Ilhan Omar just declared all-out war on every Christian in America


Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar wants you to bend over backwards to support her faith.

But she doesn’t have the same belief when it comes to Christianity.

And she just declared all-out war on every Christian in America.

The central point of being a Christian is to love God and love your neighbor.

Those who support abortion cannot truly call themselves Christian because they support destroying the life that God puts on this earth – the life of their neighbor.

But Ilhan Omar seems to believe the exact opposite. Instead, believing those who oppose abortion want to “punish” and “control” women.

Going on an unhinged rant in front of Congress, Omar committed to her work in resisting Christians trying to promote their pro-life agenda, declaring their convictions aren’t “about their care of concern for life.”

LifeSiteNews reports:

Omar was speaking out in response to Alabama’s new near total abortion ban and Georgia’s new heartbeat-based abortion ban, which activists on both sides see as potential threats to Roe v. Wade. Numerous Democrats, including the 2020 presidential primary field, have issued sweeping condemnations of pro-lifers’ efforts and pledged to ensure that whatever happens to Roe, states will still be blocked from passing pro-life laws.

“Religious fundamentalists are currently trying to manipulate state laws in order to impose their beliefs on an entire society, all with complete disregard for voices and the rights of American women,” she said. “The recent efforts like those in Alabama, in Georgia, are only the latest in a long history of efforts to, to punish us when we don’t conform to their attempts to control us.”

“Let’s just be honest: for the religious right, it isn’t simply about their care or concern for life,” Omar claimed. “If they cared about or were concerned about children, they would be concerned about the children that are being detained and those that are dying in camps across our borders. Or the children who are languishing in hunger and facing homelessness.”

Democrats truly are the party of abortion.

Ilhan Omar and other Democrat politicians want to make them readily available, and force everybody, including those who are morally opposed, to pay for them with their tax dollars.

But President Trump and Republicans are working to protect the unborn who currently have no protections.

Are you pro-life or pro-abortion?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. will she ever shut her “hateful, anti-American” mouth? why hasn’t she been impeached? has she had an abortion? does she know anyone who has had an abortion? does this “hateful” woman have any children? I sure hope not! if a woman wants an abortion that’s gonna be between her & Almighty God but I don’t believe the American people should support abortion on demand & we shouldn’t pay for them! only time I support abortion is for rape victim & life of mother is in danger.

  3. She is deaf to her own words: “manipulate state laws in order to impose their beliefs on an entire society”. Well, if that doesn’t spell M-U-S-L-I-M I don’t know what does! They are famous, world wide, for playing the victim in order to get the upper hand. And this hate filled piece of work is just another example.

  4. This woman took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States ! Not Sharia Law ! She needs to resign immediately !

  5. She isn’t going to resign. But….she should be impeached. Not only that, EVERY Official who does not support removing her from office should be removed also. Oh….for another Thomas Jefferson! Or a Black Jack Pershing!

  6. She should be removed from congress and deported. Any person so blatantly anti-American should “NOT” have the protection of our Constitution to enable them to continue pursue the overthrow of our Country. She does not belong here PERIOD!!!!

  7. A lot of people I know feel the same way as you do. I like your post and hope my telling you this will get posted. It keeps coming back that I did before whereas I certainly did not. Thanks for your post.

  8. This has gone on far to long dump her at the Mexican border. Let her figure out why and how she got there. She is a disgrace to this country.
    This is not the middle east.

  9. The lies on this site are disgraceful and traitorous, just like Trump and his many cronies like Flynn, Manafort and Cohen and Stone.

  10. She and millions like her are protected and supported financially by the work, toil, Democracy and perseverance of Christians – millions of them who pay her her salary.
    She is a proven liar, crook and racist and deserves none of the protection and support she enjoys from the American people. A typical Muslim ingratiate.

  11. I am definitely Pro life. As a woman who lost many children God finally gave me three. He took my oldest boy home to him in December 2017. A woman who looses a child is hurt at such a deep level it isn’t funny. I can still look at my dinner table at holidays and see the place settings for the children I lost. The hurt never goes away. My comfort is my children that I lost are with the Lord and waiting for me in Heaven.

  12. How ironic. The mouthpiece for fundamentalist Islam wants to talk about religious fundamentalists pushing their religious beliefs on the whole society. What does she believe Shariah is?

  13. I agree with you completely. Some how some way we should find a way yo send her out in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Then maybe she would feel more at home. Some where she will not find her way back here.

  14. Why attack Ihlan Omar’s religious identity for her pro-choice stance when her religion, Islam, opposes abortion? You can’t blame her religion for her views any more than blame the Catholic Church for pro-choice Catholic politicians. On the Democrats For Life email list, I similarly pointed out that Joe Lieberman’s religion, Orthodox Judaism, also opposes abortion.

    If politicians and political activists want to deviate from their religion, they can do that, but they should be open and honest enough to admit: “I am going against my religion” when doing so, rather than hide behind Scriptures and/or a religion they aren’t even following.

    My problem isn’t with Christians unable to follow Jesus and/or Paul, either, but rather with the hypocrisy of glibly saying, “I believe,” while conveniently ignoring the rest of what their religion dictates when it suits them. Why not just be secular, like everyone else?

    Rodney King, who called himself a “poster child for police brutality,” asked in the aftermath of the Los Angeles riots of 1992: “I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along?”

    To paraphrase Rodney King: “Can we all be secular?”

  15. She doesn’t follow her own religion she can’t leave her house without premission from her husband or talk to strangers or wear make-up so there that. go figure

  16. Maybe, dianna, for the very same reason that CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump hasn’t yet been impeached despite the many times that Oval Office INSANE IDIOT & White House WORTHLESS WORM Has Opened His BIG, FAT, STUPID, STINKING MOUTH!

  17. Such a shame such people as she exists.
    She should be ashamed of herself.
    But Democrats in general don’t know how to feel shame.
    They don’t even know how to blush.

  18. All this talk from someone who can be killed by any male member of her family under sharia law! Most members of her own religion don’t believe in abortion anyway. What she wants is for everyone else to abort their children so that there will be more Muslims born than Jews or Christians!

  19. We MUST impeach all of the raghead camel jockeys and muslims and get them out of our government. We were dumb enough to elect these clowns now we MUST get rid of them. We MUST take our elections seriously
    so this does not happen in the future. Come on Americans get your heads out of your asses before these clowns destroy our way of life. This is what will happen if we don’t build the all important wall and get control of the enormous while we can. The wall works for a lot of other countries and it will work for us We can’t let these immigrants come in and run all over our country and support them with free medical, housing, education, driving privileges ,voting etc.

    I am not ready to give everything I and my family worked for to these people.

  20. Yes, b ut she took that oath on the quran! Not the bible. She is here for a purpose, a dark purpose. She is just one of the many Islam plants to try to convert this great free nation into a nation of Islam, the hell hole she came from. Islam is not just a religion, it is mandatory for these people. Believe me, they don’t just give up their beliefs and plans because they come to America. Eventually, they want America and all Westerners to be either converted or killed.

  21. Of course she supports abortion, for everyone but muslimes. She would be happy if the infidels all killed their children and save them the trouble of doing it.

  22. I am old enough to remember the days when friends and acquaintances stood by their religious beliefs and loved all their friends and neighbors irregardless of their church going ways. We sometimes talked to each other about our beliefs but we never tried to change them or wish them destruction. What a mess we have today!!! The Pope doesn’t even know which side is up any longer!! Help us, Oh Lord!!!

  23. I agree, If the leadership of the House doesn’t remove her, they should be removed at once from their offices.

  24. Rep. Omar is a declared enemy of the great Satan, America. Her sworn purpose is to further Sharia and the Caliphate. Why do we even tolerate her ? She should have been expelled from Congress long ago, but especially after she campaigned to raise money for terrorists.

  25. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”, this in part is from the prophet Jeremiah 1:5. What does it mean to you? To me it means each of our souls reside in heaven before God places us in the womb. So how do you think God feels when his creation is aborted? I believe democrats will pay dearly for their sacrilege.

  26. The United States was settled, developed, and founded by CHRISTIANS!!! Yes, the Founding Fathers were Christian, some did not lead the life other Christians will have liked. Contrary to the BS Obama and other Muslims try to spew, no Muslims were founding members of the U.S. The comments about Muslims by the Founding Fathers are in the form of a warning to keep them OUT, but, then, we elected one!! Islam is self-described as the religion of Peace. This is a Lie designed to disarm mentally deficient people, and we have more than out fair share here in the U.S. Keep in mind, if you are a Christian there is NO such thing as a good Muslim. They are taught to KILL non-believers. Christians are taught to love everyone and to not kill them. llhan Omar is a piece of human Trash.

  27. Ignorance and stupidity cannot be contained or controlled unfortunately that is the case with Muslim members in congress where free speech adhered to.

  28. Betty boy: You must love bacteria – they’re the only culture you have.
    You need a high five. In your face. With a chair.

  29. Someone needs to step in and knock her off her damn high horse! What an arrogant Muslim. How is it she can always twist every word that comes out of her mouth to benefit her believes? She obviously doesn’t know crap about Christians beliefs. Unlike her Muslim beliefs, Christians do believe taking a life whether in the womb or out of it deserves to be protected. How can she tout that abortion is right when seems to me, women can be the fetus the liberals want to kill, so much for women’s rights when they are snuffed out before they are even born? Get her out of Washington, she is a lunatic and a liar, makes up stories to benefit the radical left wing liberals.

  30. 20 years from now, I will be in
    Heaven – This
    was written by
    a woman born
    in Egypt as a
    Muslim. Make
    sure you read
    the paragraph ( in red ) toward

    Joys of Muslim Women

    By Nonie Darwish

    Muslim faith a
    Muslim man can
    marry a child
    as young as 1
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    the marriage
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    The dowry is given to the family in
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    Even though a woman is abused she
    cannot obtain
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    prove rape,
    the woman must
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    Often after a woman has been raped,
    she is
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    the family
    must return
    the dowry.

    The family has the right to execute
    her (an honor killing) to restore the honor
    of the family.

    Husbands can beat their wives ‘at
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    Muslim law
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    (In twenty years there will be
    enough Muslim
    voters in
    Australia, the
    U.S. And
    Britain To
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    heads of
    Government by

    Rest assured they will do so… You can look at
    how they have
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    several towns
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    Dearborn Mich.
    is one and
    there are
    Britain has
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    now with
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    I think everyone in Canada,
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    U.S And Great
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    there is no
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    of us sends it

    It is too bad that so many are
    with life and
    to accept
    Muslims as
    Some may be
    but they have
    an army that
    is willing to
    shed blood in
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    The peaceful support the warriors
    with their
    finances and
    own kind of
    patriotism to

    While Canada, Australia, the U.S.A
    and Britain
    are getting
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    from all
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    and erasing
    God from the
    lives of
    children the
    Muslims are
    great jihad on
    North America,
    Australia and

    This is your chance to make a
    Pass it on to your email list or at
    least those
    you think will

    of those I’m
    sending it to
    However By
    doing NOTHING!
    you do nothing
    for your
    your GRAND
    give that a
    minute to sink
    to pass it

  31. Of course Ihlan Omar was vetted and picked for her rabid anti-Christian stance by the AIPAC. Edward Lewy, ex-AIPAC head: “Let them vote for whoever they want as long as I get to choose the candidates”.


    Ilhan Omar is a MUSLIM! Her religion/legal system/life direction DICTATES her pursuit of WORLD DOMINATION by ISLAM! ISLAM DECLARED WAR on ALL NON-MUSLIMS as DIRECTED by Mohammed and DOCUMENTED in the Qur’an! When anyone bows down and prays to their God, 5 times per day, will commit suicide bombings, will direct their children to commit suicide bombings, should we FAIL TO TAKE THEIR THREATS SERIOUSLY, WE are TOTALLY STUPID! It is no wonder Ilham Omar is a DEMOCRAT. She fits right in!

  33. Betty: Why do you think this way? Please explain your hatred for the President. I would like very much to understand it. Please list your reasons for your attitude so that the rest of us can perhaps begin to understand it. Thank you.–

  34. Itt looks like you’re doing nothing but demonstrating what it’s like to have an IQ very close to MINUS 1001, eh ?

  35. I wouldn’t use Rodney King as a poster child for anything. No, we can’t all be secular because if you are a Christian, it is a CHOICE that you make. Are we perfect? No, but as an individual, I do my best to love others, but stand fast to the values that God supports – saving babies, for one.

  36. Seems to me that she has violated her “Oath of Office” by many of her comments since taking Office. Hope it cost the Democrats a lot of Seats in Congress.

  37. Do you know of some way we could get this started? She obviously hates our America. She obviously doesn’t begin to understand it. She has no business being in any elected position in this country.–

  38. Itt looks like you’re doing nothing but demonstrating what it’s like to have an IQ very close to MINUS 1001, eh ?

  39. Guns…: Exactly what lies are you talking about? The Dems accuse Trump of lying when in reality it is THEY who are the liars! They always talk about it BUT NEVER EXPLAIN EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT! If Trump has told lies, detail it. I truly want to know. —


  41. Beth: Soon, I hope! When I look at what is going on in the world it certainly reminds me of what I have read in Revelation concerning the second coming of Christ! What a truly wonderful day for Christians! Come soon, oh Lord. —

  42. Let us take this lady’s quote and tweak it a bit, if we could turn HER WORDS back on her…

    “Religious fundamentalists (Moslems) are currently trying to manipulate state laws (example, Michigan) in order to impose their beliefs on an entire society, all with complete disregard for voices and the rights of American born citizens. The recent efforts like those in Dearborn Michigan, are only the latest in a long history of efforts to punish non-Muslims / Infidels when they don’t conform to Muslim’s attempts to control them.”

    “Let’s just be honest: for the Middle-Eastern religious zealots, it isn’t simply about their care or concern for life. If Muslims cared about or were concerned about children, they would be concerned about the children that are being honor-killed, put into child-marriages, or those that are dying from female genital mutilation. ”
    Any argument an insane person makes: flip it, and everything is so much clearer!

  43. I don’t support abortion, even for rape. The child shouldn’t be killed because it’s biological dad committed a crime. It had nothing to do with it! Abortion is murder, and murder is a crime! A baby has the right to live under the constitution. As do we all! But the Democrats and others on the left, from Hillary Clinton on down have lied, used excuses and said everything they could think of to brainwash the public into thinking abortion is necessary! It’s not! If a woman doesn’t want to have a baby, don’t get pregnant!

  44. There is one abortion that I would have agreed with and that is the abortion of omar..A shame her muslim mother didn’t abort her….A .Fake and a pork eating terrorist….That rag on her head should be a little lower and a lot tighter……America will get rid of you……oink, oink omar..

  45. Betty – I feel sorry for you – to be so passive that you would believe a Muslim who wishes to destroy not only babies, but Christians because they believe in God! Just who do you think put you and she on this earth? Did you ever think that if your mothers had wanted an abortion you wouldn’t even be here; but, somewhere along the line, your mother wanted to have her baby – you! She loved you, raised you and respected you. Respect is a word you do not have in your vocabulary, nor in your life. May God have mercy on you and your beloved Ilhan Omar – whom I can’t even imagine anyone wanting to vote for her!!!

  46. Send her arse back to Somalia where she belongs! We don’t need her here. We don’t want her here. She is trouble and should be exiled back to her homeland. America is not her homeland, she does not belong in our government!

  47. Everything that you wrote about President Trump seems to be true about you. My only question I would like an answer to is Are you really as ignorant as you act or did someone from the corrupt so called democratic party drug you and brain wash you.

  48. I agree with you. This so called of a woman needs to be sent back k to Somolia via COD. These immigrants all move to one district and that is how they are elected for surely no American either Democrst or Republican would vote for a rag top Muslim who hates America. If they did, then they need their head examined.

  49. Abortion should never be used as a form of birth control. If women don’t want to have children, then they should have themselves “spayed”! There are many kinds of birth control methods available and those who don’t want to have babies should take the time to avail themselves of the various methods instead of just going a’willy-nilly” in the sack and expect decent, hard working tax payers to pay for the abortion.

  50. Can I be the one to put the pork chop down her throat? I will make sure it goes all the way down, cutting off her airway

  51. This person Omar has no business holing a position in the congress. She supports muslim terrorist culture, a supporter for the unindicted conspirators in the first bombing of the world trade center in NY, the muslim brotherhood. We need anti-American, freedom hating people such as she out of office. Betty, what crime did the president commit? none. You are just upset you did not get your way. I guess you must be about 11 years old by your adolescent speech.

  52. Let’s send her to Hawaii for a hike. Maybe she will get lost hiking and starve to death.

  53. You are absolutely right. Maybe, these radical Democrats will one day realize this, but I doubt it for the these so called Professer’s and teachers indoctrinate our kids. It is time to stop all Aid to colleges and overhaul our education system.

  54. Betty how about you and Ilhan Omar get the Hell out of our America.Our country is based on God and the rights for all Amricans born and Gods unborn children.Hell is hot baby so get ready for it. in the end I am sure you will make it there.You are lower than a snake belly in a wagon rut just like Ilhan Omar.

  55. Funny that a female Muslim would respond as she did. After all the Muslims believe the man is in control. Sharia law says women will do as they are told. if she’d like to talk about hypocrites she’s probably one of the biggest in Congress.
    She supports the Taliban. She believes in Sharia law where women are subservient to me and must do as they are told by men. Yet she says Christians are only trying to control women. Pro life Christians believe if God created the life no one has the right to kill that life

  56. she uses her head for a hat rack. she will be up for election again and the people of Minnesota nice will get rid of her.

  57. NO,, moooooooooooslims that are a product of a goat can’t. koran reads that a virgin boy should deposit his new seed in in a goat or donkey first..

  58. You sound like a complete idiot. General Flynn has yet to speak out on any of this, but when he
    does, let me know how you feel then. Trust me, Gen Flynn will have proof in writing. I can’t wait for him to tell his story. When he does, there will be alot of OBama’s cronies going to jail. Admiral Rogers took it upon himself without the knowledge of OBama and his cronies to warn Canidate Trump that he was being wiretapped. The reason being that he knew O was breaking the law for no American should be illegally spied upon without cause, especially a person running from office. This is the reason O wanted Gen Flynn fired. Thank God, Adm Roger’s warned President Trump. After everything is released, you will change your mind about President Trump. Hope he releases everything for us to see. When he does, the Democrats are done.

  59. Dearborn, MI is a fine example of life till death do you part. Have you ever tried to get any sleep when you need it. She if you can call her she will have a rude awakening one of these day’s. After loading a live stock trailer with hogs going to market IT has to be the last one in. What a ride. I would transport for free. Right on Peter Swan. After getting to the IBP plant A couple hogs could drag her out of the trailer by her diaper. Reverend 1 Amen Brother. Why do some women want sex on demand and then without any responsibility murder on demand.GOD BLESS US.

  60. We need to have a whole new House and term limits. They all are getting rich from lobbyist. It should be up to us to decide term limits, by putting it on our ballots for us to decide. I would love to see ALL of the Congressman/Senator’s taxes.

  61. We need to have a whole new House and term limits. They all are getting rich from lobbyist. It should be up to us to decide term limits, by putting it on our ballots for us to decide. I would love to see ALL of the Congressman/Senator’s taxes.

  62. May God help us. We have let the Muslims take over America!!!! Pray people will realize what happened and return back to God!!!

  63. I am a pro-life supporter (had a child at 16) and while it made it a little tougher for awhile, I had a college education and a career. I would never have considered an alternative. As far as this ungrateful Muslim congresswoman, my hope is that she will be a one hit wonder. I cannot believe her state will re-elect her after her performance so far and her newer relationships with the Muslim Brotherhood and Farrakhan. She will bury heeself.

  64. This is spot on what will happen in 20 years. They are so many in my hometown, which is the hometown of VP Pence. Americans can’t afford to have a lot of children nowadays, therefore the Ragheads has a house full. Why? So, they will eventually own our countey. American kids will be their slaves. However, you can’t get the Democrats to comprehend this. Big companies are bringing in all these ragheads and they are taking over. If it wasn’t for people losing their jobs, I wish Cummins Engine Co would go out of business. They will own Cummins within 3 years.

  65. This from someone who wears a scarf over her head. I do believe she’s a bit confused.

  66. What can you expect from an Islamic Muslim.
    Their method of gaining rule over the world, just like Satan wants, and their method is the same as his: to destroy all Christians and Jews.
    The goal of all muslims is the destruction of America because it represent freedom and Christianity to them, that is ALL Muslims including former president Obama. Everything he did while Pres. was designed to weaken the USA, destroy our form of government to the point that he could become complete dictator and make Christians and Jews objects to kill and destroy in an Islamic Slave State. That is MyNickelsWorth!

  67. Donnella R. White: I am in full agreement with you on term limits for every body. They are pushing hard for Brother Trump’s tax information. Let’s see how they feel with 2 term limit. Tax return entering office and tax return leaving office. I believe in fair and balanced playing fields. We can start with Jerry Springer Nadler And then Nancy Haight-Ashbury Pelosi, and right on down the line.

  68. She will be re-elected for the majority of her district are Muslims. They all live in the same area for this purpose. I live in VP hometown and you can’t go into the new subdivision’s and see 3 American families living amongst them. I looked at a house that one owned and got the hell out of there within 1 minute for Bin Laden’s picture was everywhere. A huge picture of him hanging over the fireplace and their bathtub was as black as coal from the oil and filth on their skin where they don’t bathe often. When they do bathe all the black and oil stick to their tub. Never will I live close to one of them.

  69. After reading the hateful language from both sides on any issue and more than one website I have visited a thought has occurred to me: what if it is, at least in part, a production of trolls, liberal trolls trying to make conservatives look bad by taking extreme positions and calling names, using epithets, not citing any evidence for their beliefs, and so on, or conservative trolls trying to make liberals look bad by using exactly the same tactics? This is pure speculation on my part. I have no proof whatever. But it sure would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?

  70. As a male I do not have the right to tell women what to do with their bodies, but also as a taxpayer I do not support abortions, that is mainly being used as birth control. The states and Planned Parent hood do not aggressively support and have programs for females to prevent getting pregnant. Ilhan Omar should be deported back to her arrogant & Somalian Terrorists country, and take #45 with her.

  71. Jay, I agree with you 100%. Muslims want our population to decrease while Muslim men have 4 wives and they all have babies every 9 months. Muslims do not belong in our American government and because they refuse to assimilate, they do not belong in our United States of America!

  72. Betty, The only thing Trump is guilty of is getting elected president, just like anyone who gets elected into office. One of these days someone else will be elected. In case you forgot that’s how it works. He’s just a guy who got elected. There used to be a saying, “any boy can grow up to be president”. This is exactly what has happened, and I’m glad Trump decided to run. God knows he didn’t need the job, or the ridicule he has been getting. He has done NOTHING wrong!

  73. Well said. This woman is full of hate and one day she, as will all of us, have to face the Almighty God of heaven, the father of Abraham, Issiac and Jacob. Women who are not smart enough to use birth control should not have sex. Every one should know as it is written in Gods word that life begins at conception. Why wait until a child is being formed to do something. I find it hard to believe that most women do not understand this. Oh well, I’m just a 78 year old white man so what do I know?

  74. Betty, hope you are in good health to last for another 4 more years, because President Trump will win by a landslide in 2020. You are so hateful for President Trump, he is a very good President, kind heart, and he is good a person. He did a lot of good deeds to America.

  75. Wow. All you anti-President Trump trolls sure are out in force….lolol. Tell ya’ll what. All you libertards go back into your mommy’s basement, put your pink princess jammies on, plug your mug with your pink binkie, cover up with your pink princess security blankie, and hide in your pink unicorn bed tent. And while you’re at it, play some Justin Bieber cds. You’ll be safe.

  76. This woman may have been rescued by America, BUT, she is not free, as she is OWNED by “some people” of her faith & Sharia Law. Of course she recites the policies of the men of her upbringing and does as she is told by the men of Islam. Sharia Law has allowed the rapes of women & children and American abortion laws allows “her people (men)” to force their victims to abort, thereby freeing up the man from years & years of paying child support. This goes for Americans as well…….joke’s on you, women, the man is freed from child support for every abortion.

  77. Diana I heard she is a single mother and I believe she has no idea what it means to have an abortion or what a woman goes thru when having one. I do, I have never had one but have had several people in my life who have it haunted them then and to this day. Taking a life should never be easy even if that life has not been born. I heard somewhere that Muslim women are forbidden to have an abortion so naturally she wants “Christian” women to have abortions that way there are less people in general who oppose their evil ways and teachings. Islam is truly the religion of oppression toward women. This person (Omar) needs to be removed from office and have her citizenship revoked then deport her back to her own people and country. She does not deserve to be an American she holds no loyalties to this country or our beliefs. Not because she wants all American women to abort their children but because she is a terrorist.

  78. She is in Congress because Obama put 70,000 Somali Muslim refugees in one district in Minnesota. They elected her to represent these Muslims from her district. You can BLAME Obama for the complete mess! Islam is the enemy of the civilized world and they (Islamists) lie to promote their faith! Omar and Rashid (another representative from a predominantly Muslim district in Michigan) are hell bent on destroying this constitutional republic! God help us!!

  79. I’d like to see some lawyer, or some legal group, go over the roe-v-wade case with a fine-tooth-comb! I have heard that the case was not properly adjudicated or arguments were not set in a manner that was legally appropriate.

    What ever the situation might be, it is possible that roe-v-wade has never been law and thus all the abortions up to now have been illegal!

    If it was found out that Obama was not born in America and not a citizen of America, everything he did in office could be over thrown! But, if it is determined that roe-v-wade is determined o not be the law, all those babies can never be re-conceived . . . those lives are dead and gone!!!

    This is why the federal government should not be making any laws regarding abortion . . . . it should be left up to the States . . . PERIOD!!!

  80. I’d like to see some lawyer, or some legal group, go over the roe-v-wade case with a fine-tooth-comb! I have heard that the case was not properly adjudicated or arguments were not set in a manner that was legally appropriate.

    What ever the situation might be, it is possible that roe-v-wade has never been law and thus all the abortions up to now have been illegal!

    If it was found out that Obama was not born in America and not a citizen of America, everything he did in office could be over thrown! But, if it is determined that roe-v-wade is determined to not be the law, all those babies can never be re-conceived . . . those lives are dead and gone!!!

    This is why the federal government should not be making any laws regarding abortion . . . . it should be left up to the States . . . PERIOD!!!

  81. The time is right now to remove Omar from the United States of America. She was nothing but a hippocrite in attempting to convince “we the people” that she rightly belongs in our country.She is a pompous ass competing with AOC. Both are nothing but insignifican details to the United States of America. They are evil, unappreciative people who have egoes bigger thn their bodies. They are only fooling themselves that they are important. They are vindictive and crooks as well. Omar took $6000 to divorce the brother that she married. And AOC has taken money with her partner that probably hasn’t been turned back to the campaign fund. Enough is enough. We don’t need the likes of these people running our country. Both should be in jail for breaking campaign laws.

  82. Betty, all you are doing is speaking hateful words with no conntent behind them. How can you hate someone you don’t know, who has done more good for our country in only 3 years than the last 3 presidents in 12 years? Numbers don’t lie but people do. I suggest that if you hate our country & its duly elected president you move to a more liberal country that supports your views. I don’t think many people would mind your disappearance.

  83. I guess you have to kill the baby that was the result of rape. I just wonder what the baby did to warrant the death sentence…

  84. Gun nuts of America. What lies? Just throwing around general words mean nothing. I Have yet to see a lie in any of these posts. This woman is a Muslim, she has glorified terrorists, she is a racist, has spoken hate speech against Jews & Christians, took her oath on the Koran, and her actions & words indicate that she hates America , the Constitution, and would gladly bring our country to its knees under Shia Law.

  85. Clinical definition of an Idiot: A person of subnormal intelligence with an IQ of less than 20.

    Betty is qualified, as are the entire democratic party

  86. This woman is a Muslim, which is a cult of Satan. (the other being Communism, which includes the leftists around the world) The cult of Islam has nothing in common with our Constitution so this evil woman cannot fulfill her oath to protect and uphold the Constitution. She needs to be removed and sent back to Somalia.

  87. Simple solution for all muslims… Tell them that there is a mandatory bath that all people in the US must take, then let them go in and bathe. Tell them when they get out that it was not water that they bathed in, but pigs blood.

  88. Ilhan Omar is being a good Muslim, attacking non-Muslims – Jihad. Islam is the religion of freedom where women must keep their heads and/or faces covered, where female genital mutilation is practiced, where wives are owned by their husbands and can be easily discarded, where women are not allowed common civil liberties in many countries, where women are FREE. Ilhan Omar is a bigoted liar.

  89. “Democrats truly are the party of abortion.”

    No, the Democrats are the party of CHOICE.

    We get that the distinction is WAAAY ro subtle for right wingers to grasp.

  90. Thank you for detailing the hypocricy of an Islamic woman who wants “Americam style freedoms” while supporting a culture of suppression of women. Not only is she a disgrace to American ideals, she is also a disgrace to the Islamic heritage that she pretends to represent. I hope she is subjected to sharia law and permanently removed from our sight.

  91. I don’t know it what I do know she married her brother so wouldn’t have to have a refugee status card to be here. And paid for here divorce with some of her campaign money. And I believe the department that “supervises” that stuff is investigating her.

  92. I don’t know it what I do know she married her brother so wouldn’t have to have a refugee status card to be here. And paid for here divorce with some of her campaign money. And I believe the department that “supervises” that stuff is investigating her. Oh and yes she has kids, from her brother who she had been married to.

  93. However as a man,you DO have the right to say if you want your child or not. Just like all the women that going around yelling “it’s my body”. And yes, I have kids. But that does NOT mean I’m the only one that has the right to be the only one to say. “I don’t want to be pregnant”. My opinion is, as a woman, if a woman does want to get pregnant. Do something to NOT be in that position!! These crazy women sit her throwing this temper tantrum of “the right to have contraception and women’s health” ok fine. Contraception is NOT going around having abortions!! Contraception is birth control pills, depo shots, and those damn birth control that are placed in the women’s arm. “Women’s health”? Go to the dam. Dr for your check ups, take care if your body to keep it health! Oh I think that’s ” men’s health too. What a shocker!! Abortion = women’s health? Hum having labor induced so you can have a hollow metal rod put in you to suck out a body? Yes a body people. Oh and what if you’re 4, 5, 6 months pregnant? It’s women’s health if the poison that is put in to the IV your given doesn’t kill the baby before the “Dr” sucks and pulls the baby out and the woman gets to her her and the man’s baby screaming and crying? Oh and just for more information for people. If there’s people that don’t know what a partial birth abortion is. Here you go.. The baby is partially born, as the head is delivered and the “Dr” stabs the baby in the back of the head. Where the neck meets the bottom of the head. And KILLS the baby. And guess what? That means the woman is hearing her “fetus” crying and the man’s (DAD’S) baby crying. Then have your uterus scrapped with a metal tool to make sure the placenta is taken out. And when a woman has an abortion it increase her chance of having a miscarriage. So when she does deside she actually wants to have a baby. Oh and when she finally does decide she wants a baby, here comes more “women’s health”, the guilt because now she has a different mind set. How does this sound like women’s health? Ok well maybe it is “women’s health” sounds to me it was women neglecting their health.

  94. I am sick and tired, get rid of this Hitler’s girl friend of slave murder of Jews, Hajj El-Hussainni Mohammad Amin.

  95. What concerns me is WHY the good people of Minnesota voted her in, in the first place? Was it IslamphobiaGuilt? Is guilt driving the vote now? WhiteGuilt elected Obama to the White House. Several of my “well meaning” relatives voted for him – at least the first round. My more ‘silent’ relatives did that. Those of us who have a voice were adamantly against BHO and let it be known. That is why I think that, with enough recorded now of what this woman said, will enough Minnesotans take the effort to vote for another candidate? I don’t live there; I can’t affect their vote, so all we can do is pray for discernment when the good people of Minnesota return to the voting booth.

  96. Prayer DOES work! The Bible is full of instances when God has held back His hand of justice because of the pleas of someone who prayed. Pray for the safety and correct direction of President Donald Trump, his family and his administration. God is using President Trump, and we must always include our president in our daily prayers. The turning back; the defiance toward Roe v Wade is showing up now, as we are waking up and putting on the armour of God to fight against murder of our children. God sees this and good changes are happening, but we must remain steadfast and continue to fight against the states of New York and Illinois and others who have dug in their heels against God’s innocent!

  97. Assimilation is not in Muslim’s vocabulary. For that purpose alone, is justification for exporting them – Husbands, Wives, children, pets and all. The whole tribe OUT OUT OUT. Leave their assets and go. Their assets will pay for their expatriation. Never coming back. Take their business’ with them. All gone. New laws to forbid their return for at least 100 years or 5 generations. No lawsuits permitted, as this is NATIONAL SECURITY….PERIOD.

  98. How does this Muslim woman know what are the intentions of Christians? She should keep her hateful anti-Christian beliefs to herself. She doesn’t represent anyone but Muslims. Maybe she should’ve gone into politics in a Muslim nation, oh yeah they don’t allow woman to be in office there, and Christians are the ones she is judging?


  100. This woman is such a damn hypocrite!!! Christians pushing their beliefs???? Are you kidding me??? I believe it is people like Omar who are trying to shove their filthy beliefs on the people in this country!! I am so sick of Muslims and their agendas, their attempts to infiltrate and take over MY country!!! If left to me, she and all like her would be loaded onto a C-130 and drop-kicked from the cargo hold over Afghanistan or Somalia….she can then live with Sharia or anything else she deems acceptable. I despise these people….I don’t need ANY lessons on their so-called faith….I learned EVERYTHING I would ever need to know about Islam on 9/11, and the debacle in Somalia and in Benghazi, and countless other events …. and I will never forget those atrocities nor will I ever forgive it….I wouldn’t give this woman or any like her air if they were trapped in a jug!!!

  101. these people cannot explain their hatred for Trump because it is baseless and blind!

  102. Minnesota conclave that Obama put there so they could get afoot hold in America . Now we have to fight them.

  103. Are you out of your element. You don’t know the following Trump has . Don’t make any bets at election time.

  104. Betty. considering the fact that you are a dummycrat troll, why are you even commenting. You need to read up on the facts about OUR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. I reckon you wanted hellery elected and are still sorely and severely butt hurt. So sad for you. You probably are an illegal alien too. IF you aren’t, you should be completely ashamed of yourself for having traitorous thoughts. Get a life. Grow up. America suffered eight years with a mooslim illegal alien who overstayed his education visa.

  105. To dpk 54: Christians don’t push their beliefs? How do you explain Paul, Peter, and all the other apostles? How do you explain all the missionaries operating all over the world from the Middle Ages on? Isn’t that Christians pushing their beliefs? And what do you think about someone like Timothy McVeigh? Should we take all extreme white nationalists like him, put them in a C-130 and dropkick them out over–well, you pick a country.If we should not do that, why not?

  106. I totally agree with you about this worthless piece of nothing that is telling us AMERICANS what we can and can not do.Let this thing go back to where ever it came from and tell that country what they can and not do to please her. IT IS NOT WANTED IN OUR AMERICA COUNTRY!!!

  107. Well, on the Democrats For Life email list, Louis Shapiro (“Shapiro” is a Jewish name, but he’s a conservative Catholic), a former Republican, once asked: why do abortion advocates, preferring to identify themselves as “pro-choice” rather than “pro-abortion” object to “Choose Life” license plate frames when the slogan capitulates to the other side by inferring “choice” ?

    In her 1982 article, “All Abortions are Selective”, pro-life feminist Jo McGowan asks about sex-selective abortions:

    “What are we to make of all this? Without denying in any sense the depravity of killing baby girls simply because they are girls, I submit that the position (pro-choice) feminists have taken on this issue is morally bankrupt, without substance of any kind.

    “Why? Because one cannot have it both ways. Once the abortion of any child, for any reason, is permitted, the abortion of all children becomes acceptable.

    “If it is all right to kill a child because it is handicapped, or because its mother is unmarried, or because it is the third child in a family that only wanted two, why isn’t it all right to kill it because it is a girl?

    “This process of aborting girls when boys are wanted has been termed ‘selective abortion’, but in fact every abortion is a selective one. What changes from case to case are only the values of the parents, determining what they select and what they reject…

    “(Pro-choice) feminists who have been so active in assuring women of the ‘right to choose’ can hardly complain when those same women exercise their freedom to choose something with which (pro-choice) feminists do not agree.

    “Choice being such a highly personal affair, one can hardly expect everyone to choose the same things. But it is tragically ironic that what has been hailed as the ‘great liberator’ of women may turn out instead to be the means of their destruction…

    “Perhaps, however, something good may yet emerge from this ‘female feticide’ outrage. Perhaps people, and (pro-choice) feminists in particular, will finally realize what is actually at stake in an abortion, any abortion.

    “Perhaps from this undeniable truth that it is wrong to kill girls will emerge the larger truth that it is wrong to kill anyone.”

    In the 1970s, pro-life feminist Juli Loesch wrote:

    “Each woman has the right (to contraception)… But once a woman has conceived, she can no longer choose whether or not to become a mother.

    Biologically, she is already a mother… the woman’s rights are then limited, as every right is limited, by the existence of another human being who also has rights.”

    Pro-life feminist Ruth Enero similarly refers to a “narrowing of choices.”

    This point was made in a September 2000 article, “Abortion and the Left” which appeared in the Stanislaus Connections, a monthly newspaper put out by the Modesto, CA Peace/Life Center:

    Recognizing the rights of another class of beings limits our freedoms and our choices and requires a change in our lifestyle — the abolition of (human) slavery is a good example of this.

    Are whites free to own slaves or lynch blacks?

    No! Because of the civil rights movement, we’ve corrected that injustice.

    Is domestic violence tolerated?

    No! Because of the women’s movement, domestic violence is unacceptable.

    Should hate crimes against LGBTs be permitted under the guise of “choice”?

    No! LGBTs have rights.

    This isn’t rocket science, but if animals have rights, then our freedoms and choices to commit crimes against animals are similarly limited.

    This point was made clear by pro-life feminist Ginny Desmond Billinger, in an article entitled “Confessions of an Anti-Choice Fanatic,” which originally appeared in the September/October 1982 issue of Minnesota Feminists For Life, and which later appeared in the Pro-Life Feminism: Different Voices anthology in 1985:

    “Let’s take a look at just a few of the other issues that I, as an avowed antichoicer, am ready to address:

    “Spouse and child beating — here, my position is unhesitatingly anti-choice. My perspective as a spouse, a parent, and a former child qualifies me to support all measures to remove from people the freedom to choose to abuse their family members–even in the privacy of their own homes.

    “Drunk driving — Again, anti-choice. I’m afraid I must impose my morality on those who would choose to operate life-threatening machines while influenced by alcohol, and ask them to temporarily abstain from one or the other.

    “Gun control — Despite the big-bucks, ‘constitutional rights’ lobbying by the NRA, I remain consistently anti-choice on this issue. The memory of a friend, forces me to reject any justification for handgun ownership without strict regulation.

    “Endangered species protection — Faced with a whale-hunter or seal-clubber, I’ll take a hard line anti-choice stand every time.

    “Hazardous waste disposal — We’re talking about the rights of corporate America vs. the average Joe here, but my anti-choice position still applies. The right to choose efficient business practices must always be weighed against the public’s right to a safe environment. Ditto for occupational safety and health issues.

    “I expect that these declarations will leave me open to censure; I will no doubt be labeled a heretic. The American principle of personal liberty would surely suffer with the propagation of my anti-choice philosophy…

    “So call me what you will: pro-life, anti-choice, fetus-worshiper, anti-abortion. A thousand labels will never alter the certainty that the road to freedom cannot be paved with the sacrificed rights of others.”

  108. I hope she is bullet proof because I love killing muslums. BTW I don’t alaways use a bullet.

  109. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  110. Wow, Betty, where’d you copy that ‘lousy grammar’ statement from?? Couldn’t find one that made sense? Keep trying OR you could join her in Iraq/Iran for a permanent business!!

  111. I do not understand why we have to pay for abortions. It is murder pure and simple. whatever happened to pregnancy prevention? If they want to have sex, that is their business. There are too many products that prevent pregnancy for anyone to have to have an abortion. If you have the fun, PAY FOR IT YOURSELF!

  112. I HAVE HEARD THAT “President Obama sent planes to bring the muslims to America at night and had them placed up North. Considering their history one has to wonder why they were brought into this country? In my opinion, for no good purpose. All illegal aliens should be sent back tp wherever they came from. We cannot support them.

  113. Presidents have term limits why not congress? Greed is destroying this country. TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS!

  114. I believe Christianity to be the worship of the true God who is primarily about love; and Islam a false religion which manifests itself in a great deal of hate. The Judeo Christian God expects us to exercise self control and love for even the unborn. The pro choice bunch are terribly selfish and don’t think exercising self control is awfully important. Sex with whomever, whenever and abortion is a method of birth control says the pro choice advocate. A lot of Muslims do a lot of hating, murdering, bombing, even killing their own daughters who shame them. I think of Islam as hateful and we American women have much to lose if we fall for it and Sharia.

  115. Rep. Ilhan Omar the United States is a CHRISTIAN Country not an abusive Muslim Country. It would do us all good if you would read your own religious writings where a Higher Power is referred too. In other words God as we call him. I don’t understand how any American in Good conscious could have voted for Rep. Ilhan Omar any more than AOC. All the talk about the Russians, but there isn’t any talk about “Who bought their elections”.

  116. These 3 ::STUPID MUSLIM MORONS:: in congress havent out that they are living under the DOMINANCE of JESUS CHRIST. Its 2019 A D .. Has nothing to do with their DEAD in HELL God. God in Heaven is making hell a little bigger just for these satanic fools. When the revolution breaks out , they are probably no. 4 or 5.

  117. Omar the tent maker lol lol lol. Too bad we can’t go back in time and remove American soldiers to leave her tribe there to be wiped out..their kind should be removed and sent back to wherever


  118. Lets put some logic into this woman evil mind….she support the killing of a live human creature inside a woman’s womb –meaning “ABORTION”… you follow? while denigrating a pro-life agenda –meaning life not death as in abortion….You see, she is not a Muslim and certainly not a Christian, why, ’cause Muslims don’t practice abortion but this woman claiming to be a Muslim loves Abortion. It is known that Muslims won’t cry on an “infidel’s killing” while they themselves grow in number. Back to our logical and thoughtfully story….Satan sends his emissaries dressed in different garments, obviously there is one here.

  119. Ilhan Omar is NOT an American. She is an America hater. She is a Somali hater of Christians and Jews. This creature should be stripped of her citizenship and deported to Somalia. She is exactly why m oslems can never be Americans. Their culture forbids all of the values upon which America was founded. When she talks about her country, I think Somalua not th USA. What is more nauseating than the things she says are what the democrat
    Congressional leaders don’t say. They are worse than she is.

  120. Many of the comments on this site and other similar sites that I visit now and then refer to Muslims and Democrats as traitors and say they should either be deported or locked up. Granted, not everyone says this, but neither have I seen any conservative raise a voice against it. Which leads me to wonder how soon after you come to power the concentration camps will start to appear. Am I wrong to feel this way?


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