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  2. There are 3 genders: The Male Gender, the Female Gender, and The MD Gender. What is the MD Gender you ask? Good question. The MD Gender is the Mentally Disturbed Gender which includes Homosexuals, Lesbians, Transgenders, and any other sexually disturbed gender I might have missed.


  3. The Democrats have corrupted the system. Do people voters really care anymore? This is the stick my hand outs who want what they want.

  4. I not only believe that there is two genders but I know that God created them male and female. Genesis 1:27 and 28 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

  5. Do you believe there are only two genders??

    ABSOLUTELY, with no doubts

    Unless it’s absolutely useless to believe God’s Truthful Genesis Story

    Ist Bible Story in the Holy Bible

    where he created them ONLY human male & human female

    and the same with all other living creatures no matter how small & great

    AGAIN, unless God’s Holy Word are relevant NOW

    in which God’s Word aren’t relevant to me, because they never were

    for I am Holy Spirit Filled His forever more

    this is the TRUMPing Truth
    this is my TRUMPing Truth!!!

  6. Look in the mirror and learn how to respect the office of the President of the United States or find another country to live in. It’s simple …. oh, and by the way, since you’re probably an illegal lover also, you’ll have to pay a heavy price to stay in another country of choice, fill out the 40 pages of required forms, and be put on a waiting list for two years or more, in the meantime you are unable to vote in any election.
    Good luck to you, poor dillusional. It’s always the people who have never lived it, that always scream they want to be just like it.

  7. Adam and Eve allegedly had 2 boys,one killed the other and was expelled,where he then found a wife in Moab.Read the bible,and it says he found a wife in Moab,which was a land mass in the middle east!

  8. Humans come in two genders – male and female. Humans are not bi-sexual either, nor do they change their gender, and nor do humans not have a gender, nor does the environment chose a person’s gender. Some one might wonder why I state it that way. The answer is simply for those who know real science. Some reptiles have their gender chosen by temperature, i.e. alligators for instance. Some fish will change gender depending upon the population, i.e. Clown Fish. Most plants are bisexual as are some animals, i.e. earth worms. Some plants are not, i.e. Holly Trees.

    The problem today is people don’t want to admit that humans are subject to behavioral imprinting – Pavlov’s dog – and face the consequences of it. So when drug abuse and physical abuse of various types occur people, which results in behavioral imprinting, people claim they were born that way. Then add in the promotion of deviant behaviors and it gives people an excuse to avoid the facts and history. They stole the “I was born x” from the real Civil Rights Movement to make excuses for their deviant behaviors they chose to engage in or where victims of.

  9. Eve first conceived of the devil who seduced her before God turned him into a serpent, immediately told Adam who also seduced her, and she gave birth to son and continued to give birth to another son, hence you are of your father the devil

  10. Moronic reply, Adam Hole! Must be suffering from obomatitis and grieving, that the soothing, Hillary balm remedy, was checked as insufferable at the door, being cancerous to the country. However, you may you may purchase your own tissue and have your hate cry. The country is doing well and with another term, it will be on its way to recovery after the eight year cancer, was removed. Have a nice day.

  11. There is no way, that your birth gender can be rejected .. born a gender, you will die that gender. No matter if you turn yourself into whatever you may feel you are..you will not change the science and the only lie you will leave will be on your tombstone, when Mr. Jones exits as Mrs. Jones or vice versa. You can change nature with law, but you cannot deny the science.

  12. But they all belong to the other two genders in reality. But liberalism does not respect reality or the truth.

  13. You’re the moron actually. President Trump is a great man. You must not care about saving the nation from the Globalists and Communists. SAD!!!!

  14. Male and Female. That is how they were created by The Lord and that is how it will be until this sinful world ends.

  15. There are only two genders and they are set in ones DNA. Man’s current technology cannot alter DNA so the term TRANSGENDER is a LIE. Trans means to change or alter and that DON’T happen all that happens is is looks are changed.

  16. Everyone knows there are only 2 genders (regardless of what they may say). The problem is there are confused and perverted members of both genders trying to foist their error onto the rest of us.

  17. God created two genders, male and female. PERIOD. But those whom satan has deceived have become very confused and have no clue of the truth. Libs have rejected God and Hs truth

  18. Robin…If Adam and Eve didn’t have a daughter, there would not have been anyone else here on earth, including the lady in Moab.

  19. The sick mamzerim who forced those two innocent children to switch their genders ought to be EXECUTED, IMMEDIATELY! The Catholic Church did something similar: they castrated young choir boys so their voices did not change. The Roman Empire did the same thing. I guess Evil never goes out of style!!!

  20. Whoops ! Is it time to eliminate the Homo Sapien species before they confuse the other mamal species ? Actually in humans there are three blood types. Those with RH positive, RH negative and RH neither . Then there is the case where only the female gender is necessary for reproduction. In this situastion only females are produced. We wind up as a culture of Amazons. So …. where we go now ?! Its Wonder Woman … a child of clay given life by the GODs.

  21. There are only 2 genders , but some weirdo that do exist, such as the ‘( queer she-dog) that we have as Senator from Wisconsin !

  22. Good call. I have wondered how the 3 (?) % of the population were able to turn our country into a nightmare with gender confusuion, disforia and ruin peoples lives that don’t agree with their lifestyle. Then, prohibit those that are confused from getting help to figure it out.

  23. There are 2 genders, biologically, male & female. There is gender dysmorphism- where gender is confused- and one prefers, sexually, one own gender. This probably is not a mental illness- but an aberrancy, homosexuality is not “normal”, as genders were created to reproduce- male + female.
    They are human beings who deserve all the rights of other persons, including legal bonding. Unfortunately, as often happens, people like to usurp a term that has had a meaning for all time (until recently)- marriage- which was created to protect wives & children.
    There always have been transgenders- “tom boy” girls, & “momma boys”- masculine girls & effeminate boys. Homosexuals often fall in this category.
    There is probably always an alpha or dominant partner.
    BUT, should these 1-3% of the “abnormal” population control the other 97%? (Abnormal is not bad, just different).
    GENDER is fixed (anatomical/genetic), sexual orientation is not. That lies in the brain & may be hormonally mediated- also fixed/genetic. You don’t usually switch back & forth, though some may truly be bi-sexual- again, psychologically (With some- very RARE anatomically bisexual)

  24. It’s a Scientific, biological fact of Life that there are only two genders… Leave it to the ignorant leftist Mob Rule Protesting DimRats to try and change that.

  25. Insects come in male and female. The females tend to be larger, while with mammals the males tend to be larger. I don’t know of any insects that reproduce asexually. Fungi are asexual reproducers. Most plants are bi-sexual – meaning they have both male and female reproductive organs. The problem is people, who support deviant behaviors, try to pretend gender, or sex, can change in humans. They try to pretend behaviors are the equivalent of genders.

  26. That is why when some alter the sexual appearance I use the term “sex appearance change operation”. The gender or sex did not actually change. Just their appearance.

  27. Not nice, Sir Read. Let’s hold all the ugly, one-sided remarks. I agree with all his accomplishments so far…..something Obama never did accomplish.

  28. Back to Adam and Eve; In (Genesis 5:4) it says Adam lived 800 years and had more sons and daughters. Please read your bible before you speak. And the other person that said Eve was (sexually) deceived, no she wasn’t. Nowhere does it say that. She was only deceived about eating the fruit from the tree she was forbidden to even touch. Read (Genesis 3)

  29. There are women who want to be men and dress like men. Then there are men who cut their weiners off but they are still men, just without a weiners. No matter how you cut it or don’t cut it (Ha ha), there are only two genders. There are those who have the homosexual gene albeit a defective gene which science may soon be able to correct through DNA gene therapy as we all hope for but we will miss the parades.

  30. Don’t buy into the lie that a person can be born with homosexual attraction. It a learned behavior and can also be created by chemicals like BPA. It is not related to DNA. The claim a person can be born with homosexual attraction is like claiming a woman was born promiscuous or a slut. Behaviors can be programmed (i.e. Pavlov’s dogs) or generated by chemicals – think about what steroids often due to people – create paranoia.

  31. As long as those confused people don’t push their ways onto our children, do not molest children, and do not demand to be married, I’m fine with them doing whatever they want to do in their bedrooms. It’s between God and them. I know they won’t listen to me. In reality, I wish they would come to God. He wants everybody to be saved. Unfortunately, most won’t be saved.

  32. you are conceiving the world as it is today, not in the period when Genesis was written. People lived to be hundreds of years old back then. Since there was no birth control, the population expanded rapidly and people had dispersed quickly. Cain and Abel could have been from 100 to 200 years old when the murder took place. Adam and Eve had many other children. Did read recently that the early chapters of Genesis cover several hundred years and the population of the world was probably around 2 million people. After the murder, Cain went out and founded a city, indicating that the human race expanded very qyickly.

  33. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” (Genesis 1:27 KJV)
    I don’t see where Almighty God created any other gender just male & female!

  34. Opinions are just what one person thinks, Facts are indisputable!!! The fact is that if you test a persons DNA it will show the person’s gender and their opinion will not change that!!! You can change your appearance and you can act any way you want but your DNA will always show the same gender!

  35. Larry got it right. Male, Female, and Mentally Disturbed. Guess that makes me just another backwards deplorable. MAGA

  36. I’m still trying to figure these people out!! The question is “HOW MANY GENDERS ARE THERE?” Simple — two: Male and Female !! You can IMAGINE as many as you like BUT, in ACTUALITY, there are ONLY TWO. Ask any doctor !!!

  37. According to DNA, Biology class (in High School and College), and GOD’S Word, there are only T W O genders: Male and Female . . . this is NOT up for a POLITICAL discussion. I am a “FACTS” man, like Joe Friday – “DRAGNET”. Don’t give me all that GARBAGE!. Anyone who thinks OTHERWISE is MENTALLY CONFUSED (Like a Left Wing Liberal?). Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  38. OK, I agreed with everything except: “Then add in the promotion of deviant behaviors”… Behaviors are only “Deviant” by a definition given by society based on what is the norm at the time. There is no TRUE definition as it is an opinion based traditionally in religious teachings. So “deviant” behavior is purely subjective and not a scientifically defined state of being. To be more clear, what is deviant behavior in one culture is not in another, so stop trying to associate your brand on everyone else.

    From a purely scientific view there is no such thing as “deviant behavior” only natural and un-natural. The “natural order is male and female when it comes to human beings. When it comes to tagging sexual orientation, that is a choice. Nobody can convince me otherwise until someone in the scientific community finds a specific gene that is common in every Bi-sexual & Homosexual that scientifically proves a difference between heterosexual and homosexual. Until then, my belief is “It is a choice” just as wanting to have surgery to change your body parts to portray a different sex. When you have to manipulate your body through surgery and hormone therapy in order to achieve the physical results of change, that is UN-NATURAL and does not mean you are now male or female.

  39. We are frequently told that transgender teens have a high suicide rate. I think it’s mainly persons that have transitioned and realize what a terrible mistake they made. For example, boys that undergo hormone treatments to become girls realize they screwed up, want to go back, but learn they won’t be able to father a child.

  40. Brain chemistry imbalanced people convinced they are perfectly healthy by those who adhere to and embrace the principles of which Communistshariazionhasidism is based Democrats, Rats, and their mouthpiece purveyors of propaganda, complete lie spewing LSM commentators.

  41. You flatter that wretched soul who is afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it and who resides on a warped plane of existence.

  42. Of course their are only 2 Genders, These other freaks are just disgusting, Ask God this question !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. God made only two genders and because stupid man now wants to change God’s decisions, he will pay in the end to Gods judgement !

    Don Da Lemon said there are 43 gENDERS AND Rachel Madcow said there are 53, Now I am so confused.

  45. Recess is over,m lil bobbie read, go back and sit in your 8th grade class in pubic school

  46. Only in your fantasy Island dreams moron. What we had to understand is what this is all about. This is nothing more than an attempt to gain acceptance for the Freakshow members of our society.

    In truth of truths, gender what I was growing up and I’m not that old referred to pronouns. As in the masculine pronouns he, him, his and the feminine pronouns she, her, hers.

    What is happened is that in an attempt to gain acceptance for the Freakshow members, they have a tempted to turn around and have the word gender change its definition. Gender no longer now in the minds of the Freakshow people refers to pronouns but it is a replacement word for sex. And they have to assign all these other prefixes to the word gender.

    Like somehow or other, us normal people are now called “cisgender”? How the hell did that happen? We need to rise up and we need to demand the people referred to us as what we are. NORMAL!!!!

  47. I do not think there are just two genders. I KNOW THERE ARE ONLY 2 SEXES. GENDER IS A MADE UP WORD. LET US RETURN to the MALE SEX and the FEMALE SEX.

  48. I was wondering what you would say, but it seems that you were really right on. “Male and female created He them,” says it all.

  49. I agree with you mostly. But I do not accept the fact of what you say about the chemicals. Because then, the minute we accept that, then we have to turn around and accept their argument that it’s an unchangeable behavior. Because if you say that chemicals are the cause of it, the chemicals would have altered their brain chemistry or whatever and make it an unchangeable thing. I do not believe that.

    Back in June near the end of that vile, filthy month, there was an article published that was an interview with Ellen DeGeneres‘s mother. During the interview, Ellen’s mother talked about how Ellen had been molested by her father when she was a preteen and teenage girl.

    Ask yourself this question: who is the one male in a young girl’s life that she should be able to expect and believe is always going to protect her and take care of her?

    The answer obviously is: her father. And when a man turns around and does some filth like that to his daughter, doesn’t it stand to reason that the daughter is going to turn around and freak out over that and thereby have psychological damage that will stay with her for the rest of her life?

    What are we supposed to believe is true? That there is some undiscovered genetic cause that nobody knows the answer to that nobody can find but that it causes homosexuality?

    Or are we supposed to be rational and say “OK, isn’t it more likely that a young girl being molested by someone who was of the opposite sex could turn around and be scarred by that? And thereby never be able to trust a person of the opposite sex in an intimate way? She would never feel comfortable with them and therefore could only feel safe in attempting to get emotional and sexual gratification by someone who was like her. In other words, a woman.

    I think that that is the answer. I believe every single homosexual person on this planet has suffered some type of psychological trauma that has pushed them away from the opposite sex and towards someone of the same sex.

  50. So you were saying that some people are born homosexual. I respect you but I don’t believe that. And I’ll tell you why it’s because of the fact that they were bisexual people. I honestly believe that bisexual people are simply people who have a hyper sex drive and are willing to drill anything they can.

  51. The question is wrong because the term is wrong. There are only two SEXES: Male and female; so God made us, and so we are. GENDER is a grammar term, and there are three GENDERS: Masculine; Feminine; and Neuter for things that have no sex. I am a male, and masculine. My wife was female, and feminine. My house is neither male nor female, so it is NEUTER gender. I had to answer the question no, because I taught English for enough years to know that there are, and must be, THREE GENDERS. The term has little or nothing to do with sex. In some languages, gender does not uniformly represent sex. In German, for example, many words in the grammatical gender masculine would, in English, be neuter; the same is true for many words in feminine gender. In English, though, there are two sexes and three genders. The idiots who keep inventing new “genders” are actually fabricating new (and nonexistent) sexes.

  52. THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS – MALE AND FEMALE. You are born with your gender and you will die with the same gender. DNA doesn’t lie and God doesn’t make mistakes. One can deny their gender all they want and try to convince themselves, they can rant against God, they can add body parts, remove body parts, but in the end. THEY ARE STILL THE GENDER THEY WERE BORN WITH INSIDE AND THEY KNOW THIS! Could this be why it seems they are so angry all the time?

  53. When a human being is born from their mother’s womb, their gender is either male or female. How they feel about themselves years later has nothing to do with their ‘born’ gender.

  54. Gender Dysphoria is a mental illness yet we are living in a society with a very tiny yet very loud minority of mentally ill individuals insisting we have to indulge, support, validate, and accept their mental illness as normal. There is a reason Transgender people have a very high rate of suicide and it is not due to unacceptance by the general population.

    The fact is, while you can surgically and chemically alter your outward appearance, it will not change your chromosomes or DNA- I am sorry if it hurts someone to say so, but it is better to give you an unattractive Truth then to feed you a pretty Lie! This transition only works for a very small % of those who get it most regret it later. Studies have shown most kids who have Gender Dysphoria 80%, in fact, will by age 18 go back to their gender at birth.

    Isn’t it better to help these people learn to accept and love themselves for who they are, stop schools and society from somehow making gender dysphoria a cool think they should want or convince them its normal…if that were so we would be like some frogs able to spontaneously switch genders- and that only happens when they are in a single-gender group. Time to really help these people not indulge in their mental illness.

    And before some triggered snowflake from this tiny community lashes out at me, this is not homophobia or transphobia this is the reality and I actually want you to find happiness and self-fulfillment I just don’t believe supporting your delisuion is the way to do it.

  55. Guil not nearly as stupid as your answer!

    So, I bet you believe in the science of “climate change” but not in the science of Genetics?
    There are only two sexes dear, male and female, and there are a lot of disturbed mentally ill individuals who imagine they are something they are not. There are also people who believe they are cats, or even snakes and have surgically and cosmetically altered their outward appearance and live a lifestyle that supports their delusion- should society then say- Yes of course you are a cat, we will pay for your fang, whisker and tail implants, make sure everyone you come in contact with addresses you by the proper cat pronoun, and even make laws that force others to accept your chosen identity? or do we say, this person has some mental issue and needs help to learn to love and accept himself or what he truly is and not encourage his delussional escape from reality?

  56. But Carol that is exactly what they are doing, Look at the schools, starting in kindergarten where they teach them it’s ok for a boy penguin to marry another boy penguin or for a princess to transition into a prince and on and on.laws being passed that punish those who use the wrong gender pronoun, they now say girls have to accept still male trans into their bathrooms and lockerroom, they must be accepted in girls sports even though they are physically stronger even after starting hormone treatments (but we are supposed to accept that scientific fact as false) They are indoctrinating the children and even encouraging them to join this cult of gender identity, leading them down a path of mental illness and misery- All in the name of inclusiveness, tolerance, and love- which is the biggest lie of all!

  57. Well, there are actually 3 “Genders” (masculine, feminine, and neuter), but they only exist in grammar. Living creatures (including humans) only have “Sexes” and there ARE only 2 of those (male and female). I am constantly aggravated when people confuse “Gender” and “Sex”–the first is a language construct and the latter a biological fact.

  58. Gender is a BIOLOGICAL fact! Idiots who argue that there are more than TWO genders, are also arguing that provable SCIENCE facts are wrong! Females have XX chromosomes. Males have XY chromosomes. Despite natural or manmade external appearance, any persons true sex can be determined SCIENTIFICALLY with 100 per cent accuracy. That there are small numbers of unfortunate persons with chromosome disorders is also a scientific fact. But that does not put those unfortunate persons into extra gender classifications. Plastic surgery can often help those unfortunate persons. Idiots who think that plastic surgery and hormone treatments can change a persons gender are totally clueless to the real facts of life!

  59. Those are death styles. Will not produce new life and will be forever dead eventually, unless a radical change in view and alliance.

  60. Please understand what you are talking about. In humans , and most mammals there are only two sexes. They are either male or female. In other life forms there may be asexual forms , such as an amoeba , which is a single cell animal. As to blood types there are four different blood types , of which they are “A” , “B” , “AB” , and “O” . There are two different blood “factors” or “RH” factors , being either “RH+” or “RH-” , thus making the blood types “A+” , “A-” , “B+” , “B-” , “AB+” , “AB-” , “O+” , and “O-“. If you are going to state facts , then please make sure that they are accurate.

  61. Are you referring to the “Brown Clown” Obama? Let me tell you, He is not a Black man. Black men do not do the things he has done. Including marrying Michael with a johnson.

  62. Sorry Wisconsin lost to Ohio. I was hoping they would beat OS. MSU got their ass handed to the m by Penn. State. Mich. is playing Notre Dame and are ahead by a little. Michigan will trade our Lesbo AG
    for your queer Senator and then we can throw them both in Lk. Mich. I am in the UP 45 miles east of Escanaba.


  63. Let’s put it this way, LGBTQXYZ do not exist. it is all in a person’s mind. You are either a male (man) or female (woman). If you think you are something other than what is in your pants, you really do need help. So quit telling the children they have a choice.

  64. GOD made Adam and Eve ( one male and one female ) there were no its involved. You must go with what GOD gives you are live in hell. There is no in between. IN MY OPINION

  65. Once a baby leaves the mother’s womb, that baby is born either a female or a male, PERIOD! As the child matures, their mind decides which sexual preference they are attracted to. Some people enjoy both genders. It is NOT right or wrong, it’s just the way it is. I am a heterosexual woman who has always been attracted to men. I’m glad I’ve never had to struggle with that ordeal. That said, I believe one’s sexual preference merits privacy. Some people are just phonies seeking public attention.

  66. Once a baby leaves the mother’s womb, that baby is born either a female or a male, PERIOD! As the child matures, their mind decides which sexual preference they are attracted to. Some people enjoy both genders. It is NOT right or wrong, it’s just the way it is. I am a heterosexual woman who has always been attracted to men. I’m glad I’ve never had to struggle with that ordeal. That said, I believe one’s sexual preference merits privacy. Some people are just phonies seeking public attention.

  67. You can believe any way you want, but DON’T try to RAM your beliefs on everyone else!!!! Science CLEARLY shows there are MALE & FEMALE…PERIOD!!!! Anything else is some sort of MENTAL ILLNESS!!!! Currently DESTROYING the BOY Scouts…
    and ALL WOMEN SPORTS is being taken over by MALES!!?!?!?!? WHY are we allowing this mental illness to SPREAD??!?!?!? This INSANITY NEEDS to STOP!!!!

  68. This should be obvious that there are ONLY TWO Genders and we need a great big DUH to convey to these diversity mongers!

  69. God made mankind in His an image, not in their image male and female made He them but the devil being the
    great deceiver has found a new way to cause people to walk in his domain to satisfy the desires of his demonic
    devices and the end is his hell forever. So sad when God made a simple way to heaven that is through His Son
    Just believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you can be saved, rescued from the hold the Devil has and break the
    chains of bondage he has on you. Repent and He will set you free.

  70. There is only two genders (the rare mutation that has both is not a separate gender) further the definitions of pronouns in the English language are based on the BIOLOGICAL facts about ones gender not some mental belief that can change at any time.

    By allowing MEN/WOMEN to flip flop between calling themselves one or the other as the situation benefits them (such as claiming to be female when not to take advantage of the reasons sports teams were made separate genders in the first place) they have negated the very reason there is separate teams in the first place as well as ignored laws put in place to help protect women from predators. like the one that was removed from the women’s room by a security officer who was then PUNISHED because the man claimed to be a woman and it was DISCRIMINATION to protect the women by removing him from the women’s facility.

  71. There are absolutely only 2 sexes. Male and female. You can lop off or add on but, at the end of the day, these folks are still the gender that God made them. Therefore, when we all die, we will die the gender that God bestowed upon us, as well!

  72. There are only two genres male and female. Now having said that I think all people should be treated fairly but. It is not fair to woman sports for men that say the feel like woman should play against them. We would no longer have woman golf tours or woman’s basket ball teams. The men that can’t make it in there league will say there transgender and play in woman’s league. Also I know many fathers who will kick the sh t out
    of a male found in his daughters bathroom at school or anywhere else. Why aren’t woman fighting this stop being so PC its wrong. PS some others I know they would do them severe bodily harm.

  73. Here’s another one. I guess we’re only “white supremacists” because libs think so. I have relatives and friends among all different colors and races, and I love them all. Don’t understand people who are so filled with hate. God is the only supreme being and He loves us all. (John 3:16)

  74. I do not think there are only two genders I KNOW it for a FACT. Only the MENTALLY ILL and the GREEDY FOOLS claiming to be Doctors claim their are more than two.

  75. Thank you, JMW, for the voice of reason,wisdom and truth. I was taught that in the third or fourth grade but had forgotten it and you just brought it to mind. (I am 79 years old so sometimes it takes awhile for me to remember stuff!)

  76. OMG you are so right. What is wrong with people? We need to open mental hospitals back up. People need help and we need to protect our children.

  77. WHY DOES THE TAIL WAG THE DOG? The less than 1 percent has caused SO much in propaganda and cost in their way of getting attention .There is FEMALE and there is MALE,Sorry if you are neither one or the other.

  78. There’s only one word to answer this question and that is – DUH – for it should be obvious to everyone that there are ONLY TWO GENDERS!

  79. Mostly because America decided that they don’t need God anymore, and the “fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” As soon as we went evolutionism-whacko, things began to fall apart.

  80. In one short statement Jesus demolished both both evolution and LGBT”

    “But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. 7 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife;” (Mark 10 6-7).

  81. You started out on track, but then went off the rails. The gender you are born with is the gender that tracks on heterosexual lines, or that particular preference. Obviously there are more factors involved in that preference, including if children can come naturally from that preference.

  82. There are only 2 sexes. The part of the brain that says what sex you were born doesn’t change, just like DNA. God only made male and female of every creature. Satan has been allowed to say there is more than that- not only by God, but mostly by humans. People need to be who they were created to be- male or female. Period.

  83. There is only XY and XX, MALE AND FEMALE, all the others are profoundly mentally ill, spurred on relentlessly by the vile SERPENTS OF BAAL who will all soon be taking their final swim lesson IN THE LAKE OF FIRE ????

  84. There seems to be a lot of EXPERTS (so called) out there . . . I say: Go to BIOLOGY class, check out DNA and READ God’s word, The Bible. There are only T W O genders, male & female. anything OTHER than this is pure GOBBLEDEGOOK (NONSENSE) and confusion! I don’t care if you have a PhD (Piled higher and deeper) by your name. God knows best (I can’t believe we’re HAVING this conversation . . .).

  85. If you don’t vote trump, this insanity will only get worse. If you support God and morality, do not vote for democrats.

  86. According to science this may be the dumbest question ever asked. Of course left wing loons only believe in science when it supports their ideology.

  87. They will Face God .he said in the book of Genesis he maid MALE AND FEMALE.people give them all kinds of Meds to keep them that way IT is a SIN > YOU WILL ANSWER TO JESUS \GOD.

  88. Deviant behaviors are unnatural behaviors. Sodomy, for instance, does not exist any where else except in humans who chose the engage in the behavior. When one looks at the the behaviors that are claimed to be sodomy in non-humans one finds they are dominance behaviors related to reproduction.

  89. There are TWO genders ONLY Male xy chromosomes or Female xx chromosomes. NOTHING you can claim that you ” feel like”, and nothing you can do to mutilate your body will change that FACT! Nothing. When blood is drawn for a DNA test, you are either male or female. There are NO other options in the science lab.
    When you look at the animal kingdome. ALL, I am not talking amoebas here, are either male or female and you can turn them over and tell which one they are.

    As n RN, I used to work in labor and delivery in the hospital. In all my time there, I never saw anyone born that wasn’t either a male or a female, and we could IMMEDIATLY tell which the babies were.

    “Fellings” in NO way, should be confused with FACTS. Nor should society have to put up with people who are mentally ill making their illness a political football.

  90. And humans are not bi-sexual either. While many plants are bi-sexual and some animals are, such as earthworms, humans are not. Humans are not Clown Fish, plants, or reptiles. As you pointed out humans are either male or female, not counting co-joined twin situations, and DNA decides it. While drugs and chemicals can cause issues they do not effect one’s gender.

  91. So true – they want to promote the idea of “if it feels good do it” and promoting deviant behaviors, rooted in multiple genders and gender can be changed is part of that since it undermines morals, family, and helps promote their agenda.

  92. fyi, the sperm side ‘determines’ the sex of the child while the female side provides the egg. so if they want to change, it is up to the guy to fix his sperm!!!!!????? and good luck with catching that little burger.

  93. There are 2 main genders, but there are also those who are born hermaphrodite.

    But, the left seems to confuse gender with sexual preference. Gender is natural, and is selected by nature(or God if you prefer). Sexual preference is mental, and is chosen by the individual, and yes it can be a mental illness.

  94. The confusion is simple: there are only two SEXES, – although BRAIN GENDER now seems to have replaced the physical sex when addressing the fact of sex.

  95. You are a heterosexual woman, not a heterogender woman. Therein is the problem. Most babies are born with a clear definition of SEX. The brain gender does not come into play until the child starts to make clear their own preference which can be in tune with their physical sex or in a confused contradiction.
    Wish people would stop using the term gender when they are actually talking about sex. The two are not the same.

  96. A hermaphrodite is a deformity, possibly the result of co-joined twin condition or other development condition prior to birth. Humans and most animals are either male and female. Don’t confuse genetic defect type conditions with gender.

  97. Thank you. “Gender” is not even specifically defined. When asked I often cross off the word and substitute “Sex” which IS defined as only two, Male and Female. I’d like to see some bathroom doors labeled Male and Female if necessary.

  98. The “Progressives” work hard to divide people in order to advance their agenda of control. It is one of the reasons that they attack people or groups of people with lies and deception – getting people to reaction emotionally causes many people to react without thinking.

  99. Mr Obama’s hyphenated ethnicity by the rules of hyphenated ethnicity is Kenyan-White American. He has no Black-American, or what used to be Negro-American, or what some people use to try and included all people of negroid ancestry, African-American ancestry. That is why some people tried to claim his mother has some Black-American ancestors at one point. Something for people to keep in mind.

  100. What we are seeing in many areas is why the Founders of the US created a Republic and not a Democracy. In fact, a number of the State governments are constructed in violation of the US Constitution. People should read Article 4 Section 4 of the US Constitution.

    Democracy, n:
    A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of direct expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic… negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it is based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Result is demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.
    — U. S. Army Training Manual No. 2000-25 (1928-1932),
    since withdrawn.

  101. Chemicals can caused homosexual attraction by screwing up the endocrine system. Remove the chemicals and the body will correct itself. Just like chemicals can create paranoia or other issues. Remove the chemicals and the body will often correct itself. But a person still has to chose to engage in the specific behavior. The problems we see today are because people chose to engage in and promote the behavior. And you are correct about what often happens to children when abused.

    One problem we see today is that words are misused.

  102. Because the “Feminist” movement was compromised by “Progressives” and those promoting deviant behaviors. The movement started attacking men and promoting deviant behaviors, i.e. lesbianism/sodomy, that when men with mental illnesses started claiming to be women the movement sided with them.

  103. There have always been two genders to express humanity and to procreate children for each generation. That will not change. Sexual designation is tied to gender, not separate from it. The biological facts do not lie. We are binary beings. It is a sign of our times that people are becoming foolish and delusional over this matter so that reality itself is an illusion. Frankly this disconnect with reality exists because people have ignored or defied the authority of their Creator and King. We are made “male and female” in His image, and to His glory.

  104. Homosexuals have an extra X on sex chromosome inherited from mother.
    Lesbians do not like men because of various psych issues.
    It is all unnatural & not legit.

  105. No science report I have read on DNA has ever supported such a claim. Sodomites would be jumping on such a report to justify their behavior if one existed. Sodomy is a behavior a person chooses to engage in. Homosexuality, a distortion of the endocrine system, can be caused by various types of abuse and chemicals, resulting in behavioral imprinting or Pavlov’s Dog scenario. But regardless sodomy is a behavior a person chooses to engage in, just as a person chose to engage in natural sexual behavior. And like all behaviors a person can chose to not engage in the behavior and undo behavioral imprinting – though it can take years.

  106. Please tell me how a small minority of people are running our country? Democrat liberal lefties have been allowed to write our history books, run our schools and colleges, create legislation that protects foreigners but not citizens, run our country with only the Congress and create a constant harrassment of the President of the United States since his been in office with no consequences while breaking laws that nobody including Republicans will take action against. These Democrats need to be put in Jail for the constant and unrelenting attacks and lies against the duly elected President. What has happened to Justice in our country?

  107. Male who wants to be female.
    That is only 2.
    Female that wants to be male.
    That is only 2.
    Yep there you go. 2.

    True gays do not have children. They can not make children

    That takes 2. Sperm male. Eggs female.

    Now what if you feel your are from a toaster. Will you try to be a toster.?. Is that a New Gender too.?..
    How’s about a pop tart.?.

  108. We ought not use the word “gender” actually, because it is not specifically defined as a word. We should use the word “sex” since that is the term of which there are only two, male and female. I’d like to see bathroom doors labeled as male or female as our Creator has said, and that is true in all of His animal created kinds.

  109. The word “gender” is appropriate, in my opinion at least. Within nature there are three genders – male, female, and neutral. Even in the written languages we have the same three genders. Humans only exist as male or female. Those who don’t like their actual gender, or sex, have mental issues.

    The problem is those promoting deviant behaviors twist words to mean something other than what they mean. This is how “Progressives” advance their agenda by twisting the meaning of words to hide their agenda. For instance, consider people who claim they are “bi-sexual”. Humans are not bi-sexual. Humans are male or female, not counting genetic or co-joined twin issues. Most plants are bi-sexual, they have both male and female reproductive organs. Even some animals are bi-sexual (i.e. earthworms). Bacteria are neutral since they do reproduce dividing. What we are seeing today is the misuse of terms, like bi-sexual, to justify deviant and unnatural behaviors.

  110. Robert! LOL!! Oh my goodness. Have you been asleep? Out of country? Up in space? Hospitalized? Your clown Ohomoba is gone from the White House! He has been reduced to staring through the White House lawn fence. He is like you. Unable to let go. He moved close by, the better for him to pretend that he is still part of Washington politics. He has to pay people to bring him gossip of day to day Trump politics! LOL! Wake up!

  111. The MD gender that was flagged was satire. But in nature there are three – male, female, and neutral (i.e. bacteria, viruses, etc.). In Humans there are only male and female.

  112. Mainardy is correct. A person can identify as a rock if they want but have very little chance of achieving that goal.


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