Howard Stern just turned on the Left by exposing one communist secret about Bernie Sanders


Legendary radio host Howard Stern has never been a big fan of conservatives.

He has routinely bashed President Trump since he was elected President.

But Stern just turned on the Left by exposing one communist secret about Bernie Sanders.

Howard Stern is one of the most well-known radio hosts of all time, and is regularly tuned into by millions.

While his show is not generally political, he often uses his platform to bash conservatives.

But in a shocking turn, he actually went after Bernie Sanders in a brutal attack that is going to be devastating to his campaign.

“The coronavirus is [a] pandemic, pandemic, pandemic, so this person said to me, ‘what are you going to do? What are you going to do?’” Stern recalled getting asked recently, stating that he replied: “I’m not doing anything, I’m more concerned Karl Marx Jr. is going to get the Democratic nomination.”

In response, Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers asked, “Karl Marx Jr.? That’s Bernie Sanders.”

“Yeah!” replied Stern. “Listen, if a Democrat wants to win, against Trump, we can’t have Karl Marx Jr. [because] Karl Marx Jr. ain’t going to win the general election. What they need is a good strong moderate to be the candidate.”

Stern then goes on to explain that even if Sanders got elected, he wouldn’t be able to get the crazy things he promotes into law anyway.

“Karl Marx Jr. backed Castro,” Stern said. “All this free s*** he wants to get through, all the free Medicaid and all the free college, no one’s going to pay for it. No one in Congress, Democrats or Republicans, are going to approve it and neither is the Senate.”

This is a surprising statement considering that Stern has been no friend of President Donald Trump since the election.

While Stern has had Trump on his show many times, he revealed during an interview with George Stephanopoulos that he wishes he could have interviewed Hillary Clinton, and that she would have had a better chance of winning if he was able to.

“I wanted to see Hillary Clinton win,” Stern said. “If she had come on the show — the way I helped Donald was I let him come on and be a personality. Whether you liked him or not … people related to him as a human being.”

So Stern may not be a “Trump Republican” by any stretch of the imagination, but he sure isn’t a communist Democrat like Bernie Sanders.

Do you think that Bernie Sanders is a communist?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. What a two face. He and Donald Trump were friends and Trump was even at his wedding. I guess with a “friend” like Howard who needs enemies.

  3. Duke Steel: Trump was friends with a lot of people, i.e. the Clinton’s, until he moved to the Republican side and started acting like a Republican. Trump was the one who changed. They just reacted to his actions.

  4. Howard Stern, I am proud of you to put out what you think of this Old Senile and Ugly Politician, Barry Sanders, thanks a lot !!

  5. Anyone paying attention to the demon parties platforms and what they support, KNOW Sanders is a communist!! So it makes no difference if Stern pointed it out. But if you had any doubt , because “Jack” said no he isn’t, you know for SURE Sanders is !!!

  6. Absolutely Sanders is….and a good portion of the Democrat Party have been led in that direction as well.

  7. Don’t put “Lipstick on a Pig”!
    Howard Stern is a Douche Bag and a traitor. I hope a fate of hard times and misery befalls him. Well, he is all ready “miserable”. So I guess he will wait for the “hard times”!

  8. I am glad Stern called Bernie “Karl Marx” because that is exactly who he is like…..relied on others to keep him most of his life, never earned enough himself to keep his family, knocked up the babysitter who lived with the Marx’s, left his family destitute while he gallivanted around Europe thinking himself too smart to actually earn a living to keep his family. Bernie’s first real job was when he was what…. 49 or 50??? What a guy!

  9. Yes sanders is a communist , an avowed communist his whole putrid life ! The criminal has never had a pro-America benefitting job his whole worthless life , stealing millions of taxpayer funds continually ! But the rest of the dems. / liberals are only one step behind this sanders criminal as well . But the libtard / complicit criminal voters are too profoundly stupid to understand that !

  10. What part of “free” for all & “open borders” speaks of government by
    “the people” – total chaos!
    Must be a leader – committee- authority figure. Goodbye Republic & freedom.
    Welcome Government control – Communism or Dictatorship.

  11. Yes. Bernie is a commie sympathizer and Stern is a back stabber. Anyone who could support the Clintons in anything is nuts, blind or ignorant. The truth is out there. Uranium One and the use of the Clinton Foundation to fund their lifestyle and peddle influence.

  12. Howard Stern is a scumbag, Sell his people/parents to the the Talibán to make a buck! He is a disgusting, spineless individual. His show is a worthless waste of time- It was beneath Trump to go on Stern’s show- Trump did you a favor you yellow boneless liberal idiot

  13. Is he saying that Trump won because he had him on his show? Give me a break. Does he really think Hillary would have won? People don’t like her and more so now since all her corruption is coming out and hopefully she goes to jail very soon.
    Howard, you’re such a hypocrite but is understandable since you’re a typical warp democrat.

  14. Bernie has never even worked for Medicare or Medicaid and both programs lose BILLIONS to fraud.
    Eric Holder stated that they lose $60 to $120 BILLION EACH YEAR AND in EACH PROGRAM!
    Bernie is a used car salesman and apparently the other Democrats don’t like to work with him.
    Yes, I read about his first marriage and how that wife got tired of their dirt floor and left him.
    Then he got Jane, who is accused of losing a great deal of university money.
    What a team!

  15. Of course, Sanders is a communist. He has never denied it and all of the programs he proposed are right out of the communist handbook. I Can’t believe anyone in America believes he will be anywhere like a good president. He stands against everything America is about, and has openly consorted with Communist Russians.
    I am surprised anyone takes him serious as an American Presidential candidate. I hope this answers the question in this article.

  16. Steve said it right in describing Bolshevik Bernie’s “whole putrid life.” That NAILED it. The SCUMBAG NEVER held a JOB until he was in his 40s, living off other women (who were stupid enough to support the LEECH), drawing WELFARE (because he was too lazy to work), and the FIRST “job” he held was when the STUPID people of a Vermont town enabled the COMMUNIST SCUM to be their Mayor. The loud-mouthed SCUMBAG got married in the former Soviet Union, and has CONSTANTLY praised Communist dictators!! Due to his COMMUNIST beliefs, he should NOT be permitted to hold a public office of ANY kind in this country!!! DEPORT the LEECH to Venezuela, since he loves that type of TYRANNY!!!!

  17. Yes I think he is a commie. While Howard Stern is not a favorite of mine he at least has enough sense to realize Bernie is not good for America!! I’d say one smart Democratic maybe more of them should really think about what Bernie says who is gonna pay for all this stuff it’s us ALL of US !!! Democrats and Republicans I just hope more Democrats realize Howard Stern is right vote for the person who has helped us Americans more in his last 3years than any President in the last15 years don’t vote for a party vote for the man who has helped us so much and he’s not perfect either but he truly Loves America and so do I!!!!!!!!!

  18. Bernie had many jobs before he became Mayor of Burlington, Vermont from 1981 to 1989, including founding the American People’s Historical Society (APHS), a nonprofit that made “low-budget films about people, places, and events in Vermont and New England.

  19. I am surprised that anybody in the media published/broadcast this. This has to be a
    conundrum to them. Especially since it so obvious that Howard Stern is right on this
    one. It still surprised me that people will buy into Bernie Sanders’ con.

  20. Bernie, is absolutely a Communist. He is an absolute Nut Case to boot..Yea let’s give him the US Missile Codes.

  21. Bernie is a communist. Joe is a senile old man. If Joe gets the nomination the person 5he demonrats would be voting for would be his VP. So go ahead demonrats ruin this country if you can. The Patriotic Americans will be doing everything we can to ensure that America stays free for 4 more years.

  22. Mr. Stern, I’m kind of surprised by you being a supporter of the criminal Hillary Clinton. She has as much American blood on her hands as Charles Manson. There is no question that at minimum she should be serving a life sentence preferably she would get the death penalty. I hope you saw the video of our ambassador getting sodomized and killed. His blood and the blood of his security is directly on her.

  23. Bernie Sanders is doubtless a communist. While it is disturbing enough that he is taken seriously as a viable candidate to become the leader of the free world, his popularity among college students and young adults is truly an indication of a FAILED educational system. These vacuous pampered morons will one day become the leaders of this country. It does not bode well for the future of the world.

  24. Well while I have no time for Stern and think he is despicable I am not too surprised that he has the opinion he does about Comrade Bernie. After all, the clock without a brain is right twice a day.

  25. Right now two people are in contention for the Democrat nomination. Karl Marx jr and his useful idiot.

  26. Who cares what Babba Booey has to say. No one cares. Does he think his interviews can influence the election? Oh please…


  28. Why are my comments not being posted? I’m being told to slow down on my posts, but I haven’t posted anything here in weeks. So much for the First Amendment.

  29. Bernie Sanders is a COMMUNIST, but unfortunately Ignorant as well. I lived in a communist country for 20 years so NOBODY can sell me COMMUNISM.There is an elite (top communists just like ex KGB Putin of Russia ) who have a great life and everybody else is a SLAVE to that system . Freedom-NO, free speach- no way.MOTTO for all is; keep your mouth shot,do as you were told,don’t think we are thinking for you, don’t ask any questions and don’t express your feelings to anybody (anybody can be a spy for the Government) if you don’t want to end up in jail or just “disappear” (six feet under that is). Marx and Engels and Lenin had a utopia idea which when you read sounds great but doesn’t pass the test in every day life. Trust me I experienced first hand. God bless USA the BEST country on the planet earth and God give us enough wisdom to appreciate what we have!!!!


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