Hollywood’s most radical Left-wing actress just announced her candidacy for the White House


Democrats in the media, Hollywood, and even voters are not happy with the field of candidates they have running against Donald Trump.

Now, an unhinged celebrity is getting involved, promising to solve everything.

And you’ll never guess who it is.

Celebrities are doing everything they can to show their fans how much they despise Trump.

But Bette Midler has recently gone off the deep end.

After expressing that she wishes someone would stab and kill President Trump, she has announced she’s running a write-in campaign for the White House.

Breitbart reports:

Far-left actress and Broadway star Bette Midler has billed herself as a 2020 “write-in candidate,” suggesting she is not happy with the current crop of Democratic candidates vying to take on President Donald Trump in next year’s presidential election.

In her Twitter bio, the Broadway singer uses the tagline: “Write-in candidate 2020! #BeBette.”

The use of write-in candidates typically happens in elections where the voter chooses to vote for someone who is not a listed or eligible candidate. In the 2016 presidential election, many people reported voting for write-in candidates to express their opposition to both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

However, Midler’s announcement is made all the more bizarre by the fact that she is a virulent anti-Trump activist, meaning those writing her in as a candidate are likely to be indirectly helping Trump in his bid to win re-election.

Fortunately, Bette Midler has zero chance of winning office.

The only reason she’s gained attention recently is for her controversial tweets and wishing that the President would be assassinated.

While her “candidacy” does not pose a threat to Donald Trump, it does reveal something about the Democrats they don’t want to admit.

The reality is, Democrats have zero confidence in any of the candidates currently running to defeat Donald Trump.

That’s why they are so desperate.

After watching the Democrats debate on stage and witnessing the absolute train wreck, voters want an alternative.

With the elections just 14 months out, President Trump appears to be in a strong position for re-election.


  1. Watching her when I was a teen. I thought she was retarded. The worthless snatch ought to enjoy what’s left of her life instead of trying to ruin everyone else’s.

    • Yep If this idiot was in the White House she could sing Rochelle Rochelle and eat pineapple water ice if there was a problem. This moron should have stayed in NYC bath houses – she can’t sing or act or better yet this jackass could be the wind beneath our wings God help us all

    • Bette Midler ad advocated stabbing the President and then they claim that Trump is the hate monger.Good grief talk about mental illness .Is there anyone left in this country that isn’t mentally ill.

        • They are millions of people in this country that are VERY competent. The mainstream media, Demrats, Liberals, Most of Hollywood just to name a few are idiots, very unstable, hateful, sick POS that are anti-America and want to turn this Country into Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, China, you get my drift. So sick of the embarrassment these people are showing the world.

      • It isn’t a democrat that isn’t mentally ill. All democrats has gotten a huge case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  2. Forget her, keep the president in office for another 4 years. The only way you can keep trump in office is vote. Vote all those who oppose him out.

  3. It’s a shame about Bette. I used to really like her music. I don’t know when or why she became so deranged. But I do know that I will no longer support her in any way. Goodbye to “The Rose” and “Wind Beneath My Wings.” Too bad…

  4. I guess her threats (YES I CONSIDER HER RANT A THREAT) didn’t get her enough attention, so she claims she’s going to run for presidency now. Ok, she’s got my nod. It will be much fun watching President Trump wipe the floor up with her.

  5. “Democrats in the media, Hollywood, and even voters are not happy with the field of candidates they have running against Donald Trump.” REALLY? She’ll just add to the circus.


  7. God she’s stupid. Should have used her mouth to-only sing words someone else wrote because everything out of her thoughts are pure stupidity.

  8. After threatening the life of the POTUS, this MORON should be arrested, and thrown in a prison cell where she belongs..(isn’t that what these UNCONSTITUTIONAL “red flag” laws the DEMOCOMMUNISTS are pushing, supposed to do?) Apparently she IS a “danger to herself and others” because by the sounds of thins she has INDEED lost her marbles. This HAG is no better than any other citizen. Throw her ass in jail.

  9. I fell out of my chair laughing, she never ceases to amaze me as to how stupid she can be.
    Why is she not in jail for advocating The assassination of President Trump? this two tier justice system needs to be scrutinized and stopped.
    Also, I have been put on suspension on the hill website for saying libturd, not that I really give a rats a-hole. seems the left can use any language they want, but the right can’t, damned snowflakes melt down when called libturds or libards. Can’t wait for the suspension to lapse so I can get kicked off permanently.

  10. One more clown in the car just adds to the humor of the Democrats Circus of Clowns. Some people
    have a fear of clowns. No need to fear Ms. Bette.

    She brings up a great plan for Democrats of all persuasions. After the primaries if your choice for the Democrat presidential final ballot didn’t win you should write in their name on the Nov. 2020 ballot. He/she/it, covers all genders of the current wannabees, was after all the choice that should have been made. Hillary, Michelle, Nancy, Chuck, are examples of other great write ins right up there with Ms. Bette.

    Do this to show that your choice should have been selected.

  11. ROFLMAO….another Follywood loon on the loose. My guess is she misses the limelight and trying to remain relevant. She’s not worth the effort and should fade away into neverland and stay there.

  12. Hocus Pocus –
    Winifred “Winnie” Sanderson is running a write in campaign to become POTUS.
    The only problem is that most of the people entertained by that witch can’t write or read.
    Bette Midler take note: The last female to run (Herpes Rotten Clinton) rode a broom too and she lost!

  13. I walked out of my house and saw a Bette Midler for President poster but than my dog took a dump and I knew immediately who I had to vote for so I picked up my dogs turd and swore my allegiance to the turd it will certainly be a better candidate than Bette Midler

  14. this idiot along with her side kick hanoi jane both should take a short flight out to sea NEVER TO BE SEEN OR HEARD FROM AGAIN..

    • Absolutely!! I am so sorry Hanoi Jane is still alive. That bitch and her cronies cannot understand why she is still hated with passion after all these years. Now she can take B.M. with her to hell.

  15. HA HA HA HA oh by the way she can’t sing either so what makes her think she can run a country she has no sense to do so

  16. Oh my gosh! This can’t really be true, is it? Well, at least I got my laugh for the day, if it’s true. Can she even write to add her name on the ballot?? Expending on a previous post, how many more clowns can they pile into the Democratic clown car? Don’t they have enough to laugh at before I cast my vote for Trump again!!!

  17. A late, yet great possible addition to the Democrat Clown Mobile, as it careens wildly toward a ‘Thelma and Louise’ ending? She’d be perfect right next to ‘Moonbeam II’, Marianne Williamson. Bette’s a great talent, just wish she’d tone down that classic, obnoxious, loud-mouth NYC attitude.

  18. The “Wind Beneath Our Wings” is Bette Midler’s fart…she doesn’t know her ass from her elbow…just what Washington needs… another lunatic running the asylum…

  19. ANOTHER LEFT WING “NUT CASE” looking to be elected . . . Just get in line with the rest of them (Democratic Party). You’ll be unemployed also with the rest of them as well after the 2020 election. You have NOTHING but hate and vitriol to offer (not including LUNACY and INSANITY). Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  20. If Better Midler is threatening to kill President Trump the FBI should arrest her immediately and charge her with premeditated murder! She is a danger go our country.
    This is nothing to joke about!

    • Nancy,
      Terroristic Threats
      Inciting violence
      Threats against the President of the United States

      It’s too bad that these people get away with this crap and abuse the Constitution to defend their selves.

      Trump 2020

    • seriously look what has happen with all the mass shootings, red flags were waving everywhere and they did not follow them up, and look what happened, because they did not follow the postings the signs the tweets, that these sick people posted, well here you have mrs Midler posting them on all medias and no one is looking into her threats and checking her for mental problems, no searching her home for firearms or detaining her for threats to the president and American citizens!! sound to me like she is heading down the path with the rest of the crazy mass shooters.

  21. Sorry Bette! Simple fact is that Donald Trump is worth more, in cold, hard, cash, than you are. Herr Trump can AFFORD to BUY the election, if he chooses to. No matter how much you and I despise Der Fuhrer, we must put up with him, atleast until inauguration day, 2021.

    • Norman…He does not have to buy the election, fool!! He will win by a landslide against the sick, lying, hate-filled, deranged dems. And Pres. Trump has done far more for this country than Obama did.

    • Norman Hiterliter; Sorry but you are confusing President Trump with Hillary Clinton. SHE was the one TRIED to buy the election. Didn’t work though, THANK GOD!!! And isn’t it interesting you are referring to President Trump as Der Fuhrer when it’s your party that is the Nazi party….

  22. GOOD FOR BETT MIDLER!! i’m glad that she is entering the Presidential race against Trump! she knows a lot of people and will probably garner a couple of hundred thousand votes further DILUTING the vote against Trump. i am so happy that the Democrats remain in a “circular firing squad.” their disarray guarantees that my second vote for Trump will again help him lead this country out of the LIBERAL MADNESS that now exists.

  23. LOL! These kinds of People never seen to NOT Surprise me! They must think that because that people who like their Music or a Movie, a Show or a Simple D.J.! They actually think that all the people would VOTE for them in a ELECTION FOR OUR LEADER OF OUR NATION AFTER THEIR PUBLIC DISPLAY OF HATE AGAINST AT LEAST HALF OF OUR HOMELAND!From calling for the Death of Our Elected President Trump,to SICKENING THINGS about his Wife & Son! You must still be on those DRUGS FROM THE 60’S

  24. Love this! The more brain-dead folks like the Hollywood crowd join in and want to run, the better. They will never understand that every one of them by declaring a candidacy makes a Trump re-election more likely. Apparently the closer they come to the end of a career, the more desperate those pathetic Hollywood types get. They are a laughing-stock to the rest of us.

  25. Well she might as well join the rest of the losers and get her butt kicked along with the rest of them, she is a total has been that needs to keep her name out front so people won’t keep forgetting who she is, maybe she can sell a few more records with all the publicity she keeps pushing in the media

  26. Just what mental factors would anyone have who would vote for a person who has come right out and said that they would like for someone to kill the president? That statement alone shows the lack of clear mental thinking on the part of the person saying it. Much less for anyone who would actually vote for them. Just to say this is enough to get you investigated by the DOJ. Unless you are a well known celebrity and/or a good democrat in standing. Anyone else would be locked up in a secret mental facility somewhere.

  27. BAWHAWWWW. I guess she is trying to resurrect her career. Not. The Dems keep this up and President Trump can phone it in.

  28. Really? I never imagined Bette Midler was quite that stupid. Very stupid, yes, but this is over the top. The Clown Show just got one more clown/moron. I seriously hope she qualifies for upcoming debates!

  29. Actress? Pshaw! She/it is just one more ugly big mouthed west coast battleaxe who should be cleaning toilets with her tongue.

  30. Everyday we get to hear how the “gangrene” of these dissenters of America continue to corrupt our Amazing Awesome Country.

    How did we get here where people can spew hatred for America and our duly elected President without consequence? I know it began some years ago and is now showing itself.

    We should all be concerned enough to stop this down fall.

    Thank God Almighty for President Donald Trump! I pray for him and our country. He is a Champion and Hero, not a god but God’s man for the hour.

    Let’s not take that fore granted….

    • Thats an easy one to answer, the dems have been buying votes with their free this, free that, if you dont want to work the government will take care of you platform. Thats all reparations and free college, pay off your student loans is, flat out vote buying, it should be illegal.
      As far as Midler is concerned I have a big rock in my back yard that would make a better and smarter president than her.

  31. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  32. All she knows how to do is act and that isn’t much because she cannot act! How can she be a president when she is not squeaky clean. She is one of the Hollywood Whores with their Emporer’s new clothes.(Barely there cloth coverups they call gowns) She does not know business, she does not know law. She is out of her mind!

  33. roflmao this is the best news ever write in votes for the former witch omg if this not throw a monkey wrench into the democratic line up, it is a perfect storm to break up the democrats votes for the vermin of the California demorats imagine Midler vs Trump lmao what she going to do sing herself into the Whitehouse she slams even her own jewish heritage.

  34. Many of the most outspoken people in Hollywood have not even been to college. Acting school, maybe. But not a real college.
    They just say what they are TOLD to say. Like an actor – always a fake lecture/sermon/irritation.
    No experience in government – which can be as boring as can be.

  35. Bette Midler used to be a good singer and a good actress. But I seriously doubt that all her acting ability could not make her a candidate for the White House. I know Bette wants to stay in the spotlight. Running for President against Trump would certainly keep her on Twitter. But its a big joke. And Bette Midler would become one big joke if she decided to run for President.

  36. So why has this dumb ass old bitch not been arrested for speaking of violence towards the President, saying she wishes someone would assassinate him is encouraging violence towards someone which should be taken seriously. So I guess we can deduct from no action being taken against any of these mindless morons who inhabit Hollyweird, that our law enforcement has been influenced by the far left and are not acting on their sworn oath. Bette Medler which I like to call her is a damn joke and should stay retired and keep her dumb ass opinions to herself.

  37. Butt Midler needs to shut up and sing, like the book says. She must be delirious! These elitist Dummycrats surround themselves by their own kind, make a fortune off of the Capitalist System in America, then turn around and bash it. President Trump was a life long registered Democrat until he switched parties, and now is governing more conservatively than President Regan did. By the way, President Trumps kids were also registered Democrats, and weren’t allowed to vote for their dad in the NY Primaries, because they hadn’t changed their party affiliation in time. Thank God Hilliary Rotten Clinton lost! Keep America Great, and oh, by the way, I have 2020 vision, I see Trump/Pence!

  38. My! My! her delusions have jumped out of Pandora’s Box, being that Midler is definitely one of the ills of the world! She like the other 20 morons think they could be president, and second, have the gray mater to be the president. Trump would eat them all alive.

  39. Hey guys, Leave poor Bette Midler alone. She really needs some up lifting in her thoughts. Do you really want to lower yourself to her level? As some have done with their responses. Show some class and intelligence when you write something and SIGN your name to it !!! Let the Midlers and Kimmels hovel in their garden of thoughtless ness showing their total ignorance of politics and the history of our nation. We believe America is wonderful and the evil ones will see the error of their ways when they must go out and pay a nickel for a sheet of TP. Missy


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