Hollywood may never recover after receiving the worst news of their lives in the face of the coronavirus


Every day Americans are beginning to feel the damage the coronavirus has inflicted upon the economy.

Now Hollywood elitists are beginning to feel the pain and all hell is breaking loose.

And Hollywood may never recover after receiving this devastating news about the coronavirus.

Many Americans are having their work hours cut and are being laid off in the face of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Trump administration is even considering sending $1,000 – $2,000 checks to every adult in order to stimulate the economy.

So far, many of the elitists in Hollywood and the entertainment industry have been able to escape the virus’s wrath entirely.

But all of that is about to change.

AMC theaters and Regal Cinema are closing over 1,000 movie theaters across the United States in response to the outbreak.

Which means movies currently playing at the box office are about to take a massive nose dive.

AMC and Regal Cinema should be applauded for making such a tough decision for their business.

Closing their theaters will bring their revenue to a grinding halt and hurt many of the staff.

But they came to the conclusion it was more important to consider the public health consequences of remaining open than generate revenue.

Needless to say, this move will have tremendous ramifications for the entertainment industry.

Actors and actresses will soon see their incomes drop rapidly and studios will lose tens of millions of dollars on their investments.

Some movies, such as the next installment of the James Bond series, had the foresight to delay the release of their film in anticipation of theaters closing.

The next few months could devastate many studios that are woefully unprepared for the crisis.

It could also mean big trouble for a handful celebrities that live extravagant lives with no concern for their finances.

We could very well witness several celebrities file for bankruptcy shortly.

What do you think?

Do you think the coronavirus will have a devastating effect on Hollywood?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Who cares about Hollywood????? They do not matter. They have no concept of reality. There are real people struggling to make ends meet who are being devastated by this virus. I couldn’t care less about some celebrity who is losing money. Theaters here are closed and I don’t care

  3. Most of them are liberal brats that live in a fantasy world that bash conservatives. Maybe this will wake them up. They should have done their jobs without forcing their insane views on normal people.

  4. Hollywood liberals live in a complete fantasy world that is about to get hit with a very big dose of reality. They’re gonna be forced to climb down from their pedestals and join the ranks of us mere mortals. Many will not be able to survive the shock…

  5. No I don’t think it will have the effect that your predicting, & I would like to see that happen.

    Reason, most of the money is already gone before it hits the box office. These ppl pay themselves first.
    They have been tanking at the box office more & more, but nothing has changed. They have been trying to cash in on the Christian box office money. But not by doing great Christian movie, no no no!
    They put out the movies like Moses, with Russel & a Christian soldiers faith story – by Angelina; there have been others. But dispute bombing they continue to put out stuff that’s little more than blasphmey.

    Sooo, until Hollywood really has to tighten its belt nothing will change!

  6. No sympathy for these elitist brats. In fact I can think of certain ones that greatly deserve to come crashing down. I don’t go to their dull disgusting movies as it is. Maybe they’ll be more apt to think before they slander Americans from now on?
    But I doubt it!

  7. for what money that they have made, unless spent foolishly, they should not have difficulty during this time. If they have to file for bankruptcy then they were reckless with spending. I don’t feel sorry for any of them, because of the remarks made about the president, and the conservatives. Very few can act, and what is coming out of Hollywood right now is garbage, and not worth seeing. Most movies are now forcing extreme liberal views upon the public.

  8. They REAPED where they SOWED. They care NOTHING about the common citizen except showing their TREASONISTIC TRAITOR Left Wing Rhetoric, and they serve NO USEFUL purpose for it. One disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. Alot of them will just continue the lefts narrative and continue to blame the best president in my lifetime Donald Trump. Trump 2020 and beyond.

  10. I hope Hollywood is paying close attention to what millions of people really think about them. We the people are totally disgusted with their behavior and decisive opinions. Hollywood celebrities serve no useful purpose whatsoever. Look up the definition of the word FECKLESS. I think it accurately describes what they really are.

  11. I hate to see bad anything for anybody, but the way some of these actors and actresses act and run off at the mouth about our President I don’t care if they end up like the regular John or Jane Doe having to work their way through life. I have always been a big movie nut and my wife and me and a group of friends would usually go to at least one movie a week until they decided to bash our President. The last movie I went to a theater to see was a Clint Eastwood movie.

  12. Maybe the picture show audience will learn to watch better movies on TV especially some of the gems from the 1920s 30s 40s & 50s & they can buy a dvd lot cheaper than a ticket to a theater now a days with better actors cheaper popcorn candy & soft drinks.

  13. Hollywood has been the downfall of our Nation. They “PREACH” values that corrupts the morals of our youth and teach young adults values that life is a fantasy. Hope they feel the pinch!
    They are arrogant and many are disrespectful to our President.

  14. These Hollywood elitist thought their platform was equal to the President of the United States. Just the other day C rated actress Alyssa Milano was cursing out the President about this virus. She is a foul mouth as is DeNiro and many others about the hardest working President I’ve seen. Many of us will like to see them actually become humbled by this, but their entitlement is so strong they’ll just ride it out.

  15. bob White….I so agree…we cannot beat those oldie but goodie movies. Haven’t been to a movie here for years…last one was not even in this country.

  16. Many of these people make millions of dollars. If they are so smart, why aren’t they saving most of it for emergencies? I have read that they will pay #12,000 per night to stay in a fancy resort hotel suite. Time to face reality and stay in a regular hotel room. And some of the perks they demand while there are just embarrassing to all us “common” people. They, along with most of our politicians, think they breathe rarified air. Time to live in the real world, people.

  17. I have been in a theater twice in the past 30 years. Both times to see movies produced by small time studios without big name stars. Doesn’t bother me one bit that theaters are closed.

  18. Just remember these people are paid to lie to us. There was a reason that back in the days of traveling troupes, they were run out of town after a performance. If the actors (and yes, all of the players were male) dared offer up a view on the current political situation (ie. serfdom vs. nobility) they were stoned! I don’t object to the actors/actresses that are willing to join the political movement as long as they are running for a public office themselves (Reagan, Eastwood, and Schwatzenager come to mind), outside of that, SHUT THE F**K UP!

  19. I could care less about hollywood and any of it’s so-called stars. They need to be humbled and shown they need us more than we need them. In fact, there are enough reruns to watch for the rest of our lives and they could shrivel up and die and I would not miss them. Good bye hollywood big shots. Can you say “and would like fries with that Sir”

  20. Hollywood does not matter to us whatsoever. We haven’t been to movies in years and we don’t want to see these rabid, hateful, screaming Liberals on any screen because that’s all we can think about. They don’t seem to realize that we are all in this together and they are not some special Elite! Why are they out there every day with their hateful rhetoric while the President is fighting for our survival with everything he’s got? The few who honor and love this Country will have our 100% approval!

  21. Awww, poor little arrogant egomaniacs! They just can’t seem to understand that their lives are as fake and make-believe as the cesspool they live in. Looks like their time of pretending to be kings and queens, all important to we ‘little people’ that hang on their every word is coming to an end. All of Hollywood is becoming a has-been anyway, the best movies now are being made in other states, with actors that live outside of California.

  22. It is not foresight that there is a delay in the new “Bond” film. It has a Trump like character in it that is most likely a “villain.” So they are purposely delaying the movie to be closer to the election to attempt to influence it.

  23. I hope that when the theaters do re-open, that true conservatives remember how these snobby upper crust hollywood elites truly think about us and how they have no problem “offending” us, calling us names, telling us we are stupid for having the beliefs we do. We should NOT go see ANY of the openings after this returns to normal and see what they think about that. If half of the country says to hollywood “stuff it” they might get the message after all.

  24. Who cares if they have to
    File bankruptcy? I DO NOT. They are mostly (but not all) swamp creatures anyway. Some are really disgusting. I don’t go to theaters anymore.


  26. I do not feel sorry for any of them. Perhaps it ‘s time they get a taste of the real life where real people have to live. I wish no one to get this horrible sickness, but what goes around will come around. Perhaps people like Robert Deniro, Whoppie
    Goldberg and Jim Carey may have to resort to Mr. Trump for help after all. Oh no what a kick in the head that would be.LOL. I or my wife have not gone to movies or buy DVDS in years. Just a waste of time and money. It’s all just sex and bloody violence any way. Even Disney can’t be trusted any longer. If I have misspelled these actors names, oh well it’s because I don’t care enough about actors to even look them up.


  28. Hollywood is living on borrowed time .the state is going to hell.pelosi and the dem.clan run California.its corrupt lawlessness.homeless.and full of illegals. Soon it will slide off into the sea..

  29. I sure hope one of the down and out pieces of crap is Alyssa Milano, also Bette Midler, Whoopi and the View left wingers, Michael Moore and Meathead, oh! and Grace – she needs to be slammed head first into the brink.

  30. If these over-paid elitist Left-wingers didn’t have the smarts to SAVE their earnings instead of wasting it on unnecessary luxury items, then they would have money to live on now! That’s how we ordinary people live, so I really don’t feel sorry for them if they end up filing for bankruptcy. As that old saying goes, You made your bed, now lie in it!

  31. Hollywood has become an industry of perverts. They hate over half of America. They believe that they have the right to decide what is right for all of America. Movies And TV SHOWS are full of PROPAGANDA AND LIES. According to Hollywood, Christians are bad, gays should have special rights and whites should have their rights taken away. They also, do not believe in the first or second Amendments.
    If no more movies or tv shows are made, America would be better off.

  32. The liberal left should lose some money, they certainly do not believe in AMERICA first. Let them stew in their losses!

  33. Do I care? hell no. Let them come down to earth with the rest of us. They don’t have to worry about money to eat, keep a roof over their heads. but they whine whine whine.

  34. “Escape from LA” always comes to mind when I think of unHolywood. What I keep wondering when all those Peter Pans are moving out of the country? Mr. Trump was elected by the people and will be reelected in spite of them…so when are you moving? Our President is doing a fine job. Better than any of their crazy, crooked candidates. They live in a land of “Pulp Fiction.” Actors pretend and jocks play children’s games and think We the People should hang on their every word. We have a few words for them…Welcome to the Real World.


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