Ilhan Omar just won her first fight in Congress and it could be the first step toward Sharia Law


The Democrat Party and their pals in the mainstream media have dismissed critics’ cries of their acceptance of Sharia Law as “conspiracy theories.”

But the Democrat majority in the U.S. House has just proven everything they have said is a lie.

And what Ilhan Omar and the Democrats just did to embrace Sharia Law will confirm all your suspicions.

231 Democrats just voted in favor of allowing Ilhan Omar to follow Sharia Law and wear her hijab.

The resolution overturned a 181-year tradition that banned House Representatives from wearing headwear and passed along party lines.

Sharia Law commands that all female adherents wear the hijab as part of right living.

And House Democrats upheld the commandment by voting overwhelmingly in support of the resolution.

Time Magazine reports:

The same day that the first two female Muslim congressional representatives in history took office, the House voted to permit religious headwear on the floor for the first time in 181 years.

The change, which was passed as part of a rules package, amended an 1837 rule that was originally intended to ban representatives from wearing hats on the House Floor. After a vote of 234 to 197 on Thursday, Congress members will now be allowed to wear head coverings, such as kippahs, hijabs and turbans.

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American Muslim and refugee, became the first member of Congress to wear a religious headscarf on the floor. She celebrated the vote in a tweet.

“I thank my colleagues for welcoming me, and I look forward to the day we lift the Muslim ban separating families all over the U.S. from their loved ones,” Omar wrote.

This isn’t the first time Democrats have voiced support for Sharia Law and the Muslim faith.

One of the delegates of the 2016 Democratic National Convention was the radical Islamic extremist Linda Sarsour.

Sarsour was one of the organizers of the anti-Trump “Women’s March” that claimed the hijab was a symbol of freedom

And Obama called the Muslim call to prayer “one of the prettiest sounds of earth at sunset.”

Further, devout Muslim and former U.S. Representative Keith Ellison served as the Chair of the Democrat Party for the last two years.

Do you think the Democrat Party should openly embrace Sharia Law?

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