thought were valid, any advocate for such legislation must be dismissed with prejudice.”

    It appears as though ANY minimum wage is damaging to any community.

    The concept of “minimum wage” is a classic oxymoron and it is an irrational conflation of an “entry-level” wage with a “living-wage”. I offer five characterizations of wages: entry-level, minimum wage, living wage, union wage, and market-wage.

    Manufacturing within U.S.A., Inc. is becoming less competitive as wages rise.
    Many service jobs are, also, being off-shored.
    How many jobs has China, et al taken from us?
    NONE. We have given them our jobs.
    How often do we hear the question posed by Mr. Wonderful (Shark Tank), “Have you priced this item from China”?

    I posed the following “theoretical” question to staffs of Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Bernie Sanders, and my Congressman, Brad Sherman:
    If minimum wage were $25, how would that affect high school graduation rates and the increase or decrease of unauthorized visitors and how would “no minimum wage” affect those two segments?

    After more than 15 calls to DC and SF, Senator Feinstein has not offered a reply.

    After 6 calls to Senator Sanders’ DC office, the best I could get was that a staff member said she was uncomfortable giving her opinion, but will make an effort to obtain a reply from the Senator. A campaign volunteer said he agreed with the obvious answers, but still supported Senator Sanders.

    After too many calls with Congressman Brad Sherman’s staff in DC and in Van Nuys, one staff member offered, off the record, that he or she and his or her father agreed with the obvious.

    It appears that the higher the minimum wage, the result will be lower high school graduation rates and a higher number of unauthorized visitors.

    This is more evidence to confirm that it appears as though ANY minimum wage is damaging to any community.

    Any artificialities (in this case, any minimum wage) inserted into the economy will have unintended consequences.

    Politicians who advocate minimum wage are ignorant (doubtful to perhaps), afraid to speak truth (for fear of losing their positions), or attempting to win votes (pandering), but regardless of the reason, any advocate for such legislation must be dismissed with prejudice.

    We, the People, desperately, need leaders, not politicians who have embedded within their DNA the “need” to lie.

    [email protected]

    On July 4, 2015, Congressman Sherman and I were walking out of Woodland Hills Park as I asked him about minimum wage and he responded that there is some good in the concept.
    On August 27, 2015, I was told, by a staff member of Congressman Sherman, that the congressman believes, in some situations, a “minimum wage” is appropriate.

    If that report were true, it appears to be a stellar example of obfuscation and political-speak (redundancy).

    Congressman Sherman (Ca-D, 30th) supports the “minimum wage” concept, as do almost all Democrats.

    If my narrative were valid, why would anyone advocate for any minimum wage?

    A pragmatic and rational solution for those who want all employees to receive some type of amorphous “living” wage would be a massive expansion of the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) for those over the age of 25.

    Last edited: 08/27/2016

  75. Build that wall or barrier. Whatever they want to call it. Don’t give up Mr President! Stand behind you 100%! These newbies should have never been elected if they feel no love for Americans!

  76. Racist and Sinful….this Damn Muslim needs to look in the mirror and read her anti-Semitic posts.
    She can go to Hell to dwell with Allah and the pervert Mohammed.

  77. You are absolutely correct. The Qur’an predicts that Islam will conquer the whole earth and convert everyone to Muslims. Do you want to become a Muslim? I am a Christian and I will remain one even if they kill me. Jesus predicted the Great Tribulation and a Muslim take over would be it. We all must resolve to keep our faith strong and not receive the Mark of the Beast that the book of Revelations talks about. The Bible and Qur’an are parallel accounts of the final battle between our God, the true Creator, and Satan the Devil except two different outcomes. Russ

  78. Wayne Taber: Why send her back to GITMO? Our taxes support Gitmo! Put her in a plane & a parachute & drop her over Afghanstan! Or…Somalia.

  79. Charlie: Its too bad we don’t know her email address, Oh wait: send her an email thru her US House address & let her know how people feel about her attitude. in no uncertain terms!!!

  80. Maurice Yoder: I guess I’m dumb, where it comes to the “McCarron-Walter Act of 1952. Would you mind explaining that to me? Guess I was too young at that time to know anything about that Act.

  81. Mr/ Arrington: I think the problem is that Mr. Trump is having so much problems w/the liberal news media & the ultra liberals in the HOUSE, that he has to deal with, not to mention the obozo ”holdovers” in the Justice dept,FBI, CIA, & obozo still holding onto trying to get back the Presidency for more terms + hillary w/Big Pharma supporting her, that would make a completely sound mind that has no problems going on in
    their daily routine almost lose their mind! If he can get the wall up & get the mueller witchhunt over with, I’m sure Pres. Trump will jump on some of the other important issues facing America!! Dont’cha think?????

  82. Charlie,
    . . . . She and the other muslims have come here to conquer us. They have no intention of assimilating. It is called stealth jihad. They establish a muslim enclave. They use that to elect their own to government posts. Then they use those positions to enact laws supporting sharia.
    . . . . It is against Federal Law for muslims to be in this country. Everyone who helped them to come here are guilty of millions of counts of violating this law. They are also guilty of millions of counts of High Treason during Wartime which is a Capital Offense for helping Enemy Combatants to invade our country. Every communist aka democrat and every RINO are guilty.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  83. Betsey,
    . . . . Actually this law, which you can google, is predated by a law enacted by congress and signed by President Jefferson during the Barbary Coast Days making it against the law for muslims to move here, to live here, to visit here, or to be helped to come here.
    . . . . President Jefferson knew that islam and our Constitution are incompatible with each other. Also if an American converts to islam they must immediately denounce their Citizenship and leave the country forthwith.
    . . . . The FBI needs to do their job and get rid of all of these people. Oh, that’s right the FBI, CIA, and the DOJ have all been co-opted by the communists aka democrats.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  84. Betsey,
    Sorry, that was exactly my point. A little tongue in cheek humor. Yes, definitely, he is being pulled in all sorts of directions. If all the crap could stop imagine what could get done!!

  85. She should be out of our country, as she hates us so much and so should her voters and supporters. It’s called sedition

  86. This woman is so far from being American, she should be tried and convicted of treason and sentenced to the death penalty! It makes my blood boil she not only gets away with violating the “no head covering” rule for Congress, and now she offends @POTUS President Trump. How did this traitor get into office!?

  87. All I can say is…..two separate countries. A country for all the F***heads and a country for law abiding Christian conservatives. Build a Trump border wall and watch them kill and eat each other like animals they are…..

  88. The Demoncrat Party is made up of Constitution trashing freedom haters! They are unfit to serve! One of their main functions is killing babies!

  89. Been in her country. Why is she here? They are ingrates and without a sense of decent human respect. They (muslims) worship allah a moon god. Then they chant “gosuckasalami”.

  90. Phillip, couldn’t agree more. Take a look at the congress we have. See how many of the muslim faith are on there. Who would have thought this would be the picture of our representatives and senators especially in the light of 9/11. Very disgusting and I believe our country is going to be way for the worse from here on in. I blame the citizens of this country for making it that way by their votes.

  91. Just need a boiling cauldron with these three witches to complete the picture! Is this the best the Democrats can dig up?

  92. Omar should not be serving in Any branch of American government, city, state or federal. Her allegiance is not with America our constitution or our laws. The border wall is for the PROTECTION of AMERICAN CITIZENS. It is not “RACIST” or “IMMORAL”. Nancy pelosi has no morals only greed and a desire for power. Omar works to destroy us from the inside out. It is a sad day and time in American history that has given Omar the position to destroy this country that the majority of people still love.

  93. An unknown number were brought in unlawfully. by the usurper Barry Soetoro. The muslim with the fraudulent birth certificate and SSN.
    Who now uses the assumed name of Barack Obama,

  94. America’s Usurper, Obama has been supporting his Muslim brothers and violating The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. On the USCIS web site. In Section 212 Chapter 2, it Prohibits entry into America Aliens belonging to an organization seeking the unlawful overthrow of the federal government of the United States by force, violence and other unconstitutional means.

    Islamic immigration would be illegal under this law. Why? The Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam. To which are against our values and violate the Constitution as it requires them to kill the infidel, which happens to be citizens of he United States.

    The Islamic faith also requires total submission to Islam and its form of government. The law states that Aliens affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited”.

    So Obama and all who advocate Syrian Islamist refugees into the nation are violating the law, as well as allowing any Muslims into America that practice Sharia law.

    Those that advocate that Islam is just a peaceful religion and have rights that fall under the 1st Amendment are not understanding the immigration laws on the books, nor are they understanding what Sharia law really is. It is a government body that goes against the constitution and our Republic and the laws of the United States of America.

    Those that would rather turn a blind eye on the facts need to come to a real discussion and not false rhetoric to push an agenda. Let the real debate begin!

    Please read the PDF copy of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952:

    Reply Reply All Forward



    © 2019 Oath Inc. All Rights Reserved

  95. One day America will be history of the long past. There were no such place on the world.. Voters that vote just to be voting better learn some history.

  96. It does not help when our society started honoring the federal holidays of other nations as in Mexican Cinco de Mayo that is the Mexican independence day from France too bad France was too embroiled in their war against Great Britain to not to have been able to commit more troops, Mexicans have repeatedly proven they are too uncivilized to govern themselves.

  97. It is racist. We simply don’t want a race of illegal mongrels flooding in. What is sinful are people who think it’s sinful. These people cost billions of dollars to support. That’s the sin

  98. How many of her mosques or compounds have fences or walls around them. Hint: Look at pictures of the Kaaba in Mecca or the The Mother Mosque of America in Cedar Rapids in Iowa. Maybe they should take their fences & walls down. After all they are racist & immoral.

  99. The Deep State is utilizing voter fraud to put these prople into power. Has nothing to do with being elected. How do you think Obama got in twice? How do you think we lost the House? How do you think we will lose 2020?

  100. Trump has long ago admitted his “wall” didn’t really have to be a wall. So what is your problem?

  101. She should be thrown out of our government. She did not swear on our Bible and she did not swear to defend our constitution of the USA. So now it is ok for our American senators to wear little caps when they are in the WH, because these Muslims get to wear that peice of hijab the looks like crap as if they are covering up brain surgery. What a mockery!

  102. All three of them are Rag Headed Muslins and as always with there kinds they are dirty and unclean in all things. To have them serving in a political position in our government shows the gates were left open also in DC and we do not need there kind but I am sure they will all become paste on the wall of Congress.

  103. one of the caravans should drop them off at palosi, she can make them a large pork dinner, then they can all shoot themselves.
    this is not a duplicate, are you trying to block me?

  104. Richard I agree with you, but unfortunately, the more muslims that live here, the more voting power they will have, and the less freedom Americans will have. We better wake up before it’s too late.

  105. What these Muslims want is to change this country into the desert they came from where nothing grows without help and to sit on the ground gnawing on goat bones thrown to them by the Christians who reside on the other side of the barrier. I am for freedom OF religion as long as it does not interfere with mine. The Hindu’s and the Brahmans have assimilated very well in this country as well as the Buddhas. They cause very little trouble. The Muslims are descended from Hagar and Ismael there-in lies the problem.

  106. Kara,
    . . . . They aren’t serving. They haven’t been elected. These are enemy combatants that are occupying the House. Our House. This is WWIII and it is a fight to the death. Wake up America. The muslims are in the country illegally and all of them need to be deported and deported now. Where is the FBI?? Oh, that is right, they have been co-opted by the communists aka democrats. We saw proof of that just the other day.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  107. True! However the reason she’s there is the people of that state voted her in or once again the dems got by with another voter fraud!! Shameful either way!! People in the U S better start sticking together and not vote Muslims into office! They aren’t like us, they rape little children and women and then they kill the woman for being fault in adulterous situation,and they promote shariah law and they hate our God and believe in a falseGod! They absolutely have no place in the US much less voting one into our government!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  108. I agree with every word you said!! What I have to add is about that stupid looking hat. What I want because of that RIDICULOUSLY stupid BS is for everyone now to wear whatever they choose. Personally, being a damn proud Arkansan I want to see some Hog hats! Come on Tom Cotton!! They should all be able to wear ANYTHING THEY WANT!!

  109. And that BS is allowed in OUR COUNTRY??! Stupid me lol, I forgot it was minnesota- look at al franken lol. He was funnier as a politician than he was a WANNA BE comedian.

  110. You and me both! And chuck, and nancy, and racist barbara, and aoc or whatever, and the other skank not worth even having her name remembered. How awesome if they were all victims of an illegal alien crime, how appropriate that would be. Them instead of proud Americans who love this country and want to save it, love it and respect it- the country that TOO many proud Americans have died fighting to protect it. Those scumbag pieces of garbage could absolutely care less, and OMG how heartbreaking that sadness is.

  111. You forgot that other anti American, liar and traitor john kerry who brought some 800,000 ‘mooslimes’ and resetteld them in MN. Just wanted to include this POS. This bastard is like a festering boil on America’s ass that juist won’t go away. To think this asswipe and his disgraced adulterous buddy john edwards wiith whom he had an ‘illegitimate child’ with some bimbo all while hs late wife battled cancer almost became president iis scary!. Man, did we dodge a bullet there, thank God!

  112. The ragheaded goat humper in 2016 tried to get terrorists a lighter sentence by writing to a judge and asking leniency for them. These terrorist were on their way to Syria to literally kill for the sake of their false prophet (goat humper) mohammed.

  113. by leaving the wall open they let Illegals in who kill our citizen instead of being in our Congress they should be in jail.

  114. Anyone that supports and/or promotes the despicable, vile garbage called shariah law should be/must be deported from our Constitutionally based country ASAP. Omar was naturalized so she can lose her citizenship much more easily than some one born here. She has given every indication that she is a traitor to our country.

  115. Is it actually true she took the oath of office with her hand on the Quran?!!! How is that pledging allegiance to the US? can this even be LEGAL?!!!

  116. A racist and sinful liar is a Muslim that says she loves America. If she is a Muslim, which she professes and practices, then she cannot love America, or any Christian, Jew, agnostic or atheist in America. She is forbidden to do so by her very Bible, the Quran (Koran). Her only goal is the Muslim takeover of America. Anyone who doesn’t know that by now hasn’t been paying attention to, or listening to the promises of, all Muslims.

  117. I have to agree with you on most of these points. Since they cannot assimilate then they should not be allowed to stay. Their laws should not overrule our Federal laws. Shariah is part of a Religion and suppose to be separate from our Laws. They are gaining in size and will become quite dangerous in the future if we do not stop them from gaining positions in government. Were they born here? Women who want to be free and represent women’s rights had better heed this situation. I fear for our future generations.

  118. Council of Europe warns Britain sharia law conflicts with universal human rights and says it is ‘greatly concerned’ by its recognition in the UK

  119. Well hello Dolly. Hello Dolly, it so nice to see …… Yes, I am old enough to remember that song. Let me apply it offhand to the posts here. There are a few of us that have been trying to tell every citizen of American to wise up regarding the forbidden files on Obama since before he was elected. Then the 150 Billion dollars cash flown to Iran (?) in cash on his command without Congressional approval. Many other items right up to the misuse of taxpayer monies by Pelosi to fly herself and occasionally family on CODEL. The Dems are trying to investigate Trumps finances. Let us look at it realistically, Trump is helping us, if he is guilty we can deal with him AFTER we save America. What do you say we try to seize all of Obama’s and Pelosi’s assets in other countries as well, until they prove innocent? How about for starters we tell the Dems to join in demand to have ALL MS-13 members report to law officials and register within 5 days or risk leaving on a slab. When I think of those buried in Arlington, other graves around the world and those who were less than hamburger I am truly ashamed of America’s behavior in its defense. Okay, I am a vet in my eighties.

  120. You demand that the President open the border you demand well sugar plum you don’t tell our President what to do, you see you are just a peon and you don’t deserve anything when it comes to our President. I am still trying to figure out how you and your two partners in crime got elected, maybe it was a fixed election by people that are not legal citizens.


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  123. America will not be destroyed from outside, but from within. The process already started with these three haters.

  124. Beauty has not A damn thing to do with it!!
    Electrify it and when the sparks start flying when they try to climb it now that would be a think of beauty!! What ever it takes to keep them out illegally. Come in the right way and become contributing US Citizens more power to ya!!

  125. What we need to do is everywhere there is a supposed no go zone then we surround it with swine or swines blood, they may decide to assimilate or go home.

  126. I do believe that we will soon have not only spanish words on everything that is sold but in the language of the muslims. Our country is being taken over by the mexicans and now the muslims. The day will come when we will have to fight for our rights like we had to do with the English.


  128. Minnesota and her voters are so self absorbed with image that even a simple person with virtue would never be considered for any office. They have to be a whacked out liberal nut to be acceptable. Forget the lakes they should just call it the land of 10,000 nuts.

  129. Thanks a lot, I live in Minnesota,and am conservative! She is part of Obuma era that brought in thisb tribe. THE AREA SHE IS FROM is predominately somoli I know spelled wrong.

  130. The people that want the wall, want it to protect our sovereignty and our safety. Those that don’t want it, have nefarious agendas, to conquer and destroy this great nation. We are too strong to be beaten from the outside. So they are eating us away from the inside. One of the left’s destructive ways, is to brand people they are against as racists, homophobes, haters, and the such. People don’t like the names, therefore they don’t cause any waves. Names can’t hurt us. If we will go down, we might as well go down fighting!

  131. Boy things get worst as each day goes by and those in power for the Democrats are really showing their true selves. Not sure how safe I feel in this world of ours and not building this wall will end up being the death of us or maybe something even worse.

  132. The DNC has turned on their fellow Americans, and chose foreign people over ours! I cannot accept the DNC as relevant! Treason doesn’t get any more blatant! Every elected DNC Politician swore an oath to defend and abide by the Constitution and not only have they broken that oath, but by supporting foreign born ineligible individuals for political offices, such as Obama, they have committed treason!

  133. Democrats are paid off by Soros who wants the demise of the US so that he can start a One World Government. He even wrote a book ‘International Government’. He feels the US is in the way because we are too independent. To destroy the US, destroy economy by overwhelming it with too many immigrants, one party healthcare, take away gun rights, just to name a few. The Dems want to impede on Christian beliefs because if you read Revelations you’ll see everything the Dems are doing. You can believe in everything but Jesus. That’s because He is the only one that’s REAL!!!!!
    Peace and Love and forgiveness are the only way to go. Any religion that says otherwise is wrong.

  134. You ask “Why are they here” Same reason mohammud went to Mecca. to conquer the people in Mecca and kill all the Jews.

  135. “Rep. Ilhan Omar called the border wall “racist and sinful” in a speech on the floor of the U.S. House.”

    Whether you righties like it or not, she’s 100% correct and very much in the spirit of the noble words of Emma Lazarus on the Lady in the Harbor.

  136. Tell that to her best friend. Obama…He’s the one started all of this Muslim crap to begin with..

  137. So many Muslims in MN that the police won’t go into that area. Illegals are voting, don’t kid yourself. This woman has no business in Congress let alone being placed on the foreign affairs committee. ILHAN OMAR is part of the takeover of America Obama was and still is pushing. Fundamentally changing how America works! Evil, remember the goal to kill us and take over our land. Border crisis!

  138. Mexico is brilliant! They are the smartest country in the world. Here’s their plan: Send all of our poorest, least educated people across the border to USA and let them get free education, healthcare, social services, housing, dental on the American tax payer dime, so we elites here in Mexico can save our resources and money and live in luxury. Meanwhile, we will market our lovely country to the dumbest Americans who think it’s a great idea to come vacation in a country that oppresses it’s most vulnerable, needy people and sends them packing across the border to another country. Additionally, we here in Mexico will NOT allow anyone from other countries to cross our border. We’ll send these poor Hondurians, etc…right through straight toward the good old USA. Talk about a great deal for Mexico! Wow. VIVA MEXICO!

  139. Isn’t it against Sharia law for her to even be speaking about another man or about any mans decision, are they not restricted from showing even their faces to another man much less be in a political position to dictate to anyone how they should be doing something? Don’t they be-head their woman for such in subordination? I thought she was all for Sharia law? Since she and her community believes in Sharia law Why aren’t enforcing it when it comes to her and s few others that have been elected to a position Sharia says is supposed to be a ” Man’s ” position?


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