1. There are 3 genders: The Male Gender, the Female Gender, and The MD Gender. What is the MD Gender you ask? Good question. The MD Gender is the Mentally Disturbed Gender which includes Homosexuals, Lesbians, Transgenders, and any other sexually disturbed gender I might have missed.


  2. The Democrats have corrupted the system. Do people voters really care anymore? This is the stick my hand outs who want what they want.

  3. I not only believe that there is two genders but I know that God created them male and female. Genesis 1:27 and 28 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

  4. Do you believe there are only two genders??

    ABSOLUTELY, with no doubts

    Unless it’s absolutely useless to believe God’s Truthful Genesis Story

    Ist Bible Story in the Holy Bible

    where he created them ONLY human male & human female

    and the same with all other living creatures no matter how small & great

    AGAIN, unless God’s Holy Word are relevant NOW

    in which God’s Word aren’t relevant to me, because they never were

    for I am Holy Spirit Filled His forever more

    this is the TRUMPing Truth
    this is my TRUMPing Truth!!!

  5. Adam and Eve allegedly had 2 boys,one killed the other and was expelled,where he then found a wife in Moab.Read the bible,and it says he found a wife in Moab,which was a land mass in the middle east!

    • Eve first conceived of the devil who seduced her before God turned him into a serpent, immediately told Adam who also seduced her, and she gave birth to son and continued to give birth to another son, hence you are of your father the devil

    • you are conceiving the world as it is today, not in the period when Genesis was written. People lived to be hundreds of years old back then. Since there was no birth control, the population expanded rapidly and people had dispersed quickly. Cain and Abel could have been from 100 to 200 years old when the murder took place. Adam and Eve had many other children. Did read recently that the early chapters of Genesis cover several hundred years and the population of the world was probably around 2 million people. After the murder, Cain went out and founded a city, indicating that the human race expanded very qyickly.

  6. Humans come in two genders – male and female. Humans are not bi-sexual either, nor do they change their gender, and nor do humans not have a gender, nor does the environment chose a person’s gender. Some one might wonder why I state it that way. The answer is simply for those who know real science. Some reptiles have their gender chosen by temperature, i.e. alligators for instance. Some fish will change gender depending upon the population, i.e. Clown Fish. Most plants are bisexual as are some animals, i.e. earth worms. Some plants are not, i.e. Holly Trees.

    The problem today is people don’t want to admit that humans are subject to behavioral imprinting – Pavlov’s dog – and face the consequences of it. So when drug abuse and physical abuse of various types occur people, which results in behavioral imprinting, people claim they were born that way. Then add in the promotion of deviant behaviors and it gives people an excuse to avoid the facts and history. They stole the “I was born x” from the real Civil Rights Movement to make excuses for their deviant behaviors they chose to engage in or where victims of.

  7. There is no way, that your birth gender can be rejected .. born a gender, you will die that gender. No matter if you turn yourself into whatever you may feel you are..you will not change the science and the only lie you will leave will be on your tombstone, when Mr. Jones exits as Mrs. Jones or vice versa. You can change nature with law, but you cannot deny the science.

    • That is why when some alter the sexual appearance I use the term “sex appearance change operation”. The gender or sex did not actually change. Just their appearance.

  8. There are only two genders and they are set in ones DNA. Man’s current technology cannot alter DNA so the term TRANSGENDER is a LIE. Trans means to change or alter and that DON’T happen all that happens is is looks are changed.

  9. Everyone knows there are only 2 genders (regardless of what they may say). The problem is there are confused and perverted members of both genders trying to foist their error onto the rest of us.

  10. God created two genders, male and female. PERIOD. But those whom satan has deceived have become very confused and have no clue of the truth. Libs have rejected God and Hs truth

  11. The sick mamzerim who forced those two innocent children to switch their genders ought to be EXECUTED, IMMEDIATELY! The Catholic Church did something similar: they castrated young choir boys so their voices did not change. The Roman Empire did the same thing. I guess Evil never goes out of style!!!

  12. Whoops ! Is it time to eliminate the Homo Sapien species before they confuse the other mamal species ? Actually in humans there are three blood types. Those with RH positive, RH negative and RH neither . Then there is the case where only the female gender is necessary for reproduction. In this situastion only females are produced. We wind up as a culture of Amazons. So …. where we go now ?! Its Wonder Woman … a child of clay given life by the GODs.

  13. There are only 2 genders , but some weirdo that do exist, such as the ‘( queer she-dog) that we have as Senator from Wisconsin !

  14. There are 2 genders, biologically, male & female. There is gender dysmorphism- where gender is confused- and one prefers, sexually, one own gender. This probably is not a mental illness- but an aberrancy, homosexuality is not “normal”, as genders were created to reproduce- male + female.
    They are human beings who deserve all the rights of other persons, including legal bonding. Unfortunately, as often happens, people like to usurp a term that has had a meaning for all time (until recently)- marriage- which was created to protect wives & children.
    There always have been transgenders- “tom boy” girls, & “momma boys”- masculine girls & effeminate boys. Homosexuals often fall in this category.
    There is probably always an alpha or dominant partner.
    BUT, should these 1-3% of the “abnormal” population control the other 97%? (Abnormal is not bad, just different).
    GENDER is fixed (anatomical/genetic), sexual orientation is not. That lies in the brain & may be hormonally mediated- also fixed/genetic. You don’t usually switch back & forth, though some may truly be bi-sexual- again, psychologically (With some- very RARE anatomically bisexual)

  15. It’s a Scientific, biological fact of Life that there are only two genders… Leave it to the ignorant leftist Mob Rule Protesting DimRats to try and change that.

    • Insects come in male and female. The females tend to be larger, while with mammals the males tend to be larger. I don’t know of any insects that reproduce asexually. Fungi are asexual reproducers. Most plants are bi-sexual – meaning they have both male and female reproductive organs. The problem is people, who support deviant behaviors, try to pretend gender, or sex, can change in humans. They try to pretend behaviors are the equivalent of genders.

  16. Back to Adam and Eve; In (Genesis 5:4) it says Adam lived 800 years and had more sons and daughters. Please read your bible before you speak. And the other person that said Eve was (sexually) deceived, no she wasn’t. Nowhere does it say that. She was only deceived about eating the fruit from the tree she was forbidden to even touch. Read (Genesis 3)

  17. There are women who want to be men and dress like men. Then there are men who cut their weiners off but they are still men, just without a weiners. No matter how you cut it or don’t cut it (Ha ha), there are only two genders. There are those who have the homosexual gene albeit a defective gene which science may soon be able to correct through DNA gene therapy as we all hope for but we will miss the parades.

    • Don’t buy into the lie that a person can be born with homosexual attraction. It a learned behavior and can also be created by chemicals like BPA. It is not related to DNA. The claim a person can be born with homosexual attraction is like claiming a woman was born promiscuous or a slut. Behaviors can be programmed (i.e. Pavlov’s dogs) or generated by chemicals – think about what steroids often due to people – create paranoia.

  18. As long as those confused people don’t push their ways onto our children, do not molest children, and do not demand to be married, I’m fine with them doing whatever they want to do in their bedrooms. It’s between God and them. I know they won’t listen to me. In reality, I wish they would come to God. He wants everybody to be saved. Unfortunately, most won’t be saved.

  19. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” (Genesis 1:27 KJV)
    I don’t see where Almighty God created any other gender just male & female!

  20. Opinions are just what one person thinks, Facts are indisputable!!! The fact is that if you test a persons DNA it will show the person’s gender and their opinion will not change that!!! You can change your appearance and you can act any way you want but your DNA will always show the same gender!

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