Hollywood leftists are about to drop millions to help this disgraced Democrat Governor


It’s a bad time to be a Democrat Governor.

Americans are standing up to their tyrannical schemes with a fierceness never before seen.

That’s why Hollywood liberals are about to drop millions to help this disgraced Democrat Governor.

The opposition Democrat Governors across the country are facing is historic.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was just forced to resign.

And California Governor Gavin Newsom could very likely be right behind him as he’s facing an uphill recall battle.

Newsom proudly pushed some of the most extreme restrictions in his state in response to coronavirus.

And he infuriated pretty much everyone in the state when he was caught defying the very orders he championed.

Many of those restrictions have never gone away, and with fearmongering surrounding the “delta” variant of the virus in full swing, he is bringing back even more extreme restrictions.

Because of his economy-wrecking failures, Newsom is facing a recall battle, with the future of his Governorship coming down to an upcoming vote.

Many believe he will end up losing badly in this recall, considering that the economic failures over the past year are his fault.

Even Democrats are turning on him.

But one group that still has his back 100% is Hollywood.

Hollywood elites are lining up to raise millions of dollars to keep their left-wing puppet in power.

According to Deadline, a coalition of Hollywood power-players are teaming up to support Newsom in this fight.

Among the Hollywood liberals leading this effort are Disney and Dreamworks boss Jeffrey Katzenberg, entertainment executive Casey Wasserman, and State of Play producer Andrew Hauptman.

Katzenberg spoke out about the effort to Deadline, claiming that the recall is “a Republican-led sham,” adding, “I’m glad Hollywood is stepping up to raise money to defeat this nonsense.”

“This is all part of a Republican effort to delegitimize our election process and suppress the vote nationally. Governor Newsom was first elected in 2018 with 62% of the vote, which was greater than any Democratic candidate for governor in state history. He recently signed into law his California Comeback plan, which will boost California’s recovery by providing immediate relief for families, combat homelessness, improve infrastructure, fight wildfires and make historic investments in education,” Katzenberg claimed.

These Hollywood elites have no idea just how devastating Newsom’s lockdowns have been for average Americans.

With their vast fortunes, they’re completely out-of-touch when it comes to how much regular, everyday California’s are suffering.

If the recall effort is successful, it will be a huge blow to the left-wing establishment in Hollywood.