Hollywood’s Patton Oswalt just said he wants these Americans to die of coronavirus


Hollywood is full of vile leftists who scream obscenities from their million-dollar mansions telling the average American what to think and do.

And there may be no viler and more disgusting example of this than actor and comedian Patton Oswalt.

And now Oswalt has taken his disturbing vitriol to a new level saying he likes to imagine this group of Americans dying of the Chinese coronavirus.

We live in troubled times where disagreements over the smallest thing can end up in a fist fight, riot, or even erupt into gunfire and death.

In today’s political landscape, if you do not literally kneel at the feet of violent socialist thugs and vow undying loyalty to them and all they believe, you are the enemy.

And nowhere is this worse than in Hollywood.

The land of make believe is now the land of spoiled millionaires spouting off on everything from guns to abortion, so-called “equality” to the environment, and of course “woke” me-too social justice.

All the while they live in their own world, with their own rules, where they can say one thing all the while doing another.

One only need look at things like Harvey Weinstein long reign of terror and Hollywood’s “look the other way” attitude.

And they can get away with it because we watch their movies, clamor for their latest TV show, and buy their merchandise.

But now, just maybe, they are taking it too far.

There are the profanity-laced social media posts from Ron Perlman, the screaming crying videos of Alyssa Milano, and now the death wishes of Patton Oswalt.

The comedian and actor, who may be best known for his role on the show The King of Queens, has also had roles in shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Recreation

Recently, Oswalt tweeted how he imagines President Trump’s supporters dying from the coronavirus.

That’s right, this man, who depends on the American people buying his comedy schtick is now saying he fantasizes over millions of his American fans dying.

And he wants them to die all because of a politician they support.

This is just how vile and hateful Hollywood has become.

Oswalt launched his attack as a response to an unsubstantiated claim President Trump has asked Attorney General William Barr to launch a DOJ investigation into the media’s coverage of the Chinese spread of coronavirus.

Gabriel Sherman who writes for Vanity Fair recently cited an “anonymous source close to the White House” who claims that President Trump “wants Justice to open investigations of the media for market manipulation.” 

But even the Vanity Fair report never went so far as to say that the President asked Barr to launch such an investigation, as Oswalt’s Tweets claim.

Patton Oswalt of course is the same man who said in December that every person who voted for supports President Trump is a “stupid a**hole.”

Here is the actual quote with all its intellectual vigor, “The President is a stupid a**hole and if you voted for him you’re a stupid a**hole and if you still support him you’re a stupid a**hole. Oh no this Tweet is going to make all the stupid a**holes not like me waaaaah.”

Oswalt, who has a history of drug problems and anger management issues, has clearly decided that insults aren’t enough.

Now he wants Americans to die by the millions, as long as he gets to keep the mansion and servants of course. 

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