Hollywood liberals received a career-ending report on their latest box office results


Big Hollywood celebrities and producers are creating movies that are flopping at the box office. 

It’s gotten so bad that jobs are on the line. 

These celebrities received a report showing their box office results and it could mean the end of these big name producer’s careers. 

In 2019, radical left-wing producers attempted to shove their agenda down everyone’s throat in each movie they produced. 

Producers forced radically feminist characters into lead roles at the expense of well-established characters and story lines.

And the LGBT movement wedged their way into every film they could as well. 

Classic movie franchises such as Terminator and Star Wars were perhaps the greatest victims of the Left forcing their agenda onto the big screen. 

And now they are paying for it. 

A new report shows that sales are plummeting in 2019 in what is the single biggest drop in five years.

Breitbart reports:

Hollywood is closing out 2019 on a sour note thanks to a new report showing that North American ticket sales fell an estimated 3.6 percent in 2019 compared to last year, the largest percentage drop in five years.

Audiences shunned the multiplexes despite Hollywood’s continued obsession with superhero blockbusters and digitally animated family movies, both of which are designed to rake in cash domestically and abroad.

For the year, Comscore is projecting that box office revenue in North America will reach $11.45 billion, a drop of 3.6 percent from 2018’s record haul of $11.89 billion, according to multiple published reports.

That represents the steepest drop since 2014, when box office revenue fell a little more than 5 percent compared to 2013.

It did not require a big name Hollywood executive to see this trend coming. 

Fans are sick of these big studios ruining classic franchises like Star Wars. 

Recently, J.J. Abrams crash landed the last installment of the Star Wars story and many fans are not showing up to see it. 

People do not go to movie theaters to be lectured or preached to. 

They go to be entertained and relax. 

Hollywood celebrities and producers have lost sight of this and are now paying the price. 

What do you think? 

Will Hollywood producers stop forcing their left-wing agenda into movies in 2020?

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  2. Remind me to cry later. I have no intention to view there bad (or worse) movies. And I get to save my money for better things.

  3. If these producers thought that the radical 2% could repay them for the money it takes to
    produce a movie they are now reaping the results of their actions.
    A poor crop indeed!
    If they think the alphabet loudmouths actually represent American’s taste they are way
    more gullible and naïve than I thought!

  4. It’s time to make our side be heard. So sick of the left feeling they are the only voice!! Hit em where it hurts…their wallets!!

  5. Well, this is what happens when you are trying so hard to appeal to a very small minority, and want to appear so PC. Did it help you Hollywood? Of course it didn’t!! How could such a small percentage of the population attending these abominations you call movies give you a profitable turnover ? It can’t! And I’m so please you are losing money hand over fist!!
    I haven’t gone to the movies in years and as long as the demon party controls Holly wood and keeps trying to force down my throat THEIR agenda, I won’t go. I have much better things to do with my money than supporting the alphabet people and their lifestyle. When I went to the movies it was for entertainment. Not for this BS. Crash and burn Hollywood. I will only mourn for your stupidly and very poor choices…

  6. Have not been to but 1 movie all year. Stopped going to movies and stopped watching TV shows that are pc. Not much left in real entertainment.

  7. Linda M. I’m with you 100% ! I couldn’t care less they are losing money. They deserve it. Stick to entertaining us Hollywood. Not pushing your agenda down our throats!!

  8. Look at the BIG picture ! They are change agents just as those in the lame stream media/con..gress–education-big pharma & bank$ters. The complete destruction of our white culture is upon us. I for one will NOT go quietly into the night..WAKE UP AmeriKa !

  9. Michael javick: Trust me Michael, all of us Conservatives will NOT go quietly into the night. Trust me. I have lived too long and have watched our great country being systematically destroyed by our enemy known as the demon party, to turn our nation into the NWO. They WILL face the consequences they have brought upon themselves. Guaranteed….

  10. Hollyweird can KMA, they have not produced a movie in years that I would consider wasting my money on. I turn on my TV and watch an old Audey Murphy Movie or on staring the Duke but I will not waste my money on the trash they have been making for such a long time.

  11. All you fags stay in the bedroom behind closed doors. Keep your sex to yourself. I really don’t care about your preference. Just big show offs.


  13. I have not seen a movie in a theatre since 1995 when I saw Leaving Las Vegas. I have never been in a Starbucks and could care less what these so called celebrities think about anything I am very well traveled, very well read and very well educated and I make my own decisions on everything by doing something known as research

  14. The right wing is nuts. Why are you people so terrified of even the remote possibility of seeing two men kiss? Box office revenues are dropping for a whole boat load of reasons; NONE of which are the aforementioned kiss…

  15. It will be interesting to see if loud mouth DeNiro’s new movie does well. I was once a fan but his senile filthy rants about President Trump has completely turned me off.

  16. Will they change in 2020? Nope! They believe they are “entitled” to tell me how I am suppose to live. Just listen to Robert De Niro. Let them stay in California and rot in the streets. Oh wait, they can’t be bothered with the homeless in the state. According to the governor that is Trumps fault not the government of California.

  17. This decline is NOT simply about the movies they are making. Americans are so sick of all these actors’ sanctimonious and condescending attitudes about EVERYTHING, including OUR President, that WE are choosing not to support them. I’m waiting for the light-bulb moment in Hollywood where they wake up one day and say “Maybe it’s not elite snobs who actually pay to see our movies in theaters”. “And movie theaters don’t take food stamps or other types of Government assistance as payment for tickets”. “Maybe it’s mostly hard working Americans who spend money to see our movies”. I’d pay to see Sergeant York on the “Big Screen”, wouldn’t you?

  18. So Angry with Marvel and their treatment of Thor. He WAS the Thunder God. His franchise was the these profitable, but it WAS profitable – Some moron thought it would be a good idea to change the character.First they made him a drunken Buffoon, then he hands over the leadership of New Asgard to a Lesbian; Now they rehired the flaming Homosexual that did all this damage to direct “Thor:Love and Thunder” so that Thor’s absent girlfriend can wield the Hammer and tongue wrestle with the Lesbian King of New Asgard. Thanks for the memories, Marvel, but like I put away comic books and grew up when I was 13, I will discard your product from the things I care about. Good F_$%ing Luck.

  19. Exactly, Most of my friends and I don’t do movies anymore. Also, we are turning OFF the TV and reading a book. Can’t stand five minutes of show and fifteen minutes of commercials. All brainwashing anyway.

  20. Q….will Hollywood producers stop pushing their left-wing agenda in movies in 2020. Answer, no, no they won’t they are too perverse and think we need to change. They are progressives and are and have been influencing the young in schools and media. Sadly parents are increasingly on board with their agenda and are not teaching their children correctly and now in some cases telling their kids they can choose which sex that they prefer. So those that know good from evil, teach your children well.

  21. Eric- WE aren’t terrified at all of seeing 2 men kiss- we are disgusted by it! We are also disgusted at the thought of 2 men engaging in un-natural and grotesque sexual acts. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  22. I am so happy to see that I am not the only one who is sick and tired of the subliminal and not so subtle messages that they expect audiences to accept….People overall are sick of social messages being forced down our throats society was happier when it took care of itself… Stick to entertainment and stay out of societal controls…. So tired of her “strong woman “and “all families are different “messages… Screw Hollywood

  23. Not nuts – just tired of the lefts impulse to push their viewpoints at all instances. Not terrified, just annoyed, because it is more forced than organic. Open your eyes and ears and stop spouting your anger – we think, you knee-jerk!

  24. I remember when they tried this back in the 70’s. Every movie you went to wanted to “preach” to you. It didn’t work out well then either. This time I expect they will be more persistent. Looks like at some point and time they would wake up and realize that this just doesn’t work. Also that there are many of us who don’t like what they have done with their fame and money and have decided not to share ours with them.

  25. Hollywood deserves for this to happen. They have been “acting” like they are God or pretending they are the president. Who the hell do they think they are anyway? They are sick minded and this is blowing up in their face. Good!

  26. Much rather be right than wrong. That’s your problem as with all leftist. It’s dishonesty. No way you can be an honest liberal, can’t happen. You people turn everything upside down and corrupt everything you touch. For man to kiss another man with sexual passion may be delightful for you to watch but those that are not perverted would rather not. And the perversion has nothing to do with the drop? so you say. Again simply dishonest.

  27. It applies to Television as well. I don’t watch any late nite shows anymore because they have become liberal soap boxes with little entertainment value. Who wants to go to sleep aggravated ? Steve Allen just did comedy, Jack Parr was marginal but entertaining about his rants, Carson took an occasional punt in one, maybe two jokes and went on. Now all they do is rant and go on throughout the show making up crazy things that those lesser aware of facts accept as truth – and they are bold faced lies. I want entertainment damm it !
    Perhaps that is why shows like the “Masked Singer” do well because they are all about entertaining us. I agree that most of the movies are agenda slanted, poorly written, and simply want to dazzle with special effects. This is why I enjoy my Netflix where I can watch the “lesser” movies which are often much more entertaining. And on top of everything the movies cost a fortune to attend. Perhaps Hollywood can bury itself in the fecal material they espouse and we can be better off for it. Movies are like the last line in “Gone
    With the Wind”.

  28. I’m a Christian and believe the Bible don’t watch the fags and my kids and grandkids don’t. Keep it to yourself judgement day will be glorious for you

  29. Hollywood and the media cult need to understand that the PEOPLE don’t want their brand of politics. If you want to act like gerbils on steroids do it at home…not on the screen. The libtard activists like Allysa Milano are way off base. This president is doing miracles for our country. Hillary and the lies of Warren, Sanders, or Biden will screw us up for eons before the whole world. America wants to be at the forefront not the arse end of the global nightmare. George Soros is the devil’s disciple. AOC is a confused idiot set loose on Washington, DC! As for Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, Nadler and the rest of the mentally deficient Democrats and the CIA/FBI deviates it is time to de-slime the swamp!

  30. For many years now, people in Hollywood have made movies for EACH OTHER….not for us. They want to fit in with the ‘in crowd’ and have others of their own kind fawn over them….NOT to offer anything for traditional, mainstream Americans. If they made anything that appealed to hard working, patriotic Christians, they’d be shunned within their community.

  31. TV AND the disgusting commercials are nothing more than brainwashing methods to keep shoving the anti Christian and white male bashing culture changing themes down our throats.

  32. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those on the right started a movement to boycott the movies in theaters, especially Deniro…..

  33. I completely agree with you, Michael. Cancelled my cable over 10 years ago and stopped going to movies about 20 years ago. I do not wish my mind to be polluted with Hollywood’s nonsense. I am really worried about the road that our society is travelling. Reminds me a little about the Romans in their latter days.

  34. Hollywood is no longer family friendly oriented like it used to be. They produce garbage movies not good movies in line with classics like Cecil Be Demille’s THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. Other classics like Gone With The Wind, ET The Extra Terrestrial, Jesus of Nazareth with Robert Powell, The Bible In The Beginning, Greatest Story Ever Told with Max Von Sydow, Romeo and Juliet with Olivia Hussey, Robin Hood with Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. Movies like that ain’t produced anymore. Hollywood and the radical left want to jam their radical agenda down our throats not to entertain us. Hollywood is taking America to hell.

  35. The whole industry is changing from big Hollywood theatrical productions to on line network streaming epics. Netflix has changed the atmosphere along with ownership of major holders of great movies such as HBO who is now owned by AT&T. Future releases will be over the network on streaming service that can be viewed on your IPAD. Actors and producers who don’t change will cry the most a be left behind.

  36. If you back trump you go against everything this country was built on and looking to end freedom in this country, you are looking forward to a dictatorship. If you want to keep your head up trumps rump that is up to you but you will be helping him destroy our country.

  37. I’m reasonably certain that this won’t deter them a bit. What’s 3 or 4% to them? Instead of raking in a billion dollars they’ll only take in $960 million. They’ll still be pocketing tons of cash and perverting our young at the same time.

    The Communist/Globalist Hollyweird Left Wingers will be kept in business somehow even if it does begin to pinch a little bit. This is one of their biggest mouthpieces. Along with the “news” media, they need it!

    If we see a 30 or 40% drop, Commiewood will go broke. Then we can celebrate. Unfortunately, I see about a zero percent chance of that happening.

  38. There are very few movies that don’t have a left wingnut in it. We particularly avoid Deniro…they think we value their despicable opinions and vulgar comments. We don’t…and the only way to get our point across is at the box office.

  39. I used to like De Nero — now he makes me think of the roman Nero — I would NOT see anything he was in even if all patrons were paid $1000 — and if steisand held a gun to my head and said -go to my movie or else — I would say — So NOW you favor guns? and take our a lack jack and beat her to a pulp! Steve, Baltimore


  41. I haven’t been to a movie, aside from kid’s movies, nor do I watch anything with the Fonda’s, Julia Roberts, the two stars from Will and Grace, that played Will and Grace, any late night shows, Bette Midler, Alyssia Melano, and many more, and I HAVE NOT MISSED THEM! I can’t stand the awards shows, never did like wasting time with the Oscars and the others, don’t even know their name, because it is a bunch of egoist gathered together in one place, dolled up with millions of dollars worth of jewelry, and mulit thousand dollar gowns when that money could be used for St. Judes, Shriner’s Hospital, animal causes, Wounded Warriors and other much more important causes! There is something sinfully decadent and Satanic about these new Hollywood Stars, and some old, like Robert Dinero and his pal Andy Garcia! Meryl Streep is another, so unlike the wonderful, leading men and women of yesteryear that put their career’s on hold while they went to war, and joined the military and that includes Elvis. We have nothing but pampered, spoiled egotistical leftist loons who actually believe the majority of Americans give a crap what they think. I wish they would all fall into the ocean and God would cleanse that horrific Mexifornia from these bottom feeders.

  42. REMEMBER…….HOLLYWOOD IS MADE UP OF PEOPLE THAT “PORTRAY” OTHER PEOPLE…..So WHY should ANYONE think that they have a mind of their own and know ANYTHING about POLITICS or running the largest “COMPANY” (GOVERNMENT) in the WORLD!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA AND VOTE “TRUMP” IN 2020 TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY..

  43. For years myself, my wife and two other couples would go out to eat and follow up with a movie. To cut this short I have been to two movies in the last few years, Clint Eastwood’s “Mule” and lately, “Midway”. I decided the liberals in Hollywood wasn’t going to cram their BS agenda down my throat. Looks like I’m not alone in my thoughts and actions.

  44. It makes me laugh the only movie I went to see this year was Unplanned. It won’t be long Hollywood will be patting themselves on the back at their award shows for what a great job they did, which Unplanned won’t be in the running and again they will see no one cares.

  45. Due to their attempt to indoctrinate people to their lower class way of living and promote ck suckers and puss lickers as the normal way of life, people have rejected what they “produce.” I have not been to a movie theater in seven years. If I want to hear the “F” word in every sentence I’ll go to a grammar school playground. That’s what they promote and are proud that they accomplished. The truth is most people with common sense and a higher standard of living refuse to pay for the shiiiiit that’s on the screen or listen to common class dialog. Movies use to be uplifting and have a moral. Well, unholywood has no idea of what morality is. I wish they would come back with The Legion of Decency rules that promoted good quality family oriented films. It is up to the public to say we have had enough of your low class tripe and will not and do not support your “work!”

  46. Nance articulated my views almost 100% Right On! I have said for years that the movies and TV are
    appealing to a middle school mentality that is repeating a grade for the second time. The number of
    movies and shows that feature the fantasy-land heroes etc. and the sequels that have been turned into
    pure propaganda has increased. While I do believe all of us, including the “celebrities”, have a right to
    voice their opinions, they have gone a few steps beyond that to ban, denigrate, or eliminate, opposite
    view points including those that represent traditional America for their own aggrandizement. Many in the news media are doing the same thing. … AND the left-wing loonies in politics are doing the same thing and trying to legitimize it. NOTHING can be more Un-American and totalitarian in nature. DANGEROUS!!
    A lot of people are picking up on that now.

  47. The box office loser’s can thank the fonda’s and deniro and a bunch more of their uneducated brethren for their demise, the few who are not leftists need to take a stand ,or they will all fall down.

  48. Looking for Hollywood shutting down and the idiots who believe they know everything actually be forced to find real jobs to get paid what they are worth and not what their inflated egos demand. I, for one, will not go to the movies’ or attend a nfl football game because of the over rated over paid fools that are behind the garbage they are both putting out. Like the failures of La La Land and Cats, they can’t come up with a new idea and rely on those who made movies in the past to have the best ideas which they steal from and screw up in the process.

  49. We can vote best with our actions AND in speaking out in normal conversation with family, friends & acquaintances.
    Many people are afraid to voice their positions for fear of losing thier social & economic position/status. If we continue to be silent while holding to fleeting socioeconomic positions then we are voting in this decadent social behavior with our silence. Stand for Gods values or fall for the IMPOSTER!

  50. Dropped by 3.5%??? Why not 35%? Why is it that Christians and conservatives support the hollyweird establishment at all? All we do is gripe and complain about the crap movies they are making and the liberal agenda in every movie they put out, YET we feel a need or an obligation to support them??
    Don’t go to the movies! Don’t buy anything that they make!!
    Quit your griping and complaining if you’re not going to do what you need to do to fight back this evil empire!

  51. Hollywood is too stupid, selfish, and uncaring, to make any changes. They do however love their money. Either change must come or they’re going to go broke. You don’t need sex, drugs, guns, LGBT, and bad language in every movie to make it good.
    I couldn’t tell you the last time I paid to see a movie in the theater.

  52. What about Netflix and Hallmark? How many of you blowhards have cancelled and blasted them? I have…what’s your excuse? Btw,,Hulu is getting bad too..The filth and anti-Americanism has penetrated every every strata of American society…we don’t have much time left…

  53. Hollywood big mouth liberals, like Robert DeNiro, Bette Midler, and Jim Carrie should keep their big mouths shut! Don’t they realize (they’re all stupid, so maybe not) their pissing off the 63 millions “deplorables” who voted for President Trump? These people are all multimillionaires and they think that gives them the right to bash Trump and anybody who voted for him. I hope they all go broke! DeNiro should be pushed out of a 20 storey window in Manhattan by a Gambino mobster. I just hope the cement isn’t damaged too much when his carcass hits the sidewalk.

  54. Enough communist/marxist propoganda crap,from bothe the antiAmercan “actors” and the producers of same.All America knows!We can’t even stand their now has-been faces much less any movies they’re in.

  55. Jeff Simmons.your post is a carbon copy of my last 20 years. Haven’t had a tv, cable, DVD etc no Starbucks ever but have traveled widely to all but four states, and parts of Europe..rely on my tablet for reading but do enjoy hard copy books..I live in middle America, just one of 63M + deplorables..KAG
    There is nothing coming from SoCal of value

  56. You hit the nail on the head, Nance!!! I also have not been to a movie in over 17 years. There is nothing out there worth watching! I also haven’t watched television in over 10 years and really would rather sit in my backyard and watch grass grow than listen to these self important libturds spout off on their views and how we should bow to their opinions.

  57. NOW you know why I almost never go to movies anymore! . . . These movies and their PRODUCERS promote so much GARBAGE that EACH movie simply represents the city of LOS ANGELES. Don’t WASTE your money! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  58. I have been anti- HELLywood for decades. There’s very few movies I wish to see although there is some good occasionally. Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight, etc. HELLywood has promoted immortality and debauchery to a level not seen since the time of Caligula

  59. “Wow! Capitalism is hard on the people who hate it so much.”
    Not as hard as you would hope for. Remember Friedreich Engels? Hi financed Karl Marx.

  60. Will producers stop trying to push their liberal agenda on the populous? No, of course not, they are after all there to signal their woke faux virtues and push their propaganda- for which they need the movies and TV…after all, that is where the little people go for entertainment right? So, if they lose a bit of income- they are fine with that…because they are Saving the World from all those evil Conservative white people – you know the ones who used to watch such franchises…

    Note to Hollywood- We “little people” are not as ignorant as you in your self-righteous, self-absorbed, arrogant bubble seem to believe we are. In fact, is it YOU who are ignorant, you who are so enamored of yourselves and so sure YOUR Way is The Way…are in fact a joke we laugh at. Sorry, but you may have money, creativity, and armed guard gated Mansions, but we are simply not impressed because we Got something YOU simply Do NOT Have- Common Sense!

    lol, we are the ones who are Woke…have been for a Very Long Time in fact- Woke to the moronic ideas of the Left and the idiots who believe BS like the world will end in a decade!

  61. “I make my own decisions on everything by doing something known as research”
    Funny how doing a little research can improve the resolution of your BS filter isn’t it?

  62. “Why are you people so terrified of even the remote possibility of seeing two men kiss?”
    Remember who made up the term “homophobia”? It wasn’t the right-wing.

  63. “No way you can be an honest liberal”
    I don’t think you can call those people liberals. I don’t consider myself a liberal, but from what I know about real liberals, they are for freedom approaching anarchy.
    The people you describe don’t even support the results of a free election, never mind your right to vote for the candidate of your choice.

  64. One of the Problems is Disney. they bought many great studios, and started pushing their liberal agenda. I have nothing to do with anything Disney produces any more.

  65. @jreb57: No one wants to see that Gay crap. It’s unnatural.
    Maybe it’s time to single out some abandoned movie theaters for renovation, and let X-rated movies be shown . That would placate the perverted miscreants. (Absolutely no one under the age of 22 should be admitted.)

  66. Not just Hollywood. The ENTIRE entertainment industry. Movies, music, sports. Even the fashion industry is operated by a bunch of liberals. Every time we buy a movie ticket or attend a concert we supply them with more money to fund the Democrat politicians. Paying for football, basketball or other sports events, we are funding their twisted agenda. Those big name shoes and purses and clothes give the liberals more dollars to waste on policies and programs that are not in America’s best interest. I say starve those liberals of what they need most in order to push their stupidity on the everyone else…. money. When they are having to spend their money to live, they’ll have way less to contribute to the Dems choice of dictator. And we’ll be way happier. ????

  67. Last movies seen were “Avatar” on the giant screen, and before that, “Titanic.”. Since, quality has plummeted. The talented screenwriters are no longer around; so the films reflect juvenile video-game special effects, weak plots, and inane, out-of-place messages. Movies are now made about comic book characters, or remakes of classics that are better left alone. Until and unless Hollywood film people get their acts together, film success will be a thing of the past; a dying art form. While filmmakers produce failing products, it’s actors alienate ticket-buyers with their out-of-touch political tirades. Sadly, both groups are killing a once-great entertainment industry. Perhaps that is their intent….

  68. Flush hollywood and prevent the overflow from moving more into our school systems. It’s been tolerated way, way too long.
    Liberalism is a massive social dysfunction that can’t distinguish wrong behavior from right behavior! It makes conservatives crazy because it makes no sense whatsoever! It started out on the side of generosity and compassion. What the heck happened?
    Take a good long look at California and New York and Baltimore. See where liberalism has taken them! That’s “one world order.” Is that really where we want this country to go?

  69. I am sick and tired of movies that show same sex encounters. I am a heterosexual female who has a lesbian friend who feels the same way. At the price of movies these days, we used to go on a weekly basis. Now we are more selective. Also, I have boycotted movies wherein the “stars” spew their liberal hate and misinformation over TV talk shows. Some of them are dumber than dirt and should do their homework before spouting off with their opinions.

  70. It doesn’t terrify me. It sickens me. God calls it an abomination and it is also a freak of nature. I do not have to accept their sick perversion

  71. james, it is Obama who was against everything this country stands for and his goal was to destroy it. It was Obama who wanted to end our freedom, as he is Muslim and there is no freedom in islam. Pres. Trump loves this country and has done only good for it. He is undoing the damage that Obama caused. But your sick hate won’t let you see the truth. You are a very sad creature.

  72. I am so glad this is happening to Hollywood they deserve it. I havent been to the movies in years and i dont miss it. There is to much filth in these movies, sex, violence, swearing and its embarrassing. Then you have these perverts(directors or producers etc.)forcing sex on women or men if they want to be famous(which is stupid on their part). Also what they’ve done to child actors over the years. I hope you lose everything because of what you have done and what you have said and done to Our President and his son. You will all Rot in Hell because God is watching all of you.

  73. Well said!!!! I’ve needed doctors, plumbers, electricians -and more but I’ve never needed a Hollywood person or pro athlete. I’ll stay home and read


  75. When we had “feminist” ideology and enforcement put women in lead roles on submarines and in history films, that was halfway hilarious, when they turned out so “convincing” that it was funny – but otherwise: Boring.
    Now, we have the same productions of “political truth” with, for example, a slightly drab conservative mother and her lace-set, knitting women’s circle turn into a – not “gay’ but cheerful, joyful, gay-loving dance party, accompanied by two thin old homos – not even just kissing but slobbering each other along any scene where they don’t belong – as if the belonged anywhere, except the “Castro”.
    I like surrealism – but it’s got to have some real meaning behind it – or be plain silly!And there is an important difference between silliness and stupidity!

  76. hollywood preys on the poor and down trodden that don’t have a lot of money to see them act out a scene in a studio with 100 armed guards out side to protect them. hollywood don’t give a crap about the poor only their money. haven’t been to a movie in 30 years and will never go back again my money comes to hard to spend it on the phony actors that do nothing but act out a scene for their riches. take for instance tom hanks and his role in war movies,what a joke tom hanks is a conscientious objector and the only war he has been in is with his wife in a mansion with armed guards stationed outside.


  78. Many excellent comments here, and I agree with everyone who hates Hollywood. The last movie I saw in a theater was in the early 1970’s, and my husband and I left in the middle of it. We were not interested in watching even heterosexual couples have sex. And it is sad to see the angry and nauseating D
    ezero telling us what we should be thinking. Is it too much cocaine in their systems? Too many sore noses? Too much alcohol?

  79. I am a member of SAG/AFTRA, spent many years studying to be an actor, but this garbage hollywood is producing is, to me, unacceptable. I have stopped going to the movies and until things change. will continue go “boycott” this industry. Actors, writers, and producers need to do what they do best, provide entertainment for those that enjoy relaxing and being taken on a mini-vacation for a couple of hours in the movie theaters. People go to the theater to be entertained and to relax, forget their worries, and escape to another “world.” They do not go to be preached to or brainwashed. When hollywood wakes up to this reality, perhaps people who love the movies will start returning for the entertainment they provide.

  80. I am a member of SAG/AFTRA, spent many years studying to be an actor, but this garbage hollywood is producing is, to me, unacceptable. I have stopped going to the movies and until things change. will continue go “boycott” this industry. Actors, writers, and producers need to do what they do best, provide entertainment for those that enjoy relaxing and being taken on a mini-vacation for a couple of hours in the movie theaters. People go to the theater to be entertained and to relax, forget their worries, and escape to another “world.” They do not go to be preached to or brainwashed. When hollywood wakes up to this reality, perhaps people who love the movies will start returning for the entertainment they provide.

    No, I have not already said this. Please post my comments. Thank you.

  81. Not nuts Eric – disgusted. I do not care to see 2 men or 2 women kissing and engaging in “sex”. I also don’t like seeing heterosexuals engaging in sex. Keep it private (in bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.) I do not flaunt my sexuality and I sure as h*ll do not want to see anyone else’s!!!

  82. You think that matters?
    These luminaries would far rather earn the approbation of their colleagues that to earn a profit.


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