Ilhan Omar is sweating bullets after revelation school kids in her district must participate in this twisted Sex Ed exercise


Parents across the country are up in arms over what’s going on in schools.

After Tuesday’s election bloodbath in Virginia, Democrats like Ilhan Omar face big trouble.

And Ilhan Omar got really nervous after revelation school kids in her district must participate in this twisted Sex Ed exercise.

“Practice makes perfect” isn’t exactly an approach you want your kids taking in Sex Ed class.

But that’s the bold approach teachers are taking in this state—and parents are flipping out.

And there’s one clear message for your kids: you can be anyone, but who you were born to be.

The Family Research Council says parents in Richfield, Minnesota are pushing back against “inappropriate and overly explicit content” in their district’s sex ed classes.

The organization says parents were, “Objecting to role playing assignments where students negotiated with each other for sex. Students are assigned partners in scenarios where sexual activity is discussed and the students decide whether or not they will have hypothetical sex. Disguised as a lesson on giving “consent” for sexual activity these kinds of situations are awkward for students and teachers, inappropriate for educational settings, and demeaning to participants.”

Students were also told to “act” LGBT following a detailed script.

According to an article from Alpha News, a lesson plan in the curriculum warns teachers that straight boys might “have a homophobic response” to the activity and says, “Should this happen in your class, it’s important to stop what you are doing, notice the interaction, and ask for the class members to reflect on what’s happening and why. Direct the students back to your class ground rules — and reinforce the agreement to be respectful — and that making homophobic comments is not respectful.”

The curriculum is from an organization called “Advocates for Youth” which says it works with young people around the globe as they, “fight for sexual health, rights and justice.”

Their approach includes teaching children about anal sex as early as kindergarten and referring to a woman as a “person with a vulva.”

The Minnesota district is using the same curriculum as Worcester, Massachusetts where about 12% of students opted out of taking it.

The Telegram & Gazette reported a local Queer Coalition complained about parents who were up in arms over the curriculum content and pushing for opting-out, “Learning about gender identity and sexual orientation is vital not only for the LGBTQ+ students in our classrooms but for all students to build understanding, cultivate empathy, and reduce bullying,” a letter from the Queer Coalition states. “The Worcester Department of Health & Human Services has also noted on many occasions that Worcester experiences high rates of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies. Continuing to deny youth medically accurate and age-appropriate information infringes on their human rights. Health care is a human right.”

A quick peek at the Advocates for Youth website makes it clear abortion is among the “healthcare” options pushed on youth.

And while the LBGTQ+ movement claims it is focused on “inclusivity”, it seems to cross a line rather quickly pressuring all students to full-blown involvement in normalizing radical lifestyles.

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