Ilhan Omar is taking one trip that could bring Sharia Law to America


Radical Muslims want to force the entire world into the shackles of their oppressive Sharia Law.

The United States is not off limits, especially with Sharia supporters like Rep. Ilhan Omar serving in Congress.

And that threat is about to become even more terrifying with Rep. Omar making one trip to bring Sharia Law to America.

Since taking office, Rep. Ilhan Omar has already made progress on pushing forward her Islamic ideology.

Rules in the House have already been changed to allow her to wear a Hijab while on the job.

And using her new status as a Congresswoman, she is pushing viciously anti-Israel rhetoric through her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Now she’s going even further and flying across the country to meet with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group with known ties to terrorism.

She is speaking at a fundraiser, in front of some of the most powerful Muslims in America, where the cheapest table available costs $500.

As reported by Conservative Review:

“Newly elected Rep. Ilhan Omar will jet off to Los Angeles next month to keynote a fundraiser for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a terror-tied organization that was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist financing case in U.S. history.

On March 23, Omar will speak at CAIR-Los Angeles’ 4th Annual Valley Banquet, where tables will cost $500.

“CAIR-LA is honored to have Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) as the featured speaker for the 4th Annual Valley Banquet,” reads a press release from the Los Angeles chapter of the group that was formed as a Hamas support network in the United States.”

This should be alarming to any American opposed to Sharia Law, especially Christians, considering they are routinely slaughtered in countries that practice it.

Major figures linked to CAIR are strong supporters of Sharia Law, which radical Islamists believe supersedes the U.S. Constitution.

Not only that, but CAIR has deep terrorist ties.

In fact, the head of CAIR-Los Angeles is Hussam Ayloush, somebody who sympathized with the ISIS-inspired San Bernardino murderers by claiming that the United States is “partly responsible” for the attack due to their foreign policy.

This is alarming because it signals that there are U.S. officials emboldened enough to publicly associate with such nefarious figures.

Do you think radical Muslims are trying to bring Sharia Law to America?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. This woman is COMMITTING TREASON and INCITING TERRORIST ACTIONS against the UNITED STATES AND IT’S CITIZENS. She should be removed from any and all offices and have her citizenship revoked then declared as “persona non grata” then deported.

    • Rep. Omar’s support from Sanders and Zogby are reasons for Jews to worry about, because Sharia Law is the same as the Final Solution to our Jewish Existance, our destination is some where and nowhere but extermination and elimination. This sick NAZI sickness must go, to CAIR, drop dead and go to Hell.

        • Jeanni: I have wondered that for several years! As you probably know, it was the democrats that allowed obama to let that islamic organization into America!
          And as far as the Jewish people are concerned, I too, have a hard time trying to
          understand why they’d vote democratic??? You would think that as liberal the demos have become, they’d change to Republican voters!!! I just think these NewYorkers, New Jersey-ers, have become so ”indoctrinated w/liberalism hate”,
          that they have ”kinda lost their bearings!!!” Now, I’m curious where on earth is Ilhan planning on taking her trip too? If she gets a passport to Iran, then that needs to be cancelled/averted, & she needs to be tried for TREASON!!Put her be4 a firing squad!! & if occasia cortez & Kahala Harris interferes, do the
          same thing to them also! WE NEED THE WALL~~!!!!!!

        • Jeanne you are so right, why don’t they just put a stop to this and send this terriost back to her Muslim country. She is about to start a war in the US

    • It’s time for her and her followers to go now! If she or others try to bring that crap in our Country. As the Japs 1944 said . We will wake the Lion “USA”✝️✡️🇺🇸👍

        • Not a General. It was an Admiral. Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto to be exact but it never has been proven that he ever actually said it. It was used in the movie ” Tora Tora Tora “. Closest actual quote would be “A military man can scarcely pride himself on having ‘smitten a sleeping enemy’; it is more a matter of shame, simply, for the one smitten. I would rather you made your appraisal after seeing what the enemy does, since it is certain that, angered and outraged, he will soon launch a determined counterattack.” which is quoted from him in “The Reluctant Admiral”.

          • FDR was given notice of the assembly of Japanese navy in the Pacific by morse code from Americans there but chose to ignore it. He had promised in the last election to keep the United States out of another war in Europe and this was his opportunity to engage; After the attack on Pearl Harbor he jumped the US into the war in Europe.

        • Our military establishment our nation the vanguard of our national defense certainly had fallen into a Deep sleep if WWII had not been forced upon the American people in another 25 to 50 years time Britian may easily have reclaimed us as a colony, say what you will but that is all Canada and Australia truly are the wishes of the figure heads of Britain being carried, the Westminster political system is stupid proven by Australia having approximately 9 PMs in 12 years, sorry! but under no circumstance should any particular party be allowed to force the leader of a developed nation out of office unless they have committed a crime against the people or are deemed mentally incompetent.

    • I agree Joseph. These Muslim women should never have been voted in. Im not a politician but im smart enough to know once they get in office thats it everything changes. Those who voted them in DUMB MOVE…..

        • Unfortunately it’s Not Just..MN, it’s also MI, PA, parts of IL, & Other Areas through out Our Country.. They become a Majority where ever they Land BTW Hundreds of Thousands if Not..MIL or so..were FLOWN IN All 8 years of the “O” Regime, then Bused across to be Put into that Area where others had also been Placed..Set Up as Refugees, the Resettlement “Programs” & Were Totally Supported as are the other Groups of Dems Supporters…the Masses of Illegals who for an Entire Decade, again begun under the “O” Regime, Imported for their Support, to be Our Replacements as Voters of the DEM party..they knew there Are Millions & Millions of We the Legal Law Abiding Patriots & Citizens of the US of A that will Never Vote For them or their they IMPORTED Two Groups of People they knew they could Promise them FREE from A to turn for Their Continuing all the Aid, they would of course Support those who are doing the Promising..Dems figure if they continue to Use these Masses of New Voters, they can have their Aid, their Representations in Our Government, & in turn the Dems have FREE… Impose Their Agenda, Their Sick Plans for the Rest of US..Once they’ve Stolen enough Seats Enough Power to become the Majority across the Entire Gov/Country, they have NO Obstruction, NO one to Vote…Against them..Theres so much their Diabolical plan, their Intentional Transformations for Our Country & We the Legal Citizens of it..Their Only…Opposition..but Replacing US takes care of all that..

        • MI is no different, the same can be said for our neighbors across the pond in the U.K. they infect the most populace areas and quickly spread like the terminal viral pandemic plague that they are.

          I certainly hope Culture Watch was not created and ran by pacifist pussie Witlesses talk about hypocrisy if you are not ready to fight to preserve your rights and your freedoms then you have no rights.

        • I live in Minnesota, and I can tell you that we don’t want them here. Our wonderful, stupid Governor Dayton said if we didn’t like it we could all move. Just another stupid Democrat! They can pack them all up, put them on a ship back to the Middle East!! Maybe the Democrats can go along with them, since they pretend to love them so much. I agree that these crazed women can go to hell! I would like it if we could flip MN red, but too many bad people in control.

      • That will never happen, the completely delusional scrambled brainwave lower than low scum are always demanding that those who embrace and adhere to the letter of the laws of our land leave which establishes just how psychotic they are.

    • This has to be stopped, NOW! How and why was this even allowed to gain entry into OUR country! If it is not stopped, the people who are responsible for this whole sharia thing and the mudslime IDIOTS, are risking a certain civil war, with redneck Americans like We the People, who are heavily armed, taking OUR country back!

      • Forget about taking your country back with that BS statement. You’ll need to put Christ in your lives. Islam is Satan agenda to expand his kingdom. US Voters need to be educated in whom they include in the US political parties. Sadly the Democrats have gone stupid in trying to encompass ALL groups and be the party for everyone regardless of their objectives. The Muslims can never be friend of the Jews or American Christians. In the Qur’an Shurah 5:51

        • This entire mess goes back to Bible times when Abram (Abraham) foolishly had a child (Ishmael) by Hagar when God had promised a child through Rebekah. Read it all in Genesis 15 and forward. Bottom line is that muslims descend through Ishmael, son of Hagar, and Jews descend through Sarah’s son Isaac. See Genesis 21 and forward. Genesis is, indeed, an interesting book of the Bible that perfectly began the Jewish religion and it’s from the Jews that Jesus came. Also other religions began from Ishmael…thus, the muslims. Some view the Bible as boring but there’s not another book ever written that can compare with it. Read it and you’ll see the end of the story regarding Jews, Christians, muslims and many other religions.

    • Everyone should take heed or as I should have said whenever people like this try and it should be try to run for political office vote with the memory of young AMERICAN WOMEN AND MEN WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR EACH AND EVERY TRULY LEGAL AMERICAN WHO SWORE TO DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS OF FREEDOM and VOTE with your HEARTS and keep things like this out of our system of FREEDOM . If anything you get out of my grand standing writing on the subject and I haven’t made a dumpster load of mistakes arranging the words ,remember the YOUNG AMERICAN DEFENDING THE FREEDOM FOR THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH and if they or cortozbutt dosen’t like it go back to her backward country and make her out spoken words against them, she won’t be anything but a memory if anyone remembers her.

    • AGREED. People with her like mindset should never have been elected into our Congress. As our Constitution was written based on our Christian/Republic writings. NEW RULE for America’s Voters, WAKE UP!!!!

      • This is the Muslin plan to overtake our government! Over populate states in targeted areas, receive the popular vote due to their numbers in their district. the rest is history!
        How the Jewish population continues to support Democrats is insane ….. Hollywood makes movies about the mess in the far east, yet they support Democrats??? Where are all the winning, demonstrating , feminist ….. they should be up in arms ! This is just the beginning ! God help America ……

    • I agree but the those ignorant voters should lose their voting rights until they become knowledgeable who they are voting for. The Muslims per their Qur’an (Surah 5:51) have no plans to assimilate and live under the US Constitution. Stupid Ilhan Omar didn’t waste no time in making publicly her hatred of the Jews and Christians. Twice the Democrats have accommodate the Muslims in that women can wear a head covering on the House floor, and use the Qur’an to take the oath of office. American citizens Should Not accept the Muslim’s barbaric customs and laws that conflict with US state and Federal laws.

    • She will be removed one way or the other. She is a 3rd century Islamist hater of Jews and Christians. There’s already been petitions sent to remove the rabid creature from her throne. The other dreg of society, Rashida Tlaib needs to be tossed out with her. Omar married her brother and it doesn’t get much warped than that. There is no doubt about it, real true Americans will not tolerate her venom.

    • I hope President Trump & the SCOTUS notices this information that she is going to CAIR. That organization should be “OUTLAWED” There is no way an American organization could go to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, or some parts of Africa & start a religious organization! Let alone allow an American to be allowed into any of
      their governments!!!!! She needs to be tried on Treason!!! & should obama, since he’s the one who allowed
      them into the USA.

  2. CAIR. Is nothing more than a terrorist organization they should be thrown out of the US not allowed to even be in this country! Omah should be thrown out of Congress she goes against our Constitution with everything she says! How can she be elected to be a Congress person when she goes against our Constitution throw her ass out of our government now right along with the CAIR the terrorist organization! Don’t any government officials have any balls Are they afraid of these Muslims Americans are not we’re sick of them!

    • So true I could not have said it any better. I know I will never wear what they wear. I will not cover my head. I will also die for my God my Religion and my beliefs. They all need to leave our Country. They do not believe in our ways. We do not have to bow to them. You want to live here you must dress like we do and not force your beliefs on any of us. We need to stop taking these people in as refugees. They get everything handed to them just like the illegals. This all must stop. We the people of the United States of America need to stand up for your rights and for what rightfully belongs to us. See how the people of Venezuela are rising up. We need to do the same.

  3. I think that at some point, they may get hot lead injections to the forebrain. I am not saying I will do this or that I advocate it, but at some point somebody will have had enough of this Fifth Columnist and terminate her time in Congress with extreme prejudice. You who are old enough will remember that when that Clinturd went to military bases, the firing pins were removed from all firearms in proximity to him, probably 500 yards would be my guess. He had said “I loathe the military”, and he was despised and ridiculed by damn near every military person in every branch of the service. A Goddamned draft dodger, just like Trump, Cheney, and lots of others. Scum.Obasturd was so hated and had so many highly credible death threats that when he traveled from Des Moines, Iowa, the state capitol, to Grinnell, Iowa to Grinnell College, a leftist breeding ground, he did not travel by I-80. It’s just an hour’s drive through bucolic farmland and no towns at ll. He was flown by Marine 1 helicopter in their usual 3 chopper “guessing game” formation. This is not commonly known, even here in Des Moines. The Secret Service really had a bug up it’s ass, and never once was it mentioned on any local TV, radio, or printed media. The SS has power far beyond what a small organization like that would normally have. Or the national media. All very hush-hush. I have asked people from time to time since then if they were aware of that, and nobody, not one single person, knew it. I was in 7th grade at Irving Jr. High School when Khrushchev came to visit the Garst Farms, about an 1 1/2 hour drive WNW of Des Moines, and saw him with his ruddy face and coterie in the back of a presidential limousine, with the flag of the USSR flying on both front fenders. And every flat rooftop had a rifleman on it,; all the way out of town, l later learned. Plus at all underpasses, main highway junctions, and probably in the chicken houses too. I was at 21st and Forest Avenue when he came by, and there were cops on every corner as far as you could see to the west. I have never seen so much law in one place until the Democratic Convention in Chicago and the Chicago PD went crazy. No badges, No nameplates. Just busting heads and kicking ass, regardless of how you looked or how old or anything else. If you were there, you were a target. Something tells me that if these Filth Columnist Muslimes get their ass in a jam, law enforcement might be just a tad slow to respond. These are dangerous people who accept only Sharia as law. They Satanically defiled the Holy Bible by placing that stinking pig skin bound copy of the Qu’ran on it, which demands and condones any action or inaction that furthers total world domination by Islam, be done or not done, whichever advances the cause the most. They associate themselves with CAIR and other terrorist-tied organizations, which is enough for our Federal LEO’s to keep a damned close eye on them, I hope. And Pelosi needs to get her off the Foreign Relations committee immediately. She would have no compunction about spilling her hog-fed guts about everything she hears there to those have sworn blood oaths as our enemies. She is a de facto traitor in training and waiting in my opinion.

  4. she needs to be censured and removed from congress PERIOD! especially removed from the foreign affairs committee……..if you don’t embrace the American way of life, the rules & laws we are required to live by then you don’t belong here…..if you think at age 66 I’m going to walk around in public 3ft behind my husband with a blanket over my head in temps over 90 degrees with only a peep hole for my eyes you’re out of your freakin’ mind that also goes for wearing a towel wrapped around my head in other public places…….this is America not some hell-hole in the desert

  5. I knew she was on the Foreign Relations Committee, but being the dumb butt I’am never thought about this piece of crud passing along all sorts of information to our enemies. Maybe when Piglosi comes out of her latest drunk/hangover somebody should mention it to her…..Have her write it down so she won’t forget between binges. This is not acceptable at all. How do we get rid of her???

  6. Get her out of Congress NOW. She is a terrorist in the full meaning of the word. Sharia Law will never be accepted in our beloved country of the United States. She should have her citizenship revoked and deported to whatever country she came from. She is a hateful, evil woman. And CAIR is nothing but a terrorist group as well.

  7. what happens when Republican meets with KKK or any other group like that? democrats have FIT! she needs to be throw out of Congress today! people wake up! Christians we have to rise up & take back our country for Almighty God! Forgive us JESUS for letting this evil into our great country!

  8. Sharia law has been banded in America. Anyone in Congress that go for this sickening person crap should be arrested for treason. Most women are the oneS agreeing with disgusting crap. America has become so stupid. Young people have no idea about anything. Our schools are destroying our kids minds. Parents have become lazy.

  9. If she hates America that bad, why hasn’t she moved? America separated from England for a reason; we wanted to live in freedom. If she wants to wear a head covering, go back to the middle east. They need new women in their “congress”. She will be inciting riots and treason. Boot her butt back to whatever cave she crawled out of.

  10. She is plotting the demise of our way of life. She should be removed from office and deported back to Somalia along with her family and anyone associated with her!! She has NO intention of assimilating…..

  11. Sharia law is the “final solution” for ALL non-believers or if you prefer infidels. CAIR is a terrorist organization cloaked in civil rights garb. muslim activists have been very crafty in using America’s Bill of Rights and Constitutional protections to make gains in their “rights” to govern their communities, to start with, by sharia law. The islamic crusade to conquer the world started in 632, it never ceased. omar and tlaid are the seeds of islamic influence in our government. Unless voters wake up to the danger that islam poses to all Americans, there will be more like these two in Congress.

  12. Better get rid of the Muslim snakes NOW before they engineer a Civil War. Their ultimate goal is to take over. It is a proven Fact every Country who has let them in has strife from day one.

  13. Muslims can swear allegiance to one nation. The nation of Islam. She lied when she was sworn into Congress. It’s probably too late to save the US from destruction. Thanks, Democrats and Rinos.

  14. Sharia Law does Not Belong in America. Christians everywhere need to speak out and up removing this woman from Foreign Relations Period. If she wants to practice her faith let her But Never Let Her Deny Me, Other Christians, Jewish The Right To Practice Ours. Terrorism Does Not Belong In This Country. Americans everywhere Speak Up.

  15. Women of AMERICA wake up. Do you want to be treated like the women of the Muslim country’s of the world. Just do some reading and find out how the men feel about their women. But you already know that any way, but some of you want to be treated like the SEX objects they want. But then you want to complain and bitch that you were wrongfully molested. Well in the Shire law you would be beheaded, so the men could quickley move on to abuse another woman, or a child if they so desire. THINK

  16. I have to agree with all of the above comments concerning this newly elected official and I honestly feel that we need to look closely into their election and she needs to be removed from the commitee and ejected from this country immediately!!!

  17. Why was this person ever allowed to even run for public office of any kind, especially a Congress seat? Some of the things she is saying and promoting borders on treason and sedition. She should be fully investigated and then deported. Oh, and thank you very much you anti-American voters for giving us anti-American people like her and Tlaib. You are helping to destroy this country.

  18. The day she was elected that meant great harm and trouble for the US ! She fought for Muslims to pray on the job several times a day instead of working. It’s a workplace not a mosque. THIS IS AMERICA. She is slowly bringing in trouble and could have holy war right on US soil ! It’s getting dangerous. It appears she’s trying to convert America not assimilate. It’s time to get rid of her ( and her co-horts) quickly.

  19. Sharia law is not going to happen in the United States of America she is a liberal retard to think that going to happen here she needs to get kicked out of Congress and the USA take all the democrats with her

  20. Someone needs to assassinate this Muslim bitch. No way should Muslims be allowed to serve in our Congress. They are enemies of our country.

  21. This is where the women that love there faces need to stand in defiance to stop this. If it come here they will not be able to show face and if they get raped and report it they will be stoned to death because they caused it to happen and the man will do free. Some one ought to do that to this idiot . But on the other hand it just might be her undoing.

  22. the seals need to take her for a long swim on a short boat ride!!!She is a muslim actitvist trying to set up the overthrow of our government and the world..She is a terroest.,at heart She is being used as a pawn to take ove our great country.Why should we change the rules to suit the invaders????That is what they are INVADERS>> they have been trying to take over the world since the crusades.the crusaders stoped the fight BUT MUSLIMS never did.Time to stop them all and send them all back to their homeland! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!

  23. These people are less than human and they want to rule the World!! Why are they allowed in Congress? That is my question? Did she swear on the Bible to uphold the Constitution when she took office? If not, WHY NOT? My guess is that she used the Quran and that is not acceptable by any standard of OUR culture. I would venture to think she didn’t win the election fairly either, I do not think anyone in Minnesota or anywhere else in America would want this woman representing them as she definitely does NOT represent FREEDOM!!


  25. Why don’t the coward mf’ers in congress treat this as treason and throw her a** out ?? Why did the coward mf’ers in congress allow the rules to be changed for 2 dirtbag muslims ??? Why are the cowards in congress not taking any kind of action to get her the he** out of office ?? Americans(REAL Americans) better start questioning what is happening in our government that is allowing 2 muslim PsOS and an imbecile moron like cortez to have so much power in their first term in office. This is total BS The people in OUR congress need to be vetted — ALL OF THEM !!!!

  26. To be confirmed as a member of our U S congress , she had to solumly swear to uphold our constitution which is the supreme law of our land . when they start trying to destroy it ,then they should be removed from office. And when they start trying to bring in their own screwed up version of law , that’s where we the people step in to say no way.And when we say no we mean no , and believe me we are ready , willing and able to back it up . you would be wise to always remember this . We are not asleep , we are watching you . If you want to be an American, then you must accept our ways , and our laws, if not then get the hell out . We’ve been doing just fine without you for several hundred years.

  27. She should be behind bars. She is violating our constitution and our rights. We don’t want Sharia law here. It’s not who we are. And having ties with terrorists. We all know that if we are attacked again by terrorists the left will blame it on to Trump even though they are directly responsible. Kick her out of politics.

  28. If the U.S. was smart they would do what Japan has done. NO MUSLIMS ALLOWED. Or Australia; “if you come here you will assimilate into our culture, not change it the way you want it.”

    • It is our own Congress,the people that have been our representatives for 40-50 yrs.,that have slowly shredded our laws and our Constitution and they have been aided and abetted by our own courts.The American people have sat back and allowed this destruction of our country because We the People have said and done nothing.We use threads like this one to voice our dissatisfaction but our complaints change nothing. The talks of us being well armed and willing to fight is only to make ourselves feel better for the moment.Our own Congress wants to take our guns and unless people physically stand up against the antigun laws the Demonrats and Rinos are pushing,it will happen.Our Congress prevents a duly elected president from doing all he can to turn this country around and put God back into our country.They are all users of the drugs that come across the borders,most are pedophiles that rape and abuse the DACA children,some are part of Satan worship and use human trafficking as a means for their human sacrifices. The whole of our Congress is evil.That is why they hate Trump,because he is messing up their “play grounds.” Americans need to pray loud and long to God.He is the only help available to us.And we need to get off our dead a** and speak loudly enough for our voices to be heard and do some protesting of our own instead of waiting for someone else to do what we need to be doing.Our politicians can only do what we allow them to get away with.

  29. It is obvious the Republican elitist and so called leaders (Ryan and McConnell) or the “Uni Party” were out to destruct anything Trump and his followers wanted because they had their own agenda. For two years these so called Republican leaders failed to see the obvious, hated Trump, or agreed with what Oblaimer was doing to this country and did not see reasons to “right the ship”. They were clearly not ready for the opportunity and not prepared for their obligations to those who elected Trump.

    Paul Ryan and McConnell and their cohorts failed the people by ignoring what the swamp and cesspools contained, so “what you see is what you get”. The question is what do we (the true Americans) do? Lindsey Graham has woke up, but it is apparent a lot more have not seen the Truth of what the Progressive agenda is really after.

  30. Get Omar out of Congress ASAP! Her getting into Congress is the fault of the voters in her state who were dumb enough to vote for her! Saria law does not belong in this country. We are a republic with freedom to all who come here and embrace our way of life. Revoke Omar’s citizenship and return her to the sandbox she came from!



  33. Well old dog I did take my oath and will always be an oath keeper. I’ll defend my country from foreign and domestic scum like you. Like I said before, old dogs get put to sleep. Your disease commie party will be eradicated. As soon as you idiot’s make your move you will understand the fury of hell that will be unleashed upon your party. You may claim to be American, but every demoncrat is an enemy of the state/country. My post are always accurate and dead on. It’s funny how yours and dianes are always against America and true Americans. Your against the American wall on our southern border. Knowing that we need it. Or that the money your idiot in theif obumnutzs snuck out of the country in the middle of the night in cash to Iran’s was their money? Gave our money to terrorists. Now before you make a fool of yourself…think before you show your ignorance. The wall is a win win win situation for the American people. We should put 50 billion into building it. So big mouth let’s see how ignorant you really are. And yes, let that old hag libtard judge die so we can seat another conservative on scotus. You libtards thought you were gonna stack the deck, but you are finding out it ain’t going your way. I will always defend my country, especially from the likes of commie trash like you. Progressive DemonCrap LibTurds are a disease, there is a cure. Just aim n squeeze

  34. First, it will do no good for Republicans to complain or write letters of e-mail or any other form of communication.
    The Democrats who are Christians or Jews need to start a letter and etc campaign to there elected officials,
    Congress and Senate and any other parties about not allowing any religion to have permission to chance our laws and any other special changes while they work or help any person like CAIR or any other group that practice such hate. She can be a Muslim but that is her choice as being a Christian or Jew or any other practice
    of faith, but our government was set up and has continued to have rules and unless ever person in the USA
    votes for changes they should not be allowed.

    • There are no Christian democrats. Anyone that permits the slaughter of unborn and new born in the name of women’s health are heathens.

    • There is no such thing as a dem Christian. Dems have thrown God out. They can’t stand it that there is Someone who can tell them right from wrong. Dems have no morals

  35. My question is: What kind of idiots elect these terrorists? And what happens when the muslims are the majority? I won’t be around, but I sure worry about my grand children!

  36. Sharia law is against the U.S. Constitution all who support Sharia law is breaking the laws that it supports. All who are sworn into government office pledges to defend and support the U.S. Constitution. A clear and understandable promise to not support any other document that is deemed un-constitutional. US House of Representative Sharia law supporter IIhan Omar is clearly breaking the mandate of the Constitution and she should resign or be removed from Congress. Her comment about the Jewish people is a slap in the face to the principles of our Constitution. IIhan Omar’s talents would be more suitable for a Islamic Nation than the United States of America.

  37. This woman just elected is hell bent on Sharia law. I was taught that our representatives were to protect the constitution. Well I don’t know where this woman get the idea she can change america. We are a Christian country and will always be. The likes of her swearing to uphold the constitution is blaspmous. She shouldn’t even be in congress. She swore on the Koran. What a joke and insult to Christians. Her religion doesn’t allow that. Why is she allowed to wear the scarf on her head. The laws we make are for all Americans. There should be no exceptions.

  38. My question is: Why did these Muslims come to the United States of America? If they want the slavery and despotism of Islam they should have stayed in their own country. Obama brought them here to plant the seeds of overthrow of our Republic form of Government. Obama never loved America!!! Also, that headdress needs to be removed! She should not have been given special privileges to wear it! “Give them an inch and they will take a mile!”

  39. This article is nothing but malicious nonsense trying to create turmoil. We will not allow trash like Omar to dictate anything. She represents a disgusting ideology that would enslave the entire world given a chance. CAIR is nothing but a terrorist sponsoring trouble maker that should be deported. If the swine promoting Sharia become too vocal they will be silenced.

  40. Ilhan Omar as well as any others in DC who swore an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States of America, then go on talking sprees to violate the constitution should be removed form their position. Even if it takes force of arms. These people should never be allowed to be a part of our government. They are anti-constitutional and anti-American. They can only be voted into our government by other anti-American Moslems.

  41. You can blame the presence of ISIS, yes ISIS on United States soil on the illegal alien Kenyan “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama” and the Shariacratic party.

    islam is pure evil and there is no deprogramming of those poisoned by the toxins of it.

  42. It always surprised me that Jew’s vote Democrat regardless of the candidate and what they stand for; Obama being the perfect example. Now, with this radical Ms. Omar openly spouting threats against Jews I would have expected Sen. Schumer to stand up and be heard but I guess he’s too busy trying to obstruct the President, Israel’s best friend.

  43. She swore on the Bible, (Excuse me the Koran, the book of Lies) to up the hold the Constitution of the United States. How this TRAITOR to all free people and mankind got elected is way beyond me. She should be arrested and jailed for Sedition.

  44. Omar can do whatever she wishes. It will probably end up with someone finding her body in a dumpster somewhere. Hopefully, whoever does find it, will keep quiet so that her body will end up where it belongs, The Dump!
    I want every Muslim to know, that I’m waiting and watching, not so patiently, for you to cross my path. When you do, you had better hope that Allah is watching over you! I’m your worst enemy, I’m a Patriotic American that will end your miserable existence the moment that you dare to do anything bad to my country. You know all about terrorism but, you haven’t seen anything like “American Terrorism”!

  45. This is no different then someone going to speak at a Ku Klux Klan banquet. How can a congress person be allowed to speak at a banquet in front of people known to be associated w/terrorist organizations?

  46. If she is she is a far bigger ISIOT than she sounds like she is. See under that form of law she would be beheaded for her trying to take power over a man.

  47. She’ll probably meet with CAIR monthly to give them all the details of the House Foreign Affairs Committee meetings.
    If she wants to fly somewhere, she’s welcome to my reservation. I’d like to meet her and persuade her to resign.
    Chief Kickabitch leader of the Slap-a-hoe tribe.

  48. If You love Your children or grand children, We have to get the traitors out of the Government,
    and USA. now. This will be Our last chance. Trump does, everything can , to make The USA.
    strong. The democrats and some republicans, are doing everything they can to bring this country
    down. Everything that They blame Trump for, Obama democrats did. LIKE Obama And Holder
    Tried to start a race war. Clinton and Obama Sold Uranium to the Russians, Clinton E-Mail
    Classified Secrets to China and Her other buddies. Clinton and Obama where sending assault
    rifles through Liba. When Stevens Was going to Report it, Thy made sure He wouldn’t. That”s
    why the Navy Seals were told to back down. Obama Sent 165 Million to Iran,The ones who
    want to kill US. Behind Congress back. Are going to let the people that died and hurt,So We
    can live free.Are We going to let them do it? I’m ready Are You?

  49. I am definitely concerned with the people being put into office from Minnesota! This is how the Muslim population discussed taking down governments and putting in their own laws. They infiltrate the government and quietly but slowly change the government to follow their Sharia Laws. If that doesn’t work right away, they are patient. Look at areas of London where police are even afraid to go due to Muslim patrols. I think that if Ihan is taking money from CAIR, she should be investigated and removed!
    I also think after talking to people here that many voting machines were rigged to only elect Democrats. More than one cast their vote only to see that it was going to be recorded as only Democrat, when they redid it the same thing happened and when they complained again they were told there was nothing they could do about it so some took their vote back and left. Many people did not even realize this and did not check to see how it was recorded not thinking this would happen. Disgraceful….How many more voting machines across the country were rigged. Something has to be done about this!!!! Not only do we need verification of citizenship when checking voters, but we need all machines to be checked before the 2020 election. I truly believe this is why so many Democrats took the House and look at the mess it is creating.

  50. Kudo’s to Diane on voting issue. The demoncrats have come up with a method of getting votes where ever they need them and should be thoroughly investigated. Our little traitor from Minnesota should be brought up on treason charges and expelled from congress.

  51. I answer your question simply enough: of course they are!! What I can not understand is why FREE AMERICAN WOMEN are so willing to throw away every freedom their predecessors have fought for. As have we all, to a greater or lesser degree. Are all the hunters and veterans and the rest who only want to feed and protect their families willing to give up the right and means to do so. Here’s what I am willing to do: there is a war comin’ soon and I will be there to defend myself, my family, and my way of life to the end!

  52. It doesn’t bother me that she wears a hijab if it doesn’t connote that the person believes in Sharia law. There are places in London where Sharia is allowed to be practiced without impunity. What bothers me is her speaking at CAIR, a known supporter of terrorism. Young people should read about Sharia law. I’m not against Muslims, just ones like her in our House of Representatives who want to completely change our way of life. Really scary!!

  53. This is why all the mass shootings. So that people will be angry at people owning a gun and try to take them away. So when Sharia is law, and Mohammed Asswipe comes to your door, rapes your 9 year old daughter, has sex with your pet goat, burns your son alive in a cage and cuts your wife’s hands off in a public stadium, you won’t be able to shoot him between the eyes before he can even finish saying Allah Akbar. Be an American. Don’t be silent. You still have a right to freedom of speech -oh wait, just this week, you don’t. Do you see what’s happening already? Hating Islam isn’t Islamophobia, it’s standing up for truth, standing up for the Lord Jesus Christ. Not Satan (Allah)


  54. What’s going on in our great USA is horrible…and there are horrors in other parts of the world, too. It’s all in prophecy. Muslims have always hated Jews and later Christians. It all began in Genesis 15 and it’s working its way out according to God’s plan. I’d plead with everyone on this forum to turn to Jesus now because this entire scenario is leading up to the Great Tribulation….and it isn’t going to be pretty. Prophecy is one of the most fascinating studies one could ever find. Try it. Don’t worry about those muslim women…they are only pawns. Evil, yes. But nothing much can be done about them yet. God is in control.

  55. Sharia Law is a title the real meaning is MUSLIM SUPREMACY I was in State and Federal Law Enforcement for 40yrs I took and oath to protect the Constitution of the United States against foreign and domestic agents, Governments and any other suppoorting the same..Rep ilhan omar came to this country as a so called refugee. This nation took her in fed her, clothed her gave her and family the freedom she never thought possible.. she is a member of Congress lives in a Penthouse..Far better then most Americans..But still mocks the very Country that gave her safe haven…Americans will never allow her deep rooted Sharia belief to go on in our Goverment..She does need to be investigated to magnify to complaints filed against. She has resently called for all Muslims to unite and demand to be recognized…What about all other Americans Omar does not respect these words WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES…TRUE AMERICANS WILL NEVER ALLOW ANY OTHER LAW To change American Law especially Sharia Law..No No No not on our WATCH..


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