How a Democrat Governor’s new abortion law just helped a murderer will disgust you


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Democrat-controlled New York Legislature rammed Planned Parenthood’s dream into law in the Empire State.

The so-called “Reproductive Health Act” ensconced late-term abortion-on-demand in the New York State Constitution.

And what the outrageous law now means for an accused murderer will break your heart.

The Left lost its collective mind in jubilation when New York Democrats rammed the most radical pro-abortion legislation in the country into law.

Now, the outrageous law that makes abortion a “fundamental right” is being cited by Queens District Attorney Richard Brown to justify dropping charges against a man alleged of murder.

Anthony Hobson was arrested following the murder of his pregnant girlfriend and her unborn child.

But now that New York has enacted Planned Parenthood’s dream law, Hobson is getting to skate on the criminal abortion charge that prosecutors initially leveled against him for the child’s death.

The New York Post reports:

Prosecutors initially included a charge of abortion against the Queens man arrested Friday in his pregnant girlfriend’s murder — but rescinded it because of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new Reproductive Health Act.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown sent out a press release saying Anthony Hobson, 48, would be charged with second-degree abortion as well as murder in Sunday’s fatal stabbing of Jennifer Irigoyen, 35.

But a DA spokeswoman later told The Post that the abortion charge “was repealed by the Legislature, and this is the law as it exists today.”

Cuomo signed the RHA into law on Jan. 22, the 46th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

The law removes abortion from the state’s criminal code and puts it into public health law.

It faced fierce opposition, with the New York State Catholic Conference warning that it “removes accountability for those who would harm unborn children outside the context of medical termination of pregnancy.”

Sadly, murder suspects evading criminal abortion charges because of this law isn’t the least bit surprising.

Last year, a man was sentenced to 22 years in prison for spiking his pregnant girlfriend’s drink with an abortion-inducing drug. Would he have also gotten off scot-free under this new law?

The Democrats who passed the most radical pro-abortion law in the country almost certainly knew this would be among the many tragic results.

But abortion-on-demand has become a sacred tenet for leftists.

And pro-abortion activists admitting that such wanton disregard for human life is wrong when committed on the streets puts their dark enterprise at risk no matter if it takes place in a clinic or not.

We want to know how you feel about it. Should abortion-on-demand be allowed?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. This is such an abomination! Shameful. This will only be the start of what they will be able to do to people with terminal disease or handicapped people. Even seniors . If they think they aren’t viable to society anymore. It will be genocide.

  3. If someone shoots a prominent politician like Pelosi, Schumer or Cuomo and is captured, can they plead that they were just providing an after birth abortion?

  4. Cuomo past this , because of all the kick back money he’ll get from plan parent hood. Which includes the sale of baby body organs

  5. Cuomo past this , because of all the kick back money he’ll get from plan parent hood. Which includes the sale of baby body organs

  6. Only a sick and demented person could come up with such a law. These are evil people that have taken over the democratic party. If they are not stopped, who knows what other sick and deranged laws they will pass. Can’t the people of this country find it in their hearts to take to the streets in protest.

  7. Absolutely NO abortions should be allowed. It is murder.

  8. Remember this people…….The Lord WILL have HIS way on Judgment Day. All that is happening right now is just the beginning. All we can do is pray that HE comes back for us before it gets any worse. I know this sounds “religious”, but how about giving prayer a try….It works, ya know.

  9. He needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!! He would have made a perfect SS officer to Hitler in the concentration camps!! I cannot fathom the evil depraved cruel sadistic nature of these people, who would kill a beautiful little baby, who could be placed for adoption, with a childless couple!!! So disgusted, it makes me sick!!

  10. This is ludicrous! Late term (third term) abortions should ONLY be allowed in the extreme case where a Mother’s life is at risk, meaning she could die. The fact that the SOB referenced above may skate on murdering his girlfriends unborn child is insane. The fact of the matter is, he murdered two people, not one. He is not a doctor, and what he did was not to perform an abortion at any stage, but to murder two innocent people. Cuomo’s new law is absolutely sickening, but this cannot be mistaken for abortion.

  11. If these AXX HXXXs really gave it ANY thought… they might just realize that were this mandate in force at the time of THEIR birth…. they might well not be around today!!! This is one of the most UNGODLY act that man can perpetrate upon his fellow citizens… “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY SAITH THE LORD” but , of course these people have NO RELIGIOUS TENOR.. so guess it won’t bother them…but it is going to get mighty HOT where they will end up!! thanx……rich …. IN GOD WE TRUST

  12. Hell no!!!!!’n Abortion is MURDER PERIOD!!!! We need to stop calling it abortion and call it what it really is MURDER!!!!!!!!! The end!!!!

  13. I think that anyone who reads this law would realize it it not only murder but also anti-women. The choice will not longer be the mother’s of an unborn child, but the father can now decide to end the baby’s life and doing it with drugs that will induce an arbortion regardless of the mother’s wishes. Also it has paved the way for back alley abortionist to come back. I know it says all medical insurance must cover abortion; but a young teen-age girl who doesn’t want her parents to find out she is pregnant will not be able to afford Planned Parenthood and since anyone can perform an abortion with or without training, she will probably be going to someone who charges a lot less and risk death, the inability to have future children and/or a std because of unsterilized instruments-remember Dr. Gosnell!

  14. About a year ago, Governor Cuomo of New York released his 2019 budget, “Realizing the Promise of Progressive Government”; in it were the provisions of the Reproductive Health Act- don’t let the name fool you. There was concern and apprehension in some quarters, and regrettably our worst fears were realized.

    The New York State Reproductive Health Act is nothing more than a mandate for unrestricted abortion. It is radical, and unquestionably the most horrendous and brutal legislation ever conceived, even many of those who support abortion think it much too extreme.

    Under the leadership of a morally corrupt demagogue of a governor, and an angry, uncivil horde of democrats, New York has devolved into a godless, immoral progressive wasteland. This once great storied state has lost all sense of decency, its respect for the dignity and sanctity of life, its mind and most of all its soul.

  15. Today, Planned Parenthood is the number one provider of abortions in the United States and received over 350 million dollars in taxpayer in 2009. While they claim that they do much more than abort children, their own figures tell a different story: in 2007, they made only 5,000 adoption referrals, while aborting over 300,000 children.
    Although it’s true that Planned Parenthood’s mission is to serve under served communities, they are inadvertently still following the goal of Margaret Sanger – ridding the world of “human beings who never should have been born.”.


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