Hunter Biden’s life is over after a Hollywood star announced this movie


Hunter Biden wants more than anything to be a celebrity.

But even the reprobates in Hollywood seem to want nothing to do with him.

And now Hunter Biden’s life is over after a Hollywood star announced this movie.

While most of Hollywood is liberal, there are a few notable exceptions to this rule.

Most of the exceptions are those who have been in the industry for decades.

They got into the industry before they became as highly politicized as they are today.

Now, any hint of conservative political beliefs is enough to be attacked.

When Chris Pratt simply declined an invitation to a Joe Biden fundraiser a campaign was launched to strip him from the Avengers movie series.

But while modern-day stars are forced to support the Left, the old guard is far more likely to be conservative.

One of the notable examples is Robert Davi.

The veteran actor has performed in more than 130 films, including The Goonies and Die Hard.

But as of late, he hasn’t been appearing in any major films.

Instead he has come out as a major pro-Trump figure, even speaking at conferences in support of him and his allies.

Now he is using his Hollywood credentials to direct a movie based on the life of Hunter Biden, which will include his battles with drug addiction and his shady business dealings.

Titled My Son Hunter, it is expected to both humanize the 51-year old son of Joe Biden, while exposing his dark side.

“Stories that need to be told are sometimes ignored by the media and one of the most underreported stories is that of Hunter Biden. It needs to be told fairly, honestly, without demonizing anyone,” Davi said in a statement to Breitbart News.

Davi went on to state that the movie will be inspired by American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street, saying, “It is a compelling, almost Shakespearean portrait of a man and a period in his life that begs examination and of course it is a story everyone is interested in.”

“It just was a very riveting story,” Davi told the Daily Mail. “I was wondering why it was so underreported around the world, or at least investigation – why it wasn’t investigated enough.”

“Most people don’t know all the details about it,” he added. “Meanwhile, we have tremendous facts . . . It needs to be examined, it needs to be told.”

Hunter Biden certainly isn’t going to be happy about this examination of his life.