How this comedian portrayed Jesus will make your blood boil


Netflix and Hulu are just mediums for the so-called “progressive” agenda in Hollywood.

Netflix even hired former President Obama to produce shows and movies for the streaming service.

And how one comedian portrayed Jesus left many Americans fuming with righteous indignation.

Sarah Silverman sunk to a new low when she decided to mock Jesus on her Hulu show, “I Love You, America.”

In the latest episode, Silverman’s character meets Jesus in line to vote on Election Day.

The sacrilegious portrayal of Jesus shares his thoughts, saying he is a “pansexual” that likes to “curse all the time.”

Newsbusters reports:

The end is in sight for the latest season of Hulu’s I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman, but that doesn’t stop every episode from being more excruciating than the last. In a true pinnacle of awfulness, she provides a sketch with the voting, swearing, pansexual version of Jesus Christ. It just goes to show that when they go low, Sarah goes lower.

In this scenario, Sarah runs into Jesus Christ, played once again by Fred Armisen, at the polls. From there, it doesn’t take long to inevitably get raunchy and political with the religious figure worshipped by billions.

“Jesus” makes comments on things like:

• Illegal Immigration: “We live in a nation where they’ll let a Middle Eastern guy into their hearts [Jesus] but not into the country.”

• Cursing: “I curse all the time. (Expletive)…”

• Sexuality: “I’m essentially pansexual. I love everyone and everything…”

• Voting: “I don’t want to pick sides, but let’s just say, I brew my own kombucha.

Just last week, Sarah lectured to the viewers about how people use Christianity as a “shroud” for their own bigoted behavior. Now she’s trying to turn the tables and use her “Jesus” to promote her own beliefs. Then again, as she mentions herself specifically in this episode, she’s a hypocrite.

You can watch the clip below, but note the clip is unedited and contains mature language.

The so-called “comedy” here is simply cringeworthy and disrespectful.

Radical leftists’ favorite past-time is mocking Christians and portraying them as uneducated.

Which is ridiculous because that’s where billions of people get their morality from, which of course affects their political views.

But they have no problem literally turning Jesus, who was above all apolitical by nature, into their propaganda mouth piece.

This is nothing new for Hollywood, however.

Shows like “SNL,” “Family Guy,” Silverman’s “I Love You, America” and even late-night shows, have all used God or Jesus for their twisted political jokes.

But Americans are sick of their intolerant antics, and it shows in their sharp decline in ratings.

Do you think Silverman’s show should be cancelled after this stunt? Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Sarah is an idiot! Case closed! I want her to mock Mohammed, umm let’s see! Married a girl 12. Killed 700 Jews in one day, ok tobeat women ummm let’s see!

  3. Try that with Allah or Mohamed! Pretty cowardly if you don’t, Sarah.
    Oh, by the way, I’m not religious so don’t try to pull “Right-wing Christian conservative” crap on me.

  4. This same Jesus whom they like to mock will some day judge the lives they have lived!! We’ll see who gets the last laugh then!!!

  5. Yeah, I dare her to try that with Mohammed! She will possibly make it a week? Then you will see her being beheaded on a beach somewhere.

    One big difference Sarah, as Christians we think you are exceptionally stupid, but we will forgive you. Every other religion will try to kill you. GOT IT!

  6. I don’t have a lot in the way of religion, but, have never felt the need to denigrate those that do.
    I admit to a sneaking admiration for christians and Christianity, for the patience and endurance they have demonstrated with the liberal garbage and their queer, bent gender and atheistic familiars.
    They have endured the constant beating and mouth for 10 years, and have made no serious attempt at retribution.
    They will, because that is the way people are, at some point, they will get very angry and seek retribution.
    I have no idea what form it may take, but, it is on the way.
    Were I a member of importance in the religious community, I would advocate, closing the ER’s in the 43% of hospitals founded and funded by religions and refuse service to anyone not of my faith.
    I would close all of the free clinics founded and funded by religions, as well as all of the food banks.
    I would deny entry to any college or university founded and funded by religions to any one not of my faith. Maybe in 3 or 4 years after a few million of the afore mentions groups had died in the streets from lack of medical care and starvation , I would go back and ask them if they had learned any manners.

  7. Makes me happy to remind myself what the Bible says about people like her…”God will not be mocked.” “Be still, and know that I am Lord.” “Vengeance is Mine, I WILL REPAY.”

    We win, they LOSE…for eternity. People like her need prayer.

  8. Actually, their pedo-prophet married a 6 year old names Aisha, and raped her at 9 years old. Everything, EVERYTHING ISIS did, is EXACTLY what their pedo-prophet did. Abu Bakr al-Bahgdadi, the Caliph of ISIS, has a PhD in Izlomic studies and stated that everything ISIS does is a confluence of the pedo-prophet’s hate filled Qur’an and Sunnah/Hadith. So NEVER be fooled by the “peaceful” moslem bullsht.

    Leftist COWARDS would NEVER go after the *REAL* VIOLENT SAVAGES.

  9. Like most of her peers, Sarah Silverman has lost sight of what good comedy is; the ability to make people laugh without insulting them, or the butt of the joke. But to add to her ignorance, she reveals a streak of religious bigotry, and this is not the first time. Silverman has a special loathing for the Catholic Church that she has often maligned and insulted.

  10. Who cares what she thinks. The liberal idiot just got fired from her show for doing a black face skit in a earlier routine. It would appear she is no different than any other racist.

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