Hollywood just revealed a new 2020 Democrat they are backing to defeat Trump


If there is one thing Hollywood is united on, it’s their hatred of President Donald Trump.

So far they haven’t been united on who they want to challenge him in November.

But all of that changed after Hollywood revealed a new 2020 Democrat they are backing to defeat Trump.

The liberal elites in Hollywood truly hate the Americans who stood up and elected President Donald Trump in 2016.

That silent majority made clear that they aren’t going to put up with the Left’s anti-American agenda anymore, and that they wanted to put America First.

And since getting into office, President Trump has followed through on his promises.

More Americans than any other time in U.S. history are at work, and they are making more money than they ever did under Barack Obama’s eight year reign.

But from their elitist bubble in Hollywood they don’t see that economic success, and don’t really care about Middle America.

So since the start of the 2020 election process, they have been searching for their candidate to back.

Initially, many felt it would be Michelle Obama.

Both Michelle and her husband Barack have received Hollywood rewards, including Grammy Awards for the audio version of their books.

But after Michelle didn’t jump in, they were lost.

Pete Buttigieg was a popular pick for a while.

Hollywood directors seem to love to throw in gay characters in their shows and movies for diversities sake, so it isn’t surprising they’d do the same thing for the presidency.

But with the rise of Bernie Sander’s campaign, Buttigieg has lost much of the momentum he had.

So now there are reports that high-level Hollywood executives are considering former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg as their pick.

According to The Wrap, their support for Bloomberg is due to the rise of Sanders, who they are afraid of getting into office due to his socialist policies.

“Of course people are relieved to have the option of Bloomberg,” one former studio chief said before admitting that he likes the economic climate under Trump, but added,  “I would not want to have to vote for Trump,” adding that he may have to if Sanders gets the nomination.

Another high-level Hollywood official reportedly responded positively to Bloomberg, saying “If I had a wand and I could pick the nominee — it would be Bloomberg. It’s a no brainer. He’ll be beholden to no one.”

It really isn’t surprising that a bunch of left-wing millionaires and billionaires in Hollywood would back another left-wing billionaire.

Do you think Michael Bloomberg could beat President Trump?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Bloomberg would have a tough time explaining all his past videos where he disparages minorities and farmers as criminals and simpletons respectively I reckon. He has this arrogance about him where it seems he views most of humanity as beneath him. I know I know, I just described every elitist democrat.

  3. Money is not always the tonic…….Bloomberg can spend $64 billion and still come up short….he has no real base and middle America won’t be fooled by this man.

  4. Why don’t the Democrats do as they used to do years ago, go for the people choice that can do you good, rather then loose jobs, higher taxes for no reason, keep a strong Military to defend you and your families Which President Trump has done, and will keep on doing for they peoples benefit, no matter what Party that you are in.

  5. …Apparently, this ‘article’ was written before Wednesday’s debate in Las Vegas. Otherwise, whoever submitted this story would know that Bloomberg got the hell beat out of him by Elizabeth (they call me Pocahontas) Warren. He was so badly beaten, the body was not recognizable and could only be I.D’d from dental records. The only way Hollywood could still back this putz is if he were ‘cast’ in a sequel of “Dead Man Walking.”

  6. I think it’s time to repeal the 17th amendment and teach the American people why its important for the states to select their own senators

  7. In case none of you noticed, Hollywood is as diverse as the rest of the country. No one speaks for “hollywood.” But sense and the real world don’t seem to hold a bit of sway with you folks. Shameful.

  8. He carries to much baggage to be able to win, also he has no bravado on screen, he is a smart
    businessman, however, he has no persona on the screen or public speaking. Also, he is anti-
    second amendment and anti-semitic, so his billions wont help him with the silent majority. MAGA.

  9. I am a Republican. But the only Dems that SEEMS TO HAVE IT TOGETHER IS Tom Steryer. Not as bad as the rest of the group.

  10. NO Democrat can beat POTUS (soon to be REELECT) Trump. the Democrats deliver only Rhetoric, LIES and Fantasies, and POTUS Trump delivers EXCELLENT results, in LINE with the God Fearing Founding Fathers. And with the American Renaissance, as well as the Revival of the Lord God, the Democrats have NOTHING of ANY value to offer the VOTER. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. If Bloomberg, as mayor, was so totalitarian that he wanted to control even the diets of his citizens, just consider for a moment what tyrannical impositions he would generate if he was given control of the entire nation. If Bloomberg wants to deny his fellow citizens the right of self defense while surrounding himself with so many armed bodyguards that he is hidden from view, then he is not only a totalitarian but also a hypocrite. It’s worth noting that Aristotle warned us about people like Bloomberg over two thousand years ago, “Both the oligarch and Tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of arms.”

  12. Bloomberg is trying to buy his way to the presidency. He even stoops to pay people to say nice things about him. What a waste of money.

  13. O M G!!! ???
    Of course….. ALL of these that live in a world of MAKE BELIEVE & FANTASY instead of the world of REALITY would be expected of such!!!
    They could care less about America & the peons that made them rich!!!
    Nor do they care ANYTHING about The US Constitution or know even less what it says!!!

    If they think President Donald Trump is a “dictator” wait until they try to put LITTLE “NAPOLEON” in the Oval Office!!
    The little EMPEROR that BUYS the election!!! Ludicrous!!!

    Yet as the actual Napoleon said is SO TRUE of these Hollywood elites:
    “The reason most people fail instead of succeed is they trade what they want most for what they want at the moment.”

    AND especially when he said:
    “If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing.”

    Trump has shown America that he keeps his promises and truly cares about the American citizens and LOVES AMERICA enough to MAGA & KAG!!!

  14. Here is a comment to these New Democrats who think they will beat Trump in 2020. Did you hear this song…Beautiful Dreamer. And how can Trump lose a election with people in the thousands coming to his rally. Trump has the largest crowd every compare to these other Democrats town hall mettings. Some of them had to call of the rally because very few people came. Here is another one for Pelosi. Adam Schiff. Schummer and those 7 Republicans Anti Trump in congress. GOP Candidate Drawing Record Surge In House/Senate Filing For Races Across U.S. In January 2020, the Republicans Took In $10 Million Dollars. I Say Trump In A Land Slide Victory In Nov. 2020. Come Nov. 2020, replace those 7 Republican Anti Trump People with new Republican people In Congress. And One Important Note… Get Pelosi Out Forever. God Help Our Country.

  15. It’s Mike Bloombergs for the taking and that’s just what he’ll do.
    There isn’t much that money can’t buy and he has a lot of it. Besides
    he is way ahead of this sorry bunch of dopes. No contest! ! ! !

  16. Hey Parduc……so is Soros but look what he did. Bloomberg’s mouth will shut him down. He may be rich but he’s as dumb as they come with statements like “let the elderly die”. Too stupid to comprehend he is elderly also so him first. AND that isn’t the only stupid comment he’s made along with being a failure as mayor of New York. Make no mistake about it Bloomberg is only in it for himself as always.

  17. Terry Bremer: Truth is common folk know more about Bloomberg and his history than the dumbascraps can hide and he can’t buy all of them with his money. In doing so they know he’s rich but a failure as a human being.

  18. Scott27, Hollywood is hard-core left-wing fruitcake. Your post has to be about the most stupid post up on the board. Diverse? You jest.

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